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In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The Sun Trail

Jagged Peak and his sister Fluttering Bird are born to Quiet Rain, a cat of the Tribe of Rushing Water. They are Gray Wing's and Clear Sky's younger brother and sister.
He is first seen playing with Fluttering Bird. He accidentally makes Fluttering Bird hit her head, and he calls her silly. Gray Wing compares how healthy and strong Jagged Peak looks next to his sister. Jagged Peak scampers over to Gray Wing, demanding that he tell him about the hawk. As Gray Wing starts to tell him about Clear Sky's leap, Shaded Moss yowls that Stoneteller has an announcement. Stoneteller says that some of the Tribe must follow the sun trail to the new home, and Jagged Peak wants to go. Quiet Rain refuses to let him, as he is too young.
When Fluttering Bird dies of hunger, Quiet Rain sends Gray Wing to fetch Jagged Peak, who is playing with some of the other kits. Quiet Rain then tells Jagged Peak that his sister is dead. He wails with grief and presses himself against his mother and dead sister. He comes with his family to bury Fluttering Bird on the plateau. After a moment of silence, Jagged Peak raises his head and is amazed when he sees the mountains for the first time. He asks his brothers if they have been to all the peaks. Clear Sky replies that they have not, but he points out the gap that the cats who are leaving will travel through. Jagged Peak once again expresses the wish to come with the travelers, but Quiet Rain drapes her tail over his shoulders and tells him to come back into the cave. Upon Jagged Peak's protest, Clear Sky gives him a gentle push and assures him that he will see the mountains again.
During the Casting of the Stones, he puts his stone in the pile by the waterfall, voting to leave. Though Quiet Rain votes to leave as well, she says she will not allow Jagged Peak to leave and that older cats should go on the journey. At this, Jagged Peak storms away to his nest. Clear Sky bids goodbye to his family and noses Jagged Peak's ear. The young cat demands why he cannot go with Clear Sky, but falls silent when Quiet Rain glares at him.
The next morning, he follows Gray Wing as the latter is leaving the cave to hunt, saying that he wants to accompany him. Gray Wing attempts to shoo him back to the other kits, but Jagged Peak grumbles that the other kits play stupid games and that he wants to catch a real eagle. He adds that he is the oldest kit in the cave and that he needs to learn to hunt. When Quiet Rain steps into the argument and Gray Wing informs her that Jagged Peak wants to hunt, she protests that he is too young. Gray Wing argues that Jagged Peak is almost old enough and that it would be better for Jagged Peak to accompany him than to sneak out of the cave by himself; Quiet Rain reluctantly concedes. As Gray Wing teaches his younger brother to hunt, he notes how quickly Jagged Peak is learning. In the end, they catch a large snow hare, and the Tribe is fuller then they have been in moons.
Once the group of traveling cats leave, he goes missing. Quiet Rain is frantic, but Snow Hare says he'll come back when he's hungry. However, Jagged Peak does not return. Gray Wing and Misty Water track his scent, and discover that he is following the traveling group. Quiet Rain begs Gray Wing to go after Jagged Peak and protect him, and Gray Wing agrees. Quiet Rain accompanies Gray Wing some of the way, and they bid farewell, Quiet Rain trusting him to find Jagged Peak and keep him safe.
After traveling for a day, Gray Wing hears yowling and the screeching of an eagle. He realizes that the yowling is Jagged Peak and runs toward the sounds. He finds the eagle attacking Jagged Peak, who is trapped in a tiny crevice. Gray Wing attempts to fend off the eagle but is inhibited by his injured foot. When the eagle grabs hold of Gray Wing, Jagged Peak emerges from his hiding place and attacks the eagle. The eagle tries to fly away, but it is weighted down by the two cats. In an effort to throw off Jagged Peak, it loosens its grip on Gray Wing, who seizes the opportunity and escapes from its talons. Jagged Peak keeps clinging to the eagle, but he drops himself to the ground when Gray Wing screams at him to let go. Gray Wing then takes shelter in a crevice and waits for the eagle to leave.
Once the eagle is gone, the two brothers emerge from the crevice. Gray Wing scolds Jagged Peak for leaving the cave; Jagged Peak retorts that he wants to go with the traveling group and that Quiet Rain should not have tried to keep him in the cave. He then threatens to fight Gray Wing if he tries to take him back to the cave, but Gray Wing explains that he is going to find the traveling group with Jagged Peak because Jagged Peak needs him more than the Tribe in the cave does. The younger cat is offended by this and argues that he can take care of himself. When Gray Wing reminds him that the eagle almost caught him, Jagged Peak replies that he found his own way down the valley. Though Gray Wing warns him that they will encounter more danger, Jagged Peak confidently states that they have each other and boasts about saving Gray Wing from the eagle. That night, as Jagged Peak and Gray Wing take shelter in a hollow to rest, Jagged Peak tells Gray Wing that he is glad his brother is here.
In the morning Gray Wing remarks that Jagged Peak is very courageous to attempt the journey on his own and decides to follow the sun trail and find their new home for his sake. Upon waking up, Jagged Peak temporarily forgets that he is not in the cave and asks where Quiet Rain is. Gray Wing tells him that they are on the journey and instructs Jagged Peak to wake up while he hunts. When Gray Wing allows him to eat the entire mouse, Jagged Peak devours it and thanks him.
They continue on their journey. At one point, Gray Wing stops to scan the terrain; Jagged Peak runs ahead, only to sink into a deep snow drift. Gray Wing fishes him out, telling him not to dash off anymore and to look for rocks under the snow to find safe places to walk. When they reach a seemingly flat, safe area on the trail, Gray Wing runs ahead, breaks some ice, and suddenly falls into a river. Gray Wing instructs Jagged Peak to push one end of a nearby branch towards him. He grabs onto the branch, and Jagged Peak hauls him out of the river and grooms him until he is dry. Almost immediately after, Jagged Peak spots another eagle, but Gray Wing buries himself and his brother in the snow and the eagle does not bother them.
The weather worsens as Gray Wing and Jagged Peak continue into night. Jagged Peak leads himself and Gray Wing safely round a cliff and Gray Wing remarks he saved them from falling off the cliff. Jagged Peak is excited when they wake up to discover the group nearby. The group is impressed by Jagged Peak's courage and they welcome him into the journeying cats.
When the group crosses a slope of scree, Jagged Peak crosses with Clear Sky. After he is safely across, he spots two eagles swooping toward the cats still on the scree. When the cats are hidden in the rocks and Clear Sky makes his plan, Jagged Peak stays behind to help wherever he is needed. When Bright Stream is taken by the eagles, Jagged Peak mourns with the rest of the group.
At the new territory, Clear Sky, Falling Feather, Quick Water, Moon Shadow, and Jagged Peak begin to want to move into to the forest, but the others want to stay on the moor. There is a stone casting, and Jagged Peak votes to move into the forest, flashing an apologetic look at Gray Wing. Although the vote to stay wins, the group wanting to leave go anyway, accompanied by Jagged Peak.
Jagged Peak and Clear Sky are hunting in the trees when Gray Wing comes into the forest. They drop on either side of him and surprise him. They take Gray Wing hunting in the trees, but Gray Wing isn't as comfortable climbing as they are. When Gray Wing gets stuck, Jagged Peak helps him get down. Then Jagged Peak and Clear Sky show Gray Wing their new camp.
Jagged Peak is almost full grown when Gray Wing visits Clear Sky again. He obeys Clear Sky quite happily without question, going out on a hunting trip with barely being allowed to say hello to Gray Wing, to his surprise. During the hunt, Jagged Peak falls from the tree and badly breaks his leg. Gray Wing fetches Dappled Pelt to help him, and Clear Sky hasn't dared to move Jagged Peak. Dappled Pelt uses sticks and bindweed to keep it straight, and she stays at Clear Sky's camp to heal Jagged Peak at Clear Sky's request.
A moon later, Jagged Peak is turned out by Clear Sky due to his inability to contribute to the group. Frost takes him to Gray Wing and simply helps him lay down and walks away. Gray Wing is furious when Jagged Peak tells him that because he would always walk with a limp, Clear Sky says that Jagged Peak would no longer be a contributing asset to the group, and the elder cat has sent his brother to live with Gray Wing. Jagged Peak is welcomed at Gray Wing's camp, and gets a new nest in the camp. Cloud Spots helps develop exercises to improve the strength of Jagged Peak's legs, but the young tom doesn't think he'll walk properly or hunt ever again.
When Gray Wing brings Thunder to the camp, Jagged Peak speaks out to keep him, saying he had a right to be here. He is shown sitting at the entrance to his den.

