The island is a small patch of land in lake territories, just off the shore of RiverClan territory.[1]


The water around the lake is icy cold, but refreshing.[2] The island's shore is very rocky[3] with some thorns rooted in them[4], and from the shore, the island changes into a lush miniature forest, made up of dense bush and trees around the edge.[5]. In the center of the island lays an open patch of grass with a giant oak tree [5], which is where the cats go for the Gatherings, and the leaders sit on the lower branches of the oak to address the cats [6], with low-growing branches.[7] A fallen tree lays across the lake from the mainland to the island [8], and cats use it as a bridge to reach the island for Gatherings. [9]


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  • In Brightspirit's Mercy, it was humoured that the cats sitting on the tree at the head of the clearing used for Gatherings on the Island used a stepladder to climb up there. [10]

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