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In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Jaykit, along with his littermates, Hollykit and Lionkit, are born to Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight. Due to his blindness, the gray tabby is put down for it. He, Hollykit, and Lionkit dream of leaving the camp to explore the territory before they become apprentices. While playing with a mouse, Jaykit accidentally lands on Ferncloud's kits. He asks if he hurt them, but Ferncloud says he hasn't and orders him and his siblings to play outside.
Jaykit and his siblings want to help drive a fox out the of the territory, but Brambleclaw states they are too young to do so. Lionkit convinces them otherwise, and they go out. Jaykit's powerful sense of smell quickly finds them in the fox den, but they are chased out by the foxes. While running to the hollow, Jaykit falls into it and is knocked out. Spottedleaf visits him, and after providing him with comfort, he returns to the real world. Leafpool offers him a drink, but he refuses, telling her about the cat he visited in his dream. After testing Jaykit, she tells the kit he'd make a fine medicine cat, but he refuses.
Later, Firestar performs Jaykit's apprentice ceremony, giving him Brightheart as his mentor. The blind tabby often thinks she is useless educating him, and often goes behind her back. While out on patrol they encounter a fox, but Jaypaw gets stuck in brambles and thinks his Clanmates will doubt his abilities as a warrior.
During the night, he dreams of a path leading to a stream. Waking up, Jaypaw finds Brightheart is not in camp and decides to sneak out. He unknowingly trespasses onto WindClan's territory, and falls into the border stream. Crowfeather takes him back to camp, noticing an odd tension between him and Leafpool.
Jaypaw decides to follow Leafpool as she travels to the Moonpool to ask StarClan about Graystripe. There, he sneaks into her dream and is spotted by a cat. After waking up, Leafpool is furious at the apprentice for following her, but is amazed at his ability to see the dreams of other cats. She asks him again if he'd like to become a medicine cat, but he says he still wants to be a warrior. As his apprenticeship continues, Jaypaw realizes that being blind affects the thought of him being able to fight decently. ShadowClan attacks ThunderClan, and he decides to take on Owlpaw. However, Jaypaw struggles to fight him due to his blindness, and he only defeats Owlpaw by Lionpaw telling him where the apprentice will strike.
That night, Jaypaw, troubled by his blindness, decides to go alone to the Moonpool to ask about his destiny. There, he dreams that he is in StarClan's hunting grounds and being able to see, runs happily across, only to unknowingly wander into the Dark Forest. He finds Tigerstar and Hawkfrost, and they mock Hollypaw for becoming a medicine cat.
They tell Jaypaw his fighting skills are wonderful, and he should join them. Despite being tempted, Spottedleaf appears and quickly whisks him away from the two toms. After returning to the real world, she tells him he must become a medicine cat apprentice and he agrees. Jaypaw is apprenticed to Leafpool, much to Brightheart's devastation. The she-cat is noted to have avoided the apprentice for a while. Greencough strikes the ThunderClan camp, many falling ill. Poppypaw is especially weak, and one night Jaypaw finds she is close to StarClan. Howevever, his talent saves the apprentice's life and she recovers.
Later, Jaypaw is furious he can't attend the daylight Gathering due to his disability. Suddenly, he receives a vision of him looking through Lionpaw's eyes as he is crushed by dirt. He finds that Lionpaw and Breezepaw have fallen into a old badger set while hunting, and it's collapsing on them. He manages to dig the apprentices out, which relieves Crowfeather and Nightcloud, Breezepaw's parents. When Jaypaw uses his powers to warp himself into Firestar's dream, he learns about a prophecy, and realizes it is aimed at him and his siblings.

Dark River

When Jaypaw is chosen to go to his first Gathering, he is more grumpy rather than excited.
As he is out collecting herbs with Leafpool one day, he finds a stick which has been stripped of bark and has perfectly straight markings. He is intrigued by it, but Leafpool doesn't share his curiosity when he shows it to her. Still, he tucks it neatly in the roots of a tree so he can come back and examine it later. In a dream, he follows an ancient cat named Fallen Leaves as he journeys through the tunnels to become a sharpclaw. He states he got stuck in the tunnels forever when they flooded, and he drowned.
When his sister, Hollypaw, goes missing, he dreams that she went to RiverClan to find out more about a problem. He also shares dreams with Cinderpaw, and finds out that she is the reincarnation of Cinderpelt, and that she has no clue that she is. He tries many times to see if she remembers, but is stopped by his mentor, Leafpool. While Cinderpaw is stuck inside the medicine cats' den, he plays with her from time to time though he only stays to keep her quiet. He is happy that she is honest about wondering about his blindness. Soon, he is happy to find that being a medicine cat can be more of a job when Firestar sends him and Leafpool to WindClan to find out if fighting is going to break out between Clans.
Later on, he goes on a mission to WindClan with Leafpool to see if RiverClan had invaded them. He then goes with Hollypaw and Lionpaw to find missing WindClan kits who had wandered in the tunnels: Sedgekit, Thistlekit, and Swallowkit. In the tunnels they meet up with Heatherpaw and Breezepaw who are also looking for the kits; they then join together in a mission to find them, who are hiding behind a boulder in one tunnel. They receive help from Fallen Leaves in escaping before the tunnels flood. Then Rock shows Jaypaw the stick he made, with eight new scratches: five long, three short. He realizes they stand for them. He thinks they'll all die, but then Rock scratches out the marks, meaning they'll make it. Everyone survives, and the kits are returned to WindClan while WindClan and ThunderClan are arguing by the border. They lie about finding the kits on the shore near the lake and were making a camp there. The kits go along with the lie and state they were having fun making a camp.


Jaypaw is out with Leafpool finding herbs and tries to contact Rock through the stick, but it doesn't work. He runs into Hazelpaw and Berrypaw, and the latter complains that Jaypaw scared off the bird they were hunting. The medicine cat apprentice states he is blind and can't see anything. Jaypaw overhears the apprentices talking about Berrypaw's warrior name, and they joke the cream apprentice will get a cruel one. He decides to talk with Hollypaw and tells her that he is worried that Leafpool will use his blindness to give him his medicine cat name. She jokes she'll probably name him something dumb, but he doesn't believe it.
He watches the warrior ceremony for Berrynose, Hazeltail, and Mousewhisker. At the Moonpool, Leafpool and Jaypaw see Feathertail in StarClan, who is taking prey for the Tribe of Rushing Water. Leafpool comments the Tribe may be in trouble, and this is proven true when Talon and Night, two Tribe cats, visit ThunderClan, Jaypaw goes into the Tribe's memories and finds out Stonetelller exiled Stormfur and Brook for a conflict with rogues gone wrong. It is agreed that a patrol to the mountains will be sent, and Jaypaw is chosen to go with them.
On the way there, the old loner Purdy joins them. He is briefly worried when Lionpaw and Hollypaw don't return from hunting in a barn, but they appear safe with Purdy. When they reach the Tribe, Jaypaw feels sensitive on what they think on Clan cats, and finds Stoneteller is telling lies about the Tribe of Endless Hunting. Later, he finds out that the Tribe of Endless Hunting actually has given up on the Tribe of Rushing Water, and they had actually come from somewhere else. He finds the Tribe is from the lake. After learning about herbs with Stoneteller, the healer tells him he knows about the kin of your kin prophecy. Jaypaw decides it is time to tell his siblings, and they are shocked upon learning about it.


When Toadkit gets scratched by some nettles, Jaypaw makes an ointment out of dock leaves, but the kit sends them flying. Frustrated, the medicine cat apprentice goes to fetch more, and trips over Daisy. Sensing Toadkit is about to grab his tail, Jaypaw whirls around and screeches at the kit to stop and take the ointment. Toadkit, despite being startled, takes the ointment and thanks him.
Jaypaw is concerned when Leafpool informs Cloudtail Cinderpaw is ready for her assessment despite her broken leg. He calls Hollypaw and Lionpaw, and tells them they must watch the apprentice. They follow her and finds she is about to hunt a squirrel, but Cinderpaw mistimes the jump an falls. Worried, the siblings rush to her and she is brought back to camp for treatment. When Rock's stick floats out into the lake, Jaypaw swims out to get it but nearly drowns himself. He is saved by Firestar, and while the tom is confused on why he would try to save a stick, he doesn't question him further. He wonders why the stick didn't sink to the bottom of the lake, and realizes Cinderpaw can swim to help her leg. He takes her down to the lake and teaches her how to swim. Leafpool finds them and is shocked about the treatment, but allows it anyway.
Jaypaw helps Millie with her kitting, and is positive about the experience. He then receives a vision of choking, deep blackness, which isn't remembered by the other cats. When Sol, a traveler, comes to camp, he and Leafpool speak with him outside, where he states the sun will disappear. Confused, Jaypaw wonders if the message is from StarClan. During the battle, Jaypaw tells Leafpool that he's going to get the injured cats back to the camp, and she reluctantly allows him to go into the forest. He helps the injured cats and warns Lionpaw about RiverClan warriors near him, ready to attack.
After the battle, Jaypaw and his siblings chase down Sol for knowledge of the prophecy. The traveler offers his help but states he cannot live in ThunderClan's camp. He agrees to be fed in the Twoleg den near ShadowClan, but on the way back a ShadowClan patrol captures them. Despite them not crossing the border, they are taken to their camp anyways. Jaypaw notices Blackstar is taking an interest in Sol, agreeing with his opinions. The latter then states he will stay in ShadowClan and he will not help with the prophecy. Later, Jaypaw watches the warrior ceremonies for Cinderheart, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf.

Long Shadows

Jaypaw finds Briarkit has the same cough as Mille as he also wonders when Leafpool will give him his medicine cat name. He and his siblings are concerned that ShadowClan has lost faith in StarClan, and spy on them, but are forced to go back to camp when Jaypaw senses danger. Runningnose and Raggedstar ask him to help them persuade ShadowClan to return faith in StarClan, and he agrees. Jaypaw, Lionblaze, Hollyleaf, along with Flamepaw, Tigerpaw, and Dawnpaw create a fake sign from StarClan. Blackstar and Littlecloud see the sign, which then becomes real as Runningnose and Raggedstar appear to them and warn them about Sol. They abide by their ancestors's instructions and Sol is exiled.
In a dream, Jaypaw is warped back to the time of the ancient cats, and after a long stay with them, convince them to leave the lake for the mountains in order to make them become the Tribe of Rushing Water. While there, he meets his incarnation, Jay's Wing, and his love interest Half Moon. Rock approves of what's he done and Jaypaw is sent back to the real world.
Leafpool sends Jaypaw and the apprentices to check the catmint, and they find it squashed. He also receives a message from Brightspirit, who tells him to seek for the wind. He realizes that the prophecy means there is catmint in WindClan, and finds Kestrelpaw was told the same thing. He tells Lionblaze to get the catmint, and he successfully does so. At the half-moon meeting, Leafpool tells Jaypaw he will earn his full name tonight. She performs the medicine cat ceremony, and he hopes she won't name him Jaywing out of respect for Jay's Wing. She names him Jayfeather, and as he is cheered, Jayfeather can sense overwhelming emotion from Leafpool, unsure of what it is.
A fire breaks out in camp, and as Jaypaw and his siblings attempt to evacuate by using a branch Ashfur has given them, the flecked tom blocks their way out and confronts Squirrelflight about her relationship with Brambleclaw. They watch as Ashfur berates Squirrelflight on choosing her mate over him, and threatens to kill her kits. However, the warrior says there is something he must know, and she drops a bombshell- Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf aren't her kits. Ashfur is shocked and runs away, but threatens Squirrelflight her secret will be revealed at the Gathering. Stunned, the siblings escape and try to convince her to tell the truth, but she refuses. Jayfeather later manages to transport himself into Ashfur's dreams, which startles him. The medicine cat tries his hardest to convince Ashfur to keep Squirrelflight's secret, but he says there is nothing he can do and he will reveal it at the Gathering.
However, as ThunderClan goes to the Gathering, it is revealed Ashfur never made it there as he is found dead in the border stream. Jayfeather notices when Leafpool is grooming his body, she does so in a precise matter. He wonders if they had intentions on becoming mates, but quickly denies it.


After the patrol to find Sol leaves, Leafpool is seen fussing over Jayfeather, as the latter wonders why she's doing so as he's not her kin. However, he still investigates who his real parents are, and questions Mousefur about his birth. She states Leafpool gave her the wrong herb once, describing it. Jayfeather gives her various herbs, but she says it isn't the herb the medicine cat gave her. He goes back but Mousefur suddenly informs him an herb stuck to his pelt is the herb that was given to her, and he finds it is parsley. Jayfeather recalls that parsley was used to dry up milk, and begins to suspect Leafpool is hiding something. He decides to walk with Sandstorm, where he admits Leafpool has been acting off lately. The pale ginger she-cat states it may be Whitewing's pregnancy or Ashfur's death, but she agrees something is wrong as well.
Jayfeather investigates more about his parentage, and with the help of Mousefur, Longtail, and Littlecloud, he discovers that the vision he'd seen of Leafpool and Squirrelflight in the snow was actually the two sisters trekking back to camp, and Leafpool giving her kits to Squirrelflight. Jayfeather realizes that Leafpool is his mother, but can't find out who is father is. He is later visited by Yellowfang in his dreams, who states he shouldn't have been kept from knowing his parents for this long. She drops a crow's feather at his paws, and it suddenly comes to Jayfeather that Crowfeather of WindClan is his father, and he's half-Clan.
At the Gathering, Hollyleaf tells everyone she must reveal a secret, despite Firestar's protests, and reveals Leafpool and Crowfeather are she, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather's parents. The audience is shocked at the news, especially Crowfeather, who denies he has more kits than his son Breezepelt. Leafpool comes forward and says she did it to protect her sister, which makes Brambleclaw furious with Squirrelflight that she lied to him. As a punishment for her actions, Leafpool steps down from being ThunderClan's medicine cat, leaving Jayfeather as the sole one of the ThunderClan. When Hollyleaf attempts to kill Leafpool in a fit of rage, she attacks Jayfeather when he tries to stop her and runs out of camp. He and Lionblaze follow her, and find her in front of the tunnels. She reveals she is Ashfur's murderer, and the medicine cat goes into her dreams to find her killing him.
Hollyleaf then bolts into the tunnels, which collapse onto her. Jayfeather is frantic and tries to dig his sister out, but Lionblaze stops him. They decide to lie to the Clan and say Hollyleaf was killed in a cave-in after running into the tunnels to catch a squirrel. Suddenly, the brothers realize their sister was not the third cat in the prophecy, but there is still hope as Dovekit and Ivykit are related to Firestar and they may be the third cat.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

It is revealed that Firestar lost a life from being attacked by a fox, and Jayfeather tried to save his leader but was unable, and realized how nervous he was as the only medicine cat since Leafpool was now a warrior. On the way back from a Gathering, Jayfeather expresses his opinion to Lionblaze about Leopardstar's demands about the drought and RiverClan's claims to the lake, adding that Leopardstar had lost two of her lives recently. Soon, Lionblaze discovers that his apprentice, Dovepaw, is the one from the prophecy, and gets Jayfeather to tell her. After quickly testing her skills, the blind tabby agrees that she is likely the one. Overwhelmed, Dovepaw protests to being special, but Jayfeather tells her that no matter what she thinks, she has to step up and work on her powers so she can fulfill the prophecy and save the Clans.
He is constantly checking the rocks where the snake bit Honeyfern, even being bothered by Purdy at times to help him out.
He is troubled once Lionblaze leaves with the patrol to head upstream, hating the fact that they are separated for once, and it isn't a true prophecy from StarClan. Leafpool gives him her memory when Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw were preparing to leave the Clans to journey to find Midnight and followed them to give them traveling herbs. Jayfeather is angered as he doesn't want her sympathy. He later sympathizes for Ivypaw when he notices her in a bad mood around camp since Dovepaw left her alone and he can completely understand how she feels. He checks on Mousefur after Ivypaw accidentally hits her with a pebble. He finds nothing wrong but is forced to stay in the elders' den to listen to one of Purdy's stories, but later escapes. He also promises Longtail that he will tell him of any information he finds out about patrol that is out of camp.
He goes to the lake shore to find the stick and see if the ancients can help him, but he can't understand what they're saying. While he is there, he over hears Berrynose sending Poppyfrost back to camp to rest, though Squirrelflight reassures him that it's safe for her to take a walk. He also listens in on a ShadowClan patrol until he hears his own Clan arguing with Breezepelt. He goes to stop the fighting only to be taunted by the WindClan tom. Breezepelt tells them that they are on the WindClan side of the border, and he also reveals that he blames Leafpool for all the trouble he has been receiving from his Clanmates; he says that if Leafpool hadn't left Crowfeather, and hadn't kept this secret, things would be different.
Berrynose offers to attack him in response for Jayfeather, as he almost had done earlier before the medicine cat appeared. Before he can respond, Ashfoot appears and stops the fighting, but tells Jayfeather to keep his warriors on the right side of the border. Icecloud and Berrynose are angered at how Breezepelt had treated their Clanmate, while Brightheart goes on more quietly that it was wrong. Jayfeather senses her shock, but doesn't respond. Suddenly, the ancient cats speak to him, calling him by the name he had when he was with them, Jay's Wing. He is constantly bothered by the incident with Breezepelt afterwards, wishing to talk to Lionblaze.
He is once again angered by Leafpool watching him, only this time feeling her gazing at him with a look of pride after noticing Dustpelt's back pain and convincing him to take herbs. Later on he speaks with Cinderheart, as she's worried about Poppyfrost. He responds saying she and the kits are fine, only to learn it's really grief that's troubling the she-cat, causing him to feel the loss of Hollyleaf all over again. He reveals he tries his best to never think of the she-cat everyday, but fails. He decides to check in on Poppyfrost, finding that she's trying to get to the Moonpool in her dream. He's unable to stop her and the dream finally vanishes from him. Jayfeather concludes that he will continue to watch her, knowing no herb can cure sadness.
The next morning, Jayfeather is informed by Ferncloud and Daisy Poppyfrost is missing, and he follows her scent trail out of camp to the Moonpool, but worries when he finds Breezepelt is following her. Jayfeather reaches Poppyfrost, and she admits she was trying to get into StarClan somehow to talk to Honeyfern. He tells her how she was nearly in StarClan before, but he brought her back, and that there's no way to visit again without getting hurt or sick. Breezepelt confronts them, revealing that he has held a hatred against Jayfeather and Lionblaze ever since their true parents were revealed.
Jayfeather tells Poppyfrost to run, but she instead tries to fight. However, her swollen belly limits her movement and she retreats into the bushes. Brokenstar assists Breezepelt in attempting to kill the medicine cat, but Honeyfern comes from StarClan and helps to fight off Breezepelt and the second cat who was with him, which is suspected to be Brokenstar. Yellowfang appears to Jayfeather, and warns him she knows the cat who helped Breezepelt, and there is a war that will be so bad StarClan may not survive.
Later, a frustrated Jayfeather contacts Rock via the stick. The hairless tom appears to him, and reveals that he knew Jayfeather's true parents all along. Feeling betrayed, the tabby breaks the stick in two. When Lionblaze and Dovepaw, his apprentice, return, Jayfeather explains to his brother what happened with Breezepelt. Lionblaze does not inform Tigerstar and Hawkfrost. Soon, Poppyfrost's kits come, and Jayfeather helps her give birth to a son and daughter. After the kits are born, Jayfeather sees Tigerstar, Hawkfrost and a third cat, which he identifies by scent to be the one who fought him with Breezepelt.
He and Lionblaze begin to suspect that the boundaries between the dead ancestors and the real world are breaking, because the unknown cat and Honeyfern were able to appear physically - and that there will soon be an all out war between the Dark Forest and StarClan. They share what happened to them on their times away from each other and realize that Tigerheart and Breezepelt are being trained in the Dark Forest against StarClan.