Thunder Rising

Jagged Peak is crouched a few tail lengths away from a training session, looking on unhappily. It is described that Jagged Peak feels guilty that he can't contribute much to the group. Later, when Turtle Tail has returned and settled, he limps up and settles down nervously nearby. Turtle Tail asks what happened to his leg. Jagged Peak starts to explain, but trails off when he mentions Clear Sky and Tall Shadow finished for him. When Tall Shadow, Gray Wing, and Turtle Tail are discussing what Turtle Tail can do for the group, Jagged Peak creeps forward and says that he could help keep watch of the camp and moor with Turtle Tail. Tall Shadow tells him no. Defeated, Jagged Peak limps away to do his exercises while Gray Wing and Turtle Tail discuss that maybe they should have let him, but Tall Shadow still refuses.
Jagged Peak asks to join Gray Wing, Rainswept Flower, and Turtle Tail for the tour of the hollow and moor, but is refused. He comments he is sick of exercising and it is boring. The three cats discuss more on Jagged Peak.
After dogs find the hollow and everyone searches for Thunder, who is gone from the moor, they notice that Jagged Peak is also missing. He is seen heading towards camp, glancing over his shoulder as he tries to outpace the dogs. Jagged Peak halts as Gray Wing races past him and hurls himself at the dogs. Jagged Peak leans on Shattered Ice's shoulder for support as Gray Wing leads the dogs away. He snaps that he can go where he likes. When the dogs are coming back, Jagged Peak insists he can take care of it, before Shattered Ice speeds away. Jagged Peak is thrust into a narrow hole away from the danger. Jagged Peak complains about being in the tunnel, and how he could have fought the dogs. When the noises start fading, Jagged Peak asks what is going on. He can't tell what is going on. He says that they should stay a while, just in case, and thanks Thunder for staying and helping him. He comments that he is sure that Gray Wing would have tried to lead the dogs away.
One thing he has learned since he was a kit is that Gray Wing can't fix everything. Gray Wing appears and tells Jagged Peak he can come out. Jagged Peak complains about trying to get out when dirt starts clogging his mouth. Suddenly, the tunnel collapses on Jagged Peak and he is buried alive. He is brought back up, and Wind clears his throat, letting him cough up more dirt. He embarrassingly tells the group that he can lick his own fur as the mountain cats try to do it for him. He flinches when he is told off, but brightens when he is told to lead the way back to the hollow. As the sun goes down, Jagged Peak arrives at the camp and snaps at Gray Wing, stating that he can take care of himself. He flinches when Gray Wing asks whether this day proved that. He is settled down in his nest by Rainswept Flower. Dappled Pelt comes to check his scratches and he resignedly lets her.
He accepts a piece of rabbit, but turns down the offer to join the group and is left alone before Rainswept Flower rejoins him. When the mountain cats are arguing over leadership, Jagged Peak comments that Tall Shadow has a good excuse of guarding camp, which meant she didn't have to do anything and left him and Thunder to the dogs. He watches as the cats separate for the night. He answers Jackdaw's Cry's questions and describes a bit of what it was like to live in Clear Sky's camp. He wasn't welcome when he was injured, and asks if they will throw out the weak.
When Turtle Tail's kits are born, Jagged Peak takes a lot of time watching over them. On the night when Moon Shadow dies, Gray Wing asks Jagged Peak to watch Owl Eyes, Pebble Heart, and Sparrow Fur. When the cats come back from the burial, Jagged Peak states that he has lost Owl Eyes and Gray Wing gets mad at him, saying that all Jagged Peak had to do was watch three young kits. He then asks the gray tabby if he had checked the dens and he replies that he had. Turtle Tail pads up and tells Jagged Peak he mustn't worry as it wasn't his fault. Gray Wing soon calls for Turtle Tail and Wind Runner, not Jagged Peak, to look after the remaining kits, as he couldn't trust him with the kits again, and ignores his hurt look. Jagged Peak is later since wincing at the story of how the search party scrambled up the tree and and Gray Wing knew he must be remembering how he got his injury.
When Wind Runner and Gorse Fur run into the hollow, Jagged Peak is gazing at her with hero-worship in his eyes. It is also mentioned that he keep his distance from the kits since the incident with Owl Eyes. Wind Runner calls for a meeting on the tall rock and he sits below it. After the brown she-cat announces she had been attacked by Clear Sky's cats and shows every cat her injury, Jagged Peak bristles and demands to know who did it. She tells him that Frost did it.
After Gray Wing and his party return from the forest, he yowls his disapproval of letting Clear Sky getting away with murder and thinking the moorland cats are weak.

