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"I know. But you already love Squirrelflight. As you should. She is the mother of your kits. I know they weren't born to you. But you are their father, just as Squirrelflight is their mother. That is not a bond that's easily broken. Not even washed away in a storm!"
— Jessy to Bramblestar about his relationship with Squirrelflight in Bramblestar's Storm, page 461

Jessy is a dark brown she-cat[2] with amber eyes.[7]

Jessy is a kittypet that lived in ThunderClan after the Great Storm. She thrived in Clan life, realizing that her former life as a kittypet was too tame for her. She and Bramblestar developed feelings for each other, but Jessy opted to leave ThunderClan when she realized the bond he still shared with his former mate, Squirrelflight.


In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Although unnamed, Sparkpaw mentions Jessy. Jayfeather asks the apprentice how Cherryfall got hurt, and Sparkpaw explains that they and Sorrelstripe were talking about the prophecy to 'Embrace what you find in the shadows, for only they can clear the sky'. Cherryfall started to think that would involve Jessy and Minty, as they stayed with ThunderClan during the Great Storm. Due to this, the patrol decided to go find Jessy and Minty and see if they wished to return to the Clan. Jayfeather expresses his distaste of the idea, explaining the kittypets have nothing to do with StarClan and serve no use to the Clans. Sparkpaw twice defends her injured mentor, saying to go find Jessy and Minty was only an idea. She also explains they thought they could go to the Twolegplace and find kittypets who could tell them where to find Jessy and Minty and talk to them. Alderpaw is confused over the patrol's actions, thinking the kittypets cannot be what the prophecy from StarClan speaks of.

In the Super Editions

Bramblestar's Storm

"Catching your own food doesn't make you better than me. Stop being so smug. No cat can help where they're born!"
―Jessy snapping at Bramblestar Bramblestar's Storm, page 243
Jessy is found by Bramblestar and his patrol on the way back from a Twoleg nest on the edge of RiverClan territory. He hears her wailing and soon finds her beside another nest. He asks her if he can help but she rebuffs him. He then notices another kittypet, Frankie, trapped in the nest. Insisting that he can help, Bramblestar pushes open the window he is trapped behind, and with Jessy's help, Frankie is freed. He thanks Bramblestar freely but Jessy is grudging. The rest of Bramblestar's patrol arrives, shocked at the appearance of more kittypets.
When Frankie refuses the shelter offered to him by Bramblestar and the ThunderClan cats, insisting that he must stay to look for his brother, Benny, Jessy manages to persuade him to come. She stays close to Bramblestar as they and the others walk back to where the patrol left a Twoleg pelt in a tub. Jessy is impressed when she realizes that they stole it from the Twolegs. Lionblaze and Cinderheart get into the floodwater and propel the tub along, while the others walk along the bank to where it reaches the lake. Jessy stays beside Frankie, quietly encouraging him as they walk. The cats are dismayed at the fast currents where the stretch of floodwater meets the lake water, and they have to walk closer to the lake to cross. Just as they're about to cross the calmer water, some Twolegs and a monster appear. Unwilling to let themselves be seen, the cats walk back to the place where the currents meet. Jessy is apprehensive, but she doesn't protest.
Frankie refuses, terrified of the water, even when she tells him she'll help him. She turns to Bramblestar and suggests putting him into the tub with the blanket. When he agrees, Jessy nudges him over to the tub and shoves him in. The others wade into the water and begin to swim, and they cross with little trouble, though Poppyfrost is pushed under and the blanket gets wet. As they walk through ShadowClan territory, pushing the tub through the floodwater, Poppyfrost scents a patrol and the Clan cats climb trees. Jessy tries to help Frankie, but is told to leave him. She climbs a tree quickly, but clumsily as Lionblaze and Bramblestar help Frankie. The patrol passes without scenting or seeing them.
The group flee ShadowClan territory, and when they get back to ThunderClan, Bramblestar introduces it to the kittypets as his home. Jessy is incredulous as she gazes around, but Bramblestar understands her disbelief as the storm caused the territory to look very different. He wishes he could show Jessy the territory on a sunny day in greenleaf. The kittypets are taken to ThunderClan's temporary camp and Jayfeather, ThunderClan's medicine cat, sniffs Frankie and Jessy disdainfully and asks if they are making ThunderClan a home for lost kittypets. When Jayfeather later gives Frankie thyme for his shock, Frankie is hesitant until Jessy gives him a hard nudge and tells him to eat.