Fading Echoes

Jayfeather is mentioned in the prologue by Hawkfrost when Brokenstar mutters harshly about Breezepelt's training, as well as Hawkfrost's. The latter asks Brokenstar if he should take advice from the cat who failed to kill Jayfeather, in which Brokenstar says that he didn't expect StarClan to fight so hard to save him. Shortly after, Tigerstar tells Breezepelt that he and his siblings should have never been born.
Dovepaw awakens Jayfeather after she senses cats on the lakeshore. After she describes them, he recognizes them as Mistyfoot and Mothwing, feeling their grief for Leopardstar. He tells her that she must not tell of their powers as Firestar doesn't even know that they are the three. During this, he is busy sorting through herbs. He can detect Dovepaw's depression and worry after Rippletail's death as he's sure this is what had awakened her from her sleep. When Dovepaw is worried that he is reading her thoughts, he explains he can feel it off of her and to not worry; Rippletail's destiny was to go to fight the beavers and die, as it was the path that StarClan laid out for him. He finally gets rid of the apprentice by telling her to go do patrols as Brambleclaw would be looking for her.
Jayfeather is heard by Dovepaw while she is at the lake with a border patrol. She sees him claw furiously at his flank as he lets out a wail of pain. He is confused what could have possibly stabbed him in his side, as he didn't see anything. He thinks he is sensing Mistystar receiving her nine lives, and the thought eases his pain.
Jayfeather sees a little into Firestar's dream and knows that he had been out at night, hunting with his mate, Sandstorm. He is comfortable with the fact Molekit and Cherrykit don't trip over their words, especially when they constantly tell him to watch what they do. He is glad when Mothwing and Mistystar show up in camp to give their news on Leopardstar's death. By Firestar's orders, he gives the cats strengthening herbs.
When Dovepaw and Ivypaw go to WindClan, he is asked by Firestar to remain with Lionblaze and Dovepaw after Cinderheart and Ivypaw are dismissed. Firestar begins to tell them about the prophecy about the Three, and Jayfeather cuts in and says that they already know, and had known since they were apprentices. He is frustrated when Firestar says that he knows no more than they do, since he thought that he would know more. Jayfeather feels hopeless about finding out what their destinies are, but the leader assures him by saying that he will give them his full support.
Later, Jayfeather and Lionblaze are discussing which cats may join the Dark Forest, and he decides to spy on Flametail at the next visit to the Moonpool. Yellowfang catches him, and when he explains, they venture into the Dark Forest with Spottedleaf. They run into Brokenstar, and Jayfeather goes into Yellowfang's memories. When he exclaims that Brokenstar is her son, she replies it was a mistake. Later, once Brokenstar leaves, Spottedleaf tells Yellowfang to go back to StarClan, where she's loved, and later they see Tigerstar, Shredtail and Snowtuft. He tries to fight Tigerstar, then finally stops and allows Spottedleaf to do the talking. As they leave, he feels sick when he hears Snowtuft yowling in agony.
When the tree falls on the camp, he tells Rosepetal what herbs he needed her to get from his den, which is blocked by the tree branches, and he begins to treat the cats. When Briarpaw is hurt by the falling tree, he goes to ShadowClan to seek help from Littlecloud, after Leafpool suggests it. The apprentice looms on a critical state, making Jayfeather hiss at Leafpool to help. Immediately, she expertly jumps onto the job, and he notes that she looks more focused than she has in moons. Later, he admits to Lionblaze that he wishes that she was still a medicine cat, that the Clan needs her more than she knows, and that he won't take on an apprentice until she's died.
When Jayfeather goes to Littlecloud, Squirrelflight is his escort, and they both flare up at each other when she tries to share a story with him about his kithood, and she tells him that his pain is not the hardest to bear. He then decides to follow Littlecloud's advice, and Briarlight appears to recover, though her legs remain nonfunctional. He tries to keep Briarlight positive, but is often pestered by the over-protective Millie.
He and Lionblaze try to tell Dovepaw about the Dark Forest and to make her spy on cats, but Dovepaw doesn't respond well to that information. She runs off, and Jayfeather wonders why Hollyleaf couldn't have been the third cat. When he first hears about Ivypaw's dream, the blind tabby begins to mentally go through the herb store, remembering what herbs he will need. After the battle with ShadowClan, he is distraught at the mass of injuries, and along with Lionblaze, realizes that the battle never should have happened. The two brothers then wonder whether the Dark Forest has something to do with it.

Night Whispers

Jayfeather thinks that the Dark Forest is rising and he suspects that Ivypaw is being trained by Tigerstar and Hawkfrost. He goes into the Place of No Stars and finds the apprentice training with Hawkfrost and Tigerstar. Yellowfang appears and tells Jayfeather all cats must stay loyal to their Clan and mustn't help others. Later, when Ivypaw is taken hostage at the ShadowClan camp for crossing the border, the only way ThunderClan can get her back is to exchange her for catmint. Jayfeather is reluctant because the herb is scarce, but agrees to get the catmint for Ivypaw.
When Briarlight isn't recovering from her cough, Millie blames Jayfeather for not taking enough action for it. Briarlight thinks that she shouldn't eat the prey that's caught since she can't hunt for her Clan, but he says she can't fool him and she must eat in order to get better. He later gives her a job as his assistant, she can help him sort the herbs and moss and clean out any thorns in the bedding.
After Ivypaw accepts the fact the Dark Forest is evil, she and the Three discuss what to do. Jayfeather wants Ivypaw to remain in the Dark Forest and spy on them, and she agrees to protect the Clans. Later, Flametail falls through the ice while playing prey-stone on the frozen lake, and Jayfeather dives after him in an attempt to save him. However, Rock tells him it is the ShadowClan medicine cat's time to die, not his. The tabby lets go and climbs out of the lake, leaving Flametail to drown.
Jayfeather is seen walking to the medicine cat den with Leafpool at his side. Inside the den, he finds a tuft of Hollyleaf's fur in which he assumes was left there from when she was a medicine cat apprentice.

Sign of the Moon

Jayfeather is at the tunnels, examining Icecloud after she fell in them. After searching the tunnel again with Lionblaze, they find proof that Hollyleaf may still be alive after finding a snag of black fur against the fallen rocks, but do not discover her body. He returns to camp shortly afterwards due to it raining. When he finds out Icecloud had told Briarlight to sleep in the warrior's den, which angers him. He allows the paralyzed she-cat to smooth his pelt, and he falls asleep wondering who smoothed his fur when he was younger.
Rock visits Jayfeather's dreams once more, telling him his destiny is in the Tribe and Jayfeather agrees to go. When Firestar says Leafpool and Brightheart will fill in his duty while he's away, Jayfeather bristles with anger at the mention of his mother's name, showing that he is still angry with Leafpool for the lies. However, Firestar snaps at him to leave the past behind, so he begrudgingly admits her skills will be useful for the job. Jayfeather journeys to the Tribe along with Dovewing, Foxleap, and Squirrelflight to the mountains, and he is not pleased that Squirrelflight has to come with them, but he doesn't try to argue.
During his visit, he is taken back to the ancient Tribe times. He begins to show more and more affection to Half Moon, at one point falling in love with her. However, Rock states his destiny is not with her, but the Tribe. Jayfeather protests, stating he wants to be mates and love Half Moon forever, but Rock says he must make her the first Stoneteller and go back to his Clan. Jayfeather becomes furious with this, hissing that he can't make him. After more convincing by Rock and some thinking on his part, he becomes resigned with what he says.
He meets up with Half Moon again, and tells her that they can't be together. She is then hurt and angry at this, but he manages to calm the white she-cat down. He tells her that she must become the first Stoneteller, as this is her destiny. She angrily protests this for a while, but after Jayfeather appoints her to be one, she accepts who she now is. He is visited by the Tribe of Endless Hunting, and they tell him to appoint the next Stoneteller, and also inform him there must be a fourth cat to save the Clans. Jayfeather wakes up and calls a Tribe meeting, where he appoints Crag as the current Stoneteller, sensing Half Moon beside him as he does so. When Jayfeather and his Clanmates leave, he hears Half Moon call him Jay's Wing, stating she'll wait for him forever.

The Forgotten Warrior

Jayfeather first appears waking up in the medicine cat's den. Briarlight is with him.
He thinks of her as a problem, and remembers Lionblaze telling him how Briarlight was so frustrated being stuck in the hollow. He remembers the conversation he and his brother had, and how he didn't agree to take her as his apprentice. Briarlight discovers a small tuft of black fur in the herb storage. She asks if Jayfeather could throw it out when he passes the dirtplace, and wonders who would put a bit of fur in the herbs. He recognizes it as belonging to Hollyleaf, his sister. The medicine cat buries it deep in his nest so Briarlight will not find it.
Jayfeather notes that the air is hotter than usual for late newleaf. Hearing the murmuring of excited cats gathering for the first patrols, he thinks to himself that he cannot share the excitement of his Clanmates, because he feels empty and his head is filled with images of the mountains, and especially Half Moon. Yellowfang comes to him in a dream and informs him that ThunderClan needs a second medicine cat, and that Cinderheart needs to know of her past life as Cinderpelt. She also says that Leafpool is forbidden from using her medicine cat skills to help her Clan, which angers Jayfeather, since she is skilled at what she does.
When Dovewing hears Sorreltail struggling to give birth by the lake, Jayfeather rushes to her side. He sends her to gather herbs from Briarlight, and he guides Sorreltail through her birth. Later Jayfeather breaks down and decides to tell Cinderheart that she is a reincarnated Cinderpelt, and comes to the confused she-cat in her dream and shows her memories from Cinderpelt's medicine cat duties in the old forest, the Great Journey, and getting killed by badgers as Cinderheart is born.
Jayfeather attends the Gathering. Then he is wrongly accused by Dawnpelt of murdering Flametail when he fell through the frozen-over lake. When he hears of this, he is first confused, then becomes depressed because all the other Clans think he should step down as medicine cat until he can prove his innocence. The medicine cats, not counting Jayfeather, decide to make Jayfeather step down from his duty. He refuses, and the Gathering almost starts to fight when StarClan sends down a bolt of lightning, followed by heavy rain. Jayfeather gets lost in the confusion until his adopted mother, Squirrelflight, lets him lean on her shoulder; her presence comforts him.

The Last Hope

Jayfeather is seen going to the fresh-kill pile to have a mouse while wondering if he should attend the half-moon meeting. Since Dawnpelt's allegations of him drowning Flametail, he has been confined to the hollow. The blind tom tells himself he is innocent, as he was the one who tried to save the drowning medicine cat, and no one else did. Briarlight drags herself in, and Jayfeather asks the she-cat if she wants any of the mouse, and she declines, saying she prefers vole. He watches her grab a vole from the fresh-kill pile. She comes back and asks him if he's hungry and needs to keep his strength for tonight. The tabby growls that he has been prohibited, and she asks whether that has ever stopped him. Firestar hears the conversation and joins in.
Jayfeather mentions Leafpool and Squirreflight's betrayal and admits he is furious when he thinks about himself. Firestar calmly states that is one of the Three, and asks if his birth ever mattered.
Jayfeather is angered at his leader's thoughts, and says the Clans think he murdered Flametail for a variety of reasons. Firestar objects saying that he is and is one of the most important cats in any of the Clans. Then they start a full out argument on how important Jayfeather is to the prophecy. The medicine cat storms out of the argument. Yellowfang suddenly appears and blocks his path. She mocks his words and he backs away, but she continues to follow Jayfeather. She growls the Clans are more important than him, and he needs to find the fourth cat to complete the prophecy. When he protests, Yellowfang continues to taunt him. Jayfeather snaps that there is more to being a medicine cat and pleads with the old she-cat to leave him be.
She yells at him to stop making excuses, and assumes that he probably hasn't told the others that there is a fourth cat in the prophecy. His ears twitch as he remembers receiving the prophecy, and explains he is waiting for the right time. However, the gray she-cat is unconvinced, and states that she thinks he doesn't want to admit that there is a fourth cat, because he believes they can do it by themselves. Yellowfang begins to walk away, but Jayfeather stops her. He asks her to find Flametail, but she declines due to StarClan's divided territory. She disappears, making him outraged. As he runs, Leafpool's scent touches him. The former medicine cat tells him that she was worried about him, and she wants him to go to the Moonpool to speak with Flametail. She tells him that no cat can stop him from convincing the deceased ginger tom from telling the truth.
He goes to the Moonpool, but no one is there. He longs to see The Ancients, so he dips his head into the water. A voice calls his name, and he sees a white she-cat with black spots. She introduces herself as Brambleberry, and Jayfeather realizes she was the RiverClan medicine cat moons before Leopardstar and Mistystar. She explains that although the Clans have boundaries, they only exist in the Clan cat's mind. She tells him a great darkness is coming, and insists that loyalty makes a cat strong, but there are no pure-blood cats in every Clan. Jayfeather gets mad, but Brambleberry tells him the Clans need to unify. The Moonpool reflects the landscape, which the blind tom recognizes as the lake territories. Brambleberry notes that the only Clan borders are day and night, life and death, and hope and loss. She then admits StarClan cannot view the Clans anymore. She begins to walk away, and tells Jayfeather he must find the fourth cat, and he knows how.
Suddenly, a voice tells him his death will come. He recognizes Brokenstar's voice as the Dark Forest tom taunts him. He hears a Dark Forest training session and is shocked to her Blossomfall and Birchfall's voices as they suggest how to kill a cat. Beetlewhisker complements Icewing on a suggestion, making Jayfeather scared. Multiple cats begin to run toward him, but before they can do any harm, Jayfeather awakens and finds Mothwing staring at him. The dappled tabby admits Willowshine refused to come to the Moonpool because StarClan gave her the order to stay away from the medicine cats. Jayfeather tells her StarClan is afraid of the Place of No Stars, and there's a battle coming that will be real. He continues and says they are taking Clan cats for training sessions. Mothwing lists some cats that are acting strange, including Beetlewhisker and Icewing. She asks how she can help, and is stunned to learn Hawkfrost is involved.
Mothwing declares her loyalty to RiverClan and asks who to trust. Jayfeather says the living and deceased are working to destroy the Clans, and although she says she can't control the dead cats, she will attempt to convince Willowshine to visit the Moonpool. As Lionblaze pokes a mouse, he thinks on how reckless his brother was going out. Cinderheart has temporarily taken over his duties since she is divided between her warrior and medicine cat life. After Blossomfall hurts her leg, Cinderheart tells her to get some poppy seeds from Jayfeather, and she asks Bumblestripe if the medicine cat is back. He also adds he was snappy towards his Clanmates and wanted confrey. Hollyleaf mentions him when she and Lionblaze visit the Ancient Oak. Jayfeather appears, and says they need to talk, without Hollyleaf.
He mentions he received a prophecy from the Tribe of Endless Hunting, and reveals they need to find a fourth cat. Jayfeather turns down the suggestions that Ivypool or Hollyleaf could be the fourth cat, and that it could by any cat in the Clans. After the meeting ends, Dovewing watches him walk away.
Dovewing and Ivypool have a conversation about Jayfeather's mention of the fourth cat prophecy. Later, Jayfeather helps Briarlight with her exercises. His thoughts wander to the fourth cat, thinking it has to be Mothwing. He decides to go to RiverClan territory to speak with her. He finds Onestar at the WindClan border. The WindClan leader allows him to pass, though asks why he is going against StarClan's will. Jayfeather says he will if he wants the Clans to have peace. The blind tom warns Onestar to patrol his borders, and watch for wavering loyalty. The leader thinks he's talking about Sol, but Jayfeather says no and begins to head to the RiverClan border.
He runs into Beetlewhisker, Troutstream, and Mintfur, and the patrol reluctantly take him to Mistystar. She allows him to speak with Mothwing despite RiverClan's protests. The medicine cats speak about the battle and contacting Flametail, and she says she'll attempt to get Kestrelflight and Littlecloud to see into it. Mistystar sadly tells Jayfeather he needs to leave and is escorted by Beetlewhisker, Hollowflight, Minnowtail, and the deputy Reedwhisker. which feels like like too many cats in his opinion. Soon after he is across the log, Brokenstar, Hawkfrost, and Tigerstar begin to block his path, and he attacks them blindly. They disappear eventually and a WindClan patrol asks if he fell in a thorn bush, which he lies and says yes.
Owlwhisker and Gorsetail show sympathy for him and escort him to the border. The other warriors leave Owlwhisker and Gorsetail with Jayfeather as they escort him to camp. Firestar is furious at Jayfeather for crossing into another Clan's borders. The medicine cat climbs into his nest as Brightheart walks in and asks to speak to him. She announces she is expecting Cloudtail's kits. Instead of begin joyful, Jayfeather harshly snaps at Brightheart it is the worst time to have kits. Furious and upset at his remark, she walks away.
After Lionblaze gets into a fight on purpose with Ratscar, he rests in Jayfeather's den, being treated for his wounds. After the leader leaves, he asks his brother to berate him next, but he doesn't do so. Instead, he expresses his worries about the prophecy to his brother, making him worry if it is StarClan's last hope. Later, Jayfeather feels irritated at Lionblaze for provoking a fight, but he changes his mind, remembering he tried veering from his path. Briarlight drags herself by and states she's going to her nest. She adds that Millie and Whitewing taught her a new exercise and she needs rest.
As Jayfeather makes her nest comfortable, she asks what's on his mind. He lies and in an attempt to shake his thoughts from the Dark Forest, he starts repeating herbs and their usage. Soon, he falls asleep. Jayfeather wakes up to find he is sharing a dream with Dovewing and Lionblaze. He finds a tunnel, and guesses they must go down there. They reach a familiar location, and Rock's voice greets them. Jayfeather angrily questions him as to why he told him to leave Flametail to drown. The hairless tom snaps he couldn't let him change another cat's destiny. Dovewing inquires if he's from StarClan, but Rock spits he was here before StarClan was created.
He then reveals he summoned the Three. He then yells they should have never been born, which Jayfeather states they didn't ask for it. Rock vents about their faults until Jayfeather says they thought they were doing the right thing. The medicine cat then says the Tribe of Endless Hunting told them to find a fourth cat, which Rock replies they need to stop talking and keep looking. Various cats appear in front of him, along with Midnight. She delivers an important message to Jayfeather, to see his own strength. He begins to get impatient, causing Rock to thrown the remains of the stick down below.
The Ancients all angrily ask Jayfeather about why he abandoned them. He looks down to find the floor stained with blood as he hears Rock's voice demanding to find the fourth cat. The Three wake up, and begin to discuss the dream. He denies that Hollyleaf and Breezepelt are the fourth cat and gets frustrated. At the Gathering, Dovewing notices some cats are talking about Jayfeather, but walks away, not wanting to break the truce. Later, he explains to Briarlight when she eats herbs that the bitter taste is used to keep rabbits away. Recalling yesterday's events, he goes to the elders den to find Purdy has hunted.
They talk about the kits for a while, then leaves. He finds Ferncloud and Molepaw are sick and begins to prepare some herbs. Suddenly, Poppyfrost and Brackenfur bring Mothwing into the camp, claiming she wants to speak with Jayfeather. She tells him he needs to come see something important in RiverClan territory. While traveling, they find Crowfeather at the WindClan border. The other cats accuse him of murder, but Mothwing pleads for them to let them through. Crowfeather reluctantly agrees. Jayfeather and Mothwing reach a reed bed, in which one reed is burning. He examines the reed, and concludes it is a sign from StarClan that Flametail is the fourth cat.
Jayfeather thanks Mothwing for her help, and he runs back to camp. He dreams himself to a meadow. He runs into Spottedleaf, who reveals StarClan is having their first leaf-fall. Jayfeather asks to see Flametail due to the burning reed, but Spottedleaf is confused and says StarClan did not burn the reed. He then discovers StarClan has borders, and Flametail is on the ShadowClan border. They travel there, and bump into Whitestorm, Longtail, and Brindleface. They exchange a few words before continuing on. Spottedleaf and Jayfeather reach the border, and run into Russetfur and Hollyflower.
Jayfeather explains why they're here, and Stonetooth allows them to pass. Jayfeather tells Spottedleaf they need to find a river, because Flametail might be near reeds. He smells ShadowClan scent and calls out, though he starts to sink in the mud. Flametail appears as Spottedleaf attempts to drag the blind tom out. He coldly refuses to save Jayfeather, clearly still upset about his death. Jayfeather tells Flametail he needs to fulfill his destiny and tell the medicine cats he wasn't murdered. The ginger tom then admits Ivypool tried to kill him in the Dark Forest. Spottedleaf angrily spits at him and tells him to save Jayfeather.
Together, he and Spottedleaf pull him out of the mud. Spottedleaf tells Flametail they need to go, as they must speak with the medicine cats. They run and meet Littlecloud. The cats run and gather Kestrelflight and Willowshine. Jayfeather realizes the cats are fading and urges Flametail to tell the truth. He informs everyone that he wasn't murdered, and Jayfeather tells Flametail he fulfilled his destiny. However, Spottedleaf grimly tells Jayfeather that Flametail is not the fourth cat. Lionblaze and Jayfeather then talk about the dream and Flametail, and the omen of the burning reed.
They ask Ivypool about the events in the Dark Forest. He promises to keep her word secret and know what they're up against. He and Lionblaze explain their destinies to Leafpool, Squirrelflight, and Brambleclaw, and forgive them for everything. Jayfeather goes to the Moonpool along with the other medicine cats. He informs them that the Dark Forest is invading the Clans's territories and will attack any day. He then tells Kestrelflight there is a lot more cats in the Dark Forest than he thinks. Jayfeather adds that blood will be spilled, and he is the one to stop it. He remembers the words of Brambleberry and Midnight, and goes into StarClan territory.
He tells the medicine cats to gather their ancestors from their respective Clans. He finds Whitestorm and gathers all the StarClan spirits of ThunderClan, one by one. When all of StarClan is united, he explains they must work together to stop the Place of No Stars. Bluestar says there will be four, but Jayfeather states they don't know. The StarClan she-cat says that she knew fire would always save the Clan, and he realizes Firestar is the fourth cat.
He is warped to a dream of Firestar fighting at Sunningrocks. Jayfeather explains to him about the omen, and tells him he is the fourth cat. Firestar agrees to come with him to show him the Place of No Stars, along with the other StarClan cats. They watch a training session between Mapleshade and Shredtail. Firestar explains to StarClan if they unite, the Clans can win the battle. The medicine cats wake up, and decide to talk to their leaders at the island about the Dark Forest.
Firestar explains to Lionblaze and Dovewing that Jayfeather united StarClan and he is due to meet with the other leaders at sunhigh. He is seen mentioning details to the leaders. Later, he returns to camp after collecting confrey. He overhears Cloudtail asking how to kill a Dark Forest cat, and plunges into the scene where Ivypool killed Antpelt and he faded forever. He decides to not say a word. After Ivypool reveals who is training in the Dark Forest, Jayfeather checks on Briarlight and his herb supply. Leafpool comes in and asks to help gather moss, which makes him realize they are low on moss and they might need it.
He tells Leafpool to stay behind to take care of the Clan as a medicine cat, and formally forgives her for everything. Suddenly, Cloudtail says he can't find Mousewhisker, Birchfall, and Blossomfall anywhere. Dovewing uses her hearing to find them, while Jayfeather listens in. They find the missing cats in the Dark Forest. He informs Dovewing is is too late to rescue them, they will have to decide themselves where their hearts lie. When the battle is about to begin, he tells Hazeltail not to question Dovewing's hearing abilities. He gets ready and gives Briarlight instructions on what to do.
Jayfeather is called as Ivypool and Tigerheart drag a gravely injured Hollyleaf into camp. There is nothing he and Leafpool can do to save his sister, and she dies from blood loss. He then yowls at Briarlight to hide in the herb store as the next wave comes into camp. He has a short meeting with Half Moon, but they continue to fight. He witnesses Firestar's spirit leave his body, and prompts Bramblestar to pick a deputy. The Three stand together, proud on completing the prophecy and saving the Clans.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

