"Are they flea-brained? They have no idea what's out there, or whether the place they're looking for even exists."
— Hollow Tree to Stone Song about the other cats leaving in The Sun Trail, page 23

Hollow Tree is a brown tabby she-cat.[1]

In The Sun Trail, Stone Song asks Hollow Tree if the cats are really going to leave the mountains. Hollow Tree replies that she thinks so, and asks if they are all flea-brained, going to a place where everything is unfamiliar to them. After the cats leave to the unfamiliar land, Hollow Tree and Quiet Rain offer to hunt for the remaining cats. The next morning, Hollow Tree, Gray Wing, Quiet Rain, and Stone Song go hunting. Later the same morning, Hollow Tree is seen with Stone Song hunting up the opposite slope to Gray Wing, Quiet Rain, and Jagged Peak.

Hollow Tree and Sharp Hail go hunting and bring back a scrawny bird, which they offer to Gray Wing, telling him that he will need it if he was going out to look for the kit Jagged Peak, who had escaped from the cave. Stoneteller agrees with the two cats and Gray Wing eats it. As Gray Wing prepares to leave, Hollow Tree tells him that the cats would be thinking of him as he journeyed off to find Jagged Peak.




Stone Song:[2] Living (As of The Sun Trail)



Stone Song: "You're a brave cat."
Hollow Tree: "We'll be thinking of you."
—Stone Song and Hollow Tree to Gray Wing before he leaves The Sun Trail, page 63

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