When Squirrelflight, ThunderClan's deputy, sees Jessy and Frankie, she expresses concern over how they are to be fed, as prey is scarce and she does not believe them capable of hunting for themselves. Bramblestar, angered, asks her if she would rather he left them behind to die. Squirrelflight says that she supposes not, but it would not make life any easier. Jessy pushes forward and snarls at her, saying that she should be grateful to Bramblestar as he risked his life for the blanket the cats brought with them. Squirrelflight is taken aback and responds that she knows how strong Bramblestar is. She leaves to sort patrols and Jessy asks Bramblestar if she is always like that. He says that she is. Jessy notices Minty, a kittypet ThunderClan rescued from the flood before, and she and Frankie go over to her. They touch noses like old friends, but Bramblestar notes that it is hardly a joyful reunion. When Graystripe, a senior warrior, states the floods are more damaging than they realize, Bramblestar wonders what they are going to do with the kittypets.
The next day, Jessy is seen emerging from the tunnel ThunderClan is using as a temporary camp, tired and looking around nervously. She spots Bramblestar and walks over to him, inquiring if they live in the tunnels all the time. Bramblestar tells that their real camp is much better, and asks her if she would like to see it. Jessy agrees, calling him a wild cat again. On the way to the hollow, Jessy has difficulties walking in the forest terrain, prompting Bramblestar to offer to go back. Jessy insists that she is fine, and Bramblestar is half-amused and half-impressed by her determination, noting that she is not like any other kittypet he has met before.
They reach the flooded hollow and Bramblestar points out what can be seen of the dens. Jessy exclaims that they are really well organized, and Bramblestar replies that they have to look after themselves, as they can't rely on Twolegs. Jessy is annoyed at this, and states that just because they are kittypets doesn’t mean they are weak or lazy. Bramblestar avoids an argument and invites her to see more of the territory instead. He leads her to the WindClan border and she follows at his shoulder, seemingly forgetting her irritation and instead gazing around with interest. Bramblestar spots a trespassing WindClan patrol and steers him and Jessy away to the top of a ridge.
Jessy starts to puff as they climb the steep hill, but she manages to keep up and when they reach the top her eyes widen with amazement at the view of the flooded lake. She says that it is amazing, she feels like a bird, she didn't realize how far the water stretches and points out her housefolk's den. She tells Bramblestar that she used to hunt in the backyard of her house, as well as Frankie and Benny's. She says that it is the best, full of thick bushes. Bramblestar replies that she doesn’t really need to hunt as she does not have to catch her own food and, says that he bets she never caught a thing. Jessy, angered, says that catching his own food doesn't make him better than her and tells him to stop being smug, because no cat can help where they're born. Bramblestar is taken aback and tells her that she has a point, before telling her about how the previous leader, Firestar, had once been a kittypet. Jessy says she wishes she had had the chance to meet him, and Bramblestar tells her that he does too.
When the two return to the tunnel Squirrelflight confronts them, asking them where they have been. Bramblestar tells her that he has been showing Jessy the territory. After she has sorted a patrol Bramblestar also tells her that he and Jessy saw a WindClan patrol on ThunderClan territory. Squirrelflight sorts a patrol to go upriver to see if WindClan is using something to cross the flooding river. Jessy asks to join, saying that she wants to help in some way, because she knows that she can't hunt. She shoots Bramblestar a look of exaggerated innocence, reminding him of the earlier conversation. Bramblestar tells her she can join on the condition that she does exactly as he tells her. As the patrol work their way up the stream, on the lookout for WindClan, Snowpaw tells Jessy that this is the way to the Moonpool, explaining about it and StarClan. Jessy begins to ask Bramblestar to explain, but he silences her.