The First Battle

As Gray Wing dreams, he wishes he could tell Quiet Rain that Clear Sky and Jagged Peak are okay. Gray Wing feels like an icicle stabs his heart as it was only half true. He wonders whether he should confess that Jagged Peak was lame now and that he crippled his hind after falling out of a tree. Gray Wing reminds himself that he swore to protect Jagged Peak. Gray Wing thinks about Clear Sky and Stoneteller seems to read his mind, saying that he and Clear Sky may be divided, but he still has Jagged Peak. Gray Wing's heart warms up at the thought of his younger brother's courage and loyalty.
Falling Feather mentions Jagged Peak by reminding Clear Sky that Gray Wing saved him from an eagle.
Jagged Peak is crouching beside Turtle Tail with a worried look in his eyes. He limps forward and a scraps the sandy earth behind him. He says that if Clear Sky wants to waste his time creating borders, then let him. Gorse Fur tells him that Clear Sky is killing cats to it. A little while later, Gray Wing calls a meeting. Jagged Peak sits beside Rainswept Flower and Tall Shadow. After the meeting, Jagged Peak and Gorse Fur share a rabbit. He brings Gray Wing a haunch from the prey. Gray Wing say he's not hungry and stares past him to Thunder. Jagged Peak follows Gray Wing's gaze and asks if he's glad Thunder's back. Gray Wing nods and Jagged Peak says that Clear Sky doesn't want any kin near him. Owl Eyes, Sparrow Fur and Pebble Heart race over to Gray Wing and Jagged Peak. Sparrow Fur says that she's sleeping closest to Gray Wing. Owl Eyes sniffs at the rabbit haunch and Jagged Peak asks him if he's hungry. Owl Eyes replies that he is and tears the prey open.
Thunder is distracted from his thoughts by Jagged Peak, who is teaching Turtle Tail’s kits how to fight. Anxious he’s teaching them battle moves to use against Clear Sky, and not wanting a battle, Thunder confronts the lame tom and they get into an argument.
Afterwords, Hawk Swoop comforts Thunder, stating Jagged Peak is a good cat, he’s just misunderstood and finds it difficult to rely on others. When Gorse and Wind officially join the group, Jagged Peak is supportive and recalls how they saved him from drowning in earth when a tunnel collapsed on him. Later, Gray Wing overhears Jagged Peak and Rainswept Flower discussing Clear Sky. He doesn’t believe Gray Wing should be the one to challenge Clear Sky, after everything they’ve been through, then suggests Rainswept Flower be the one to do it.
Later, Jagged Peak play fights with Sparrow Fur and Owl Eyes. After Turtle Tail helps Wind Runner deliver her kits, she realizes Sparrow Fur, Pebble Heart, and Owl Eyes are no where to be found. Jagged Peak limps over, suggesting they’re probably just out having fun, and offers to search for them on the moor. He, along with others, go out and look. Thunder hears Jagged Peak’s frantic yowl in the distance; him and Lightning Tail reach him. Jagged Peak’s eyes spark with fear, telling them that Tom took them and Turtle Tail has gone after him. Thunder and Lightning Tail set out to follow them, while Jagged Peak goes back to camp to tell Tall Shadow and Gray Wing what has happened.
Gray Wing wakes up in his nest, recovering from his injured lungs, and Jagged Peak trots over, asking how he’s feeling, and informing him that Wind Runner has had four kits. Gray Wing asks if there’s any news on Turtle Tail and the kits, and Jagged Peak softly says they found Tom’s scent near the trail and Tall Shadow didn’t want him to know until he woke. Gray Wing is about to go out and search for Turtle Tail, worrying Tom may have persuaded Turtle Tail to stay with him and the kits in Twolegplace. Jagged Peak asks him if he really thinks she would let that happen.
Clear Sky launches an attack on the meeting with Gray Wing, Tall Shadow, and Thunder at the four great oaks. Thunder rushes back to camp to get backup, Jagged Peak wishes to join the battle, but Thunder tells him he’ll be of more use at camp. Jagged Peak is still determined to join in, but Thunder convinces him to stay behind to take care of Wind Runner and the kits.