He narrates the prologue. He and Leafpool are walking to the Moonpool. The tabby she-cat is anxious about finding catmint to which Jayfeather retorts that they have plenty of catmint and Leafpool worries too much, resulting in a friendly swat. She says it's better to stock up in case something happens to the elders, and he replies that they are all fine. Mothwing and Willowshine overhear them and offer to help ThunderClan with catmint. Leafpool thanks them, and Jayfeather biting back a sharp retort. He thinks that ThunderClan does not need any help from RiverClan, and urges them to hurry up, as the others are ahead. When they reach the Moonpool, Jayfeather gets down, and touches his nose to the water.
He and the others find themselves in the same dream. They are all surprised and a bit confused, but Jayfeather and Leafpool are overjoyed to see their departed kin, Firestar. The other medicine cats meet with their ancestors: Kestrelflight runs over to Barkface; Willowshine greets Leopardstar, while Littlecloud and Flametail talk. Even though he is pleased to see them, he wants to know why they've been gathered there. As he walks about, he notices other cats, barely visible, that he doesn't recognize. He asks Firestar who those cats are, and the ginger tabby waves his tail for the other cats to come over. The StarClan cats deliver the prophecy, telling them to embrace what's in the shadows. Jayfeather is frustrated and snaps at them to be more clear, sarcasm lacing his voice. Firestar is noted to seem amused and annoyed at the same time, but they have disappeared already. Jayfeather turns and sees a cat with a white-tipped tail and ThunderClan scent. Before Jayfeather can make out who the cat is, however, the cat flees from StarClan's territory.
After their apprentice ceremony, Molewhisker tells Alderpaw and Sparkpaw to ask Jayfeather for some mouse bile. Later in the elders den, Sparkpaw picks up a twig the Jayfeather gave her so she can remove ticks from Purdy's pelt. While removing a tick, Alderpaw sees Leafpool and Jayfeather talking to each other outside the medicine cat's den. Jayfeather's gaze then turns onto Alderpaw, and he worries a bit, wondering if he's messed something up already.
While they go to the Gathering, Alderpaw thinks about the only time he's seen cats from another Clan. RiverClan medicine cats came to their camp when he was still a kit to talk to Jayfeather and Leafpool. At the Gathering, Jayfeather and the other medicine cats step forward to deliver the prophecy StarClan has given them. The Clan cats are understandably confused and wonder what the prophecy could mean. Cloudtail gets up from where he's sitting asks if the prophecy was meant for all of the Clans, or just for Jayfeather only. The blind tabby retorts that Firestar specifically said change was coming to all the Clans, which meant, no, the message was not just for him. This creates more confusion and also anger.
After the Gathering, Bramblestar calls his son over for a talk, then springs on him that he is destined to be a medicine cat. He starts thinking this is a punishment, or because he's not good at hunting. Leafpool interjects and states that she and Jayfeather asked for this, and it's not a punishment. Alderpaw wakes up early because Jayfeather asked him to. As he enters the medicine cat den, he believes that the snappy, short-tempered medicine cat doesn't want him here, and wishes Leafpool is there instead. When he enters, the blind tabby turns around from what he's doing and snaps that Alderpaw is late. Leafpool points out that the sun isn't even up yet, and he retorts that he's not her apprentice, so he doesn't have to listen to her.
Jayfeather's tone suddenly changes, and he asks Alderpaw if he's had any weird dreams. He replies he does, but they are average dreams. The medicine cat shrugs, and tells the medicine cat apprentice it's time he learned herbs. He points out various herbs, and explains their usages to Alderpaw. When Jayfeather is done, he asks him if he's got it, and he says yes. After a while, Sparkpaw enters the den, making Jayfeather asks why she's here. The apprentice is not hurt by the blind tabby's tone, and states Purdy has a bellyache. Understanding the situation, he asks Alderpaw what herb to give to the elder. Alderpaw forgets, but blurts out watermint after Briarlight mouths the name to him. Jayfeather tells him to get it out of the herb store.
However, he accidentally pulls out goldenrod, and the medicine cat sighs. He shows Alderpaw the correct herb, and tells him to concentrate, as he needs to know what to use to cure his Clanmates. After Alderpaw gives Dovewing the correct herb for her throat, he earns a small bit of praise from Jayfeather, much to the relief of the ginger tom. Squirrelflight asks Jayfeather is Leafpool is back, but he replies in the negative. The blind tom appears annoyed at the fact that ShadowClan needs Leafpool, as Littlecloud is ill and wants help. He complains that ShadowClan needs a medicine cat apprentice. Changing the subject, Squirrelflight says Jayfeather is needed in Bramblestar's den. Before he leaves, he tells Alderpaw to assist Briarlight with her exercises. Suddenly, Sparkpaw screams for Jayfeather, frantically stating Cherryfall has a cut in her leg.
Briarlight tells Sparkpaw Jayfeather is in Bramblestar's den, and moments later, he appears. He tells the apprentice to take them to where Cherryfall is. On the way there, Alderpaw helps to guide his blind mentor around the terrain. Irritated, Jayfeather asks his apprentice to move faster so he can save Cherryfall's life. Alderpaw says he's doing his best, knowing his mentor is just agitated at needing help. He asks how the injured she-cat got hurt, and Sparkpaw says they wanted to find the kittypets to see if they were the ones to embrace in the shadows. Jayfeather angrily mews it was a stupid idea, as kittypets have no worth to StarClan.
As he stumbles on a branch, he adds they would have to had crossed into ShadowClan's territory, and they would need permission in order to do so. Sparkpaw's neck fur stands up at his remarks, and says Cherryfall slipped and cut herself on Twoleg rubbish. She states they thought some kittypets might have ideas, but Jayfeather is still agitated and calls her a mouse-brain. They arrive, and he examines Cherryfall's paw. He tells Alderpaw to get cobweb in order to stop the bleeding. When he returns, he gives his apprentice further instruction, and it works moments later.
He quickly wraps the bleeding paw in cobweb, and tells Alderpaw to release his grip on the paw. No more blood oozes out, which satisfies Jayfeather. The cats return to the hollow, and put Cherryfall in a nest. They thank the blind medicine cat, and they leave. He then instructs Alderpaw to remove the cobweb, but if the bleeding starts up, they put more cobweb on. Jayfeather pulls up comfrey root, and informs Alderpaw to chew it up. He spreads it onto Cherryfall's paw, which makes her feel better. Jayfeather then dismisses his apprentice for the day.
When Leafpool is mentioning the situation in ShadowClan, Alderpaw wonders if someone was sent a sign, in which Jayfeather huffs that they don't even pay attention to them. He tells Alderpaw he'll find out what to do at the Moonpool, and then instructs him to gather catmint. He then angrily notes that moles had dug up the patch of catmint at the Twoleg nest, when they need the herb most with the risk of greencough in leaf-fall. Alderpaw says they would have to cross through ShadowClan territory to get to the other source of catmint, but Leafpool tells him Jayfeather is right and rules are different for medicine cats.
As Alderpaw travels to the Moonpool, he asks how much farther it is, and Jayfeather replies a long way. They climb up the slope, and the blind tom does so with ease. Kestrelflight questions ThunderClan's need of a third medicine cat, much to Jayfeather's irritation. He tells everyone to move down the slope to the Moonpool, and goes down it before everyone else with Leafpool. Back at camp, he sits up from checking Briarlight, and instructs Alderpaw to clean out the herb store. The apprentice doesn't tell him and Leafpool about his dream, and keeps to himself. Cherryfall comes to Alderpaw, and explains her paw's acting up. He examines it, noting the useful lessons he learned from Jayfeather for infections.
He makes a comfrey poultice like his mentor told him to do, and puts it on Cherryfall's paw. Relieved, she tells Alderpaw that Leafpool and Jayfeather will be proud. However, the medicine cat returns, and snaps at him why he used a medicinal remedy without asking them. Alderpaw explains why, but Jayfeather states he could have dulled the pain and let a possible infection get worse. The ginger tom, embarrassed and upset, apologizes to the blind medicine cat, and the latter relaxes. He tells Alderpaw to only listen to him and Leafpool's guidance for now, and to rid the elders of their ticks. When Alderpaw is getting rid of Sandstorm's ticks, she senses something is wrong. He explains the earlier incident with Jayfeather, and she comforts the apprentice.
Sandstorm explains Jayfeather is being tough because he wants him to learn. Alderpaw tells the she-cat of his vision, and she urges him to tell the other medicine cats. They go outside the den, and explains his vision to Leafpool and Jayfeather. He reassures Alderpaw this isn't his first vision. The gray tabby and Leafpool then go to speak with Bramblestar alone. As Alderpaw sorts herbs, Cherryfall runs in and states Sparkpaw's injured. He decides there's no time to get the other medicine cats and leaves to find his sister. After relocating Sparkpaw's leg, he tells her to get further help from Leafpool and Jayfeather.
Alderpaw returns to camp and comes to face to face with Bramblestar, who tells him he was told by the other medicine cats of his vision. His father adds that they think he's been chosen for a quest to find SkyClan and bring them back. Bramblestar warns Alderpaw to not mention SkyClan to any other cat, even Leafpool and Jayfeather. The latter two then attend the Clan meeting to announce Alderpaw's quest. The next morning, Jayfeather invites the cats to eat traveling herbs, and explains their usages. When Sandstorm injures her shoulder on the quest, Alderpaw tells Sparkpaw to get cobwebs, making her joke if he received bossy lessons from Jayfeather.
The latter is also mentioned the next morning when Alderpaw feels proud of himself for knowing how to treat Sandstorm's shoulder. The other cats groan they're fine, but the medicine cat apprentice tells them they are when he says so, reminding him of Jayfeather. He is mentioned by Sandstorm after she dies, when she tells Alderpaw that not even he or Leafpool could save her. When Alderpaw is dumbfounded at Darktail's lack of medicinal knowledge, he notes that it's much worse than Jayfeather quizzing him on herbs, and wishes the blind tabby were with them.
A day after returning from the quest, Alderpaw runs into Jayfeather. He tells his apprentice they are needed in Bramblestar's den. The latter tells him they will decide with the other medicine cats on what to do with Twigkit and Violetkit, and Jayfeather is spotted climbing up to Highledge with Leafpool and Squirrelflight. Bramblestar asks for his and Leafpool's opinion on what to do with the kits, and he replies that it's too simple, thinking they're just lost kits who don't have their mother. The ThunderClan leader thinks they shouldn't give them away, but Jayfeather thinks that they should, as ShadowClan has a claim to them via Needlepaw finding them. He tells Bramblestar that Rowanstar probably doesn't want two extra kits to take care of, much to the dark brown tabby's amusement.
In the Bonus Scene, Squirrelflight remembers how Jayfeather and Leafpool tried to get her to move into the nursery. She goes to the fresh-kill pile, thinking about Jayfeather and his siblings, and how they discovered who really were their parents. They later accepted their adoptive parents, which makes Squirrelflight wonder if she was ever a good mother to them. Jayfeather walks up to her, asking his adoptive mother if she's fine. He then explains he's gathering herbs for Sorrelpaw. Squirrelflight warns him to be careful, but he states that she should keep and eye on her kits, not himself.
He begins to peel alder bark, and Berrynose asks what Jayfeather's doing. He says he's getting the bark to help ease Sorrelpaw's toothache. Suddenly, a sheet of ice and snow fall off the branches, and Squirrelflight shoves the blind tabby out of the way. He states that he heard the noise and was about to move away, and picks up his bark and leaves. When Squirrelflight and Bramblestar hunt together, she mentions Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf, saying they loathed her after their true parents are revealed. She frets if she was ever a good mother to them, but Bramblestar comforts her.
After fighting a fox, both agree to see Leafpool and Jayfeather for their scratches.

Thunder and Shadow

Jayfeather snaps Alderpaw out of his thoughts and says he needs to be sorting herbs. He tells Leafpool they need more catmint and that if they had had more, Spiderleg might not have died. The blind medicine cat tells Briarlight they already have enough cats when she offers to help them sort herbs. He is annoyed when Twigkit is playing in the medicine den and orders her outside. He frowns when Alderpaw suggests the kit could play with Briarlight, but Leafpool agrees. Jayfeather moans he trips over Twigkit many times a day. Graystripe comes in and says that Bramblestar wants to see all of the medicine cats, and he asks the elder why he didn't mention Rowanstar's presence. Jayfeather is already at Highledge when Alderpaw comes. The medicine cat growls that ShadowClan would have a medicine cat if Littlecloud trained an apprentice, making Bramblestar warn him not to fight. Jayfeather flicks away Alderpaw when he offers to go help ShadowClan and tells Rowanstar they're not using his apprentice. He crossly asks if he has to take care of every cat himself when Leafpool tells Alderpaw to come with them.
When Fernsong brings Honeykit to the medicine den for a bellyache, Jayfeather tells him he knows and that the kit will be alright. The gray tabby asks Alderpaw a series of questions before asking how they should treat her bellyache, which makes the apprentice nervous, but is relieved when Jayfeather says he is correct. As Alderpaw rips up chervil, he asks what Alderpaw is doing. He states he's ripping up leaves for Honeykit, but Jayfeather snaps that it's the roots, not the leaves. He grabs the root and gives it to the kit, telling her it doesn't matter what it tastes like. He frowns as Twigkit comes in with food for Briarlight, and glares at Alderpaw when he suggests that she should come by later and help. The apprentice snaps at his mentor, and he angrily meows there is more to being a medicine cat. Jayfeather races out of the den when Mousewhisker yowls for help.
The tom claims WindClan is being attacked by vicious rogues, and they need help. Bramblestar sends a battle patrol, along with Jayfeather and Alderpaw, to treat the wounded. He asks Alderpaw if he recognizes the rogues, and he confirms this. Bramblestar then calls the tabby away, telling him he needs to check some injured WindClan cats. Jayfeather comes back and tells Alderpaw to get cobwebs, and when he returns, instructs him to treat Oatclaw. Mentor and apprentice then rush over to treat a badly injured Onestar. Alderpaw notices Jayfeather is staring at the WindClan leader, and he says he'll get cobwebs. However, he states there is nothing they can do for Onestar now. The ginger tom realizes he lost a life, and he confirms this.
Jayfeather tells Onestar they need to take Oatclaw and Emberfoot back to the ThunderClan camp for their injuries, and the brown tabby reluctantly agrees. Back at camp, he tells Alderpaw to prepare more herbs, and states he hasn't seen cats like this since the Dark Forest battle. He denies the rogues are Place of No Stars cats, and rubs pulp into Emberfoot's shoulder. Alderpaw tells Jayfeather he needs to speak with Bramblestar, and Sparkpaw can help him in the meantime. Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting, and Jayfeather attends it. There, the latter warns Onestar Emberfoot and Oatclaw can't carry Furzepelt's body home as they are unfit to travel, and to let Kestrelflight save his medicine.
Jayfeather agrees that Alderpaw should go to ShadowClan in order to learn when Leafpool will be coming back. He finds Leafpool teaching Puddlepaw about herbs, and mentions Jayfeather wanted him to speak to her. After finishing their conversation, she tells Alderpaw that her son will want to hear she's fine and will be coming back soon. Back at the hollow, Twigkit notes that Jayfeather will be annoyed to see her again, noting that the injured WindClan cats had healed and left thanks to the care of the medicine cats, and she was able to help with the blind tabby out of sight. She walks into the medicine den to find Jayfeather telling Alderpaw to see if a cut in Birchfall's paw is infected.
The apprentice says cobweb, but his mentor asks him if they just need cobweb and not anything else. Whitewing comes in, complaining of an ache in her side, and he examines her. After examining, he calls over Alderpaw and tells her to push on the white she-cat's side. Frustrated, Jayfeather tells him to push harder, and they find Whitewing has trapped wind. Twigkit thinks she knows the answer, and states chervil root will help. However, the blind tabby snaps at her it is watermint for trapped wind, much to the she-kit's embarrassment. Alderpaw tells the she-cat to ignore Jayfeather, and tells the latter they need to gather more watermint.
Twigkit decides to get watermint to prove she is special, and nearly causes Jayfeather to trip over her, much to his irritation. She sneaks out of camp, thinking on how grateful the medicine cat will be for her actions. However, she nearly drowns and is taken back to camp. Jayfeather asks her why she left camp, and instructs Briarlight to wrap herself around Twigkit to warm her up. Lilyheart comes in, but is told by the blind tabby to scold Twigkit later when she's rested, and that the queen should have kept an eye on her. Jayfeather mixes herbs for the gray kit, telling her she deserves the bitter taste of them for what she did.
Alderpaw returns to the den, and his mentor explains what happened. After Sparkpelt's warrior ceremony, Alderpaw wonders if Jayfeather will stop bossing him around once he gets his full name. He suddenly appears, and tells him to begin traveling to the Moonpool. While traveling, Alderpaw asks his mentor if Leafpool and Puddlepaw are there, in which he confirms. Mothwing states they would be much faster if a blind cat wasn't leading the way, telling Alderpaw that Jayfeather is a grump. He overhears, and the RiverClan medicine cat jokingly apologizes. Willowshine tells the ginger tom he is being trained by a good medicine cat, and Jayfeather never agrees with anything.
Leafpool asks her son if everything is alright, and he says yes. He watches as Oatclaw and Sedgewhisker escort Kestrelflight to the Moonpool, and questions why Onestar is taking extra precaution, and says the WindClan leader was luckier than Furzepelt to die with another life to spare. Jayfeather scents herbs on Puddlepaw, and asks him if he's ready to become a full medicine cat so Leafpool can return to ThunderClan. He tells everyone they need to share with StarClan, and touches the water's surface. After waking up, he states that there is nothing that needs to be shared. Jayfeather is then seen quizzing Puddlepaw on herbs and on how to treat an infected claw.
He then says they need to get going, and tells Leafpool to return soon. She asks him to take it easy on Alderpaw, but he replies that if he's not tough, his apprentice will become soft. While out on a walk, Alderpaw tells Twigkit Jayfeather fell in the lake when he was younger, trying to prove he was special. The kit remembers how the medicine cat saved everyone from the Dark Forest, and asks the apprentice if the evil cats will come back so she can fight like Jayfeather did. When they don't find Needlepaw and Violetkit at the border, Twigkit tells Alderpaw that she will be a medicine cat like him and Jayfeather. At the Gathering, the latter tells Alderpaw to be still.
The apprentice tries asking Leafpool on ShadowClan's condition, but his mentor tells him Rowanstar will share it. He does not cheer Sparkpelt's name, saying it's just more work for him. When Twigkit, now Twigpaw, enters the medicine den, Jayfeather snorts that he'd thought Alderpaw's shadow was gone. They go to talk in private, while the medicine cat stays in his den. Later, Alderpaw notes that Jayfeather didn't come to the Gathering because he didn't want to see bickering. The next day, Twigpaw sees Ivypool receiving traveling herbs from him so she has the strength to find her mother.
Alderpaw drops a pile of herbs in front of Ivypool and Twigpaw, explaining Jayfeather wants all the herbs eaten. He is mentioned again by Ivypool when she tells Fernsong to get herbs from the medicine cat. Alderpaw reappears and states that his mentor agreed with him leaving to find Twigpaw's mother. When he hears a commotion outside, Jayfeather beckons Alderpaw to him and asks what's going on. He says Twigpaw is missing, and the blind tabby hopes she didn't swim in the lake again. Frustrated, Alderpaw asks him if he only cares about himself, and he states he can sense every cat's emotion, making the apprentice ask if he knew that Twigpaw was upset. Jayfeather confirms he did, but couldn't have known she would have run off.
He thinks that the apprentice will return once she has some exercise and hunting, and tells Briarlight the sun is up. He also assigns Alderpaw to help the paralyzed she-cat with her exercises. Briarlight wonders if Twigpaw left the Clan for good, but Jayfeather states that she would be a fool to do that. Alderpaw questions his mentor on why he calls everyone a fool, and he replies that everyone is one. Suddenly, there is a yowl, and Jayfeather scents ShadowClan cats. They inform ThunderClan that Twigpaw has been taken hostage, and they will have her back if they give them lungwort from WindClan territory. They leave, and Bramblestar assigns Alderpaw to a patrol to get the herb. He wonders why Jayfeather wasn't picked, and the latter says that he is more likely to cause an argument than his apprentice.
He then states that the lungwort should be relatively easy to find. Later, Jayfeather urges Alderpaw to keep trekking up the slope to the Moonpool. The ginger apprentice tells his mentor Kestrelflight has been escorted again, and Jayfeather picks up the scent of Harespring. Puddleshine states Twigpaw was an amazing helper in the ShadowClan camp, making him think that him tripping over her wasn't wasted. Willowshine reveals she and Mothwing found some birch sap that could help the sick cats, and Jayfeather asks if it cures coughs. When Alderpaw tells Leafpool about Yellowfang's words to him, she jokes that it may not end up well with his mentor. Kestrelflight rushes the medicine cats over to WindClan territory, and Jayfeather asks what's happening.
The latter is satisfied at having a spare stock of lungwort, and Alderpaw notices something's on his mind. He tells his apprentice he is proud of him speaking up, and tells Alderpaw standing up to him is a mere fraction of what he did tonight. He heads to to his den, telling him he may be ready to become a full medicine cat. At the Gathering, Twigpaw notices Alderpaw is sitting with Leafpool and Jayfeather. When it is revealed Kestrelflight and Harespring gave away lungwort to ShadowClan, the blind tabby is seen puffing out his chest, making Twigpaw wonder if they knew this happened.
Later, Alderpaw uses herbs Jayfeather gave him to treat Twigpaw's ear. His mentor calls him, telling him they don't want to be late for the half-moon meeting. Together, all three ThunderClan medicine cats leave. Jayfeather says Puddleshine isn't attending, and they should continue moving. They arrive, and he begins to perform Alderpaw's medicine cat ceremony. He compliments his apprentice's abilities, and asks him if he accepts his new name. He confirms this, and Jayfeather names him Alderheart. He tells the other medicine cats to share with StarClan shortly afterward.