The patrol find a tree fallen across the swollen stream that the WindClan cats are using to cross to ThunderClan territory. Jessy offers to take a closer look, running along the trunk. Bramblestar admires how light-pawed and nimble she is, realizing she must have practiced with fence-tops. The patrol looks a bit startled but says nothing. Bumblestripe smells WindClan cats coming and Bramblestar calls Jessy back, shoving her under a thorn bush beside him. Jessy peers out at him, excited by the sudden crisis. Squirrelflight's patrol appears, chasing the WindClan cats Bramblestar and Jessy saw earlier back across the stream. Then Bramblestar decides to remove the tree and Ivypool and Jessy agree, and the group of cats think of ways to shift it. Jessy suggests dislodging all the rubbish piled up against it, thinking that the extra force of the current will wash it away. Ivypool is doubtful of the idea, realizing that it would require at least one cat being stuck on the WindClan bank. Bramblestar decides to shift just one end.
The patrols cluster together, trying to push the end of the log, but there isn't enough room for all of them to add their strength to move it, and it doesn't shift. Jessy leaps down onto the collection of twigs and debris washed up by the stream, trying to push the tree from there. It rocks alarmingly under her paws and she staggers. Bramblestar grabs her by the scruff and hauls her back up to the bank before she can fall into the torrent. She thanks him and Bramblestar replies he doesn't want to lose another cat to the floods. She reminds him that she is perfectly capable of swimming. Squirrelflight tells Jessy that she has actually had a good idea, and if they could strengthen the debris they would be able to give a bigger shove than what is possible from the bank. Bramblestar tells the cats to scatter and search for something to do that with. He tells Jessy to stay close to him, just in case. Cloudtail and Poppyfrost find a huge uprooted hawthorn bush upstream, and they call the other cats to help drag it back. In the process Jessy's eye is poked by a branch but she is not hurt.
As the slope grows steeper the bush begins to slither down the slope under its own weight. Not wanting it to slide into the stream, the cats, including Jessy, all try to stop it from moving in some way. They eventually get it where they want it, and Squirrelflight, Jessy, Bumblestripe, and Ivypool scramble onto the bush, though the branches dip dangerously under the cats' weight. They balance on it successfully however and manage to push the log. Though when it is dislodged they are in danger of being swept away. They leap to the bank, and Jessy lands neatly and whirls around to help Squirrelflight, who is furthest out into the stream. Together with Bramblestar she gets the deputy to safety.
On the way back to camp, Cloudtail reveals that he is kin of Firestar, prompting Jessy to ask if he was a kittypet too. Cloudtail nods, slightly embarrassed, and explains his relation to Firestar, and about his mother. Jessy asks if it was hard making the transition to Clan life, and Cloudtail admits it was, saying that he used to miss his Twolegs and their den. When Jessy asks why he didn't go back, Cloudtail says that he got used to it. Jessy then asks if there are a lot of kittypets in the Clans, and Cloudtail begins to get annoyed at all the questions, though he answers readily enough that the Clans don't usually welcome kittypets.
Thornclaw agrees with him, adding that they are very unpopular in the other Clans, and tells Jessy not to cross the other Clan's boundaries whatever she does, or she will be viciously driven out. Jessy is shocked, and asks him why they would do that to someone that isn't their enemy. Poppyfrost tells her the warrior code states that they must challenge all trespassing cats. Bramblestar adds that the Warrior Code is the set of rules that they all live by. Jessy, astonished, asks if they broke the code giving shelter to her and the other kittypets, and Bramblestar replies after a moment that the code doesn't allow them to watch cats die for no reason, either. Jessy pads on thoughtfully, her stream of questions silenced. Squirrelflight quietly expresses her doubt to Bramblestar that the Warrior Code extends to rescuing kittypets. She tells him that she thinks Firestar would have put his Clan first. Bramblestar answers that he felt he didn't have choice about it, and thinks that Firestar would have done it.
Later, when the Clan is sorting out better nests in the tunnels, Dustpelt asks where they should put the kittypets. Bramblestar says they should go with the apprentices, as they would be learning how they do things too. That night, in a dream, Bramblestar asks Firestar if he would have brought the kittypets into the Clan. Firestar doesn't answer, telling him he knows the answers already, and they are in his heart. The next morning, after Bramblestar has relayed his full dream to the Medicine Cats, Jessy comes bouncing up to him, with Frankie and Minty following more slowly. She asks enthusiastically what they are going to do that day, and Bramblestar is slightly taken aback by her enthusiasm. He tells her that he wants them to be able to help the Clan, and so they need to learn how to hunt.