The Blazing Star

Gray Wing overhears Holly attempting to get Jagged Peak to jump down from a thorn tree outside of the camp. Holly says that she wasn't going to stand there all morning listening to him complain, to which he retorts that she should talk, since she was whining about having to share prey. Jagged Peak then jumps out of the the tree, easily clears the gully, and lands safely beside Holly and ask if she's happy now. Cloud Spots watches this exchange between Holly and Jagged Peak, and laughs. This leads Gray Wing to tell Cloud Spots that Jagged Peak is being bullied by Holly. Cloud Spots retorts that Jagged Peak may not be as helpless as Gray Wing may think. Gray Wing leaves them to their training and goes back to the hollow.
When Gray Wing announces that Clear Sky has new cats in his group, Jagged Peak dismissively flicks his tail, pointing out that the moor cats also have three new cats. Mouse Ear explains that one of Clear Sky's new cats is a rogue named One Eye. Holly is angry, calling the rogue a bully and a thief, manipulating cats and stirs up trouble. Jagged Peak shifts closer to the spiky she-cat, his eyes shining with admiration, murmuring she must be a very wise cat to have such insight, and Holly gives him a swift glance of surprise and pleasure. The cats decide they will begin battle training to keep their skills sharp in case of any attacks. Holly offers to help, as she knows a few battle moves, and Jagged Peak limps forward, hopeful when he asks if he can train too. Thunder is about to protest that his damaged leg would slow him down, but Holly beats him to it, smoothly saying she'll train him. Holly demonstrates a move where she lies on her back with her belly exposed, then kicks out with her hind legs. She meows that Jagged Peak can especially do it, as other cats would take his limp as a weakness and make them overconfident, and she asks him if he can still leap. He nods vigorously, his eyes glowing with pleasure in Holly's confidence in him.
The group is trying to figure out what the spirit cats message is that they received when they met at the four trees, and how they mentioned the groups need to grow and spread like the Blazing Star. Mouse Ear wonders if the Blazing Star is a five-petaled plant, and excitement flares among the group at his suggested, and all start offering their own ideas. Jagged Peak raises his voice, pointing back to Mouse Ear mentioning a plant, suggesting it might have something to do with that, when Gray Wing cuts him, asking if they've all been quietly coming up with their own ideas without discussing it with any other cats, adding it's no wonder that they're coming up with such ridiculous conclusions. The other cats look up at him with disconcerted expressions, while Jagged Peak looks the most hurt. They decide they will try sending a patrol over to the Thunderpath to fetch some of the plant and excitement lights back up in the cats, but Gray Wing notices Jagged Peak is still looking hurt and feels guilty he hadn't let his brother share his idea and notes he still treats him like the careless kit who left the mountains, and considers taking him more seriously. Holly leans toward Jagged Peak and whispers something into his ear, and the gray tabby's eyes widen and he lets out a mrrow of laughter.
When Morning Whisker catches the illness, Jagged Peak is one of the cats who is clustered around the entrance of her den. When Owl Eyes explains to Gray Wing that Jagged Peak allowed Sparrow Fur to go and find Tom, Gray Wing beckons the gray tom over and demands why he let her go when she's just a kit. Jagged Peak looks uncomfortable, apologizing, saying he thought it would be okay, Tom is her real father after all, and she's not a tiny kit anymore. Gray Wing meows that they have no mother now, so he is all they have and he needs to protect them. Jagged Peak's whiskers twitch to show he understands, but points out that the kits are nearly grown and they're old enough to make their own choices, all three of them wanted to train with Tom. Gray Wing repeats what if, and Jagged Peak asks what he means, with amusement glimmering in his eyes, telling him that he can't protect any cat forever, it's a lesson he must learn too. Gray Wing wonders what he means, and Jagged Peak reveals that he and Holly are expecting kits. Jagged Peak admits he has never felt the way he does for Holly before, he just hopes he'll be a good father like Gray Wing is to his kits. His brother hardly hears him, realizing that Jagged Peak looks happier than he ever has since they came down from the mountains.
Clear Sky arrives at the moor cats camp and shares the news that One Eye attacked Sparrow Fur, who is now badly wounded, and Tom intervened, but One Eye killed him. Gray Wing immediately turns to look at Jagged Peak and sees pain in his brothers eyes. He lashes his tail at Holly, who has drawn protectively closer to Jagged Peak, snapping to leave them to talk in privacy. Holly gives her mate a questioning glance, who gives her a nod, and after a brief hesitation, Holly draws away. Clear Sky glances between his brothers, his voice breaking as he blames himself. Gray Wing fixes Jagged Peak with an icy gaze, saying it's just as much Jagged Peak's fault as it is Clear Sky's. Jagged Peak limps forward, apologizing, defensively saying that Sparrow Fur had been so insistent. Gray Wing hisses at the tom, asking if she was insistent on jumping into a swollen river, or eating a sick mouse, would he encourage her to do it, and goes on to say Jagged Peak doesn't deserve kits of his own. At those words, Holly leaps over and confronts Gray Wing, snarling to not dare speak to Jagged Peak like that. Gray Wing is too furious to reply, and whirls away from her to face his brother, mockingly asking if he needs his mate to stand up for him, adding he hopes she's not depending on his help with the kits. Jagged Peak swipes out a paw and catches Gray Wing on the side of the jaw and wrestles him to the ground, until Clear Sky breaks them up.
