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Interesting facts

  • Jayfeather had the power to appear in other cats' dreams and read their emotions, thoughts, and memories,[1] but his power was revoked after his role in the prophecy had been fulfilled.[2]
  • He has WindClan blood through Crowfeather,[3] and kittypet blood through Firestar.[4]
  • He was born blind due to genetic reasons.[5][6][7]
  • Jayfeather was named after his eyes, as the color of them are like a jay's wing.[6]
  • Leafpool named Jayfeather after his father, Crowfeather.[8][6]
  • He has not forgiven Crowfeather and hates Breezepelt for attempting to kill Lionblaze, even after Lionblaze forgives them both.[9]
  • Tigerstar still holds resentment towards Jayfeather for letting Flametail drown, even when it was confirmed it was not Jayfeather's fault.[10]
  • It was heavily implied in The Confidential Notes #2: Unhappily Ever After? Ending the Doomed Romances that Jayfeather and Half Moon would walk together in StarClan.[11]
  • A plush toy has been made of Jayfeather.[12]
  • Jayfeather was the last of his litter to be born.[13]

Author statements

  • Jayfeather is the second cat to be referred by the prefix of his name only.[14] Vicky has said that this is a nickname, and it shows Lionblaze's affection for his brother.[15]
  • Jayfeather is the reincarnation of Jay's Wing.[16]
    • Vicky has confirmed that when Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing die they will be their own selves, not the cats that they were reincarnated from.[17]
    • Kate also adds that he, Dovewing and Lionblaze will go to StarClan when they die, and not the Tribe of Endless Hunting.[blog 1]
  • Kate stated that she loved the shipping of "Jay and Stick", and that she "adored her fans' sense of humor."[blog 2]
  • Kate has stated it would be hard to write a whole novel in his point of view as he is blind.[blog 3]
  • Jayfeather is Kate's favorite character to write because he remains in camp and with other characters "moving cats from A to B is the hardest part" of writing.[blog 4]


  • He has been mistakenly called black.[18]
  • He is once mistakenly called Jaypaw before Firestar assigns him his apprentice name.[19]
  • Jayfeather describes Dustpelt as a dark tabby despite not being able to see him.[20]
  • He mentions that "every time he saw Leafpool, Squirrelflight, or Brambleclaw, he felt the prick of betrayal", despite being blind and not being able to see any of them, and Brambleclaw not knowing any of the lies about Jayfeather's birth prior to Hollyleaf revealing the secret.[21]
  • Stone Song refers to Jay's Wing as Jayfeather despite not knowing Jayfeather's Clan name.[22]
  • Jayfeather's eyes are shown without pupils in The Ultimate Guide.[23]
  • Whilst her kits are being born Jayfeather assures Whitewing that her daughters will be wonderful despite not knowing if they will be she-cats.[24]

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