Bramblestar takes Dovewing, Squirrelflight and the kittypets in the trees in the direction of ShadowClan, and explains they have to learn the hunter’s crouch. A quick demonstration and the kittypets are asked to try it. They all look nervous but they wiggle into position and tuck their paws neatly. Bramblestar tells them to pounce on a bit of moss like it's a mouse and Jessy asks if this is how they train their apprentices. Bramblestar tells they do and Jessy lets out a snort that is half-amused, but her tail tip flicks frustratingly as she points out they're not apprentices, they've all hunted before and suggests they show what they know already. Minty and Frankie go first before Jessy slips away into the undergrowth and stares at a thrush in the trees. Bramblestar thinks she won't get it when Jessy leaps up the trunk with great speed. The thrush spots her and lets an alarm call, but Jessy pins the thrush to the next branch and is almost unbalanced as she bites it throat. She hops neatly down the tree and drops the thrush at Bramblestar's paws.
Bramblestar thinks he has never seen a cat look so smug, and remembers telling her he bet she'd never catch anything. Dovewing exclaims that is great and Frankie explains she is a brilliant hunter, and she loves to climb, and recalls the time her housefolk thought she was stuck on the roof. Bramblestar admits he shouldn't have dismissed her skills and states they are rare skills, and remembers Firestar wanted ThunderClan to be able to do that. Dovewing agrees she doesn't like it, and Jessy states she should give lessons then, and Bramblestar states maybe she should. Bramblestar states they'll head to the ShadowClan border for more prey, and tells Jessy to scratch earth over the thrush. Bramblestar is impressed on how well Jessy is fitting in. He asks Jessy where she learned to climb, and she tells him her mother taught her, and she always dreamed of living among trees. Bramblestar points out now she is, and it will be even better when the lake isn't flooded. Jessy asks if he is worried that the water won’t go down, and Bramblestar says he is, but for the other Clans also.
The two wonder in silence but when they are still some way from the ShadowClan border, Bramblestar hears a hiss and motions Jessy to get back, wishing he wasn't stuck alone with a kittypet when his sister, Tawnypelt appears. Jessy stiffens, and Bramblestar remembers the stories the Clan told her of ShadowClan, and tells her it's okay and introduces Tawnypelt. He tells to wait while he speaks to her. Tawnypelt tells Bramblestar that strong kittypets are attacking ShadowClan patrols when Jessy bounds to Bramblestar's side. He introduces Jessy to Tawnypelt, and Jessy tells where she lived and that her housefolk left when the floods came. Tawnypelt is surprised at this, and asks if there is more when Minty and Frankie appear. Tawnypelt is angry about the kittypets, and states Firestar wouldn't have let them come. They leave her, picking up Jessy's thrush on the way to camp.
At the camp, Minty tells Millie that Jessy caught a thrush by herself, and describes the event. Squirrelflight sniffs the thrush and tells they’ll take Jessy with the apprentices next time. Dovewing jokingly suggests fighting lessons next, and Jessy declares she is up for it. At sunhigh, Jessy says she doesn't mind going out again, and thinks hunting this morning was fun. Bramblestar thinks they are adapting well, but could see they are both tired. He tells them they have already done their bit, and suggests helping the medicine cats sort out their supplies. Leafpool states that would be great. When Bramblestar is heading out with a patrol to talk to Rowanstar, ShadowClan's leader, Jessy wishes Bramblestar good luck and states he is being a good brother to do this. Squirrelflight asks what she means, and Bramblestar stammers that he guesses Jessy knows his sister is in ShadowClan, and that he is worried about her. Squirrelflight looks at Bramblestar and Jessy, and comments Jessy is learning quickly.
