"Look out! There's a fox behind me! Run!"
Hollyleaf hissing to Fallen Leaves in Hollyleaf's Story, page 44
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Chapter Number: 4 (of 10)
Page Numbers: 39-44

Chapter description

Hollyleaf opens her eyes when Fallen Leaves wakes her up for the morning patrol. The two have devised a schedule of their own, where they would patrol the exit tunnels, including the moor-tunnel and the woods-tunnel. Whenever they finished patrolling, they would fish in the underground river. She notes that she had been underground for at least three and four moons, and it is probably leaf-fall outside. The companions head for the river-cave and observe the waters going faster and going over the banks. The the ginger-and-white tom explains it had rained yesterday and the black cat asks if it were going to flood. He tells her not yet and shows her a stone he is using as a marker. Hollyleaf comments it's a good idea and Fallen Leaves states that the sharpclaws have told him what to before his initiation. The former ThunderClan cat tells Fallen Leaves if he went back home now, he would be one of the greatest sharpclaws ever, as he learned to be brave, strong, and independent underground. Distressed, the former ancient hisses at her that it was too late for him to go back, and he dashes off to the moor-tunnel.
Hollyleaf calls for him to wait, but stops when she realizes that asking him more questions would make him upset. She thinks to herself that she may not be the only one hiding a secret and thinks about what she'd did to Ashfur; she'd probably had more in common with Fallen Leaves. She turns around and heads toward the woods-tunnel. She leaps over the gully, and yelps when her hind paws hit the water. The black cat pulls herself out and runs in a tunnel to warm herself up. As she nears the entrance, she could taste drying leaves and brittle grass. When she looks at her paws, damaged from walking on stone, she long to walk on soft grass. She approaches the entrance and sees dull, gray light emanating into the darkness. Then a loud noise erupts from outside and she could hear a volleying of barking and branches cracking. In the midst of the racket, Hollyleaf doesn't know where to run and a fox cub, yapping, runs into the tunnel. During the panic, the fox cub is trapped in front of her and the dog chasing the fox pokes his snout into the entrance. The cub backs away in terror and the black cat holds her breath in terror. The dog steps into the tunnel, then a Twoleg in the distance is heard calling for it. the two animals watch as the Twoleg grabs onto its collar and drags it away. The she-cat slides backward and hears Fallen Leaves behind her whispering if she was okay. She doesn't reply, but tells him to run as there was a fox cub behind her.




Notes and references

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