"Surprise is the warrior's greatest weapon."
Firepaw quoting Lionheart's favorite line in Into the Wild, page 74
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Chapter Number: 6 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 70-79

Chapter description

It is two moons since his training began and Firepaw is on his first solo hunting mission. He is about to catch a vole, but something frightens it off. He smells cat and thinks that it is an enemy warrior. However, when he attacks what he thinks to be an intruder, it turns out to be Graypaw on his way to deliver a message with a ThunderClan patrol for WindClan territory. Firepaw springs off and the two tease each other and play fight. Graypaw offers to help him on his assignment and they set out. They catch a glimpse of a fox and Graypaw says that Bluestar will probably send out a patrol to drive it off. Firepaw says that he had been following a fox when he had first met the Clan cats, and Graypaw replies that it was probably following him. He says that they're just as bad as badgers and a badger is what bit off part of Halftail's tail, which is why he never climbs trees anymore.
The two apprentices chase after a squirrel and end up by the Thunderpath. Firepaw walks out, ignoring Graypaw's warnings, and lays a paw on it. He is distracted by a pair of eyes on the other side of the border, but jumps back as a monster goes by. Firepaw tells Graypaw he saw a ShadowClan warrior, and Graypaw replies that he was lucky the monster went by. Graypaw leaves to meet his patrol and Firepaw goes back to hunting.





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