"Because a kit said so? I don't think so. Doestar and Pineheart will be back soon. I'll wait for them to organize search patrols."
— Hollypelt refusing to go on a patrol on Goosekit's word in Goosefeather's Curse, chapter 3

Hollypelt is a black she-cat with green eyes.[2]

Hollypelt was a ThunderClan warrior under Doestar’s leadership in the forest territories. She mentored Smallear, and died during the Great Hunger. In StarClan, she witnessed Pinestar’s leadership ceremony.


In the Novellas

Pinestar's Choice

Pineheart remembers Nettlebreeze, Harepounce, Stagleap, Hollypelt and Flashnose as having died in the bitter rains and preyless moons of leaf-bare when Mumblefoot tells him they had done well that day at hunting.
When Pineheart is recieving his nine lives, Hollypelt, Stagleap, and Harepounce appear to him to give him a life. Pineheart says that the Clan misses them so much, and they nod, before giving him a life for courage and loyalty, and knowing when to fight and when to choose peace.

Goosefeather's Curse

"You've never even left the camp. How do you know about the reeds beside Sunningrocks?"
—Hollypelt about Goosekit's claims Goosefeather's Curse, page Chapter 3
When Goosekit says that he knows that Swiftpaw is in the reeds by Sunningrocks, Hollypelt is skeptical. She points out the kit has never been outside the camp. She asks how he knows about reeds near Sunningrocks. Larksong decides that they may as well start the searching there, and asks Hollypelt and Mumblefoot if they would come with her. Hollypelt refuses to go on the word of a kit, stating she'll wait for Doestar and Pineheart to get back and organize the search patrols. When the two do get back, Hollypelt explains about the cats who had already gone out to search for Swiftpaw.
As sickness and starvation ravage ThunderClan during the leaf-bare, it is mentioned that she and Stagleap had died soon after Harepounce, although the exact causes of their deaths are not revealed.

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