Shattered Sky

Leafpool calls to Jayfeather while she and Alderheart are treating injuries from the fight with the Kin. He emerges from the rocky cleft and unhappily asks why she doesn't want to come to the Gathering. When the brown tabby explains why she wants to stay, Jayfeather agrees, and beckons to Alderheart. Before leaving, he adds that they'll see what excuse Onestar has for what he did in the battle. Alderheart follows Jayfeather out into the clearing before Bramblestar leads the ThunderClan warriors to the Gathering.
Later, Leafpool asks Alderheart if he can go find Jayfeather, as the blind tom has left to get something to eat, but it's been a while. The ginger tom privately doubts that he or any other cat can make the gray tabby do anything he doesn't want to. As Bramblestar and Rowanstar argue about the rogues, Alderheart notices Jayfeather sitting nearby, along with his brother and Cinderheart. Both Jayfeather and Cinderheart are listening intently, while Lionblaze is pretending to groom himself, though Alderheart can tell he is listening as well.
Bramblestar spins around to face his medicine cats, and hisses for them to tell Rowanstar that ThunderClan is too hurt to attack the rogues again. Jayfeather informs the ShadowClan leader that if the warriors attack while their wounds aren't healed, there will be dead cats. The ginger tom meows to Jayfeather that Leafpool wants him, and that he'll see the gray tom later.
When Alderheart announces that he might have seen be Twigpaw's kin, Cloudtail points out that there is a lot of uncertainty, and that he might just have had a dream. Jayfeather snaps that medicine cats know the difference between visions and dreams. He states he's a starling, but the words don't reach Highledge.
Jayfeather is later helping Briarlight do her exercises when Alderheart bursts in. The medicine cat instructs the brown she-cat to do one more, and then she can rest. After she does, he turns to face Alderheart, asking him what happened and if the rogues returned. The ginger tom replies that it's about Twigpaw, because she isn't in her nest, and he wonders if she was in the medicine cat den. Jayfeather shakes his head, saying he hasn't seen her, and maybe he should ask Leafpool. As Alderheart is departing, he tells him that Twigpaw will turn up.
When Purdy collapses, Alderheart orders Berrynose to go fetch Jayfeather, and the cream tom instantly runs to the medicine cat den. The elder lies still, and the blind tom runs over to Alderheart's side. Leafpool asks what happened, and Alderheart responds that Purdy complained of indigestion earlier, and just now he said his foreleg hurt. Worried, the medicine cat hopes the brown tabby isn't dead. Jayfeather bends over the Purdy, sniffing him carefully. Afterwards, he shakes his head and starts to close his eyes. Alderheart wails that there must be something they can do, suggesting multiple ideas. However, Jayfeather tells the tom that Purdy is truly gone, and he lived a long, good life. He also tells Alderheart that death is a part of a medicine cat's life. The younger tom whispers that he didn't help the elder, and his mentor replies that sometimes, lives cannot be saved.
Jayfeather inspects various injuries among cats when they are attacked by the rogues.
After SkyClan appears, there is commotion and questions among the Clan cats. Jayfeather steps forward, asking why they are chatting when the answer is incredibly obvious. Bramblestar meows that it might be obvious to him, and the blind tom responds that if the tabby weren't Clan leader, he'd call the tom a mouse-brain. He travels with his fellow medicine cats to the Moonpool. StarClan tells them that they must find the one Clan that is missing from their group, and after Alderheart explains the dream to Mothwing, Jayfeather meows reluctantly that they know what they must do.
All five Clans agree to fight the Kin. At the Moonpool, Firestar and Yellowfang appear to tell the medicine cats that all five Clans are together, but ShadowClan's land must be restored. Alderheart meows that he understands, and Firestar replies that to do that, the Clans must remember their names. The other medicine cats are surprised and as the StarClan cats fade, Jayfeather protests why StarClan is vague.
As the Clans prepare for battle, Alderheart calls over Jayfeather and the others to discuss StarClan's words.

Darkest Night

Jayfeather is first seen outside of the medicine cat den, helping Briarlight with her exercises. Ivypool states the blind tabby told them the visitors are still too weak to leave camp. Twigpaw asks him if anything's happened, and he says that Alderheart thinks SkyClan needs more attention, and he may become their medicine cat. The apprentice tells Jayfeather that it wouldn't happen, as he taught the ginger tom. He appears to be stunned at Twigpaw's statement, but doesn't reply. When Alderheart tells Tinycloud her kits will be born at the lake, Leafpool whisks the young medicine cat away, stating Jayfeather wants them to clean the herb store.
The two get into an argument about SkyClan, and Jayfeather breaks it up. He says they need to sort the herbs, and gather more before leaf-fall. Leafpool remarks that her son has forgotten she's been running the medicine den longer than him. Later, Alderheart notes Jayfeather had been keeping him in the medicine den all day, preventing him speaking with Sparkpelt on SkyClan. Later, he tells Alderheart to gather more borage, and the latter notes the blind tom has been worrying about the herb supply since sunrise. When Lilyheart is talking about Twigpaw, Alderheart imagines Jayfeather tripping over her.
He is mentioned by Bramblestar when he tells Alderheart that he can't go with the patrol to find SkyClan's missing Clanmates, as Jayfeather needs him. At the Moonpool, the blind tabby says they shouldn't keep waiting for Mothwing and Willowshine, and should share with StarClan. The medicine cats briefly get carried away in a conversation, but he urges them to get on with it so he doesn't freeze. Puddleshine informs the cats that SkyClan needs a medicine cat, mentioning how he cut Finpaw's tail free. Jayfeather agrees with the brown-and-white tom, asking if anyone knows of a SkyClan apprentice to take the role.
He shoots down Alderheart's idea that Twigpaw could be the temporary medicine cat, saying she only got in the way of things. His former apprentice offers to go instead, but Jayfeather reminds him Bramblestar wants Alderheart to stay in ThunderClan, and Leafpool should go because of her experience. The medicine cats share with StarClan and end up in the same dream. Hollyleaf appears, and Alderheart notes that Jayfeather and Lionblaze rarely spoke of their deceased littermate. He and the other medicine cats crowd around each other, preparing for Firestar to speak to them. Echosong then delivers a prophecy, and Alderheart looks over to find Jayfeather and the other medicine cats fading.
After waking up, the gray tabby says they don't have time to decipher the prophecy at the Moonpool, and should pass it on to the leaders. He follows Alderheart when he storms out of camp, explaining that prophecies are always hard to crack, and they'll solve it in time. The ginger tom asks why he isn't concerned about Bramblestar not acting on the prophecy, and Jayfeather reminds Alderheart that they share knowledge and advise their leader, but he makes the decisions. He continues, stating if Bramblestar focused more on panicking about a problem, he wouldn't solve it. Alderheart does not respond to the blind medicine cat, hoping Puddleshine and Kestrelflight will have more to say.
Puddleshine sees him and Jayfeather, and the former races ahead of his mentor. When Alderheart suggests Rowanstar may be the one to cause the storm, the blind tom says the leader has too few cats in his Clan to make an impact, and he's taking the prophecy seriously. The medicine cats talk about the rising tension in the Clans, and Jayfeather meows tension won't do them any good, wondering where Leafpool is. Alderheart requests to travel to SkyClan to fetch the medicine cat, and he agrees. While traveling, Alderheart questions why StarClan would deliver a prophecy that isn't helping. Jayfeather says their ancestors don't know everything, and he's known them for a long time.
The cats momentarily discuss if RiverClan knows about the prophecy, but he tells them to stop guessing, and find out Leafstar's thoughts on the prophecy. They reach SkyClan's camp, and Jayfeather asks Leafstar if Leafpool mentioned the prophecy. She confirms this, and he asks for her thoughts. She says her Clan has been too busy to concentrate on it, quoting Echosong's words. Leafpool greets her son, and he asks why she didn't turn up to the meeting. Her apology doesn't effect Jayfeather, as he then inquires about Tinycloud's kits.
The medicine cats mention Rowanstar stepping up border patrols, which makes Leafstar ask if he has enough warriors. The blind tabby states the dark ginger leader thinks the prophecy involves SkyClan, while also mentioning ShadowClan's lack of imagination. Jayfeather tells the medicine cats they must risk bringing the message to RiverClan, despite their borders being closed. He allows Leafpool to stay in SkyClan's camp, and tells Alderheart they don't need StarClan's advice to see if they are allowed on RiverClan territory. The blind tom leads them into the marsh, and stops them as Duskfur, Sneezecloud, and Shimmerpelt emerge from the reeds.
Jayfeather ignores Duskfur's hostility, and asks to speak with Mistystar. Shimmerpelt states the border is closed, but the medicine cat says it is not to StarClan. Puddleshine and the other medicine cats stand by him, demanding to speak with either Mistystar or Mothwing. However, the RiverClan patrol refuse to take them to their camp. Jayfeather requests for them to at least send Mothwing and Willowshine, but an explosive argument breaks out among the medicine cats and the patrol. Unfazed, the blind tabby asks if they are making orders on behalf of Mistystar, but Alderheart stops him and tells him StarClan will decide now. The medicine cats then begin to leave RiverClan territory.
When Alderheart finds Willowshine, he explains Jayfeather, Kestrelflight, and Puddleshine were with him when they tried getting past the RiverClan patrol. He tells Bramblestar about Willowshine's vision, reminding him to speak with Jayfeather about it. Alderheart knows he will be mad the ginger tom acted without him, but knows it's for the best. Later, after a ThunderClan patrol arrives in the SkyClan camp, Thornclaw tells Leafpool Stemkit and Eaglekit enjoy being in the medicine den. This makes the brown tabby think her son isn't too thrilled, and he confirms this. Thornclaw continues, saying Alderheart enjoys Jayfeather complaining. This makes Twigpaw feel homesick, as the blind tom complained about her back in ThunderClan.
Back in the ThunderClan camp, Jayfeather complains about the catmint rotting, making Alderheart hope the rain will end. However, he doubts it, as the forest is completely wet. The storm suddenly picks up, and Ivypool wonders if they should evacuate the hollow. Alderheart considers the idea and goes to ask his mentor if they should move Briarlight. Debris begins to shower onto the ThunderClan camp, and he screeches for Jayfeather and Briarlight. Alderheart finds both cats are safe in the medicine den. Lionblaze pushes his brother away, and grabs Briarlight. The gray tabby worries about the herb stock, but Cloudtail tells him to leave it.
Alderheart attempts to push Jayfeather out of the den, but he states they need the herbs for leaf-bare. Together, the two medicine cats, with the help of Snowbush and Cloudtail, grab as many of them as they can and begin to leave the camp. However, Snowbush is caught in a rockslide and breaks his leg. As Alderheart examines him, he wishes Jayfeather was with him. The next day, a ThunderClan patrol explains what happened to SkyClan, and inform them that their medicine cats are managing. Later, Alderheart notes that he and Jayfeather had refused to leave Snowbush's side since he collapsed into his nest, and tried treating the white tom's fever.
The ginger tom notices a grim look on Jayfeather's face, the medicine cat does not have much hope that Snowbush will live. Suddenly, Lilyheart wails, which cuts through Alderheart's thoughts. He finds that Snowbush's head is back and his eye whites are showing, and calls for the gray tabby. As the white tom seizes, the ginger medicine cat wonders if Jayfeather has a cure for him. The latter arrives just as Snowbush dies. He closes the deceased tom's eyes, and states StarClan will protect him from now on. Lilyheart protests this, but he does not reply to her. As the ThunderClan cats travel to the Gathering, Alderheart notes Jayfeather stayed behind for Snowbush's vigil.
After Bramblestar informs the cats of Snowbush's death, Harestar explains he is sorry for ThunderClan's loss, and if they need herbs, WindClan will allow Alderheart and Jayfeather to collect them. A while later, Alderheart and Jayfeather are at the lake for a meeting. Noticing the latter isn't complaining, Alderheart asks him if he's cold. The tom says he will be here, cold or not. Kestrelflight exclaims that a low-flying owl might be a sign to help save the Clans, but Jayfeather refuses to believe it. He questions Leafpool when she arrives with two cats they've never seen before.
It is revealed that they are Frecklewish and Fidgetpaw, who are SkyClan's medicine cats. The blind tom asks Leafpool if she will return to ThunderClan, and she confirms this. Leafpool then reveals another cat who joined SkyClan, and another cat steps out from the shadows. Jayfeather, irritated, asks if the cat is a loner. The brown tabby she-cat states he is called Tree, and her son states he is the six-toed cat because Leafpool made a fuss on bringing the yellow tom. The two SkyClan medicine cats explain Tree has a special power, and Jayfeather hopes it works. Members of ShadowClan begin to appear, making him question why they're here as well.
The blind tom asks what's going on, and it is revealed that Tree can summon the dead. Puddleshine says their lost Clanmates can appear, making Jayfeather ask if that's all they want to know.

