"And we've fought hard to stay. I just don't see how we could fight any harder."
— Husker to Graystripe in Warrior's Refuge, page 41

Husker is a long-haired, dark brown tom with a lighter tuft of fur on his head. He has a pale muzzle, chest,[3] underbelly,[4] as well as a darker tail-tip, yellow eyes, and a bright pink nose.[3]


In Graystripe's Adventure

Warrior's Refuge

"We don't know them, Moss! This is our safe place. We need to keep it that way."
―Husker to Moss Warrior's Refuge, page 33
When Graystripe goes to the barn to find help in tracking Millie, Husker appears and attacks him. Graystripe explains to him that he isn't an enemy, and asks for Husker's help to find Millie, as she was lost in the corn field. He doesn't like going outside during the day, but agrees to help Graystripe find her. They eventually find Millie, but her eyes are wounded. After they rescue her, Husker wants both of them to leave immediately. Graystripe convinces him to take her in, since she is injured. At first, he doesn't want strangers in the barn, but his mate, Moss, persuades him to let them stay for a few nights.
After he introduces his family, he becomes very interested in Graystripe's story, especially in how he is trying to go back to the forest. He, in turn, tells his own story: his mate is Moss, and his kits are Birdy, Pad, Raindrop, and Little Mew. He used to live with two elderly Twolegs, along with Moss and her younger brother Splash, but when the Twolegs died, they got chased out by the new house owners and now they live in the barn.
After Graystripe is chased by the dogs, Husker tells him that they all have to stay in there to avoid the dogs. When he, his mate, and his kits realize that Millie can speak dog, they want to learn. Later on, when Millie tells the cats about the little Twolegs, Husker is seen listening to the story.
He then tells the dogs to leave and they respond by agreeing with him and telling him that they were just curious. As Millie and Graystripe are leaving, he is playing with the new Twolegs.

Super Editions

Graystripe's Vow

Husker is indirectly mentioned by Graystripe to Stormfur.

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Moss:[5] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


Pad:[5] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)
Little Mew:[5] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)
Birdy:[5] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)
Raindrop:[5] Living (As of Warrior's Refuge)


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • He, Little Mew, and Pad are all the same color, and Little Mew is a spitting image of their father.[6]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • On Vicky's Facebook, Husker is a dark reddish brown tom with a lighter muzzle and a sandy-colored tuft on his head.[7]


"We did our part. She's out. So go."
―Husker to Graystripe about Millie Warrior's Refuge, page 31

"I don't know why you're surprised. I told you there were dogs."
―Husker to Graystripe Warrior's Refuge, page 41

Husker: "What are you doing? How could you bring my kits down there, with...with those Twolegs?"
Graystripe: "Husker...they're in no danger anymore. Don't you see that?"
Husker: "But...but!"
Graystripe: "This is your chance. The Twolegs' attitude has changed. Now yours can too. The time for mistrust and hostility is past."
Husker: "Well...I...I...If we can live here in peace..."
—Graystripe telling Husker that the Twolegs will no longer hurt them Warrior's Refuge, pages 83-84

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