"You see? Stone Song, you have to admit that this is a disaster!"
— Jagged Lightning, angry with Stone Song for leaving the lake in Sign of the Moon, page 185

Jagged Lightning is a long-legged[3] black-and-white tom with amber eyes.[2]


In the Power of Three arc

Long Shadows

Jagged Lightning is one of the cats who wishes not to leave the lake. Owl Feather, his mate, seems to be displeased with his choice, and she chooses to leave, along with their three kits, Strong Pounce, Lapping Wave, and Running Fox. When asked, Owl Feather says that no one is going to change that, not even Jagged Lightning.
He approves of Furled Bracken's plea to stay at the lake, and when the stones are cast, he chooses to stay without much hesitation in regards to his kits. When Owl Feather chooses to leave, she doesn't even do as much as glance at him, implying she's not happy with her mate's choice.
Once Jaypaw, seen as Jay's Wing, casts the final stone, they prepare to leave. When Stone Song asks if the cats are ready, Jagged Lightning is seen with Shy Fawn, looking unhappy, but both cats join the ancient cats as they travel.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Sign of the Moon

Jagged Lightning is furious at Stone Song for making the cats travel to the mountains, and argues with him about it, blaming him for the death of Dark Whiskers. When Rising Moon tells Stone Song that Running Horse plans on going back to the lake, Jagged Lightning is the first cat to blame Stone Song for what happens. When Jayfeather returns, again as Jay's Wing, Jagged Lightning speaks his disdain for all of the sneaking around cats have done.
When Furled Bracken suggests going back to the lake, Jagged Lightning is the first to agree, and he is soon joined by Fish Leap. Although the cats choose not to leave, Jagged Lightning is still mad, but comes to the realization they're not leaving, and soon joins Jayfeather, Half Moon and a few others to go hunting.
He continues to hunt for the group of cats so he and his family doesn't starve, despite him still wanting to go back to the lake, and goes on yet another patrol, this one with Stone Song and Furled Bracken. They go along with Jayfeather's plan to use a cat as bait to catch the larger birds.

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Owl Feather:[4] Deceased, verified Tribe of Endless Hunting member


Lapping Wave:[5] Deceased, verified Tribe of Endless Hunting member


Strong Pounce:[5] Deceased, residence unknown
Running Fox:[5] Deceased, verified Tribe of Endless Hunting member


Jagged Lightning ♂Owl Feather ♀
Strong PounceLapping Wave ♂Running Fox

    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Stone Song: "I'm still convinced that coming here was the right thing to do. Back where we came from, we were losing too many cats. Badgers, Twolegs-"
Jagged Lightning: "That's all very well, but are we any better off here? We're all hungry and exhausted, and I've never been so cold in my entire life. It was all Owl Feather and I could do to get our kits here. Dark Whiskers didn't even make it. If we'd stayed by the lake, he wouldn't have been blown off a ledge in the middle of an ice storm!"
Stone Song: "Perhaps we should just be grateful that we lost only one cat."
Jagged Lightning: "Try telling that to Shy Fawn! She's carrying Dark Whisker's kits! How she is supposed to bring them up in this icy excuse for a den?"
—Jagged Lightning and Stone Song, arguing about leaving the lake Sign of the Moon, page 184

"And how did you get into the cave? Some cat must have seen you. I don't like all this sneaking around."
—Jagged Lightning to Jayfeather Sign of the Moon, page 186

"She's right. Why should we risk our lives to catch our prey?"
—Jagged Lightning Sign of the Moon, page 234

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