River of Fire

Jayfeather is first seen talking with Leafpool beside the medicine den.
When he sees Alderheart chewing chervil root, he asks him why he is doing that. Alderheart replies that they don't have watermint, but the blind tom angrily states he needs to go find some. The ginger tom tells Jayfeather to stop acting like a kit, and the latter fires back at him to chew the chervil more, as an apprentice even knows it won't fit in a cat's throat. Alderheart switches the topic to the prophecy, knowing he will stay around to discuss it. However, the medicine cat refuses, stating the sick cats are their priority right now. Leafpool suggests to move Briarlight to the nursery so she avoids catching the sickness, but Jayfeather states it is too crowded in there at the moment.
Alderheart agrees with Leafpool, and the blind tom just grunts his answer. Alderheart then asks Lionblaze and Bumblestripe to help him, but Jayfeather hisses at the two toms to avoid coming in, as they are drenched from the rain. After returning to camp from a watermint-collecting expedtion, the blind tabby demands a explanation from Alderheart on where he has been and what took him so long, adding that Squirrelflight is now ill. The next morning, Twigpaw overhears Sparkpelt complaining to Jayfeather she needs to train her apprentice, but he tells her to stay in the apprentice's den and eat the rest of the watermint. Later, the gray tabby and the other medicine cats travel to the Moonpool, and he leads the way along with Leafpool.
Leafpool hopes StarClan will give them guidance, and Jayfeather snaps they need it. He asks Kestrelflight if he saw Mothwing or Willowshine, but the white-splotched tom says he hasn't. Puddleshine suggests to wait, much to the blind tabby's annoyance. The medicine cats wake up after sharing, and Puddleshine blurts out Dawnpelt came to him. Jayfeather asks him what she said, and repeats his question when the brown-and-white tom doesn't answer him. The tabby moves ahead of the other medicine cats as Alderheart hangs back with Leafpool to talk with her. Unbeknownst to them, Twigpaw is hiding in the bushes, and the apprentice notes that she came to the Moonpool to help Alderheart and Jayfeather with the prophecy.
She looks down over the slope, and finds all three ThunderClan medicine cats in the distance. Later, Alderheart notes that Molewhisker, Hollytuft, and Jayfeather are all now ill. After two lightning strikes, he reenters the medicine den, finding the sick medicine cat still sleeping. The nursery roof is torn off from the storm, and after he checks on the cats inside, Alderheart finds Jayfeather is now awake. The latter demands to be moved away from the flood, and given watermint. Sighing, the ginger tom reassures him he'll be fine, but he is getting concerned about the prophecy. Jayfeather replies that when StarClan makes a point, they are sometimes subtle. Alderheart is not convinced, and informs him the watermint is in the rock. He also tells Leafpool not to let her son beg her for watermint, as she needs rest.
Jayfeather tells Alderheart to have what he needs with him. After Leafshade and Stormcloud leave to deal with a fire, Alderheart notes that he can find watermint for Jayfeather. Later in the night, the weather clears, making the ginger tom think the gray tabby was right that it was just rain. When two kittypets are allowed shelter in ThunderClan's camp, Alderheart takes them to the medicine den. Jayfeather is seen scratching his ear while the medicine cat explains they are currently sick. The blind tabby just glares at them and states his nest has thorns in it. Alderheart tells Fuzzball that he will take care of him from now on, much to Jayfeather's ire.
Fuzzball begins to pelt the tom with questions, and he is irritated by this. Jayfeather stares at Alderheart, stating he's going to kill him for what he's done. The latter goes to collect herbs for Velvet while Fuzzball excitedly explains the fire to the blind tom. Jayfeather tries to pretend nothing is happening to him, closing his eyes and wrapping his tail over his nose. When the herbs are applied to her, Velvet compliments Alderheart, and an audible snort is heard from the gray tabby. Another fire breaks out in the direction of WindClan and RiverClan, and Bramblestar suggests to send Velvet and Fuzzball away so they have room for injured cats. However, Alderheart states Velvet has healing abilities, and they need her with Leafpool and Jayfeather sick.
Later, as ThunderClan travels to the Gathering, Twigpaw notes that Jayfeather is still too sick and couldn't attend it. The next day, Velvet mentions to Alderheart how no one expected Ivypool would give birth on the Gathering night. He agrees, remembering Jayfeather helped her with her kitting, despite the risk of him passing it to the other cats in the nursery. He snaps out of imagining a life with Velvet, knowing it's against the code and the Jayfeather is watching them all the time. The tom was slow to recover from the belly sickness, and is currently sleeping in his nest. The ginger tom thinks he won't do anything to anger him. Fuzzball bounces into the den, and drops a vole in front of Jayfeather.
He tells the medicine cat to eat it, and he'll fluff up his nest. The blind medicine cat shakes scraps off his pelt, and states he's cured. Alderheart tells him to rest for another day, but he maintains he's fine and must return to his duties. Fuzzball insists on helping Jayfeather, much to his irritation. He tells Alderheart to stop sitting there and check on Ivypool and her kits. While leaving, he hears Fuzzball asking the medicine cat if they can look for herbs. After finding Briarlight sick, Alderheart takes her back to the medicine den. Upon entering, he finds Fuzzball blurting out the names of herbs. Jayfeather is annoyed, but his mood quickly changes when he sees Briarlight.
He praises Alderheart for catching the sickness before any of the queens or kits caught it. By the next morning, however, Briarlight is dying, and Alderheart wakes Jayfeather to inform him of the news. The latter briefly sits in a state of shock, before stating he won't let the paralyzed she-cat die. He uncharacteristically stumbles to the back of the den, making Alderheart think Jayfeather knows she's dying, but won't admit it. The tom soaks some moss in water, and gives it to Briarlight. Leafpool sits next to her son, attempting to comfort him. After Briarlight dies, Jayfeather rasps it's his fault, as he gave the sickness to her while he helped to deliver Ivypool's kits.
Alderheart tells him it's not his fault, Ivypool and her kits might have died without a medicine cat to assist them, and he could say he and Leafpool were responsible instead. Jayfeather says it doesn't change the fact no one could save Briarlight, but Alderheart informs him he did his best and extended her lifespan. The blind tom does not snap at him, and wishes he could have healed her. He tells the ginger tom nobody saw Briarlight's death coming. The deceased she-cat's vigil starts, and Jayfeather goes to sit with his mother. His words make Alderheart relax a tiny bit, noting this was the first time he admits he may be a good medicine cat.
When it is his turn to speak, Jayfeather cannot get the words out, and Alderheart speaks for the medicine cat instead. Fuzzball goes to sit next to him, and to Alderheart's surprise, the tip of Jayfeather's tail touches the kittypet's shoulder. Velvet tells him he needs to rest until Jayfeather and Leafpool come back. Later, Alderheart notes Jayfeather will rip his fur off if he doesn't do his duties. He finds the tabby looking down Rosepetal's throat, while Fuzzball asks how to treat it. He mutters "annoying little furball", and Alderheart takes the kittypet away to talk with him. Fuzzball says he's fine with Jayfeather, despite him being tough.
The latter then tells Alderheart he doesn't need assistance, and then informs Rosepetal she may want to spend the night in the medicine den. He asks Velvet if her leg is fine, which the soft kittypet confirms. The blind tabby tells her she and Fuzzball can move into the apprentice's den, just so they have room for the sick cats. Alderheart is irritated, knowing that Jayfeather is just threatened at he and Velvet's close relationship, which is why he's dealing with Rosepetal because he wants Velvet out. The latter admits he's right, and with some effort, Alderheart relaxes. Twigpaw barges into the den, explaining she's going to be a warrior. Jayfeather tells her he's happy she's settled down at last.
When Ajax enters camp, the blind tom is seen giving him an inquiring look. Fuzzball is excited to go home, and thanks Jayfeather for everything. Later, Alderheart feels restless, and leaves the tabby and Rosepetal to get in the open. However, he senses a cat's following him, and turns around to find Jayfeather. The latter explains he knows Alderheart has feelings for Velvet, and understands the ginger tom's confusion. He explains that a mate and kits are not part of a medicine cats' life, and he must focus on his Clan. Continuing, the mottled gray tabby explains Leafpool fell in love and gave birth to kits, and let Squirrelflight raise them instead because she loved her sister. This secret destroyed part of his life, and especially crushed his sister Hollyleaf, who ended up killing Ashfur to keep it.
He tells Alderheart ThunderClan needs him, as he works hard to protect his Clan, and to care for generations like he did with Twigpaw. The medicine cat, stunned at what Jayfeather is telling him, admits he likes Velvet. However, he adds that he doesn't doubt his place is in ThunderClan. The blind tabby asks him if he thought of running off to Twolegplace, but he denies it. He thanks Alderheart for his time, and disappears into the medicine den. Later, after Dovewing and Tigerstar return, she visits the ThunderClan camp. Twigbranch calls out her name, and everyone in the Clan, including Leafpool and Jayfeather, appear and stare at her. After Dovewing leaves, Alderheart goes to rest with the other medicine cats in the den.
He wakes up, and can't find Leafpool and Jayfeather. When Alderheart meets Fuzzball while returning Velvet's toy to Twolegplace, he tells him to say hi to Jayfeather on his behalf. Velvet gives Alderheart some thyme, and before he leaves, he briefly imagines living as a kittypet. However, he knows the gray tabby wants him to be a medicine cat. Alderheart quickly runs off, knowing Jayfeather will be mad if he misses the half-moon meeting. His prediction is true, as he angrily asks where he's been. When he explains he went to Twolegplace, the blind tom angrily glares at him. Alderheart then shows the medicine cats the thyme, and he explains the special benefits of it. Jayfeather begrudgingly agrees to give it a try.
Irritated that the medicine cats are wasting time chatting, he urges them to speak with StarClan.

The Raging Storm

Jayfeather is first mentioned by Alderheart when he recalls he and Leafpool being puzzled over Puddleshine's infection. Before he left to check on Ivypool's kits, he told him to try his best to cure the ailing ShadowClan medicine cat. When a ShadowClan patrol, including Dovewing, enters the camp, some ThunderClan cats begin to discuss loyalty. Jayfeather, irritated, pops out from the nursery. He states that if everyone stopped falling in love with the wrong cat, nothing will happen. He glances at Squirrelflight, who says she did it to protect her sister. The blind tom just grunts his response, and enters the medicine den. As Tawnypelt examines Puddleshine, her nephew is seen washing nettles.
Tawnypelt snaps it's just an infection, but Jayfeather tells her some infections cannot be cured with praying and poultices. He adds that getting angry does not help the situation, Puddleshine is still not able to walk home. Leaving the nettles to soak in the pool, the blind tabby examines Puddleshine. He notes that he's never seen an infection like this before, and the rank smell rising from the ShadowClan medicine cat. He says the infection is all over him, on his fur and even on his breath. Jayfeather asks Alderheart if he's used marigold and goldenrod, suggesting for Puddleshine to swallow it. Alderheart worries it'll make him sick, but Puddleshine says he could try horsetail, agreeing with Jayfeather. The latter grabs marigold, telling the brown-and-white tom he shouldn't get sick from it.
Alderheart mentions wood sorrel, a potential herb that may help Puddleshine, and Jayfeather tells him to go fetch some. When he wakes up from a dream, Alderheart finds the blind medicine cat and Leafpool's nest empty. He calls for Jayfeather, and finds him and Leafpool over a seizing Puddleshine. He explains what's going on, and orders Alderheart to grab his legs. All three medicine cats restrain Puddleshine until he stops moving. The blind gray tabby states the ShadowClan medicine cat is still alive, and Leafpool suggests to tell Tigerstar what happened. He agrees with his mother. Out of camp, Alderheart finds that deathberry flesh can cure Puddleshine, and wonders how he'll convince Leafpool and Jayfeather to use it.
When Twigbranch and Finleap reenter camp after hunting, they find Jayfeather and Alderheart arguing over the deathberries. The gray-she cat sees him staring at a pile of the red berries on a leaf. He warns Alderheart if he gets the juice on his paws, he might spread it around camp and get someone sick. The ginger tom snaps he knows the dangers, but the blind tabby states he's just going to endanger Puddleshine further. Alderheart mentions the rabbit he saw, but Jayfeather growls he will not be feeding them to him. Twigbranch notes she's never seen the medicine cat this enraged. Alderheart says he needs to do it, or Puddleshine will die. The latter agrees with the ginger medicine cat.
Jayfeather warns Puddleshine it will kill him, but Alderheart states it's the only chance they have to save him. The blind tom then begrudgingly agrees to allow the treatment, and he and Leafpool leave the medicine den. Twigbranch watches the gray tabby vanish into the elders' den shortly afterward. She enters it, finding Jayfeather checking Millie's hearing. He says her hearing is okay, and it's just her age. Turning around, he finds Twigbranch and asks her why she's following him. She states she can't find Flypaw, and he replies the apprentice isn't here. At the Gathering, Bramblestar mentions Puddleshine's condition, and Violetshine notices Leafpool glancing at Jayfeather.
Later, Alderheart enters the medicine den, and Jayfeather asks him what Bramblestar said. He also asks if he told his father about the deathberries, and he confirms this. Alderheart remembers his argument with Bramblestar, telling him he consulted Leafpool and Jayfeather about the treatment. Puddleshine suddenly whimpers, and the blind tom is by his side. He notes the deathberries haven't killed him, repeating what he told Alderheart earlier. The latter knows his mentor is trying to be supportive, but is still doubting the treatment will work. Standing up, Jayfeather states Leafpool will be back soon, and must be grateful newleaf is giving them fresh herbs. He gazes toward the den entrance, informing Alderheart ShadowClan has arrived.
Alderheart doesn't believe it at first, but the blind medicine cat tells him to look. Tigerstar comes in to the den, and yells about Puddleshine's condition. Jayfeather warns him to keep his voice down as the ShadowClan leader demands what's wrong with his medicine cat. Bramblestar comes in and explains the medicine cats have been working hard to cure Puddleshine, but they're struggling to fight the Twoleg poison. Jayfeather says Puddleshine was close to death, and Alderheart saw an omen that deathberries could cure him. He explains it's their only chance to save the brown-and-white tom. Tigerstar is unconvinced, and accuses the blind tabby of not caring about ShadowClan lives.
Jayfeather is offended by his statement, and Alderheart defends him, stating he values every life. Tigerstar then inquires if he valued Flametail's, but Bramblestar states no one but Dawnpelt believed that the ThunderClan medicine cat would murder his littermate. However, the ShadowClan leader notes Jayfeather didn't manage to save Flametail, in which the blind tom replies he had to let go. He tells Tigerstar Puddleshine even agreed to be fed the deathberries, stating he wanted to try. The brown tabby leader asks if it's true, and he confirms this. Tigerstar insists his Clan should take Puddleshine home, but Jayfeather points out the medicine cat is too ill to move.
After Alderheart agrees to go with Puddleshine to treat him in the ShadowClan camp, Tigerstar warns him if his medicine cat dies, he will be punished. Jayfeather snaps at the ShadowClan leader not to be rabbit-brained, Alderheart is trying to save him. When a SkyClan patrol enters camp, the gray tabby briefly looks out of his den, hoping for news on Alderheart. However, he sees it is SkyClan and enters the medicine den. In the ShadowClan camp, Alderheart notes he's been tripping over Shadowkit, wondering if Jayfeather tripped over him in the past.
At the half-moon meeting, Jayfeather and Leafpool greet Alderheart. He is surprised to hear the deathberries worked, and reminds the ginger medicine cat he took a risk. The medicine cats all receive the same vision, and the mottled gray tabby interprets that StarClan wants no Clan to fall. Frecklewish reveals that ShadowClan attacked SkyClan and destroyed their dens. Jayfeather offers to ask Bramblestar to send a party to help rebuild, but Frecklewish declines. She also mentions Sparrowpelt's poisoning, accusing Alderheart of trying to kill him. However, Jayfeather does not believe her, asking her why she believes he is behind the poisoning. Leafpool switches the topic to SkyClan, stating they must not let the Clan leave the lake, and her son agrees with her.
The medicine cats agree to tell their respective leaders to hold an emergency Gathering, but Jayfeather questions if Tigerstar would want to help. Alderheart is worried he won't listen, but the blind tom says he must try. Before leaving, he tells the medicine cats to inform their leaders of the situation, or they will be blown away by the storm. Twigbranch notes that after Jayfeather and Leafpool returned from the Moonpool, Bramblestar informed the Clans of the emergency Gathering. Bramblestar begins, stating their medicine cats received a message. He looks at the ThunderClan medicine cats shortly afterward.
Leafstar announces SkyClan is leaving the lake, but Jayfeather frantically reminds her of the vision. He asks how the Clans can stand together when SkyClan is all the way at the gorge. When Alderheart returns to ThunderClan, Jayfeather greets him. Later, the blind tabby whispers to Alderheart that everyone will want to come to tonight's Gathering.