Later, Holly catches the illness. Thunder announces he found out the Blazing Star is an healing herb, and they think that the herb and sickness are part of the spirit cats message. Clear Sky explains what is happening in the forest, when he begins to thank the moor cats for allowing him to come back, and is about to start saying how he feels, when Jagged Peak sharply stops him, the the important thing is to tell them about One Eye. Gray Wing is saying that it's too soon to launch an attack on the rogue, and raises his tail to silence Jagged Peak, who is opening his jaws to interrupt, explaining that One Eye knows Clear Sky fled from the forest, so he'll be able to guess he's gone for help. The cats decide to lead a party across the Thunderpath to fetch some of the Blazing Star plant to heal the illness, and Gray Wing asks Jagged Peak to lead it. Jagged Peak wants too, but is worried about leaving Holly, but his mate convinces him to go. Lightning Tail and Clear Sky are to go with him, and the cats rest before moving out.
Before leaving, Holly and Jagged Peak say good-bye, before he joins Lightning Tail and Clear Sky and leads the way to the top of the hollow. The other cats crowd around, wishing them luck and warning them to watch out for One Eye. Jagged Peak proudly raises his head, mewing he'd better not mess with them. As they trek through the moor, he instructs the two toms that Clear Sky will be taking the lead once they get to the Thunderpath, and he'll keep watch while Lightning Tail and Clear Sky gather as much as the herb as they can carry, then he'll lead back with Lightning Tail in the rear to warn them if there's trouble. His gaze flicks over each cat, asking if that is clear, and the two cats nod. Clear Sky thinks it's good Jagged Peak is relishing his role, considering there may even be a leader in him.
Clear Sky pads alongside his brother, and they discuss Jagged Peak's feelings on becoming a father. Clear Sky ends up apologizing for sending him away after his accident, and Jagged Peak halts, staring at him, then thanks him, saying it means a lot. Lightning Tail catches up, glancing from the brothers, commenting that it's nice to see them getting along. Jagged Peak wonders why he and Thunder seem to have drifted apart, and Lightning Tail replies that it's Star Flower, she's got Thunder in a trance. Lightning Tail meows that something about her make him not trust her, and Jagged Peak mews to not leap to judge others, it was Star Flower who told them about the Blazing Star.
They reach the outskirts of the forest and Jagged Peak orders them to be quiet from that point on. They reach the Thunderpath and Jagged Peak meows that Mouse Ear told him he can tell if a monster is coming through the vibrations in the ground. Clear Sky stretches his paw onto the black surface, and reports he thinks it's safe. They cross and find the Blazing Star plant on the other side. Lightning Tail and Clear Sky pick the stems, while Jagged Peak climbs to the top of a hillock and keeps watch. They complete the task and Jagged Peak leads the way back to the Thunderpath, glancing around warily. The cats tightly bunch together when there are no more monsters crossing the path and dart across it. They reach the patch of grass in the middle, and Jagged Peak watches as Clear Sky sets his paw on the surface to test for coming monsters. Eventually, a gap opens and the cats race across, and have a close call with a monster that appears as if from nowhere, which Clear Sky shoves Jagged Peak to get him safely to the other side.
One Eye is waiting for them, and he circles around the three cats. The rogue notices the herbs in Lightning Tail's jaws and gives him a hard blow on the side of the head, making him drop the bunch, mewing he doesn't think he should let them take that. Jagged Peak protests that it has nothing to do with One Eye, and he bravely faces the mangy tom, saying they don't need his permission. One Eye tilts his head to one side, as if pretending to think, and meows he's right, he shouldn't have been so presumptuous. A moment later, his eyes grow icy and he commands to attack and his cats come rushing out of the undergrowth. Jagged Peak and Lightning Tail lash out at the mass of rogues who attack them.
After Acorn Fur saves Lightning Tail from being pushed onto the Thunderpath, One Eye takes notice and screeches, and the rogues break off the fight to look at him momentarily. Clear Sky takes this chance and orders Lightning Tail and Jagged Peak to run, thrusting the two toms in front of him, and the three blunder blindly through brambles and bracken. On their way back to the hollow, Jagged Peak trudges along with his head down and tail drooping, looking as if every step takes great effort. When they reach camp, they are flooded with questions, and the three cats can't reply right away as they're struggling for breath. Jagged Peak is the first to speak, padding up to Gray Wing and apologizing, saying they don't have the Blazing Star. Clear Sky slips to his brothers side and rests his tail on his shoulders, explaining that they had to fight One Eye and his rogues and they lost the Blazing Star, Jagged Peak isn't to blame.
When Clear Sky leaves to challenge One Eye, he realizes the only cats who aren't wishing him luck are Holly, who is sick in her den still, Cloud Spots, who is taking care of her, and Jagged Peak. Despite the warnings about the sickness, he hardly ever leaves her side. Before Clear SKy leaves, he pushes through the crowd of cats into their den. Jagged Peak is crouched beside her, his tail lashing with concern, and Cloud Spots is encouraging her to eat tansy. Jagged Peak promises her it won't be long until she's better, she and the kits will be fine.
Gray Wing mentions that Jagged Peak and Dappled Pelt took messages to River Ripple and Wind Runner about their planned confrontation with One Eye. After One Eye is defeated, they gather the Blazing Star and Holly responds well to the treatment. She has her kits soon after, with Jagged Peak crouching by her side, murmuring words of encouragement.

