"Prove it then! Act like a warrior and finish me off. You’ll be doing me a favor."
Yellowfang to Firepaw after he defends ThunderClan's honor in Into the Wild, page 85
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Chapter Number: 7 (of 25)
Page Numbers: 80-88

Chapter description

Firepaw starts heading back to the stream, and it is there when he smells a foreign cat. He knows that it is a female, not from ThunderClan, and not in very good shape. He drops into a battle crouch, ready to creep up on the cat, but she attacks him, knocking him around and pinning him down, calling herself Yellowfang and snarkly adding a comment, that apprentices are easy prey. Firepaw goes limp and Yellowfang starts to yowl in triumph before he surges upward as she bites him again. He throws her clear and they face off. Firepaw tells her to leave ThunderClan territory, but she refuses and Firepaw attacks again. He defeats her, but feels pity for her and backs off, leaving himself open for attack. But Yellowfang's legs give out and she slumps to the ground, telling him to go ahead and finish her off, calling him a kittypet. When Firepaw flinches she asks if ThunderClan is so desperate they are recruiting kittypets. Firepaw protests and Yellowfang tells him to act like a warrior and finish her off.
Firepaw tells her to wait and goes off hunting. He catches a rabbit and brings it to her. Yellowfang eats it and starts to wash. Firepaw hesitates, but his hunger gets the better of him and he eats the leftover prey. Yellowfang says it is much better than kittypet food, calling it mush and poison, but is cut off and warriors approach. Firepaw feels a sense of dread as the Clan is supposed to be fed first and he was both feeding an enemy warrior and himself.





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