In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

Jayfeather first appears when Puddleshine and Shadowpaw arrive at the Moonpool. He exclaims they're wasting time, and Puddleshine apologizes. The tom notes that Frecklewish and Fidgetflake aren't here, and the ThunderClan medicine cat says if they don't arrive soon, they'll just have to start. Shadowpaw wonders if Jayfeather will do that as the SkyClan medicine cats arrive, much to his relief. Frecklewish states SkyClan's younger warriors are wishing to become kittypets, and Jayfeather says they better not say it in front of him. The latter just remains irritated when the spotted she-cat when she reassures him it's just a joke. After the medicine cats briefly get lost in conversation, Jayfeather snaps at them to not forget why they're here, and begins to touch his nose to the Moonpool. However, the blind tabby bounces back, finding the Moonpool is frozen over. He grunts it's worse than usual. Jayfeather tells them they must share with StarClan, making Willowshine hope they see Leafpool. Shadowpaw notes that the blind tom must be feeling the loss of her, Leafpool was his mother and mentor. Alderheart comforts his fellow medicine cat, but he says it's not the same. When Rootpaw is rescued from the lake, Jayfeather and Alderheart care for the yellow tom. Later, Rootpaw tells Alderheart he'd wish to stay until he's fully recovered, and the medicine cat reassures him he and Jayfeather won't let him go until he's ready.
At the Moonpool, Jayfeather does not speak as the medicine cats discuss the effects of the agonizing leaf-bare. Before anyone can comment further, he reminds them they're here to speak with StarClan. Mothwing states that they don't need guidance to survive leaf-bare, but Jayfeather snaps at her she doesn't believe in their ancestors, so she doesn't have to deal with their problems. Continuing, the ThunderClan medicine cat states the rest of them know this situation is very important, as they are alone. Mothwing suddenly reveals she no longer denies StarClan's existence, making Jayfeather ask the RiverClan medicine cat if she's serious. She states their guidance led to Darktail, but Jayfeather points out that they warned them about him and less cats died. Kestrelflight thinks they should try contacting StarClan again, and Jayfeather grunts his agreement. However, when he touches his nose to the pool, nothing happens. Staring at the WindClan medicine cat, the blind gray tom tells him they all know something is wrong by now. Bristlepaw spots Jayfeather speaking with Bramblestar and Squirrelflight, and hears him say they haven't seen StarClan at the recent half-moon meetings. Without thinking, Bristlepaw remarks they should focus on prey and not dead cats in the sky. While her siblings enjoy it, Jayfeather glares at them. He demands why the gray she-cat would say such a thing, much to her embarrassment.
She begins to explain she didn't mean it, but the blind tabby hisses StarClan is important to all the Clans, and she's too stupid to understand the true meaning of the situation. Bristlepaw begins to apologize, but Jayfeather cuts her off, saying if he mentored her, she'd be stuck in camp for a long time. Bramblestar tells his medicine cat to calm down, and that Bristlepaw probably didn't mean what she said. He growls that's clear enough, and is angered when Bramblestar assigns them to go to the Gathering. When they arrive, Jayfeather and Alderheart go to stand by the other medicine cats. The blind tom states this is the longest time the medicine cats have lost contact with StarClan, making Bristlepaw note his ominous tone of voice. The leaders think it is just the effects of the harsh leaf-bare, but before Jayfeather can speak, Harestar cuts him off. Leafstar and Tigerstar are about to start arguing, but the gray tabby stops them, demanding why they aren't talking about their severed contact with StarClan. His words begin to reach the gathered cats below, causing them to argue. Before any claw is raised, Tigerstar announces that Jayfeather isn't quite right, much to the medicine cat's annoyance. Some cats begin to doubt Shadowpaw is the sole remaining connection to StarClan, so Tigerstar states it is best the gray tabby speaks with them alone. Jayfeather is heard grunting at the leader's statement.
When Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting to perform Bristlepaw's warrior ceremony, Jayfeather comes out of his den to watch. Later, at the Moonpool, Jayfeather asks the medicine cats if they've received a vision from StarClan. When they fail to make contact with their ancestors, Alderheart tells the blind tabby he finally agrees with him that something is horribly wrong. Shadowpaw senses some kind of power, but the ThunderClan medicine cat doesn't believe him. Jayfeather wonders if they shouldn't trust him, making the apprentice think he's right. Snow begins to fall, much to the blind tom's ire. He tells Puddleshine if they follow Shadowpaw's advice, nothing good will come of it. Frecklewish thinks they'll find answers in the frost, but the mottled gray tabby states they'll try to find signs everywhere that don't exist, and Shadowpaw agrees with Jayfeather. When Shadowpaw closes his eyes, a voice chants that the "codebreakers" will suffer, and Jayfeather is among the various cats in his vision. Puddleshine snaps his apprentice out of it, asking him if he's paying attention. He confirms this, but Jayfeather only grunts. Shadowpaw realizes that the blind tom knows he's not telling the full truth. Fidgetflake asks him if he's hiding something, and Jayfeather stares at Shadowpaw.
He moans in annoyance when Mothwing agrees to follow Frecklewish's advice, and states this is a major crisis and they must prepare for life without their ancestors. The medicine cats are shocked at the ThunderClan medicine cat's words, and Willowshine says it's far too soon. Jayfeather does not reply, but continues to glare at them. He is indirectly mentioned by Shadowpaw when he tells Tigerstar about the many cats in his vision. When a mysterious cat speaks to Shadowpaw at the Moonpool, the apprentice knows Puddleshine and Jayfeather won't agree with the instructions the cat is about to give him. He knows the ThunderClan tom will think he is crazy for suggesting such a thing. After Bramblestar suddenly collapses without warning on a hunting patrol, Squirrelflight says they'll take him to Jayfeather and Alderheart. He is stunned to find Bramblestar in the medicine den, asking what happened. Alderheart repeats what Bristlefrost told him, but Jayfeather isn't sure how to treat his father. The blind tabby looks at Bramblestar, and orders Bristlefrost out of the den, just as he asks Alderheart if he's given him anything. Bramblestar attempts to speak, and Jayfeather tells the ginger tom to let his father get what he wants to say out.
Jayfeather's expression becomes angry as Alderheart reveals he told Bramblestar the medicine cats are still struggling to speak with StarClan. Bristlefrost wonders if that is the reason the ThunderClan medicine cats are under stress while the blind tabby snaps at Alderheart for confessing StarClan's isolation from the Clans. Bramblestar disagrees and thanks his son for telling him. He states he'll remember he is honest, unlike most cats. This appears to bewilder Jayfeather and Alderheart. The next day, Rootpaw notes that Mothwing and Jayfeather appear edgy at the thought of breaking the ice on the Moonpool in the desperate attempt to make contact with StarClan. The ice doesn't crack, and Frecklewish asks for more assistance in doing so. Jayfeather is not too keen on the idea, stating it's not part of the plan, and it's only special to medicine cats. The SkyClan medicine cat disagrees, much to his irritation. After a brief discussion, the leaders and medicine cats agree to let the warriors break the ice on the Moonpool, and Jayfeather is seen angrily staring at them. Rootpaw notices the medicine cat moments later, staring down in a state of despair. The yellow apprentice watches his expression as the rock falls, but it doesn't change, revealing the Moonpool is still frozen. Later, Bristlefrost and Snaptooth overhear Berrynose and Mousewhisker discussing Shadowpaw, with Berrynose noting Jayfeather thinks the ShadowClan apprentice is bird-brained.
When the hunting patrol comes back to camp, they find Alderheart and Squirrelflight in an argument. The deputy snorts he and Jayfeather must save Bramblestar. Suddenly, Tigerstar and Shadowpaw enter the hollow, and the ShadowClan leader states Shadowpaw knows how to cure Branblestar. A shocked Squirrelflight asks for the medicine cats, and they appear moments later, Jayfeather demanding what's going on. He cannot believe it when Shadowpaw suggests to lay their leader out in the cold, asking him if he realizes what he's saying might kill Bramblestar. The blind tabby also states he's doesn't know where Shadowpaw is getting his visions, as cracking the Moonpool didn't reach their ancestors. Stunned, Tigerstar asks why he wasn't informed about this. Bristlefrost notices regret in Jayfeather's eyes, knowing he hadn't planned to give away that much information. They leave, and Squirrelflight is seen glaring at her nephew. The latter senses it and shrugs, stating they all know what Tigerstar was like a while ago. Alderheart attempts to calm things down by saying Shadowpaw's words may have benefits, but Jayfeather snaps he doesn't believe it. The ginger tom tells his mentor to relax, reminding him of the time he cured Puddleshine, and how he got worse before he became better. He says they must save Bramblestar, but the blind tom doesn't want to do what Shadowpaw suggested.
Jayfeather mentions how Tigerstar ditched his Clan for a while, but Squirrelflight fairly points out he came back. However, the mottled gray tabby adds he caused problems for SkyClan, and how Tigerstar's state of mind can change rather quickly. Ivypool questions why Tigerstar would send Shadowpaw to kill Bramblestar, but Jayfeather states he knows the ShadowClan apprentice has good intentions, but his visions may have not been sent by StarClan. Cats begin to pad away, but return as Jayfeather begins to speak. He suggests using borage, stating that Shadowpaw is right. If they give Bramblestar something to make him colder, it may awaken him. He says it's worth trying, and Alderheart agrees. The blind tabby reveals there is a patch of ground that goes onto the lake that has borage, and it should be easy to get with the lake frozen over. Then next day, Bristlefrost notes Jayfeather and Alderheart both helped Bramblestar swallow the borage they got from the lake. She remembers him saying they need to wait. The gray warrior hears him asking Alderheart if there's any changes with his father, but he replies there hasn't. Jayfeather says it was worth a try, and there's not much they can do. Alderheart suggests to ask Shadowpaw for advice, but the blind medicine cat states they can't possibly trust him. He stops mid-sentence when he finds Bristlefrost eavesdropping, and asks her what she's doing.
Bristlefrost remembers Jayfeather's sharp senses, and how he easily picked her up. Alderheart tells his mentor this isn't their decision to make, and orders the she-cat to get Squirrelflight. Her son tells her only Shadowpaw's treatment will save Bramblestar now, in which Jayfeather states he is dumb if he considers that. Annoyed, he states they know he doesn't trust this plan. At the emergency Gathering, Shadowpaw remembers all the medicine cats, even Jayfeather, listened to his vision. The latter surprisingly speaks up for the apprentice when Harestar admits he doubts StarClan is communicating for him. He says he's a medicine cat apprentice, StarClan will send them messages. The blind medicine cat argues that they believe in the vision, but there's something off about it. Jayfeather tells Shadowpaw they don't think he's lying, they need to move forward carefully. Suddenly, Squirrelflight confesses that Bramblestar is more ill than she originally stated, and wants to try Shadowpaw's treatment. Her nephew then asks her if she wants to do this, and she agrees.
When Bramblestar is brought onto the moor, Shadowpaw notices Jayfeather's sour facial expression, clearly unhappy. By night, Bramblestar is worse, and the blind tabby asks why they sit here, watching him die, when the situation is dire. Puddleshine says they must trust his apprentice's treatment, and reminds Jayfeather his aunt agreed to this. Ultimately, the ThunderClan leader dies, and the ThunderClan tom angrily stares at Shadowpaw, questioning him why they were never told he was going to lose a life. Before the ShadowClan apprentice can defend himself, he rants on, stating they never should have done this and Bramblestar could have died in his nest. Jayfeather inquires why they followed Shadowpaw's idea, and wonders if ShadowClan deliberately killed their leader. Tigerstar steps foward, breaking up the fight, saying they didn't know this was going to happen, and must wait for Bramblestar to regain his strength. Jayfeather growls this wasn't what Shadowpaw said would happen, but Tigerstar defends his son.
Jayfeather informs everyone that the process of losing a life is quick, and Bramblestar should be back soon. However, by morning, the leader hasn't awakened. The medicine cat strides forward, announcing he is officially dead and not coming back. Alderheart barges past his mentor and goes to be with his dead father. When Bramblestar's body is brought back to camp, Jayfeather and Alderheart sit outside the medicine den. He later stands with Lionblaze when the fallen leader's vigil begins. The blind tabby attempts to speak, but stops and glares at Squirrelflight. He demands why his aunt would go along with Shadowpaw's treatment, inquiring if she learned anything while in StarClan. Some ThunderClan cats begin to protest Jayfeather's harsh statements, as Squirrelflight is still grieving. She snaps it's not his problem, and she will remain the temporary leader. Her nephew snorts if that will do any good, but Squirrelflight cuts him off, and the medicine cat doesn't speak again.
By dawn, Bramblestar's vigil is complete, and Jayfeather pads over to his head. He recites the sendoff message, and informs the elders they can bury him now. However, Bramblestar suddenly comes back to life, much to everyone's excitement. Bramblestar later calls an emergency Gathering, and some doubt is raised about Shadowpaw being the only remaining connection to StarClan. Mothwing mentions how ShadowClan caused a war with SkyClan, but Jayfeather points out she doesn't believe in StarClan. The gathered cats, not knowing the RiverClan medicine cat's beliefs, are in awe. Mothwing defends herself, stating she doesn't deny StarClan's existence, but the ThunderClan medicine cat continues, adding it's obvious now since she just spoke about it. He decides there is one way to settle the Gathering, and calls on Bramblestar to reveal what StarClan told him. For a moment, everything is silent, until Jayfeather repeats his question.
In the Bonus Scene, Jayfeather examines Finleap. The latter says he doesn't know what happened to him, as the medicine cat finds signs of a fever. Twigbranch asks if he'll be okay, making Jayfeather remind himself he knows this; Twigbranch has been much of a distraction since she was a kit. Alderheart reassures her Finleap will be fine, he's sure his mentor will cure him. Jayfeather goes to the back of the den to fetch the right herb, but he gets into a daze thinking about the death of Leafpool. He knows something's been wrong since her death, and grabs some watermint and gives it to Finleap. However, Alderheart tells the sick tom to stop, he's about to eat coltsfoot. Jayfeather does not believe it at first, but he realizes how dumb he is when he finds the scent of the herb.
He snaps why Leafpool made the herb store so complicated, and Twigbranch suggests to change it now that the she-cat is gone. The blind tabby faces Leafpool's nest, noting he expected her to appear every time he walked in. Breaking out of his thought, he tells Twigbranch she doesn't give orders, upsetting the gray she-cat. Alderheart tells Jayfeather that even for him, that was a harsh statement. The ginger tom continues, stating Twigbranch is right and the way the herb store is arranged isn't the cause of his problems. Jayfeather inquires if that's what he thinks is the problem, wishing to ignore Alderheart, but he can't bring himself to. The medicine cat suggests to talk about what's troubling him, but the blind tabby snaps he's fine, despite Alderheart's protests.
Jayfeather thinks he shouldn't have skipped the half-moon meeting tending to ThunderClan while also noting his fear of seeing Leafpool's spirit, confirming her residence. Alderheart tells him he can have his way, but he must apologize to Twigbranch. The blind tom sits next to the warrior, and quietly says things are not the same without Leafpool. Twigbranch suggests that Jayfeather can move into Leafpool's nest, causing him to snap at her why she wants him to sleep there. Alderheart intervenes, telling him he should do it, but Jayfeather refuses. The latter realizes Alderheart doesn't want to take the nest for the same reason. Later, at night, he quietly creeps into Leafpool's nest, quickly falling into sleep. Waking up, he finds his mother staring at him, eyes brimmed with sympathy.
She appears to be trying to tell Jayfeather something, much to his confusion. He startles himself awake, finding Alderheart asking the blind tabby if he's alright. He states he's fine, and wonders if Leafpool truly came to him. Later, Jayfeather pokes through the fresh-kill pile, when he is interrupted by Alderheart. The medicine cat states someone's injured at the Moonpool, and he needs to come quickly. The blind tabby thinks it's a stupid apprentice that had the bravery to travel to the sacred place, and Alderheart agrees. Together, both ThunderClan medicine cats run to the Moonpool, where they meet the other medicine cats. Jayfeather asks where the cat is, and Alderheart says the injured cat is him. Shocked and angered, the gray tabby demands why he was lied to, but the ginger tom invites him to speak with them near the pool's edge.
Jayfeather hesitates, but he creeps toward the other medicine cats. The medicine cats point out he hasn't been acting like himself, such as when Kestrelflight tells his story of him gathering elder leaves, not chickweed. Willowshine guesses Jayfeather was irritated, much to the latter's embarrassment. Mothwing says that he is more cantankerous than he usually is, while Puddleshine points out he hasn't settled about Leafpool's death. He challenges the ShadowClan medicine cat, but he gives in and asks what he can do. Puddleshine tells Jayfeather he must share with StarClan, and the blind tom reluctantly agrees. As the medicine cats give him some privacy, Alderheart tells his mentor he'll be close by if he's needed.
Jayfeather touches his nose to the Moonpool, and is swept into blackness. He sees a cat, thinking it to be Leafpool, but his sister Hollyleaf appears instead. The blind tabby is happy to see the black-she cat, but demands if Leafpool didn't care to show up. Hollyleaf says it's not true, and allows Jayfeather to sit with her on a patch of grass. She adds that his mother does want to see him, but the shock may be too much for him to handle. The black she-cat says that since Leafpool joined StarClan, she has bonded with her mother more, and now they can finally have a proper relationship. Jayfeather states she should have been a mother to them before, when Leafpool herself appears in the light. The brown tabby says she wanted it to be that way, but knew what she did was best. Leafpool adds that she knew Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw would be great parents to them, and how far they've come.
Jayfeather protests she left him twice, but Leafpool says she'll always watch over him in StarClan. She rubs herself against her kits, making him realize she can finally be a proper mother. With a final goodbye, she and Hollyleaf fade, and the blind tabby awakens at the Moonpool. Alderheart asks Jayfeather if he's alright, and he states everything is. Later, he gives Berrynose a dock leaf for his paw. When the cream tom leaves, he admits Leafpool did a great job with the den, just as Squirrelflight enters with a thorn in her paw. She finds her nephew is using her sister's nest, and she approves of it. Jayfeather knows Squirrelflight is right, but does not tell her in words.

The Silent Thaw

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Veil of Shadows

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In the Super Editions

Crowfeather's Trial

At the Gathering, Jayfeather is not convinced Crowfeather and Breezepelt were in the tunnels searching for Nightcloud. Crowfeather wonders where his son gets his thoughts from, just as he begins to speak up. He asks why Nightcloud and Breezepelt were in the tunnels, and Onestar states he'll answer the question. Crowfeather notices Jayfeather's mother Leafpool sitting with him, and stares at her. He notes that he never raised the blind tabby and his siblings like a real father would. When Crowfeather dreams of the battle with the Dark Forest, Breezepelt demands why his father chose his ThunderClan kits instead of him, and the warrior silently protests he hardly knows Lionblaze and Jayfeather.
Waking up from his horrifying dream, Crowfeather wonders what's happening with the ThunderClan medicine cat. Later, Crowfeather asks Berrynose and Thornclaw if he can speak with Leafpool, but they instead bring Jayfeather. The near black tom questions why they brought his son, and they reply that Leafpool is busy and they decided to send their other medicine cat instead. Jayfeather leaps over the edge of the stream, making Crowfeather feel an odd affection for him, despite playing no major role in his life. The blind tabby is unhappy, and tells his father he better say something good. Crowfeather explains WindClan is struggling in dealing with the stoats, and that in order to defeat them, they need ThunderClan's assistance.
This makes Jayfeather mad, and he asks why Onestar didn't tell Bramblestar himself, and if the WindClan leader even knows Crowfeather is here. The warrior confesses he went behind Onestar's back, and to his surprise, this impresses Jayfeather. The latter tells Crowfeather he has some nerve, and inquires if Onestar knows the stoats may become a threat to ThunderClan. He cuts his father off when he attempts to speak, explaining his Clan has sent more patrols to that area, hoping the stoats would disappear. Crowfeather meows that Jayfeather was at the Gathering, and knows his son heard about Kestrelflight's vision. He believes the stoats may be a bigger challenge, but the blind tom rolls his eyes and asks Crowfeather if he thinks StarClan is trying to scare them with stoats.
The smoky-gray tom worries the stoats will drag them into a conflict similar to the Great Battle, but Jayfeather denies that will happen. Crowfeather admits Onestar is still refusing to cooperate with the Clans, and his son agrees to tell Bramblestar WindClan needs help. The medicine cat's tone of voice reminds his father how close he is to Bramblestar, noting that the latter was better of a father than he was. Jayfeather advises Crowfeather he should have brought the topic up earlier, and the Great Battle should have taught the Clans they needed to work together. Crowfeather watches his son bound over into ThunderClan territory, he thinks that Jayfeather has most of his personality from him, but wonders where his son got the rest.
He wonders what would have happened if he shaped Jayfeather's future. As he treks back to camp, he shakes off the thoughts of changing the gray tabby's future, and that he was a essential to another Clan. After returning to camp, Crowfeather tells Onestar he spoke with Jayfeather, admitting he told his son that WindClan is struggling with the stoats, much to the leader's ire. The next morning, Crowfeather finds Bramblestar, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze in camp, while also noticing Onestar's cold look on his face. The smoky tom notes he doesn't regret telling Jayfeather everything, but Onestar doesn't see things his way. Bramblestar begins speaking, stating his medicine cat told him about the vision, and his Clan may need help.
The ThunderClan leader adds that Crowfeather had come to speak with the blind tabby, but Onestar cuts him off before he can finish his sentence. Crowfeather feels his son boring his gaze into him, and Jayfeather stands up. He states WindClan can deal with their problems, and they should leave. However, Onestar begins to provoke Bramblestar due to his heritage, but Jayfeather intervenes, and insists they leave. When Crowfeather tells Kestrelflight about Onestar wanting him to be escorted to the Moonpool, and that the medicine cats won't like it. In turn, the splotched gray tom mews he means Jayfeather won't like it.
When both toms travel to the Moonpool, Kestrelflight asks Crowfeather if he remembers Dawnpelt accusing Jayfeather of murdering Flametail. He continues, stating the blind tom found the deceased medicine cat and convinced him to tell the truth about how he really died. Kestrelflight wonders if he can do the same with Nightcloud, and Crowfeather agrees with him. They reach the Moonpool, and Jayfeather demands why they're here. Crowfeather fires back, saying he's not the first to venture here. The smoky-gray tom wonders if the medicine cat is still mad at him about the meeting with Bramblestar in WindClan's camp. Jayfeather snaps the others have their reasons, and asks for his. Crowfeather snaps it doesn't matter, and the blind tabby disappears into the hollow with a huff of annoyance.
After Crowfeather awakens from his distressing dream about Nightcloud, he tries to conceal his emotions from Jayfeather, who is bounding down the slope. Later, Crowfeather is banished from WindClan after disapproving of Onestar's plan about the stoats, and thinks about staying in ThunderClan. However, he decides not to do it, as he'll have to deal with Lionblaze and Jayfeather. The medicine cat is mentioned again by Crowfeather when he knows he'll need to convince Onestar to get Leafpool and Jayfeather to help WindClan recover from the stoat attack. He gets his leader's permission, and goes with Harespring to the border. While there, Crowfeather hopes to grovel with Leafpool instead, as Jayfeather will be angered at the thought of speaking to them.
At the ThunderClan camp, the two explain they need assistance, and Squirrelflight asks for Leafpool and Jayfeather. Moments later, she returns with the two medicine cats. It is agreed that Leafpool will go to WindClan, and she goes with her son to fetch herbs. Jayfeather appears, though unnamed, when Crowfeather dreams after being knocked out. He is seen with his family and Feathertail, all sitting together. When he wakes up, he asks Leafpool how life is in ThunderClan, and she states Lionblaze and Jayfeather have accepted her as their mother. Later, the blind tabby appears along with Lionblaze, Bramblestar, and Squirrelflight to discuss fighting the stoats.
Crowfeather supports Breezepelt when his son requests to lure to stoats out, much to Jayfeather and Lionblaze's shock. The medicine cat interrupts Bramblestar when he speaks about the plan, sarcastically stating they'll find it easy. The ThunderClan leader is annoyed, but thanks Jayfeather for his remark. The latter reappears after the battle with the stoats, and begins to examine the injured cats with Kestrelflight and Leafpool. Later, Lionblaze tells Crowfeather Bramblestar will always be his father, making the WindClan warrior wonder if he and Jayfeather still reject him. Briefly he wonders what life would be like with Leafpool and the kits outside Clan territory, but shoves the thought aside.
When Crowfeather enters ThunderClan's medicine den to get burdock for Kestrelflight, he finds Jayfeather and Briarlight curled up together. The blind tom says he smells WindClan, whipping around to find his father. Crowfeather explains he needs to speak with Leafpool, but the medicine cat says his mother is gathering herbs, and he can give them to him as well as she can. He flatly asks if he was sent because of Breezepelt's injury, making Crowfeather note that Jayfeather sounds like Breezepelt at his angriest. He confirms he was sent because of his son, and that the infection is bad and Kestrelflight doesn't have any burdock root to spare. Jayfeather sadly states ThunderClan doesn't have the herb either.
Crowfeather is disappointed, but realizes his son still has some. He offers to use their supply and repay it by gathering more burdock, but Jayfeather admits he can't forgive him and Breezepelt, and he's not giving them the root. Crowfeather knows persuading the blind tabby for the herb won't do him any good, and he apologizes for not being a proper father. He begins to leave, but before Crowfeather can cross into WindClan territory, Jayfeather calls him back. The smoky-gray warrior turns around, and finds the medicine cat depositing burdock root at his paws. He says that although he can't forgive Breezepelt, he can't let a cat die. Crowfeather thanks him, but Jayfeather doesn't reply. Nightcloud asks him if he spoke to Leafpool, but Crowfeather states he spoke to Jayfeather instead.
Jayfeather is later seen at the Gathering standing with Leafpool and the other medicine cats. Crowfeather knows that the gray tabby did the right thing, saving Breezepelt's life.