A Forest Divided

Clear Sky brings a rabbit for Jagged Peak and Holly. One of the kits - Eagle Feather, races toward Jagged Peak, who is watching from the long grass at the edge of the hollow, and his sister, Dew Nose races after him, with Storm Pelt trailing behind. Holly steps out from the grass and scoops up Eagle Feather, ordering them to go back into their nest. Jagged Peak swishes his tail, meowing that they'll be warm enough as long as they keep moving. Clear Sky watches as Jagged Peak nuzzles Eagle Feather, and Gray Wing comments that he is turning out to be a great father. Clear Sky gives Thunder a guilty glance, then looks back to Jagged Peak, who is crouching low enough for Eagle Feather to scramble onto his back, and thinks that his brother is a better father than he is.
When Thunder goes to check to make sure the kits nest is clear of snow, Jagged Peak is dragging a large piece of heather toward the far end, and Thunder asks if the kits are okay. Jagged Peak replies that they're moving them to a more sheltered spot, and he continues to drag the branch beneath the trailing broom. Holly is near the back of the den, weaving branches together, while the kits dart around her. Jagged Peak drops the branch beside his mate, telling her that Shattered Ice and Lightning Tail are out collecting more now that the snow has eased, and Holly tells him they'll need more moss to line it. Eagle Feather climbs onto Holly's back, demanding a badger ride, and Thunder offers to play with the kits while they work. Holly thanks him, and Jagged Peak quickly adds he'll play with them too. Eagle Feather jumps onto his father's back.
Thunder gives Dew Nose a badger ride, while Jagged Peak lets Eagle Feather ride on his. He catches up to Thunder outside of the den, asking if he saw Clear Sky coming back to camp with him, and Thunder explains that he's in Cloud Spots' den, they ran into a badger. Jagged Peak looks alarmed, asking if it was close to camp, and Thunder shakes his head, saying it was near the forest. Jagged Peak is frowning, wondering why Thunder brought Clear Sky back to the hollow when they were so close to the forest border. Thunder begins to reply, but Jagged Peak doesn't let him finish, going on that he's caused enough worry and gossip, they don't need him stirring up more trouble. He stops and shakes Eagle Feather from his shoulders. The kit plops into the snow, complaining that it wasn't long enough. Jagged Peak nods toward the boulder at the other end of camp, telling him to go and see if he can find moss around the bottom, and Eagle Feather objects that it's covered in snow. Jagged Peak firmly tells him he'll have to dig for it. Dew Nose slides off of Thunder and joins Eagle Feather. Thunder purrs and glances at Jagged Peak, but he isn't watching the kits, instead, he stares at Cloud Spots' den, eyes dark with worry, asking if he was badly hurt.
Thunder tells him it was just a scratch, and Pebble Heart is making sure it won't get infected, Jagged Peak asks if that means he'll be able to go straight home then, and Thunder stares at him, wondering if he even cares that he's hurt. Jagged Peak drags his gaze away from the den, snorting that is makes a change, he's usually the one causing wounds. Thunder flinches, but doesn't argue.Jagged Peak's words worry him, and he asks if he said Clear Sky had caused gossip. The gray tom grunts that he knows Tall Shadow has been thinking about moving to the pines, the weather has started to make everyone wonder if living in such an exposed place is a good idea. Other cats join them, and Jagged Peak decides they have to settle this before everyone starts arguing and he marches toward Tall Shadow's rock and leaps up beside her, and the black she-cat rears in surprise. The tom's mew runs out clearly as he says they have to settle where they're going to live before everyone fights about it.
Thunder calls to Jagged Peak that they should discuss this later, but Dappled Pelt stops beside him, softly murmuring to let him speak. Jagged Peak announces to the cats that they have to decide where they're living. Clear Sky's eyes shine and he tells the others to come live in the forest with him. Jagged Peak glares at him, asking if he thinks they're hare-brained. He pads to the front of the rock, deciding they should cast stones like they did when the cats left the mountains when he was a kit. As Gray Wing digs through the snow and unearths pebbles, Jagged Peak scoops them into a pile. Tall Shadow casts the first stone for the pine forest, and Jagged Peak casts the second beside it. Thunder stares, seemingly surprised, and Jagged Peak gazes at Holly with a question in his eyes. The queen places a stone beside it, stating the kits will be more protected from the snow in the pines, and Jagged Peak purrs, weaving around her.
The cats finish casting the stones, and the group is splitting up, some going to the pines, while others going to other groups. Thunder watches Jagged Peak press close to Holly, irritated with how pleased of himself he looks, and asks if he's happy now that he's split the group up. Jagged Peak meets his eyes, unflinching, saying it's what the spirit cats wanted, and goes on that things change. He glances at his crippled leg as he says some of them are used to adapting, and he should get used to it, then turns sharply, swishing his tail against Thunder's muzzle, and noses down to Eagle Feather, asking the tomkit if he wants a badger ride to their new home. As they leave, Jagged Peak and Holly herd their kits toward the entrance, stopping to let Clear Sky pass. Jagged Peak looks over his shoulder, urging Gray Wing on. Jagged Peak is first through the entrance.
Jagged Peak once again urges Gray Wing to hurry, but his brother tells him he'll follow his paw prints, saying he's going to scout for prey. Jagged Peak answers to not be long. They reach the Thunderpath, and Mud Paws suggests they find cover and rest before crossing, but Jagged Peak protests, his gaze fixed forward. Gray Wing notes he is acting like their leader. A monster blazes past, and Jagged Peak tugs Holly and scrambles backwards with a yowl. He straightens, asking if everyone is all right. Everyone is, and Gray Wing is impressed with his brother's calmness. Jagged Peak tests the Thunderpath for coming monsters by shuffling his paws deep into the snow and resting them on the hard surface. A monster races past and Jagged Peak hardly flinches. He orders Mouse Ear and Mud Paws to take the kits over now, followed by Tall Shadow, Pebble Heart, and Holly. Gray Wing is suddenly weak, the snow making it had to breathe and rests against Jagged Peak's shoulder as they cross. Jagged Peak gently urges him on. Gray Wing begins to have a more difficult time breathing and meows he can't do it. Jagged Peak darkly growls he has to, he can feel the ground trembling. He shoves his shoulder harder against his brothers flank and half lifts him onward. They reach the other side just in time.
In their new camp, Tall Shadow and Jagged Peak have their heads bowed in quiet conversation. When Gray Wing goes to help Holly build a shelter for her kits, Jagged Peak looks up from his conversation with Tall Shadow, wondering what they're doing. Holly explains and Jagged Peak pads forward, sharply meowing that they're his kits, he'll build their den.
