"Ken and Jean. I spent every day with them. […] Then Jean got sick. She got so weak… so fast… and I tried to help, I tried to comfort her the best I could. But nothing worked. Then I came home one day, and she was gone."
— Sasha in Into the Woods, page 6-7

Jean is an elderly Twoleg woman.[1]


In the Tigerstar and Sasha arc

Into the Woods

Unnamed person: "So, uh… that's your cat, is it? With you and your wife?"
Ken: "Yes. We didn't have children, you see."
—Ken talking about Jean Into the Woods, page 4
Ken and Jean are seen as Sasha's former owners. Sasha explains about her elderly housefolk, Ken and Jean. She remembers how Jean had grown sick and died, and after her death, Ken started growing weak and he left. Sasha was heart broken. When Sasha meets Pine she explains to him about Ken and Jean, and of her former life. He informs her that she should remove her collar, and then helps her remove it. She keeps the collar, though, as a memento; it reminds her of Ken and Jean, and how they had given it to her.
Later, Sasha thinks that if she can't have Ken and Jean, then she doesn't want anyone, not Pine nor Tigerstar. When he finds her, Tigerstar tells her to bury the collar that Jean and Ken gave her, but she realizes that she can't, and that she shouldn't be ashamed of her life with her housefolk, as Ken and Jean were good to her.

Escape from the Forest

"There's that little hole I put in [the clothing] by accident. Jean was so mad when I did it."
―Sasha about Ken’s clothing Escape from the Forest, page 24
As Sasha walks through a Twolegplace she thinks of how many housefolk there are around, but that none of them are like Ken or Jean. Sasha finds an old jacket of Ken's at a sale and remembers how she had bitten a small hole in it and how Jean had grown angry at her for it. The first time that Sasha sees the captain, she thinks of how he looks sad, but not as sad as Ken was when Jean had passed away. Sasha grows content with the captain but she wishes that Ken and Jean were there with her.

Return to the Clans

Sasha briefly thinks of how her kits need her as much as she had, at one time, needed Ken and Jean.


Notes and references

  1. Revealed in Into the Woods, page 7
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