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Honeyfern was gentle, kind, intelligent[1] and selfless.[2] She was fierce[3] and sometimes anxious,[4] but learned quickly.[5] Her loss was heavily mourned by ThunderClan.[6]



Cinderpaw: "Have you seen how Honeyfern keeps following Berrynose with that drippy look on her face?"
Hollypaw: "Oh, yes! Anyone would think he was StarClan’s gift to the Clan!"
Cinderpaw: "Can’t she see what a bossy know-it-all he is?"
Hollypaw: "I think she likes him almost as much as he likes himself."
Cinderpaw: "Then it must be love!"
—Cinderpaw and Hollypaw discussing Honeyfern Eclipse, page 151
As an apprentice, Honeypaw admired Berrynose, but doubted that the warrior would value her.[7] Nonetheless, they spent much time together, and when Honeyfern earned her warrior name, she sought Berrynose's approval.[1] They had discussed becoming mates and having kits, but their romance was cut short when Honeyfern was killed protecting Briarkit from a snake.[6] Honeyfern continued to watch over Berrynose from StarClan, and was not jealous of him finding a new mate in her sister, Poppyfrost.[8]

Poppyfrost, Cinderheart, and Molepaw

"I've dreamed of this mountain path so many times since Honeyfern died. I want to see her so much, and I can hear her calling to me from somewhere up there."
—Poppyfrost about Honeyfern The Fourth Apprentice, page 192
Honeyfern had a close relationship with her sisters,[9] while her relationship with her brother Molepaw, who died as an apprentice, is unknown. Honeyfern's death struck both of her sisters hard,[6] but Poppyfrost grieved for moons to come, missing her sister and afraid that Honeyfern would hate her for taking Berrynose as a mate.[10]

Sorreltail and Brackenfur

"No…oh, no… I can’t lose another kit! Not after [Molepaw]! Please, StarClan…"
—Sorreltail grieving for Honeyfern Sunrise, page 213
Honeyfern was loved by her parents, who grieved for her death.[6]

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