"Do whatever you have to, but resolve this. Stop fighting among yourselves. And don't you dare take your own pain out on Jagged Peak!"
— Holly telling off Gray Wing and Jagged Peak for fighting in The Blazing Star, page 62

Holly is a wiry,[7] black[8] she-cat with prickly, bushy fur,[2] and green eyes.[blog 1]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Blazing Star

"Your spirit friends certainly like being vague, don't they? What in the world is that message supposed to mean?"
—Holly The Blazing Star (book), page 65
While returning back to their home from a meeting underneath the four oaks, the moor cats encounter three rogue cats when Thunder hears them. Tall Shadow asks them who they are. Holly says that they would like to join their group, and then introduces herself first, and then her friends Mud Paws and Mouse Ear. Mouse Ear asks if they could guess how they got their names, and Thunder guesses that his name is because of the black fur on his paws, and Lightning Tail guesses Mouse Ear's name because of his ear size. Mouse Ear snarls at Lightning Tail when he says this, until Holly raises her tail and says that while he may look like a bully, he has a soft heart, to which Mouse Ear says unlike her. She stiffens with her neck fur bristling, and Thunder is amused, saying that she must be as prickly as the holly bush she was hiding under.
Mud Paws and Mouse Ear share an amused glance as Holly rakes her claws on the ground in irritation, though she admits it and glances at her two friends. Tall Shadow then asks them again why they want to join them, and the three rogues exchange glances. Mouse Ear says that they respect the fact that the moor cats are brave, and it is hard living on the moor with just the three of them. He continues that he is a good fighter, and Holly is good at telling whether or not cats can be trusted. Holly says it's true and since she is hard to please, she gets the sense of which cats deserve the benefit of the doubt. She adds that Mud Paws is an excellent stalker and his paws can take him anywhere as silently as a spirit-cat. Eventually, Thunder agrees that they can come with them, and the moor cats lead the rogues back to their home.
Not long after their settling into camp, Tall Shadow calls a meeting regarding new members. Mud Paws mentions Clear Sky's new cats, and that one is an old enemy of theirs. At this, Holly leaps to her paws, asking if it is One Eye. She is very hostile, stating that One Eye is a thief, scavenger, bully, and that he is manipulative. Jagged Peak's eyes shine in admiration, and he comments that she must be wise to be so insightful. Holly is pleased at this comment, and Thunder thinks to himself that Holly is brave, and that is what Jagged Peak likes about her.
Holly volunteers to teach battle moves, and says that the kits especially need training upon being asked. Jagged Peak asks if she can train him, to which she agrees, saying that every cat can be a fighter. Holly, Lightning Tail and Thunder then lead the trainees out to begin their training. Holly stands in the center, and teaches the first move of rolling out of the way to fool an attacker, and then to leap back onto one's paws. The group are impressed, and Holly goes on to say that Jagged Peak has an advantage in doing the move, since he can surprise attackers who think he will be an easy target. Holly then instructs the trainees to form pairs to practice.
Later, when Gray Wing refuses Jagged Peak of fighting, he notices Holly whispering something to him, and it makes him laugh. Gray Wing is relieved that she distracted him from his disappointment, and thinks to himself that she would be good for Jagged Peak, but he hopes she doesn't push him too far. When the group of cats go out to look for the Blazing Star, Holly volunteers to stay behind so Mouse Ear can go.
