This page contains the trivia for Ivypool.

Interesting facts

  • She has kittypet blood through Cloudtail.[1]
  • Ivypool will go to StarClan when she dies.[2]
  • Hawkfrost and Ivypool did not ever love each other.[3]
  • Ivypool's motives for training in the Place of No Stars were out of jealousy for Dovewing, who was, at the time, gaining more attention then her. [4]
  • She looks just like Dovewing, except her pelt has white splotches.[5]

Author statements

  • Ivypool was named after Vicky's friend's daughter, Ivy Poole.[6]
  • Kate has revealed she'd like Ivypool to become leader.[7]


  • Ivypool's description has had multiple errors. In addition to accidentally being mentioned with green eyes,[8] she has been called a white tabby,[9] black,[10] gray-and-white,[11] and silver-white.[12]

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