"Firepaw. StarClan spoke to me moons ago, before you joined the Clan. I sense they want me to tell you this now. They said only fire can save our Clan. Take care, Firepaw."
Spottedleaf to Firepaw in Into the Wild, page 211

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Chapter Number: 19 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 210-218

Chapter description

Firepaw squeezes back into the camp, telling Graypaw and Ravenpaw he had not been able to get any garlic since Darkstripe was still around. He offers to grab some poppy seeds for Graypaw’s leg, and despite his friend’s protest he heads to Spottedleaf's den. She is pacing in her clearing and Firepaw asks her if she is okay. She replies that StarClan is restless and asks him what he needs. He tells her and she says that his grief will make him feel worse, but a few poppy seeds would help. Spottedleaf gives him a poppy seed, but before he leaves she stops him and tells him about the prophecy saying only fire can save the Clan. Mystified, Firepaw heads back to the apprentices' den.
At sunhigh the next day, Firepaw wakes up Graypaw and Ravenpaw, although due to the poppy seeds the apprentice has a hard time getting up. Tigerclaw calls them and asks where Graypaw is. Firepaw replies that he just woke up and Tigerclaw says that he had grieved long enough. Briefly, the two lock eyes as enemies before Graypaw emerges. Tigerclaw tells Firepaw that Bluestar will be ready soon and leads the two apprentices out of the camp, with some harsh words to Ravenpaw.
Bluestar emerges from her den soon, without her guards. When Firepaw asks, she tells him that they're helping with camp repairs. Firepaw realizes it would be a good time to tell her about Tigerclaw, but they reach the training before he says anything. She tells him they need to concentrate on his training skills without distraction. However, Firepaw is not really listening and she knocks his forepaw out from under him to get his attention. He starts to pay attention and Bluestar tells him that he needs to prepare for an enemy that is quick, fierce, and clever like he fights.
Bluestar tells Firepaw to attack her and he does so. However, Bluestar is ready when Firepaw leaps and easily knocks him down, telling him his eyes betrayed where he was going to attack. He attacks her two more times before she tells him he needs to keep control of his weight and speed. Firepaw tries again and manages to fling his mentor backward. She lands with a thump and he rushes to her, worried that he had reopened her wounds. She says that that had been much better and springs at him again. They train until the sun sets and Bluestar calls it off. As they head back to camp Firepaw realizes he had forgotten about Tigerclaw and Ravenpaw.





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