During a conversation regarding Sparrow Fur training with her father, Jagged Peak tells Gray Wing that he and Holly are having kits, and that they love each other. When Sparrow Fur returns to camp with Clear Sky, severely injured, Gray Wing blames Jagged Peak. Holly draws herself protectively to her mate's side, and reluctantly leaves when Gray Wing asks for privacy. Gray Wing angrily states that Jagged Peak doesn't deserve to be a father, which infuriates Holly. Gray Wing mockingly asks Jagged Peak if he needs his mate to stand up for him, and that he hopes she won't have to depend on him when she has their kits. The two brothers then begin fighting, which Holly breaks up. She defends Jagged Peak, telling Gray Wing that the fighting is pointless and that he shouldn't take his pain out on Jagged Peak. She then stalks away, and Clear Sky says that she is right. Thunder leaves Owl Eyes in the care of Jagged Peak and Holly.
When Thunder tells Gray Wing about the rogue problem, the latter says that things got worse, and takes Thunder to Jagged Peak and Holly. As they approach, Thunder hears moaning, and when they see Jagged Peak, he says that Holly has caught the sickness that is spreading through the territories. Jagged Peak is anxious and fearful for his mate, and is willing to do anything to help her. Thunder then tells the group that the Blazing Star is a healing herb, and could be the answer. The group decides that it could be the only thing to save Holly, and arrangements are made to find it. Thunder then sees Pebble Heart entering Holly's den, and assumes that he is caring for her.
Disagreements are made over whether to trust Star Flower, who claims to know where the Blazing Star is. Gray Wing says that they have no choice but to trust her, as Holly will die without it. Gray Wing asks Jagged Peak to accompany him to find the plant, and the latter, while wanting to go, doesn't want to leave Holly. Holly drags herself from the den, weak, but she manages to encourage Jagged Peak to go. The group, having been ambushed by One Eye's rogues, return without the plant, while Holly's condition continues to deteriorate. Jagged Peak then goes to tell Holly why they returned empty-pawed. Jagged Peak emerges from Holly's den to join a meeting.
The cats decide to propose a battle to One Eye. During the planning, every cat is present except for Holly, who is still lying sick in her den. Clear Sky thinks about how her sickness does not deter Jagged Peak, who never leaves her side. Clear Sky, wanting to remind himself of the mission purpose, then goes to see Holly. She is lying on her side, belly swollen with kits, with Jagged Peak and Cloud Spots at her side. Cloud Spots is encouraging her to eat some tansy, telling her she needs to keep her strength up until she has the Blazing Star. Jagged Peak promises that it won't be long, and that she and their kits will be fine. Holly, with a faraway look in her eyes, barely hears them. Clear Sky is appalled by the sight of her condition, noting the sores that have appeared, and is determined to save her.
As the cats lie in wait for One Eye, Thunder protests at Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes's involvement in a dangerous battle, as they are too young. He thinks of Pebble Heart, who is back at camp, caring for Holly. 
With One Eye's defeat, the Blazing Star is picked for the sick cats. Tall Shadow informs Clear Sky that while Holly is responding well to the plant, her kits are coming early. Back in the moor, Holly is in the middle of kitting, and the group is anxious. Pebble Heart and Cloud Spots are there to help her give birth, while Jagged Peak licks her ears, encouraging her. Thunder thinks to himself that while she is no longer sick, it is still dangerous to Holly to go into labor so soon afterwards. Cloud Spots then announces the birth of three kits, and that Holly is also fine. Tall Shadow asks about Holly's health, to which Cloud Spots replies that she should be fine, as they have given her another dose of the Blazing Star. The kits are named Dew Nose, Storm Pelt, and Eagle Feather.
Thunder awakens from his dream, and hears the squeaking of Holly and Jagged Peak's kits from the nursery as they tend to them.

