"It is all right, young warrior; don't be afraid. I think Tigerclaw was surprised by the power of the Moonstone. In the world above, Tigerclaw is a fearless and mighty warrior, but down here, where the spirits of StarClan speak, a cat needs a different kind of strength."
Bluestar explaining to Firepaw in Into the Wild, page 178
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Chapter Number: 15 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 175-180

Chapter description

The cats walk toward Mothermouth, Bluestar in the lead. Firepaw notices how quiet Ravenpaw was being. Bluestar assigns Graypaw and Ravenpaw to guard the entrance while she, Tigerclaw, and Firepaw will go inside. Firepaw is honored, but notices that, despite his confidence, Tigerclaw smells of fear. They enter the dark caves and pad forward until they reach the cavern of the Moonstone. They settle down to wait for moonhigh.
Suddenly, moonlight enters the cavern and Firepaw must screw up his eyes against the light from the Moonstone, which turns everything silver. Beside him, Tigerclaw flees the cavern fearfully. Bluestar asks Firepaw if he is still there and the apprentice replies that he is. Bluestar says that Tigerclaw was probably startled by the power it can emit and asks Firepaw what he feels.
Firepaw relaxes and says that he just feels his curiosity. The apprentice glances back at the Moonstone and remembers his dream, realizing that this was the ball of light he had seen.
Bluestar pads forward and touches the Moonstone with her nose and falls asleep. Firepaw waits patiently until she awakes, asking if Firepaw is still there. Firepaw replies he is and she says that they must return to camp immediately.
They rush out to where Graypaw and Ravenpaw are guarding the entrance with a now cold and dignified Tigerclaw. The tom asks Bluestar about what she learned and she repeats that they must return to camp immediately. Firepaw remembers his dream about the fighting with the dark warriors and wonder if it is about to come true.




Notes and references

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