"You were a good friend. May you walk the mountains forever with the Tribe of Endless Hunting."
Stormfur mourning Jag in Outcast, page 99

Jagged Rock Where Heron Sits, more commonly known as Jag, is a dark gray tom.[1]


In The New Prophecy arc


Talon, Jag, and Night find Squirrelpaw while sharing a falcon on their hunt. Squirrelpaw recognizes Jag as one of the outcasts that had returned to the Tribe to help kill Sharptooth. Talon sends Jag and Night to find the rest of the Clan cats underneath the Tree-Rock. Jag and Night then bound across the snow drift with their ears flattened against the falling snow. They then recognize an eagle in the air skidding to a stop and preparing to spring across the divide between them and the Clan cats. When the bird comes in for an attack, Jag swipes at the bird's wing. Brambleclaw then bounds over, and touches noses with Jag while Squirrelpaw introduces Talon and Jag to the Clan cats. Talon then takes the lead to go back to the Cave of Rushing Water and Jag and Night take the rear.

In the Power of Three arc


When Night and Talon come to ThunderClan for help, Stormfur tells the story of their exile, and Brook mentions that the intruders killed Jag, much to Brambleclaw's sorrow. Jaypaw then looks back into Brook's memories, and witnesses the first battle with the intruders. He sees Jag leaping bravely onto an intruder, but not knowing the necessary skills, the intruder bites his throat and leaves him to die. Later, Stormfur mourns him in the Cave of Rushing Water, telling him that he had been a good friend and wishes him well with the Tribe of Endless Hunting.



  • Despite being mentioned as one of the six cats sent by the Tribe of Endless Hunting to kill Sharptooth and coming back to help the Tribe defeat Sharptooth with the Clan cats in Dawn,[2] in Moonrise, there is no mention of Jag. Only Talon, Bird, and Rock are seen.[4]

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"[Jag] fought with courage, refusing to give up even when the invader slashed open a wound down the length of his flank, but he had none of the skills that would let him throw off his attacker."
—Narrator before Jag’s death Outcast, page 97

"Many good cats are dead."
—Stoneteller about fallen Tribemates Outcast, page 99

Stormfur: "We lost the battle and several cats died. Jag was one of them."
Squirrelflight: "Jag dead? Oh, no—he helped us when we were stuck in the snow on the Great Journey."
Brambleclaw: "We’ll all miss him. Every cat who knew him."
—Clan cats grieving Jag’s death Outcast, page 105

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