A Forest Divided

"This cat is half-starved! Let her prove her friendship once she's rested and eaten."
—Holly to Jagged Peak about Fern A Forest Divided, page chapter 17
Clear Sky catches a rabbit on the moor, and decides to give it to Holly and Jagged Peak, for their kits. When he arrives in camp, the three kits, Eagle Feather, Storm Pelt, and Dew Nose, are playing. Holly emerges, and calls them back to the den, saying that it is too cold for them to be out. Shattered Ice tells Holly that they should be allowed to play, as it will make them strong.
Thunder sees Jagged Peak reinforcing Holly's den to protect it from the cold, and goes to help. Holly is in the back of the den, helping by weaving branches together, while the three kits play around her. Holly says that moss is needed to line it, and Eagle Feather clambers onto her back, begging for a badger ride. Holly is annoyed, and declines, telling him she has only two pairs of paws. Thunder offers to play with the kits, and Holly is grateful, thanking him. Storm Pelt wants to help his mother with the den, who encourages him to go and play, instead, but Storm Pelt continues to help her.
Jagged Peak, after arguing with Clear Sky, tells the group that they need to decide where to live, as cats are interested in moving to other areas of the territories and the snow is getting worse. Holly pokes her head out of the den, before going out to join in the meeting. The kits follow, and she draws them close to her to keep them warm. When Jagged Peak mentions moving to the pines, Holly protests, saying that she just finished building their nest.
To settle their new living areas, the group have a stone casting. Jagged Peak places his stone to go into the pines, and looks at Holly questioningly. Holly nods and places her stone beside his, as the pines will shelter the kits. Eagle Feather protests that he likes the moor, but Holly assures him that he will like the pines just as much. As the cats go their separate ways, Holly and Jagged Peak herd the kits toward the entrance. When Tall Shadow picks her up, Dew Nose protests that she wants to walk, but Holly tells her that the snow could be deep, and it will be a long journey.
Holly and the rest of the cats follow Jagged Peak to the pines, and Holly remarks that they will have to cross the Thunderpath. A monster passes, and Eagle Feather gasps. Holly tells him that they will have to be careful. Jagged Peak volunteers to feel the path so that he can warn them when a monster comes, but Holly protests, saying he can't just stand on the Thunderpath. He assures her that he will be fine, and Holly reluctantly agrees, before telling him she trusts him. Gray Wing and Tall Shadow remark to themselves at how Jagged Peak has changed, and Holly turns around, telling them it is amazing what a little love can do. Gray Wing hears reproach in her mew, and feels guilt for how he has treated Jagged Peak.
Holly runs across the Thunderpath with Tall Shadow and Pebble Heart, getting across safely. When Gray Wing and Jagged Peak cross the path, Holly presses her cheek to her mate's muzzle, relieved that he got across. In the pines, Holly suggests that they make camp, while keeping a close eye on the kits, telling Dew Nose not to climb too high. When Gray Wing struggles with his breathing, Jagged Peak sends him to settle into camp with Holly, Tall Shadow, and the kits. Gray Wing is angered at how he is treated like a weak cat, and realizes that love has made Jagged Peak arrogant. As they settle, Eagle Feather asks if he can have his own nest, to which Holly replies that he can when he's older.
After Gray Wing catches a lizard, he thinks that Holly's kits may have fun picking at its prickly skin. Holly is seen rearranging her nest's moss lining when Gray Wing returns, and tells them they can go fetch the lizard from outside the camp as long as Mouse Ear goes with them, calling to him not to let them out of his sight as he leaves.
When Gray Wing suggests unraveling long bramble stems to weave nests, Holly perks up and says she thinks it's a good idea, but says she's worried about snowfall, as there's no gorse to sleep under. Pebble Heart mentions his idea to dig beneath the brambles to hollow out a den, and both Gray Wing and Holly believe it is a good idea, the queen asking which side of the camp will be best to shelter the kits. Gray Wing points his nose towards a high hole in the bramble wall in the high end of the camp, noting that it will keep off leaf-bare breezes and the sunlight will burn off early frosts. Gray Wing offers to help weaving a shelter for Holly's nest, but Jagged Peak catches wind of this and asks what Holly is doing. She tells Jagged Peak that Gray Wing is helping her with the den, but he acts hostile and tells Gray Wing they're his kits and he will build their den. Holly pushes between the two toms and tells Jagged Peak where Gray Wing said the best place for the den would be, and he starts sniffing around the bramble wall.
