"I know who I am now."
Firepaw to Smudge several moons after he joins ThunderClan in Into the Wild, page 128
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Chapter Number: 10 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 119-129

Chapter description

Firepaw wakes up to a damp bed and walks out and over to Yellowfang. Yellowfang asks if it had been raining and Firepaw replied that it had and asks why she doesn't move over by the nursery, where it is more sheltered. She says she doesn't want to be kept up by mewling kits, and actually thanks him when he says he'll go fetch dry bedding.
He nearly crashes into Speckletail, who tells him that Bluestar wants to see him. The ThunderClan leader tells him that one of the queens will go fetch Yellowfang her bedding and that he is to return to his training. Tigerclaw is going to assess the apprentices and Firepaw runs off to join them.
He meets Graypaw and Ravenpaw out of the camp and Tigerclaw appears to tell them where to go. Tigerclaw sends Ravenpaw to Snakerocks, stating that should be easy enough for his pitiful skills. Graypaw is sent along a stream to the Thunderpath, and Firepaw out by Tallpines and the Twolegplace. Firepaw comments to Graypaw that he doesn't know why Tigerclaw thinks Snakerocks would be easy, as Ravenpaw would have to spend most of his time avoiding being bitten.
The three of them start their assessment. Firepaw catches a mouse while going through Tallpines and realizes that it lets out very close to his old home. He sees a cat and thinks that it is Tigerclaw at first before he realizes that it is an intruder. He attacks the kittypet, only to stop when he realizes that it is Smudge, his old friend. Smudge recognizes him after a moment and comments that his new housefolk didn't seem to be feeding him well. Firepaw comments that he smells different, and realizes that Smudge had been to the Cutter. Smudge asks him how he liked living wild and Firepaw replies that he knows who he is now. Firepaw tells him to be careful heading back, and Smudge nervously replies that he will and that he'll tell the other cats that he was okay. Firepaw starts back through the pines to finish his assessment, feeling glad that he lived with the Clan now.





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