"Come. It is time."
Bluestar to the rest of the patrol in Into the Wild, page 174
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Chapter Number: 14 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 166-174

Chapter description

Firepaw is blinded by a brilliant ball of light in the middle of darkness, with the musty smell of damp earth all around him. The light blinks out and he finds himself in the woods again, but suddenly he hears screeching cats, and huge, dark warriors pass him, chasing after ThunderClan cats. Firepaw hears Graypaw's cry of grief and rage.
Firepaw wakes up, his ears ringing and his fur on end. Tigerclaw is peering at him and asks him if something is wrong. Firepaw mutters that it was just a dream and the warrior responds that they are leaving shortly.
Firepaw wakes the others up and they eat their traveling herbs, Graypaw complaining and asking why they couldn't just eat a mouse. Bluestar responds that they make you strong and keep hunger at bay. She cannot eat them since she is to share dreams with StarClan that night. Lionheart wishes them a safe journey as they leave the camp.
The cats enter WindClan territory and Bluestar warns them to be cautious. They travel for a while before Tigerclaw scents a ShadowClan patrol. Bluestar tells them to hurry and they reach the edge of WindClan territory uncontested and reach the Thunderpath.
Tigerclaw tells Ravenpaw to cross, but Bluestar stops him, saying that she'll show how it is done. She crosses and the others follow, all of them crossing safely, although Firepaw has a close call. Bluestar offers to let him rest, but he replies that he is okay and they continue until they reach the entrance to Mothermouth. They all hunt and rest before Bluestar tells them it is time.





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