Gray Wing tells Mouse Ear to take Holly and Jagged Peak on a hunting patrol, but Tall Shadow interrupts and tells him that they are busy. Gray Wing is puzzled, noting that the prey pile is empty and Holly and Jagged Peak can work on their den later. The topic is forgotten as Gray Wing spots Fern.
When Thunder is bringing Quiet Rain and Sun Shadow to Tall Shadow's camp, it is noted that Holly is speaking with the leader. He thinks about the shelter of woven brambles Holly is stand beside, thinking it is an ingenious shelter, feeling happy that this camp is being made into a home. When Tall Shadow comes to greet Thunder, Holly draws up alongside her, asking who the unfamiliar cats are, and shifts and asks whether she knows the cats when it looks as if they are known to Tall Shadow. Holly tells Quiet Rain and Sun Shadow that Gray Wing left the camp several days ago when they ask. She greets Jagged Peak happily when he returns, and growls when Quiet Rain calls her own son lame, telling her her mate's limp is due to an old injury and he can still hunt and think as well as any cat. She is interrupted when Dew Nose races into the camp with a vole, Eagle Feather complaining about it being her turn to carry it. Storm Pelt hides under he mother's belly, noting that Quiet Rain smells funny. Holly's eyes flash with rage when Quiet Rain calls her kits rude, telling her that perhaps the reason why her sons left is because of all the things she doesn't allow, to which the old she-cat asks how she could dare say something like that.
When the snow begins to fall, Dew Nose asks Holly if they can play in the snow, but she says they can tomorrow, as it's now time for them to sleep. Gray Wing is impressed by the nest Holly has managed to build.
When Fern comes to the camp, Holly is seen exchanging glances with Mouse Ear and Mud Paws as she exits her den, her kits behind her. She and Fern meet each others gazes, and when her kits ask where she came from, why her pelt is knotted, and why she has scars, Holly flicks her tail and tells them not to be impolite, apologizing to Fern as her kits usually don't think before they speak. Fern notes that they have spirit and will make fine hunters, and Holly puffs out her fur, proud. Holly exclaims that Fern is half-starved and can prove her friendship when she's had some food and rest after Jagged Peak demands her to prove she is a friend. Holly invites Fern to pick a nest and is seen taking her to pick from the prey pile. She picks a mouse for Fern and tells her to pick a shelter spot, noting that she doesn't look as if she's eaten in days. Fern looks at her gratefully, takes the mouse, and settles by the camp wall. Dew Nose follows her, but Holly tells her to let Fern eat in peace. Holly is then seen eating beside Fern and the kits.
Holly begins shrieking, unable to find her kits. Clear Sky asks where she last saw them, and at first doesn't answer, seeming to be in shock. Clear Sky asks again, and this time she answers, saying she had chased them from the den that morning because they'd been begging her to play in the snow because she wanted some peace. Jagged Peak guiltily tells the group that he shooed them from Thunder and told to do something useful, and is told not to blame himself. Quickly, a search begins, and Holly goes with Jagged Peak to follow Mud Paws, Mouse Ear, and Sun Shadow's tracks, as those may be what the kits have followed. Clear Sky notes that while the scent of Holly and Jagged Peak is stale, he can see the churned snow from where they have headed towards the moor.
The kits are calling for their mother after Clear Sky rescues them, calling that they're home. He notes that Holly and Jagged Peak are crazy with worry, and tells the kits he detected their scents just outside of the camp. Eagle Feather asks when Holly will be back, and Clear Sky tells them he'll go find her. Quiet Rain tells Storm Pelt that he has his father's eyes, and Dew Nose says she doesn't, but Holly says she's as smart as her father.
After Quiet Rain's passing, Holly is seen trailing her kits into the forest, hushing the kits as they squeak and play excitedly. Dew Nose asks why they have to be quiet, and Holly hisses to her that it is out of respect for Quiet Rain. When it is being discussed where they should bury the deceased cat, Holly asks Jagged Peak if she and their kits should come with them, but he shakes his head, telling her to stay.

