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The horseplace, also known as Hare Hill Riding Stables, is located between WindClan and RiverClan territory. It is where Twolegs and horses live.


The horseplace is located near the lake in which Twolegs keep their horses.[1] It is adjoined to a few Twoleg nests, in which a few Twolegs live. Also living there are Smoky, Floss, and Floss's unnamed kits, along with a dog named Pip.[2] Daisy, and her kits, Berry, Hazel, and Mouse also used to live at the horseplace.[3] Another cat is known to live at the horseplace by the name of Coriander.[4] Following Coriander's death, Smoky and his kits, Little Daisy and Coriander, currently live there.[5]


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