"I'll pick them out."
— Jay Frost offering to pick out sharp stones from an elder's bedding in in The First Battle, page 1

Jay Frost is a gray-brown[blog 2] tom[1] with amber eyes and darker markings.[blog 2]


In the Dawn of the Clans arc

The First Battle

Unnamed elder: "Stones in my nest! Always stones in my nest."
Jay Frost: "I'll pick them out."
Unnamed queen: "Come back, Jay Frost. Your pads are too soft for sharp stones."
—Jay Frost offering to help remove stones from an elder's nest The First Battle, page 1
An unnamed elder complains of stones in their nest, and Jay Frost offers to remove them. A queen calls him back, as his paws are too soft for sharp stones, and the elder remarks that he would have to do this someday. A golden tom offers Misty Water some prey, but she declines, suggesting giving it to a younger cat, and nods to Jay Frost, who picks grit from the elder's nest.


Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Kate has confirmed on her blog that Jay Frost has grown into a young tom, leading young cats on eagle-stalking expeditions to the worry of the older cats.[blog 1]

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Notes and references

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