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Interesting facts

  • Hollyleaf's prefix is in reference to her coloring being close to a holly branch.[1] Hollytuft, a warrior who is named after her, also carries these appearance traits.[2] Hollyleaf is also the spitting image her father, Crowfeather.[1]
  • She has WindClan blood through Crowfeather,[3] and kittypet blood through Firestar.[4]
  • Hollyleaf is scared of thunderstorms because of the confrontation with Ashfur.[5]
  • Hollyleaf was the first of her litter to be born.[1]

Author statements

  • Although Hollyleaf was originally part of the Three, Vicky couldn't think of a power for her, so the third cat in the prophecy was changed to Dovewing.[6][7]
    • Vicky also adds that Hollyleaf's realization that she is less special than her littermates and her dedication to the warrior code proved to be a rich storyline.[7]
  • Vicky has said Hollyleaf would have been present at Bramblestar's leader ceremony, but did not have a life to give him.[8]
  • Vicky feels that her suffix is in reference to her mother, Leafpool, and was suggested by Squirrelflight.[6]
  • The authors have said Hollyleaf was chosen to die in The Last Hope to make the ultimate sacrifice and show that she was still loyal to ThunderClan.[9]


  • Hollyleaf is shown with amber eyes in The Ultimate Guide.[10]
  • She is mistakenly said to have solely discovered the truth about Leafpool and Crowfeather being her parents,[11] even though Jayfeather figured it out by himself.[12]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • The Warriors website's family tree shows Hollyleaf and Fallen Leaves connected by a heart symbol, which is used for other characters to represent mateship.[13]

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