When Sun Shadow and Quiet Rain are led to Tall Shadow's camp by Thunder, Quiet Rain and Jagged Peak greet each other. Her eyes instantly flick to his leg, and Jagged Peak explains that it's an old injury. His mother stares at him, disappointment clouding her gaze, exclaiming he's lame. Jagged Peak stiffens, and Holly defends him, saying he can hunt and think as well as any other cat. Jagged Peak's kits race into camp, and Jagged Peak sternly tells them to behave themselves. Dew Nose has a vole and drops it, staring at Quiet Rain. Her brothers say she smells funny. Quiet Rain glares at her son, asking if this is how he raises his kits, she never would have allowed such rudeness. Holly's eyes flash with rage and she retorts that might be why her sons left. Jagged Peak steps between them, telling Quiet Rain that his kits are lively, but they have good hearts.
When Thunder and Gray Wing arrive with Fern, Jagged Peak limps over, asking if his brother has been rounding up strays. Fern says she's a friend, and Jagged Peak wonders if she can prove it. Holly glares at her mate, pointing out that she's half starved, let her prove her friendship once she's rested and had food, Tall Shadow agrees. Jagged Peak rolls his eyes, asking if they are going to take in every stray that walks into camp. Thunder argues, saying they're no less loyal than mountain cats. Jagged Peak snorts and turns away.
When Clear Sky arrives after being fetched by Thunder and Lightning Tail to see Quiet Rain, Thunder speaks with Gray Wing, and Jagged Peak pads over, telling Lightning Tail he can have prey if he wants some. As Lightning Tail pads across the clearing, Thunder wonders if Fern is okay, and Jagged Peak replies that she's sharing their den. He asks about Sun Shadow, and Jagged Peak nods toward the camp wall, where the black tom is huddled beside Mud Paws and Mouse Ear in a nest of pine branches, noting that he's eaten two mice and fell asleep, and hasn't moved a whisker since dusk. Thunder nods, meowing that Quiet Rain has all her sons now, so once Lightning Tail finishes, they'll leave. Jagged Peak asks if he wants to wait and see how she is, pointing out that she's his kin too. Thunder snorts, saying Clear Sky is hardly his kin, why should Quiet Rain be any different. Jagged Peak meows that it's easy to be angry, but that achieves nothing except heartache, telling him to have pity, as this is probably hard for his father. Gray Wing moves beside him, meowing it's hard for all of them, and Jagged Peak nods solemnly, mewing that they left the mountains to find a safe home, that's what Quiet Rain expected to find here, but all they've had to tell her are stories of battle, sickness and death.
Star Flower pads through the bramble entrance, and Jagged Peak arches his back with a hiss. Jagged Peak glares at the she-cat, asking why she cares so much about Clear Sky, and Star Flower reveals she's his mate and expecting his kits. Clear Sky thrusts his head from Pebble Heart's den, calling to his brothers, saying Quiet Rain wants to talk to them. Quiet Rain demands them to tell them what happened to her friends, and Jagged Peak and Gray Wing shift uneasily on their paws. Jagged Peak dips his head, telling her that Dappled Pelt and Shattered Ice live beside the river now. The topic changes to the battle with Clear Sky where Hawk Swoop died, and Jagged Peak explains what happened, how some cats wanted to live in the forest, while others in the hollow, and Clear Sky cuts him off, saying he decided to divide their new land so each group hunted in different parts, and Jagged Peak, flashes him an accusing look, mewing he made borders. When Clear Sky tells her he killed Rainswept Flower, Quiet Rain orders Gray Wing and Jagged Peak to leave so she can speak to Clear Sky alone.
Thunder is playing with Holly's kits when Jagged Peak enters camp with a wren in his jaws, drops it outside of Pebble Heart's den, then heads for his own. The kits are tunneling in the snow and Jagged Peak rushes over, saying they'll drown or freeze, and digs them up. He stares sternly at Eagle Feather, asking whose idea it was, and the tomkit replies it was his. Jagged Peak swishes his tail with annoyance, mewing that it's dangerous, telling them to find something useful to do. Jagged Peak eyes Thunder sternly, and the tom replies that he was watching them. Jagged Peak says that sometimes he has to say no.
Thunder is speaking with Quiet Rain, along with Clear Sky and Star Flower, when Gray Wing and Jagged Peak join. Quiet Rain asks how Gray Wing's leg is, and he answers that it's sore, but he can still hunt, he caught a shrew in the forest, and Jagged Peak chimes in that he caught a wren, saying he can get it for her if she's hungry. Quiet Rain shudders, declining the offers, and Gray Wing urges her that she needs to keep her strength up. Jagged Peak frowns at his brother, telling her to not nag her, she's sick. Clear Sky nudges between them, saying if she wants food, he'll get it, and Jagged Peak snaps she isn't hungry. Star Flower shoulders her way between them, telling them to be quiet, their mother needs rest, and more than that, she needs to see her kits get along without fighting.
Jagged Peak sniffs his mothers matted pelt, anxiously saying her name. Her eyes are closed and her flanks tremble with each breath. The kits go missing then, and Jagged Peak looks guilty as he says he shooed them away from Thunder and told them to do something useful. They think that the kits must have followed Mud Paws, Mouse Ear, and Sun Shadow out of camp. Jagged Peak goes out with Holly to follow the tracks, while Tall Shadow, Fern, Thunder, Star Flower, and Clear Sky check elsewhere.
After the kits are found, Jagged Peak slips into Quiet Rain's den, asking his brothers how she is, and Clear Sky says she thinks he's Shaded Moss. Jagged Peak wonders if she even knows they're here, and Gray Wing says he doesn't think so. Quiet Rain's eyes close and her head droops. Jagged Peak thrusts his muzzle closer, the words seem to dry up in his throat as he begins to ask if she is dead, and Clear Sky feels her breath, and says no. She then speaks to her sons, saying she forgives Clear Sky for his crimes, because Shaded Moss spoke to her, when coughing takes hold of her, and Jagged Peak calls to Pebble Heart for help, but the young tom says there's nothing more he can do for her. Her coughing eases and Clear Sky asks what Shaded Moss told her. Jagged Peak reaches out a paw and places it gently on her flank, saying to let her rest, she needs to save her strength. Quiet Rain speaks to Clear Sky for a moment before passing. Jagged Peak gets wearily to his paws and pads out of the den.
The cats decide she will be buried at the four trees, and Jagged Peak helps carry her there. The ground is too frozen to dig a grave, so the move a rock from the ground that made a deep enough hole for one. Jagged Peak and Clear Sky nose her into it. The brothers thank her for past things she did, and Jagged Peak thanks her for traveling so far to spend her last moments with them. The cats leave, and Jagged Peak casts a final glance at his mother's grave. Gray Wing says he can't go with them, and Jagged Peak protests, saying they need him. They can't change his mind though, and Jagged Peak says good-bye to his brother.