Bramblestar's Storm

Jayfeather is first mentioned by Leafpool as she gathers coltsfoot, stating her son needs them. She then tells Millie to thank Jayfeather, as he is the one who never stops finding out ways to help Briarlight. The gray tabby asks if they still have catmint, and she replies that the blind tabby planted some by the Twoleg nest.
As Bramblestar recalls the events of the Great Battle, he remembers Jayfeather planting a bark-stripped branch below the Highledge to remember the fallen. The medicine cat had remarked that it would remind them all of the debts that they owed to their former Clanmates. Dewpaw remembers Firestar, and Jayfeather pads up and says he misses him too. Bramblestar wonders if he could still tell what's in his mind, but the medicine cat states those times are over. He informs his leader he knows he's missing Firestar, as he noticed it when Dewpaw said his name. He also notes Firestar hasn't visited him in his dreams yet, which he finds is a good omen.
Leafpool is seen tending to Jayfeather's catmint patch. The blind tom is mentioned again when Brackenfur is grieving for Sorreltail, saying she'd be alive if Jayfeather took care of her more. Inside the ShadowClan camp, Littlecloud asks Squirrelflight how Leafpool and her son are doing, but Bramblestar cuts his mate off before she can reply.
After the patrol returns, Jayfeather and Briarlight walk out of the medicine den. Leafpool tells him his catmint is doing okay, and nothing will happen to them. Briarlight begins to complain about being outside, but Jayfeather protests she's only been out for heartbeats. Before the blind tabby can argue more, Purdy tells the paralyzed she-cat to share his mouse with him, and she agrees. While checking Briarlight, Jayfeather states they missed the previous Gathering due to clouds covering the moon. He tells Bramblestar Leafpool is staying behind so he can go to tonight's Gathering. When he is at horseplace, Bramblestar remembers when Jayfeather and his siblings were kits, he remarked that a vole smelled like the dirtplace, and Squirrelflight scolded the kit for saying that.
When Blossomfall is rescued from the lake, Bramblestar orders her to see Jayfeather. Later, he is awoken by Jayfeather prodding a paw in his side. He notes the medicine cat looks irritated as he tells Bramblestar that he went out to check on the new plants, and found something ominous. The leader follows Jayfeather to the abandoned Twoleg nest to find the catmint plants have been crushed by a branch. Bramblestar remains calm and states they can be replanted, but Jayfeather says this is an omen, and something bad is bound to happen. They arrive at the hollow just as the sun begins to rise. During a hunting patrol, the younger warriors are shocked to see the damage done to Jayfeather's catmint patch, but Mousewhisker is hopeful it will grow back.
However, Bramblestar silently doubts it, knowing the extent of the omen seen by the medicine cat in the branch. After Bramblestar breaks Cherryfall's plummet to the ground, a worried Ivypool asks for the dark brown tabby to see Jayfeather, and he eventually agrees to. Back at camp, the blind tabby is heard complaining about the wind, and how it's preventing the herb stocks from being tidy. Sensing the presence of Bramblestar, he demands what he needs while hoping he didn't get into another quarrel with WindClan. The leader explains what happened, also mentioning he sent Cherryfall to the warrior's den. Sighing, Jayfeather tells Leafpool to get marigold, and after his mother exits, confesses to Bramblestar he knows he sent her away to speak with him about the omen.
Bramblestar believes he solved the omen by saving Cherryfall, but Jayfeather says he doesn't know and that the wind is making him not think properly. He tells his leader he can still check him for injuries, and finds a bump on his head. The blind medicine cat also find his shoulder is hurt, and tells Bramblestar rest and poppy seeds will help him over the next few days. However, the dark tabby states he'll be fine, in which Jayfeather replies he can suit himself. When some of the dens in the hollow begin to get soaked with water, Bramblestar orders Brightheart and Cloudtail to make their nests in Jayfeather's den. The latter is mentioned by Leafpool when she informs Bramblestar they have dry bedding, and he tells her to take it to Highledge and the apprentice's den.
Jayfeather is seen holding wads of moss near the apprentice's den, and Bramblestar asks him if he's had any more omens. The medicine cat inquires what he's looking for, and that he should be grateful no one has been hurt by the storm. Bramblestar thinks the storm isn't as bad as the doom Jayfeather prophesied, unless there's more to it. The blind tabby asks the leader if he's withholding something, to which Bramblestar says no and orders him back to the medicine den. When the hollow begins to flood, Jayfeather declares he's leaving, but Bramblestar orders him to stay and help Briarlight. He suggests to use a branch as a raft to rescue the medicine cat, Briarlight, and Purdy from the floodwaters, thinking the Stick of the Fallen would be useful.
Jayfeather protests using it, but Bramblestar tells him it's the strongest branch they have. Together, he, Dustpelt, and Brackenfur guide the cats toward the branch. Jayfeather loses his balance and screeches as he falls into the floodwater, and Bramblestar dives after him. The dark brown tabby pulls him up to the surface, where he gasps for breath and says he hates water. They fight their way through the current, the leader helping the medicine cat onto the branch. After getting Briarlight safely on, Dustpelt and Brackenfur begin to push the branch and it wobbles violently, much to Jayfeather's irritation. The branch hits solid ground, and the blind tabby follows Purdy off it. However, Briarlight's body is lifeless, making Jayfeather frantically scramble over to her. Bramblestar hopes he can save her, as he failed in his attempt to save Flametail. However, the she-cat coughs up water, proving she is alive.
The cats begin to trek up the hill, but Bramblestar finds Jayfeather pacing and asks him what's wrong. The latter states the Stick of the Fallen is missing, and after the leader examines the water, states the branch has probably been swept away. The gray tabby protests it has the memory of their deceased Clanmates, but Bramblestar tells Jayfeather they will always be remembered in their hearts, and he grunts his agreement. After escaping the flood, Bramblestar orders Dovewing to guide Jayfeather, but the blind tabby snaps he can guide himself. The dark brown tom disagrees with him, saying he knows he doesn't want assistance, but the terrain has changed and he should just put up being guided around. Jayfeather begrudgingly agrees, and Bramblestar leaves Dovewing to assist him.
When Leafpool inquires if she can fetch herbs from the flooded camp, Jayfeather agrees with her, wanting to salvage as much as they can. Bramblestar agrees with them, but warns the mottled gray tabby he shouldn't be wandering the forest by himself. Sighing, he asks for Brightheart to come with him, and they leave. The two later return to camp with their mouths full of yarrow and marigold. Jayfeather mews it's a start, but they need more cobweb before someone gets hurt. Later, the blind tabby is seen anxiously sitting with Briarlight as the she-cat coughs. Bramblestar finds Jayfeather after speaking with Rowanclaw and Littlecloud, asking if they were here. He then says he's not surprised Blackstar lost his final life in the storm, he was old and had seen much.
When Millie tells Jayfeather Briarlight has bed sores, the paralyzed she-cat says she didn't want to waste his time. The blind tom huffs that this is what a medicine cat is for, agreeing to get her herbs. He also tells Bramblestar to try and find better bedding for her. While on a hunting patrol, Lilypaw squeals she sees the Stick of the Fallen, and Bramblestar finds the stick with Jayfeather's claw marks floating in the lake. When Bramblestar finishes his conversation with Squirrelflight, Jayfeather pads up to him. The leader asks if Briarlight has gotten worse, but the medicine cat says she's fine and instead holds up a bleeding paw. Worried, Bramblestar tells him to see Leafpool, in which Jayfeather replies it's just a scratch. He then reveals he stepped on a branch that wasn't there before, which doesn't concern the dark brown tabby. The blind tom states that although he's blind, he rarely gets injured from stepping on things.
Bramblestar begins to get a suspicious feeling, asking Jayfeather if he thinks StarClan sent him an omen. The medicine cat isn't sure it is one, thinking he may be mistaken. He goes on to say Bramblestar should warn the patrols to be careful, as it could be a sign of injury. Thornclaw jumps into the conversation and says that Jayfeather is right to warn them, but they'll be fine exploring the area. He is later seen with Leafpool checking cats for injuries after a mudslide occurs in the tunnels. Bramblestar realizes the mudslide was the omen Jayfeather predicted. Leafpool comes up to him, explaining she got caught by the same branch that pricked Jayfeather earlier. Bramblestar thinks the blind tabby's Stick of the Fallen is part of this, and notices Lilypaw and Seedpaw may have gone to fetch it.
To his horror, he finds the apprentices drowning, but both come out of the lake. However, Seedpaw is not breathing, and as Brightheart attempts to revive the golden-brown she-cat, Bramblestar notes she is just as talented as Leafpool and Jayfeather. The apprentice dies, making the leader know it's his fault, as he didn't listen to his medicine cats. Later, Jayfeather is stunned to find Jessy and Frankie in camp, asking Bramblestar if he's turning ThunderClan into a home for kittypets. The leader stares at the mottled gray tabby, wishing he would have been more polite to the guests. He tells him to find something to calm Frankie down, making Jayfeather exclaim he already has enough to do. He goes to his den and returns moments later with thyme, explaining to Frankie this will calm him and he will have poppy seeds later on. The kittypet is skeptical of eating the herbs, making the medicine cat retort he can suffer instead.
The next morning, Bramblestar is surprised about Frankie's enthusiasm to join a patrol, thanking Jayfeather for giving him herbs. When the patrols to stop WindClan from crossing into ThunderClan's territories are about to leave, Jayfeather pads up to Bramblestar and warns him to be careful, as he doesn't want any more lives lost. The dark brown tabby admits he doesn't want to lose more either, stating they'll be careful. A while later, Brackenfur points out a corner in the tunnels where Leafpool and Jayfeather can have their den. That night, Bramblestar is given a prophecy by Firestar, and tells Squirrelflight he needs to speak to the medicine cats. When told about it, Jayfeather grunts Firestar could have elaborated on the meaning more. Leafpool reminds her son prophecies and omens will always be hard to understand at first thought. After some discussion, Bramblestar orders the medicine cats to inform him of anything else, and Jayfeather and Leafpool leave to sort the herbs.
Later, Frankie and Jessy ask to go out again, but Bramblestar orders them to help Leafpool and Jayfeather. He notes Brightheart has also been assisting the medicine cats as well. He then decides to speak with Rowanstar on how ShadowClan is doing, and inquires if Leafpool can come since Jayfeather is preoccupied with the kittypets. As they leave, Jessy looks up from sorting herbs with the blind medicine cat and wishes Bramblestar luck, while accidentally revealing he spoke with Tawnypelt. At ShadowClan's camp, Leafpool confesses she wants to stay and help Littlecloud, stating her son can manage without her for a few days. Bramblestar returns to the tunnels to find Jayfeather and Brightheart holding herbs. The medicine cat is furious the dark brown tabby allowed Leafpool to stay in ShadowClan, saying it isn't the same working with Brightheart.
The she-cat states she'll do her best to help him, and with a snort of disgust, she and Jayfeather walk off. Moments later, they are seen near Purdy depositing herbs in the rock crack. The blind tabby growls to Sandstorm that Rowanstar was quick to accept Leafpool, but Bramblestar reminds him she'll be back soon. Sandstorm suddenly breaks out into a fit of coughing, making the leader ask Jayfeather if she's okay. He replies she is fine, but the tunnel dampness isn't helping her. He agrees to go with Bramblestar to check the water levels in the hollow. Lionblaze pads over to them, also agreeing to join. While traveling, the two brothers get into a mock fight, but Squirrelflight breaks it up, demanding how old they are.
They apologize, but not before Jayfeather states he'll get Lionblaze later. The patrol gets caught in mud, much to Jayfeather's irritation. His brother pulls him out, telling him to use his nose. The blind tom shakes off the mud, saying all the scents are different. He begins to chew the sticks to mark the water level, sputtering they taste disgusting. Jayfeather then begins to sneak up on Lionblaze. Bramblestar decides to not warn the golden tabby, wanting to see what will happen. The medicine cat slams his paws into the water, which sends a wave that soaks Lionblaze from head to tail. His brother is angered and begins to chase him through the forest. Jessy appears, requesting to speak with Bramblestar, and he tells Squirrelflight to catch the two brothers. Jayfeather appears later in the evening when Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting.
Amberpaw begs to go fight the kittypets, but Jayfeather tells her she is far too sick to come and drags her back into the tunnels. After the fight with the kittypets, the patrol returns to camp bloodied and injured, and Squirrelflight calls for Jayfeather. At once, the medicine cat pops out from his den, shocked by the state of the cats in the front of him. He blurts out this shouldn't have happened, wishing Leafpool were with him. Lionblaze moans with pain and collapses, making his brother and Cinderheart rush over to support him. Jayfeather calls them all mouse-brains for fighting the kittypets, making Bramblestar feel despondent. He then urges Jessy to see the medicine cat for her injuries, which she does. Before he eats a mouse, Bramblestar notices the patrol has gone to see Jayfeather for their injuries, and this satisfies him.
When it is revealed that the water levels in the hollow have gone down, Jayfeather stops Lionblaze from rushing out and tells him to stay due to his injuries. The blind tabby is later mentioned by Berrynose when he states he told the cream tom he was fit enough to patrol again. When Bramblestar and Frankie find Benny's body at Twolegplace, the kittypet asks if cats of his kind go to StarClan, and the leader replies that would be hard question, even for Leafpool and Jayfeather. The latter is mentioned by Bramblestar when he sees Dovewing testing her hearing, noting he is the only one of the Three to not have long-lasting effects from losing his powers. He reassures the she-cat they did what was best, including Jayfeather uniting StarClan, and they still contribute to ThunderClan.
After Bramblestar is sent a prophecy from Yellowfang, he goes to tell the medicine cats. Jayfeather, hearing his leader's steps, asks him what's going on. Once he explains, the medicine cat advises him not to wake Leafpool, as she had to wake up to give Sandstorm tansy. They talk alone, with him noting he and Leafpool misses the half-moon meeting. Bramblestar asks if he's had any more omens, but Jayfeather replies in the negative. The leader questions him if he's noticed how well Jessy's gotten along, and the blind tabby reminds him he should be spending time with his Clanmates, not her. Bramblestar is angered at first, noting how he raised him, but realizes he has the rights to be nosy. He tells Jayfeather the kittypets need his time, but the medicine cat momentarily hesitates on replying. He asks if he was brought out to enjoy the night, but Bramblestar says he received a message from Yellowfang and explains it to the tom.
Jayfeather states it probably doesn't mean doom, but something more strong. Bramblestar demands why StarClan is so vague, but the medicine cat says even they don't hold all the answers and he should just trust himself. The next morning, Bramblestar calls a meeting with the senior warriors and tells Jayfeather he should come as well. The leader then spots the blind tabby bossing Briarlight around. Before the fight with the badgers, Jayfeather is spotted near the tunnel entrance. He is seen later on dropping tansy by Sandstorm, insisting she eat it and she'll be able to join a patrol when he says she is. Briarlight is also seen sorting herbs with the blind tom and Leafpool. Bramblestar then hears him screeching at the apprentices to be careful in his den, as they just squashed his pile of yarrow.
On the Gathering night, Bramblestar tells Squirrelflight Jayfeather will decide which one of the medicine cats will attend it, and she agrees with amusement sparking in her eyes. When at the Gathering, everyone is interrupted by Cherryfall finding the Stick of the Fallen. Jayfeather excitedly rushes over to her and digs his claws into it, his blind blue eyes full of joy.
In the manga, as Squirrelflight travels to the Moonpool, she remembers raising Jayfeather and his siblings.

Tigerheart's Shadow

When Dovewing confesses to Tigerheart that she is having strange dreams, Tigerheart asks Dovewing if she has talked to Jayfeather or Alderheart about them. Dovewing says no, as that would be confessing to the two medicine cats that she is having kits, although she worries that they have already guessed, due to her swelling belly.
After Dovewing and Tigerheart's kits are born, Dovewing tells them about Jayfeather. When one of the kits, Lightkit, asks if they can eat a red bud that she found, Dovewing says no, but that Jayfeather might be able to use it to make medicine. Lightkit asks who Jayfeather is, and Pouncekit replies that Jayfeather is the blind healer cat that Dovewing had told Lightkit, Pouncekit, and Shadowkit about. Spire hears this, and Tigerheart explains that Jayfeather had learned to become a medicine cat from a young age.

Squirrelflight's Hope

Jayfeather is first seen by Squirrelflight leaving the camp with Alderheart. When Leafpool and Squirrelflight talk, the latter remembers when she had Jayfeather and his siblings. Leafpool comforts her sister about having more kits, saying that she'll always have the medicine cat, Lionblaze, Alderheart, and Sparkpelt. Jayfeather is later mentioned again by Squirrelflight as she's held hostage with the Sisters, wondering how hard it was for Leafpool to watch her kits grow up with her. As Leafpool and Squirrelflight talk, they mention how they were always there for Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. Jayfeather is called as Sunrise, a member of the Sisters, is brought into camp.
He catches the scent of Snow, and demands to know what the rogues are doing here. Some context is given on the Sisters, but before he can do anything a long argument breaks out. When it ends, Bramblestar tells Jayfeather to take Alderheart to the Moonpool to ask StarClan if they should treat Sunrise, and urges him to hurry. He also tells Leafpool to keep the yellow she-cat alive as the other medicine cats are gone. Bramblestar constantly reminds his Clan they will do little until they come back from the Moonpool. When Sparkpelt suffers a cramp, Squirrelflight reassures her daughter her kits aren't coming and that she used to run to Jayfeather when she got them, but he said she was fine. She adds that Daisy had to drag the medicine cat out of his nest when she gave birth to her and Alderheart, and he was heard muttering why queens couldn't tell the difference between cramps and indigestion.
After a while, Jayfeather and Alderheart are noted to have not returned from the Moonpool, making Squirrelflight worry, but Leafpool states they'll be back soon. They finally return to camp, Jayfeather in the lead. He says Hollyleaf gave him a vision, reciting the words his deceased sister gave to him. At the Gathering, Squirrelflight secretly knows StarClan isn't silent, as they spoke to Jayfeather. The latter appears when it ends, mumbling about Tigerstar making excuses to fight the Sisters, and goes to walk with Hollytuft, Bristlepaw, and Thriftpaw. Before they leave, Snow thanks Leafpool for taking care of Sunrise, and she replies that Jayfeather and Alderheart would have done the same. Squirrelflight isn't so sure, thinking they'd probably be relieved to have the Sisters out of the hollow.
Squirrelflight reminds Ivypool on a hunting patrol that Bramblestar is still waiting for StarClan's word on the Sisters, and hasn't sent Jayfeather and Alderheart to the Moonpool. The blind tabby is mentioned again by Squirrelflight when she warns Bramblestar that Tigerstar can easily twist what Hollyleaf told Jayfeather about the way forward. After Larksong collapses in the nursery, he is brought into the medicine den. Alderheart asks if the black tom can be given more yarrow, but Jayfeather says he is too weak and they must figure out what's wrong with him first. Sparkpelt pleads with him to do something, and the blind tom suggests giving Larksong chervil leaves. Leafpool tells Squirrelflight she and Jayfeather are still puzzled about what's affecting Larksong, as they've never seen a sickness stop a cat's breathing before.
Daisy asks for an update on the tom's condition, and Squirrelflight replies Alderheart, Jayfeather, and Leafpool are doing everything they can at the moment. The deputy leaves the nursery, wondering if the medicine cats have found a cure. She hears the voices of Leafpool and Jayfeather talking inside the medicine den. The latter later argues with Squirrelflight, advising her not to come with them to ShadowClan, as it's their business and not hers. She offers to escort them, to which he states she should tell Bramblestar. Jayfeather snorts they can't accuse ShadowClan of poisoning their food, but also says they're always responsible for something. The blind tabby moves on and states they need to speak with Puddleshine as soon as they can to see if they can learn something to cure Larksong.
Squirrelflight says Bramblestar is hunting near the beech grove, and the medicine cats agree to go find him to get permission to go to ShadowClan. As they venture into the forest, Jayfeather is seen sticking his nose into blueberry bushes, tracking Bramblestar's scent. Turning his gaze to Squirrelflight, he says they mustn't slow down as Larksong's life depends on them getting to ShadowClan. However, as the medicine cat leads them through the beech grove, Bramblestar isn't found. Squirrelflight wonders if they should ask Puddleshine if ShadowClan has involvement, but Jayfeather says that will just start an argument when they just need advice on a cure. Bramblestar suddenly appears with a patrol, and tells Squirrelflight they can go. She relays the news to Jayfeather, and in turn he warns her a patrol's coming. Snowbird, Snaketooth, and Cinnamontail emerge and demand what they're doing here.
The gray tabby states they need to speak with Puddleshine, and after some arguing, Snowbird agrees to let them across. When they reach the ShadowClan camp, the white she-cat tells Jayfeather to head straight for the medicine den. Just as fighting nearly breaks out between Tigerstar and Squirrelflight, Jayfeather and Alderheart return from speaking with Puddleshine. The blind tom says this won't solve anything and they should get back to Leafpool with the news. As they leave, he snorts warriors always fuss over borders. Dovewing follows them and says the Sisters are just rogues, making Jayfeather think she has a point. Squirrelflight asks him if every Clan thinks of themselves as better, and he says they do and it's part of the warrior code.
As they near the border, she questions Jayfeather on what ShadowClan says, and he replies that although he can no longer read thoughts, it seems they have nothing to do with Larksong falling ill. Squirrelflight spots a mouse in the area Larksong hunted in, and wonders if they can see if the prey is sick. The blind tabby supports the idea but says the mouse must be caught first. The ginger she-cat kills it and brings it to him and Alderheart, and after a thorough examination, the medicine cats conclude the mouse is fully healthy and not sick. Squirrelflight suddenly gets dizzy, and Jayfeather quizzes her on her symptoms. He concludes she's probably hungry and she should eat when they get back to the hollow. They find something is wrong at camp, and at once the mottled gray tabby rushes to his den. It is revealed Sparkpelt has fallen ill with the sickness, and as she enters, Squirrelflight finds Jayfeather examining her daughter.
Frowning, he pulls away and says he's never seen a sickness like this before. He tells Leafpool and Alderheart they must look over every cat in ThunderClan to see if they have the same ailments, and they agree. He and Alderheart are seen going from cat to cat, examining them for sickness. The medicine cat finds Thriftpaw is wheezing, and starts to escort her to the medicine den. Ivypool asks to come with her kit, but Jayfeather tells her she must stay out if the sickness is contagious. After learning a cure from the Sisters, Squirrelflight finds Jayfeather crouching near Larksong in the medicine den. He asks if the Sisters are sick, but the deputy instead tells him what she learned. The medicine cat then goes to inform Bramblestar about the dandelion root being the cure. Leafpool returns with some and Jayfeather begins to chew it into a pulp. He orders his mother to hold Larksong's head, stating they may be able to get it on his tongue.
However, Larksong begins to have a seizure, much to the panic of his mate Sparkpelt. Jayfeather calms her down, explaining it's just a fit and it will subside in a moment. Worried, Bramblestar asks the medicine cats if he'll be alright, but they awkwardly stare at each other. Squirrelflight asks Jayfeather if he can give him the dandelion root, but he says it's too late now and instead attempts to give it to Sparkpelt. Suddenly, the pregnant she-cat goes into labor from her excessive stress, and Leafpool urgently tells Alderheart to take Berrynose and Thriftpaw to the nursery as she handles the situation with her son. The blind tabby goes to her side, and says the first kit is coming. Her birth ends, but Larksong dies after nuzzling one of his kits. Jayfeather rushes to the deceased tom's nest and moves the she-kit back with her littermates.
When Squirrelflight and Leafpool awaken in a meadow after the rockslide, Larksong informs them Alderheart and Jayfeather are trying to save them. The black tom swirls his paw in a pool and allows the sisters to see their bodies in the ThunderClan camp, and the medicine cats are seen looking over them. Leafpool is tested by the various cats of StarClan, stating if Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf were never born, the Dark Forest would have succeeded with their plans. Squirrelflight is tested next by Crookedstar, who says she lied to her Clan about Leafpool's kits and that such a cat should not have a place in StarClan. After their tests are completed, Leafpool tells Squirrelflight she wants her son and Alderheart to save them. Jayfeather is later seen through the pool in the medicine den, laying at the side of Leafpool's body.
Squirrelflight transports herself to the ThunderClan camp, finding a hopeless Jayfeather and Alderheart in the medicine den. The latter asks his mentor if there's anything else they can do, but he replies in the negative. Her heart fills up with love for him, wondering how it felt for Jayfeather to go through learning the truth about his parentage. Squirrelflight sees his fur smooth, as if he's comforted by her presence. She fades away and awakens to Jayfeather's voice in the medicine den, dripping sap into her mouth. She finds the body of Leafpool and begins to cry out, making the blind tabby block her view. Squirrelflight returns to StarClan, where Firestar informs her Jayfeather and Alderheart's treatments are working. Leafpool tells her sister she'll always be connected to her, and the medicine cats can manage without her.
Just as Squirrelflight is about to return to the living world, Leafpool tells her to inform her kits she is sorry for lying to them. Jayfeather is seen as Squirrelflight warps through various memories eating a rabbit. The deputy wakes up in the medicine den and finds the blind tom sitting with Lionblaze. He tells her Sparkpelt is doing fine and she's nursing her kits at the moment. Jayfeather tells Alderheart to get the comfrey ready for Squirrelflight's splint. At Leafpool's vigil, after being told to speak, Jayfeather says his mother was a good medicine cat, saying Hollyleaf died defending her lie. Lionblaze is outraged and questions his brother on why he would say such a thing. He replies that he eventually forgave Leafpool and learned to respect her as a medicine cat and mother. Later, at the Gathering, the medicine cats call out Leafpool's name to the sky.

