"There's no reason to punish ShadowClan. What happened was too long ago. The medicine cat code will keep the Clans safe."
— Hollowbelly dismissing Molepelt's warning in Yellowfang's Secret, page 6

Hollowbelly is a black-and-white tom.[2]


In the Super Editions

Yellowfang's Secret

As Molepelt tells Featherpaw about a prophecy that foretells the coming of a ShadowClan cat who will bring poison to the Clans, Hollowbelly interrupts him. The former apprentice of Molepelt is shocked that he would confide in Featherpaw, who is a ThunderClan medicine cat apprentice. As Hollowbelly tells Molepelt he can't be sure if he is correct about the oncoming storm, he is reprimanded by Molepelt, who says that Hollowbelly knows he is right. Hollowbelly, however, is not assured, and tells Molepelt that times have changed, and the medicine cat code will protect the Clans.
Although called a fool by Molepelt, Hollowbelly pleads with Featherpaw, asking him not to repeat anything that he has heard while in StarClan, as their future isn't clear, and not even StarClan knows what will happen. Featherpaw agrees not to tell any cat what he has heard, and Hollowbelly wishes him well, taking Molepelt and leading him into the trees of StarClan.

Firestar's Quest

He is an ancient ShadowClan warrior, who is under the leadership of Dawnstar, during the time in which SkyClan was driven out of the forest by the remaining Clans.

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Hollowbelly: "Molepelt, what are you doing? Why are you spilling all of this to a ThunderClan apprentice? You don't know that this is the time!"
Molepelt: "You were once my apprentice, Hollowbelly, and don't you forget it. I know I'm right."
Hollowbelly: "Things are different now."
—Hollowbelly, distressed at what his former mentor is doing Yellowfang's Secret, pages 5-6

Hollowbelly: "Please say nothing about this. There is no need to spread alarm, not when the future is spread in mist even to StarClan. Promise me that you won't tell any of your Clanmates. Promise on the lives of your ancestors!"
Featherpaw: "I promise."
Hollowbelly: "Thank you, Featherpaw. Go well."
—Hollowbelly pleading with Featherpaw not to repeat what he's heard to any cat Yellowfang's Secret, page 6

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