Path of Stars

After they rescue her from Slash, Star Flower begins kitting and Gray Wing rushes to Tall Shadow's camp to get help. He catches sight of Jagged Peak and calls to him, explaining what happened. Jagged Peak orders Mouse Ear, Sun Shadow, and Holly to find Star Flower and bring her back to camp.
When Clear Sky calls a meeting at the four trees, Jagged Peak is present. They discuss the problem of Slash's rogues. Clear Sky says they fight like foxes. Jagged Peak snorts, wondering how they will beat them, and River Ripple's eyes gleam as he says they need to learn how to fight better than foxes, and the cats decide to practice battle moves, Jagged Peak joins in. His eyes shine with excitement as he says he has an idea, and he pads between the cats, limping on his weak leg. Thunder wonders if he can teach cats with four good paws. Jagged Peak catches his eye and says he doesn't realize that he can use his lameness as an advantage, and explains that the cat would think they've already won, they don't realize he's been fighting on three paws for as long as he can remember and he's good at it. Clear Sky wonders how that will help them, and Jagged Peak suggests if they got hurt in battle. Shattered Ice chips in to never let a cat see you injured, and Jagged Peak shakes his head, telling them to make sure they see you're injured, then they'll underestimate you. He goes on that they must practice fighting on three paws.
When Gray Wing and Slate's kits are born, Jagged Peak and Tall Shadow come to visit, bringing a pigeon for them. Gray Wing and Jagged Peak talk about the kits until the topic changes to Gray Wing saying he's glad he left the mountains to be here. Jagged Peak worriedly asks if he's glad he came, and Gray Wing mews of course. Jagged Peak looks at his paws, admitting he always felt guilty that Quiet Rain sent Gray Wing after he ran away, since Gray Wing wanted to stay with the Tribe. Gray Wing blinks at him, mewing he's glad he ran away, if he hadn't, he would never have realized how much he loved Turtle Tail or met Slate. He goes on to say that Jagged Peak was a courageous kit, it was his confidence that led him here, and he'll always be grateful for that. Jagged Peak's eyes glisten softly, asking if he was ever angry that he had dragged him onto such a dangerous journey. Gray Wing reassures him not after he chased his first rabbit. He crouches as a cough shakes his body until he is gasping for breath. Jagged Peak crouches beside him, and Gray Wing rasps it's been an exciting day. Jagged Peak stares at him anxiously, mewing right. Reed calls for help, Fern is injured, and Gray Wing tells Jagged Peak to guard the kits as he goes to their aid.
After Clear Sky saves Black Ear, he, Owl Eyes, and Thunder are on their way to Tall Shadow's camp and Jagged Peak hurries toward them, asking what happened. Owl Eyes explains what happened and Jagged Peak's eyes flash with outrage, wondering if they'll ever see the back of the fox-heart. He leads them to camp, where Clear Sky and Black Ear recover. Jagged Peak joins them when they return Black Ear and to say good-bye to Gray Wing.

In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Jagged Peak is seen pacing next to Clear Sky at the Gathering when Moth Flight introduces him to Micah. Moth Flight says that he's Clear Sky's brother, but he decided to live in WindClan with his family and mate, Holly.
When Moth Flight says she brings news from the spirit cats, Moth Flight sees Jagged Peak and Holly exchange glances. He is later mentioned when Moth Flight says she saw Half Moon and Clear Sky says Moth Wing most likely heard Jagged Peak or Gray Wing talking about her.
Moth Flight gradually gets used to the strange way her Clanmates treat her. When she brings plants to camp, Jagged Peak nods a respectful greeting whenever she passes him.
Jagged Peak and Holly are seen repairing gaps in their den. When Moth Flight is going to visit RiverClan with Micah to learn from Dappled Pelt, the cats begin arguing about her going, and Jagged Peak steps out from the shadows of his den, growling that mixing with other Clans is dangerous. Moth Flight wonders why, pointing out that he's lived with three different groups. Jagged Peak meets her gaze, saying that means he's learned how important it is to remain in one place, her loyalty should be with WindClan. Wind Runner defends Moth Flight and turns to Jagged Peak, her gaze hardening, telling him to never suggest that Moth Flight's loyalties are divided.
When Moth Flight brings catmint back to camp for Rocky, Jagged Peak looks up as she passes him, mewing that the herb smells mouthwatering. When Moth Flight returns to WindClan from her stay at ShadowClan after the death of Micah, Jagged Peak glances at Moth Flight's belly, asking if she was expecting the tom's kits, then goes on to say that Micah was a SkyClan cat, but Storm Pelt comes over and defends Moth Flight.
Later, Spotted Fur and Moth Flight are taken prisoner by SkyClan, and Jagged Peak is in the patrol Wind Runner leads to fight the rival Clan. He fights Blossom during the battle, and when Moth Flight tells him not to hurt her his eyes flash with surprise, pointing out that it's a battle, not a Gathering.
Wind Runner is hurt in the battle and grows ill after. Jagged Peak is mentioned to be organizing patrols and making sure the prey pile is stocked while Wind Runner is sick. Moth Flight is urging Gorse Fur to let her take Wind Runner to Highstones, and Jagged Peak slides in, arguing against it. When Wind Runner agrees to go to Highstones, Jagged Peak is surprised, saying she's too weak.

In the Field Guides

The Ultimate Guide

Jagged Peak is mentioned first on Gray Wing's page. Gray Wing wanted to stay in the mountains with Jagged Peak and their mother, Quiet Rain. However, when he ventured off by himself, Gray Wing had to go after him, and then they went with the traveling cats. He is also mentioned briefly on Clear Sky's page. When he injures his leg by falling out of a tree, he is driven out of the forest by Clear Sky, his older brother.
Jagged Peak next appears on his own page.
He was Gray Wing and Clear Sky's younger sibling. He voted to leave the mountains, but when Quiet Rain told him he was too young to be going, he snuck out anyway after the departing cats. He tracked them for a while until Gray Wing came and rescued him from an attacking eagle. Both brothers then journeyed through the mountains until they caught up with the travelling cats. Jagged Peak admired Clear Sky and when the group arrived at their new home, he went with him to live in the forest. However, he fell from a high branch and injured his leg, and when as soon it became clear that it wouldn't heal properly, Clear Sky banished him. When he returned to the moor, Jagged Peak discovered a liking for kits and took some care of them. The page then says that his limp never fully healed, and he eventually grew up and raised a family of his own.
He very briefly appears on Storm and Turtle Tail's page, saying that Storm felt guilty for not speaking up when Clear Sky banished him from the forest. Jagged Peak is brought up on Dappled Pelt and Cloud Spots's page. When he was injured, Dappled Pelt went to live in the forest for a while, taking care of him. She later returns to the moor. He is lastly mentioned on Wind Runner's page; she and Gorse saved Jagged Peak's life by digging him out of a hole that collapsed and clearing his nose and mouth of dirt.
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