In the Novellas

Leafpool's Wish

Once Leafpool learns that she is expecting Crowfeather's kits, she worries about what will happen to them. She remains determined to uphold her position as a medicine cat, despite the fact she is breaking the medicine cats' code by having these kits. A few days before she is set to give birth, she travels away from the Clan with Squirrelflight.
When Leafpool delivers, Jayfeather is born last, and described as a pale gray tabby even smaller than his littermates. He is named a little while after his littermates, Hollykit and Lionkit. He also opens his eyes a bit after them, and when he does open his eyes, Leafpool is stunned by a flash of blue, and gasps that his eyes are like a jay's wing. This leads Squirrelflight to suggest the name Jaykit, and his mother agrees, noting to herself that he will one day be named Jayfeather after his father.
Leafpool knows that there is a special place in her heart for him, and notices that he seems strangely vulnerable compared to his littermates. Half a moon later, the kits are playing around when Jaykit accidentally falls into a hole. He is rescued by Leafpool, and she finally begins to suspect that something might be different about him. She asks him to fetch a big leaf for her, the biggest one there. He uses his whiskers to examine the leaves, and eventually brings one back to her that is not the biggest leaf. This confirms Leafpool's theory that Jaykit is blind. Leafpool is upset at her son's vulnerability, quietly swearing to herself she will always walk beside him. She tells Squirrelflight her new discovery about the smallest kit. When Squirrelflight is troubled and suggests that Jaykit will not be able to become a warrior, Leafpool hisses that he will have the same life as his littermates, blind or not.
When the sisters and kits head back to ThunderClan, Jaykit is full of questions for Leafpool. He asks her why she isn't walking with them anymore, and why Squirrelflight, who they will now believe to be their mother, didn't stay in the Clan to have the kits. He also asks Leafpool why he can't see like Hollykit and Lionkit can. Leafpool sadly answers to his last question that she will not ever be able to make him see, but he just says okay and scampers back to his littermates. When the kits enter the ThunderClan camp for the first time, Lionkit and Hollykit support Jaykit on either side to guide him through the thorns.

Hollyleaf's Story

He is with his littermates, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze, in the ThunderClan camp when the fire spreads through the hollow. Along with his littermates, he witnesses Ashfur's angry threats toward them, and Squirrelflight reveals a secret; that Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather are not her kits.
When Hollyleaf runs into the tunnels, she remembers that her littermates know that she killed Ashfur, and believes that it's best for her littermates to believe that she died in the rockfall.
Several moons later, Hollyleaf snuck into ThunderClan territory to see how her Clanmates were doing and, while hidden, spotted Jayfeather waking up and calling to Briarlight. He offers to get her prey so she won't have to drag herself over more than she had to, but she declines.

Mistystar's Omen

While Mothwing and newly-named Mistystar are visiting the ThunderClan camp, they recount the recent deaths of three RiverClan elders due to starvation. Both Firestar and Jayfeather are listening and are sympathetic. Jayfeather offers Mothwing some of his herbs to replenish the rapidly dwindling RiverClan supply, specifically giving her a generous amount of watermint.
Afterward, when Mistystar and Mothwing begin traveling again and have reached the edge of the woods, Mistystar asks Mothwing if Jayfeather knows about her disbelief of StarClan. Mothwing nods, and Mistystar continues, asking what he thinks about it. Mothwing says that Jayfeather accepts her because he knows she is a good medicine cat and will do anything to help her Clan.

Mothwing's Secret

Before the Great Battle, Mothwing reflects how ridiculous it was that StarClan forbade the medicine cats from speaking with the others and to stand alone. Jayfeather had also warned Mothwing the Dark Forest was planning on attacking with living Clan cats soon.

Dovewing's Silence

When Brambleclaw leaves the camp to receive his nine lives from StarClan, Jayfeather follows him out. After the burial, he returns with the newly-named Bramblestar.
Dovewing enters the medicine den after she is prompted to by her mother when she admits that her ears are buzzing. Jayfeather appears to be very stressed, and snaps that Leafpool is asleep, and that he is in the middle of changing Foxleap's dressings. Dovewing asks how the injured warrior is, and he tells her that Foxleap is not good. Dovewing says that her problem can wait, and that she will return tomorrow if she needs to. Jayfeather disappears back into the den, and Dovewing finds herself concerned about him, noticing that he almost seems frightened.
When Bramblestar goes to meet with the other Clan representatives about the fate of the cats who had trained in the Dark Forest, Jayfeather goes along, as well as Dovewing and Lionblaze.
Dovewing is concerned that she and the other two cats in the Power of Three have lost their powers. She tries unsuccessfully a number of times to speak with Jayfeather about this. She finally manages to get into the medicine den again, after a brisk conversation with Lionblaze, and finds him treating Foxleap's nasty wound. The medicine cat is on edge and anxious, and wonders in frustration why StarClan keeps punishing ThunderClan. He insists that Foxleap must not die. When Dovewing brings up the subject of their powers, Jayfeather freezes but then dismisses it, saying that he cannot help her if she is not in pain. Soon she stumbles from the den, and now knows that something is definitely wrong with Jayfeather.
A short while later, Dovewing heads back toward his den only to hear him yowling grief, demanding to know why StarClan won't let him save the injured warriors. It is clear Foxleap has died, and when Leafpool pushes past Dovewing into the den and wails sadly, this fact is confirmed to Dovewing. Jayfeather growls that StarClan wanted Foxleap more than they did, and Leafpool murmurs comforting words to him.
Cats start to fall ill, and when Dovewing sees Jayfeather leaping down the rocks leading to the Highledge, she is worried that Bramblestar is now sick. Jayfeather tells her that he is fine, and that it is Hazeltail who might have greencough. Later on, he is seen asking a patrol if they found any catmint, but they have only found fennel. Jayfeather nods and adds that hawkweed could be helpful too for the sick cats.
Lionblaze and Dovewing meet up with Jayfeather, and they discuss how they can no longer use their powers. Jayfeather takes them to the Moonpool, where they hope that StarClan will be able to provide an answer for them. In their dreams, they meet Midnight and Rock, who tell them that they have lost their powers because their gifts are no longer needed. Midnight tells Jayfeather that he is a wise medicine cat and doesn't need in see cats' thoughts in order to treat them effectively. When they wake up, Jayfeather impatiently tells the others to get up so that they can return to camp, because he has sick cats to tend to.

Tawnypelt's Clan

When Dovewing returns to the Tribe of Rushing Water with Tawnypelt, one of the Tribe cats calls out to Dovewing, asking about Jayfeather and Lionblaze.

In the Short stories and plays

After Sunset: The Right Choice?

Leafpool briefly worries about what will happen once Jayfeather and his siblings are born, but she quickly pushes the thought away.

Brightspirit's Mercy

Brightspirit, Braveheart, and Shiningheart appear to Jaypaw to tell him to share some of ThunderClan's plentiful prey with the other Clans, who are starving during leaf-bare. Although his brother Lionblaze is skeptical of the idea of helping the Clans, Brightspirit tells Jaypaw to listen to his heart and show mercy to others. He convinces his siblings to help him and they save the other Clans. Later, although Jaypaw doesn't hear, Braveheart says that the apprentice has a difficult path ahead of him, to which Brightspirit replies that she will stay with him every step of the way.

Ultimate Leader Election: Firestar

He is the one to suggest casting the stones to pick who the leader of the four united Clans will be; this is something he got from his experience as Jay's Wing in Long Shadows. Through the vote involving every cat in all the Clans, Firestar is chosen as the leader of all the Clans for that time.
He also measures the length of the lines on each side of the stick, with the other medicine cats.

In the Field Guides

Cats of the Clans

The narrator of this guide, Rock, says that Firestar has waited a long time for the birth of Jaypaw and his siblings, although he waited in dread. Jaypaw, Lionpaw, and Hollypaw are destined to carry the power of the stars in their paws.
Jaypaw is the blind medicine cat apprentice who can see in his dreams and walk in other cat's dreams also. He is destined to be a medicine cat, although he started out training to be a warrior, with his knowledge for herbs and his unique gift for being able to walk in cats' dreams. Rock adds that dreams are private, however, and would hate to be disturbed while he was sleeping.

Battles of the Clans

Jayfeather does not make an appearance, but he is noted as being ThunderClan's full-time medicine cat in the ThunderClan facts. Heathertail also mentions that Jayfeather is among the cats in the Clans that knew about the underground tunnels; the other three cats being Breezepelt, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf.

The Ultimate Guide

It is mentioned on Sandstorm's page that when the truth came out about Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jayfeather, Sandstorm stood by her kits.
It is mentioned on Leafpool’s page that Leafpool fell in love with Crowfeather and bore his kits. Since she was a medicine cat and cannot have kits, she gave up her kits to Squirrelflight, who convinced even her mate that they are hers. When her secret was discovered by Hollyleaf who blurted it out at a Gathering, Leafpool was forced to give up her role as a medicine cat and to add to her agony, her kits hated her to lying, especially Jayfeather who become the only medicine cat of ThunderClan. Leafpool never judged and was always proud. Jayfeather soon realized that Leafpool’s skills are too precious to lose and invited her back to the medicine den.
He is mentioned twice on Squirrelflight’s page. Squirrelflight was incapable of doing anything but what she believed was right, even taking Leafpool’s kits and making her Clanmates believe they were her own. Squirrelflight watched Brambleclaw raise the kits and when the truth came out of their real mother, Brambleclaw couldn’t forgive Squirrelflight for lying to him.
He appears on Brambleclaw’s page. Brambleclaw’s greatest challenge was becoming father to Jayfeather and his siblings. He relished the challenge as he watched the kits grow into strong, loyal ThunderClan cats, and his heart broke when he learned he was not the real father. It is mentioned on Ashfur's page that Ashfur's bitterness to Squirrelflight led to Ashfur threatening to kill Squirrelflight's kits, which made her reveal who their true mother is.
He appears on Hollyleaf’s page. Jayfeather had sight in his dreams and the ability to walk in StarClan whenever he likes. Hollyleaf was broken when they found out Squirrelflight is not their mother and when Hollyleaf and her brothers discovered who their real mother and father was, Hollyleaf was overwhelmed by the size of the secret.
Jayfeather has his own page in The Ultimate Guide. It first says that he shared his littermates curiosity, and it led to an adventure with fox cubs that almost took them all to StarClan prematurely. It also says that he was very frustrated when Firestar apprenticed him to Brightheart. He realized it was his destiny to become a medicine cat after a disastrous first battle and a dream visit from Spottedleaf. His connection with StarClan and memory for herbs made him unusually gifted from the start. He still thought it was a second-best future, limited to the territory. He found freedom by walking in other cat's dreams and that in how he learned about the prophecy Firestar had received. It gave him confidence to challenge his warrior ancestors and interfere with the destiny of the Tribe of Rushing Water. He learned from their ancestors, the Tribe of Endless Hunting, that something dark and terrible loomed for all the Clans and chances of survival depended on him and his littermates. After receiving the medicine cat name, Jayfeather, his destiny became entangled with that of the mountain cats. He walked with them as a long ago Sharpclaw named Jay's Wing. He fell in love with Half Moon and helped guide the mountain cats to their new home by the lake. Knowing he had to return to his own time, he made Half Moon first ever Teller of the Pointed Stones for the mountain cats. As he left he heard Half Moon calling to him, saying "I will wait for you forever, Jay's Wing!"
It is mentioned on Cinderheart’s page that Cinderheart tried to ignore dreams of walking in a forest she didn’t recognize but knew and knew faces and herbs until Jayfeather walked with her in their dreams and gently showed they were memories. It is also mentioned on Dovewing’s page that Jayfeather instantly recognized the potential of Dovewing’s powers and told her to pretend what she saw of the beavers were a dream, which is something Firestar would understand.
He appears on Ivypool’s page. Unknown to Ivypool, Jayfeather followed her into her dreams and discovered her involvement in the Dark Forest. He and Lionblaze saw the potential of recruiting Ivypool as a spy and she agreed. He also appears on Briarlight’s page. Briarlight had a healthy curiosity about Jayfeather’s skills as a medicine cat. When Briarlight broke her spine and believed her future was bleak, even refusing fresh-kill, only Jayfeather’s stern words reminded her that a Clan cares for all cats, so Briarlight helped Jayfeather by sorting and storing herbs among other things.
Jayfeather appears in “Bramblestar’s Nine Lives: The Return of The Heroes”.
Jayfeather tells Brambleclaw that he’ll get used to the coldness of the Moonpool or his nose will go numb. Jayfeather tells Brambleclaw for him to stop wriggling and close his eyes and wait for StarClan to come. When they both fall asleep, Brambleclaw is surprised to see that Jayfeather can see in his dreams.
Brambleclaw notes that Jayfeather seems to calm, as if being among the spirits was at natural as being among living Clanmates. Brambleclaw feels a flash of pride, and notes he raised him as his own son, and Jayfeather has done well. Later, when he is receiving a life from Goldenflower, he thinks of Jayfeather and his siblings, and notes he would still still give his life in a moment to protect them.
He is mentioned twice on Runningnose’s and Littlecloud’s page. Littlecloud watched out for Jayfeather on his first independent journeys to the Moonpool. Littlecloud also did not blame Jayfeather for failing to save Flametail. It is also mentioned on Blackstar’s page that Lionblaze, Hollyleaf and Jaypaw schemed with Tigerpaw and Dawnpaw to create a false message from StarClan. They dug up saplings to fall onto Blackstar and trap him while Jaypaw pretended to be a StarClan cat with a dire warning. He was soon joined by Runningnose and Raggedstar.
He appears on Flametail’s page. Flamepaw and his siblings were intrigued to see Jaypaw and his siblings. When Jaypaw came up with the idea to make a fake sign from StarClan, Flamepaw and his siblings were keen to help. When Flametail falls the sheet of ice covering the lake, Jayfeather tries to save him but is nudged away by Rock.
He is mentioned twice on Crowfeather’s page. Crowfeather was horrified to learn that Jayfeather and his siblings are his kits, and refused to acknowledge them as his own. Later, alone with Leafpool, Crowfeather admitted he regretted nothing, the closest he will ever go to accepting his ThunderClan kits as his own. He is mentioned on Nightcloud’s and Breezepelt’s page. When Breezepelt learned that Jayfeather, Lionblaze and Hollyleaf are Crowfeather’s kits, his horror is not hard to imagine.
It is mentioned on Heathertail's page that Heatherpaw first met Lionpaw when she and her mentor Crowfeather took Jaypaw back to ThunderClan after a mishap at the edge of the lake. When three WindClan kits went missing, Lionpaw and Heatherpaw guessed they went into the tunnels and went to search with Jaypaw and Hollypaw. Torrential rain flooded underground, washing the cats out into the lake and narrowly escaping with their lives.
It is mentioned on Stoneteller’s page that he watched gratefully as Jayfeather named Crag as the next Stoneteller. This is also reflected on Crag’s page, and that Jayfeather knew he needed to choose a cat with experience and with great courage and faith in his tribe and was selfless enough to put his tribe first and will work hard for the rest of their life. Crag was that cat.
Jayfeather appears on Half Moon’s page. She loved Jayfeather, who she knew as Jay’s Wing, and was heart-broken when he didn’t come to the mountains with the rest of the Ancient cats. Unknown to her, Jayfeather was forced to return to his own time through the tunnels by Rock. Half Moon was delighted when Jayfeather returned, but was devastated when he told her destiny is to become a Stoneteller when Half Moon just wants to be his mate and raise his kits. Jayfeather wanted that too, but he knew that fate did not guide their paw steps side by side. Half Moon finally accepted what Jayfeather told her and became Stoneteller. Throughout her life, she remembered Jayfeather’s advice and when he left the mountains for the last time, he heard Half Moon calling to him, telling that she will wait forever.
He appears on Sol’s page. Sol went to ThunderClan and told Jaypaw and Leafpool that a terrible darkness is coming, this concided with Jaypaw’s own vision of darkness coming to the Dark Forest. Jaypaw’s fake sign from StarClan restored Blackstar’s faith after it was wavered by Sol, and it led to Sol’s banishment.
He is mentioned on Rock's page. Rock blamed the existence of the three, if Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing did not come, the prophecy that involved the Dark Forest rising would not have been fulfilled. He is lastly mentioned on Midnight’s page. When Sol had come to the lake and did his best to cause trouble, Jayfeather met Midnight and asked why she told the loner about the Clans.
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