Path of Stars

"You smell like Slate, only different."
—Black Ear to Holly Path of Stars, page chapter 23
At a Gathering, when Clear Sky asks the other leaders to help him save Star Flower, Gray Wing says that his brother has been helpful, and rescued Holly's kits when they went missing.
After Gray Wing rescues Star Flower from Slash's camp and comes to Tall Shadow's camp, the cats in camp begin to come out of their dens, with Holly hurrying into the clearing. Gray Wing tells them that Star Flowers kits are coming early, and Jagged Peak orders Mouse Ear, Sun Shadow, and Holly to go find Star Flower, and bring her to the camp. Gray Wing insists on coming too, to show them where the queen is, and Holly agrees that he can rest when he has shown them where to go.
Gray Wing heads after the others, trying to hide the shakiness of his paws, and Holly waits for him to catch up, and presses against him. She murmurs for him to lean on her, but when the gray tom begins to object, she interrupts him, and firmly tells her to just lean. Gray Wing leans against the black she-cat, and is relieved as some of the weight leaves his paw as she moves beside him, her shoulder supporting his. Gray Wing tells Mouse Ear and Pebble Heart which way to go, and tells Holly to hurry, relieved that she is keeping up, and Sun Shadow, on his other side, and Holly together take Gray Wing’s weight.
From ahead, Pebble Heart asks if it she right way, and Gray Wing puffs for them to wait as Holly and Sun Shadow steer him toward the young tom's voice. They catch up to the tabby tom, and when Gray Wing gives more instructions, and when Pebble Heart and Mouse Ear hare away, Holly and Sun Shadow press harder against Gray Wing, causing him to be frustrated. He lets them lead him after the other cats until they reach the ditches, where Sun Shadow and Holly break away. Holly warns him that he will have to leap them himself, and after Gray Wing crosses them, he halts as Holly and Sun Shadow catch up. However, Gray Wing points out that Pebble Heart and Mouse Ear have gone the wrong way, and Holly yowls Pebble Heart's name through the trees, exclaiming for him that they are over there.
Mouse Ear and Pebble Heart appear in the darkness, and Gray Wing leads the way, with Holly at his tail as the trial narrows. He can hear her campmates pounding behind her, and they soon find Reed and Star Flower. Gray Wing asks Reed questions about the queen, but Holly pushes past Gray Wing, deciding that they must get Star Flower back to camp. She nods to Sun Shadow, and he heaves her up onto her back, with Mouse Ear, Reed, and Pebble Heart helping. Holly orders them to stay closer to each other and says that they can't let her fall, and Sun Shadow grunts that they won’t.
After coming to camp, Gray Wing goes to find Clear Sky, and when he finds Clear Sky, Wind Runner, River Ripple, Tall Shadow, and Thunder, he tells them that Star Flower is having her kits, and is with Pebble Heart and Reed. Tall Shadow asks if they have had kits or even seen a kitting, but Gray Wing reassures her that Holly is also with her, and has had kits.
Back at Tall Shadow’s camp, Lightning Tail watches as Wind Runner and Holly move around Star Flower. Pebble Heart watches the she-cats, and Holly laps at the queen's check, crooning that she is doing really well. After Star Flower gives birth to her first kit and her second kit is about to be born, Holly snatches the she-kit from beside her muzzle and tucks her safely beneath her own belly. When all three of Star Flower's kits have been born, Holly and Wind Runner withdraw to Tall Shadow's side to let Clear Sky look at his kits. Pebble Heart suggests that the kits stay in Tall Shadow's camp for a while until they are stronger, and Holly's ears twitch as she agrees that she has never seen kits so small. She adds to make sure that they stay warm, and says that they shouldn't let them have too many visitors.
Later, after Slash's rogues start living among the Early Settler groups, the leaders come together to have a meeting about who they are doing. Tall Shadow mentions that Juniper and Raven only hunt together, and don't work with Jagged Peak and Holly, who are meant to train them.
During a later-on meeting, where the rogues are made part of the groups and receive their new names, Jagged Peak tells Juniper Branch and Raven Pelt that they can show them new places to hunt, and Holly whisks her tail and mentions that they had said there was a great place to hunt frogs near the Thunderpath.
After Slash and his rogues kidnap Black Ear, the kit is found by Clear Sky and Thunder, who take him to Tall Shadow's camp. The black she-cat tells Jagged Peak and Mouse Ear that they need their dens, and exclaims to Holly that Black Ear is with them, and looks frozen to the bone. When the cats collapse into Mouse Ear's nest, Holly also slides into the den. The black she-cat crouches beside them and begins lapping at Black Ear, who immediately begins to purr. He tells Holly that she smells like Slate, only different, and when Thunder says that Slate must be on her way, Holly lifts her head, her nose twitching. She glances at Clear Sky's tail, and when Clear Sky sees her wince, he asks if it is bad. Holly briskly meows that she has seen worse and returns to washing Black Ear. She states that the kit is freezing, and asks Thunder to fetch more moss, to which he agrees and disappears from the den. Clear Sky asks if Black Ear will be okay, and Holly tells him that he will be fine once he is warm. She blinks at Clear Sky and suggests that he gets some sleep while they wait for Pebble Heart, and Clear Sky doesn't argue.
When Clear Sky wakes up and talks with Thunder, he asks where Black Ear is, and Thunder tells him that she took him to her nest. He explains that she said the best thing for him was to have Storm Pelt, Den Nose, and Eagle Feather fidgeting around him, as they would warm him up and help him forget is ordeal quicker than anything. After a few moments, voices are heard from outside. Slate mews that has to take Black Ear home, but Holly fretfully answers that he isn't well enough to travel yet, though Pebble Heart reassures her that he will be fine now that he is warm and fed.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

