"If we have less contact across borders, how will we let one another know about something that could be important, such as the arrival of foxes or Twoleg interference?"
— Hollystar in Code of the Clans, pages 16-17

Hollystar is a she-cat with blue eyes.[2]

In Code of the Clans, she is an ancient ShadowClan leader. When Duststar, an ancient WindClan leader, makes the suggestion of the first law of the warrior code: that cats must be loyal only to their Clanmates, for there was an forbidden love incident with a RiverClan and WindClan cat that ended in the murder of one of them. Hollystar agrees with the other Clan leaders that it should be added. She brings up the issue that if there is less contact across borders, then the Clans would not know of major issues, such as foxes or Twoleg interference. This situation is settled when the leaders finally decide to host a Gathering every full moon which is suggested by Birchstar, an ancient SkyClan leader, in a truce to not fight any cat, which she also gives her consent to.


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