"A grieving cat should stay with their Clan."
—Holly to Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 311
When Moth Flight thinks about how Rocky doesn't hunt as much, she remembers that he loves helping Holly and Eagle Feather with their tunnels. Holly is mentioned to always be panning new tunnels, digging through old rabbit runs to make shortcuts to new ones. When Moth Flight realizes that she doesn't know where Slate's kits are, despite being responsible for watching over them, she catches Holly's eye across the camp. The black she-cat is washing dirt from her fur while Eagle Feather shakes out his pelt beside his mother and Holly frowns, asking if Moth Flight is okay. She notes that the young she-cat looks worried, but Holly assures her that she is fine.
After Moth Flight finds the kits with the help of some Clanmates, and they find that Silver Stripe is stuck in a rabbit tunnel, she reflects that some of the WindClan cats like running through the tunnels, and it is mentioned that Holly likes Eagle Feather and Dew Nose hunting there.
Later, after Moth Flight goes to the Moonstone and speaks with the spirit-cats, she comes to a Gathering and announces that she brings news from them. When Jagged Peak exchanges glances with Holly, Moth Flight realizes that they don't believe her.
A few days later in camp, while Moth flight sorts through herbs in her den, she recalls how Storm Pelt, Reed Tail, Fern Leaf, Holly, and Dew Nose had spent days digging out a dip beneath the stems, and tearing away branches to shape a cave in the thickest part of the gorse wall. Slate's kits bother Moth Flight with questions, but after they leave the den, Holly's yowl rings across the clearing, and she asks the three where they think they are going. Moth Flight leaves the den to check on Rocky, and when the three kits ask to learn some hunting moves, Holly calls to Reed Tail from the prey pile, stating that there are three fat mice there. She asks if he knows any cat that might want one, and the three kits rush to where the black she-cat stands.
Later, when Moth Flight is about to leave to go to the RiverClan camp, Jagged Peak and Holly are seen repairing gaps in their den wall by threading heather tightly between the stems. Spotted Fur talks with Moth Flight about why she is going, but when he meows loudly, attention is attracted from the other WindClan cats, and Holly glances over her shoulder with a spring of heather in her paws. She asks if it is a good idea, and drops the sprig of heather. The black she-cat cross the clearing, pointing out that Rocky is still sick, but Moth Flight points out that Reed Tail promised to watch him. Jagged Peak challenges Moth Flight's loyalty for visiting the other Clan's camp, and when Moth Flight disagrees, Holly chips in that she is going because StarClan, not Wind Runner, ordered her to. The black she-cat asks if she is a WindClan cat or a StarClan cat.
When Micah and Moth Flight come back to the WindClan camp when Rocky gets sick, Holly is seen pacing in the shadows behind Jagged Peak's den. Moth Flight feels her pelt prickle as their gaze follows Micah, and she wonders why they look so uneasy.
After Micah dies and Moth Flight stays in ShadowClan for a moon, she returns to WindClan, and when is back in the camp, she sees two pairs of eyes staring from the shadows of Jagged Peak's den, despite all of her other Clanmates welcoming her. Holly and Jagged Peak are noted to have not wanted Moth Flight to leave, but the white she-cat heads toward them. Jagged Peak first ducks out and Holly follows, her gaze cool. The prickly-furred cat mutters that a grieving cat should stay with her Clan. When Moth Flight admits that she is carrying Micah's cats, Jagged Peak complains about him being a SkyClan cat, but Storm Pelt charges across the clearing to stop in front of his parents and blink at them. The gray tabby scolds his father, saying that he should be happy that Moth Flight came home, but Holly sniffs, and asks why she even bothered. Holly adds that she has been away from WindClan so long that she doesn't even smell like a WindClan cat anymore.
Dew Nose approaches, and he and Storm Pelt claim that Moth Flight is a part of WindClan, but Holly unhappily asks if her kits will be their Clanmates too, despite carrying SkyClan blood. Storm Pelt angrily faces his mother, pelt prickling, and exclaims that she wasn't born in WindClan, but Moth Flight feels uncomfortable at causing an argument between kin. Holly eyes her kits doubtfully and asks how they don't know that she won't leave again, but Moth Flight promises that she won't. After Wind Runner greets Moth Flight, as the medicine cat heads toward her nest, she snatches a look at Jagged Peak and Holly. The white cat hopes that they would be less prickly once they see that she is in WindClan to stay, but they avoid her gaze, their pelts ruffled.
After Moth Flight's kits are born, Holly is seen watching Bubbling Stream, eyes narrow with disapproval, but Moth Flight notes that even she always knows where the kits are and what they are up to. As Reed Tail noses his way out of the den that Eagle Feather and Dew Nose had made, it is mentioned that they had grown too big to share Jagged Peak and Holly's den, and had moved into their own with Storm Pelt.
At a Gathering that Moth Flight attends, she thinks back to her kits in camp, and notes that Holly, Spotted Fur, Eagle Feather, Fern Leaf, Reed Tail, and Storm Pelt had all stayed behind. Later in camp, when Moth Flight looks for a cat in camp to look after her kits while she checks on Rocky, she notes that there were many patrols out, and Jagged Peak and Holly are mentioned to have gone to gather heather for new nests. When she heads to Rocky's den, she is pleased at the shelter that had been woven for him, and notes that Holly is an expert at threading gorse and brambles into roofs and walls. Moth Flight reflects on how she had been dimly aware of the building work while she had nursed her kits, and would heard Holly issuing instructions and ordering her Clanmates to find more stems and sprigs for the den. The black she-cat had even made sure that any gaps had been filled with moss and leaves.
When WindClan attacks the SkyClan camp, Holly is seen racing behind Wind Runner, Gorse Fur, and Willow Tail, along with some of her Clanmates, as they enter the clearing. The SkyClan cats begin attacking the invaders, and Quick Water leaps at Holly as she crosses the hollow. After Moth Flight begins to object to the fighting, Red Claw tells Moth Flight to get out of the battle if she doesn't want to fight, and he pushes past her and grabs Holly. Red Claw drags the black she-cat from Quick Water's back, then hurls the black she-cat to the ground, rearing and slamming his paws into her chest.
When Moth Flight comes to the WindClan camp after receiving a sign from the moth to take Wind Runner to the Moonstone, Jagged Peak asks if she shouldn't be taking care of her kits, while holly watches from the shadows behind the gorse. After Moth Flight speaks with her mother about what she must do, and starts to take Wind Runner to the Highstones, Holly darts out from the shelter of the gorse, and objects that she is too ill to leave camp.
After Moth Flight and the newly named Windstar return to WindClan camp, the WindClan leader tells Jagged Peak to take Holly to the ShadowClan border and hunt there. Windstar assigns mentors to Slate's kits, then tells Swift Minnow that she can go to the ShadowClan border with Fern Leaf, Jagged Peak, and Holly.

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Jagged Peak:[9] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)


Dew Nose:[5] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)


Eagle Feather:[5] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)
Storm Pelt:[5] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)

Family tree

Holly ♀Jagged Peak ♂
Dew Nose ♀Eagle Feather ♂Storm Pelt ♂

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts


"I think I get it. Holly! You're as prickly as that bush you were hiding under! Am I right?"
—Thunder about Holly's name The Blazing Star (book), page chapter 2

Holly: "I'll help, too. I know a few moves that can deal with cats like One Eye."
Jagged Peak: "Will you train me too?"
Holly: "Of course I'll train you. Every cat has it in them to become a fighter."
Sparrow Fur: "Even kits?"
Holly: "Especially kits. Suppose enemies attacked the camp? You would need to be able to defend yourselves. There's no time to lose."
—Holly offering to train Jagged Peak and Gray Wing's kits The Blazing Star, page 39

Holly: "Will her kits be our Clanmates too? Even though they carry SkyClan blood?"
Jagged Peak: "And farm-cat blood."
Storm Pelt: "You weren't born in WindClan! [...] And you were a mountain cat who left his tribe!"
—Storm Pelt, Jagged Peak, and Holly arguing about Moth Flight Moth Flight's Vision, page 312

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