Bramblestar's offer to help is rejected and when the patrol returns, Jessy stands close by, listening to his account of the visit. Bramblestar is about to beckon her over when Rosepetal calls for her to help freshen up the Twoleg pelts. Jessy bounds over immediately and Bramblestar is pleased to see how well she is settling in. He remarks he'd almost think she is a Clan cat to Graystripe, and Graystripe mews they should have learned by now not to be surprised by kittypets. While they are there, Squirrelflight notices Jessy watching them a few tail-lengths away, and asks what she wants. Bramblestar asks if everything's okay and Jessy mews she is sorry if she is interrupting, this can wait until later if they are busy. Bramblestar states it is and asks what's wrong. Jessy doesn't reply but wonders what it was like before the flood. Bramblestar describes it to her with great passion, and Jessy asks if he loves living there. He tells of his old home, and his belief in StarClan. Jessy asks if he is sure, and Bramblestar states he has to have faith that the floods will go down.
Bramblestar states he knows she didn't come to talk about the forest, and Jessy says she thinks she knows the kittypets who are troubling ShadowClan, and says there is a gang of kittypets and a few strays who like to claim that part of the forest. She thinks there is one named Ziggy, and another Riga, and she knows where they live and where they like to roam. Bramblestar asks if she is suggesting they attack them without ShadowClan's approval, and Jessy tells it's a possibility. Bramblestar admires her courage and how she is willing to help wild cats completely unknown to her. Jessy adds she can see his sister means a lot to him, and asks if lots of cats have kin in other Clans. Bramblestar explains about the code and Tawnypelt going to ShadowClan. Jessy asks why didn't he go with her, and Bramblestar tells it's complicated. They pad on for a few moments when Bramblestar tells they should turn back here. Jessy asks if they are going to attack the kittypets, and Bramblestar tells he has to speak to his Clanmates first. Jessy looks wounded, but is interrupted by a patrol.
The patrol says the kittypets must be attacking the other border so they're trying to hunt on their territory. Bramblestar says they have to do Jessy's plan then. Back at camp, Bramblestar calls for a Clan meeting, and Jessy bounds over with Minty and Frankie. As the Clan objects, Jessy looks shocked and Squirrelflight is watching her, then fixes her gaze to Bramblestar but says nothing. They eventually decide to go, and Bramblestar invites Jessy to come because of her knowledge. He tells Squirrelflight it was Jessy's idea, and Squirrelflight asks if she wants to settle an old score against her enemies. Bramblestar states he trusts her, and respects her for having courage to suggest it. Squirrelflight says to be careful as they don't really know her at all. Jessy takes the lead partway in unknown forest and as Cloudtail and Snowpaw roll in mud to disguise themselves, Jessy exclaims that's so weird and comments the lengths the warriors go in order to stalk an enemy. Thornclaw gives her a defensive look and tells her they are not kittypets.
Cloudtail asks Bramblestar if they should be taking a kittypet into battle, and Bramblestar states they'll have to make sure she doesn't get cornered. Further on, Jessy points out a lightning blasted tree stump and states she's sure she recognizes it, they must be close. She went on cautiously, sniffing here and there and soon announces there's kittypets scent, and she is sure they are the ones harassing ShadowClan. Snowpaw states all kittypets are fat and lazy, and Jessy clears her throat meaningfully. Jessy leads them closer to their dens, telling the kittypets living behind the fence are called Victor, Ziggy and Riga. If kittypets will be causing trouble, it'll be those three. She and Bramblestar scout ahead to find no sign of Victor, so they look at the other kittypets' homes. They meet a friend of Victor named Webster, and Jessy says they've come to tell them to leave the wild cats alone. Webster looks threatening and Bramblestar whispers to take the fight to the ground, when a voice purrs what a good idea.
Jessy tells Bramblestar they are Victor, Scarlet and O'Hara and Ziggy and Riga will be somewhere close by. The kittypets charge at Jessy and Bramblestar and they both jump down from the fence on the forest side. The kittypets follow and Jessy tussles with Webster but she is much lighter than him, and Webster is gripping Jessy in his claws so she can't maneuver to strike. Bramblestar tries to help her but is stopped by two kittypets. The rest of the patrol comes and Cloudtail tears Webster away from Jessy and she staggers to her paws, battered and bleeding but still looking around for the next attack. Jessy copies Bramblestar's move of ducking under a blow from a black kittypet and shoves her to the ground. The black kittypet rolls away and flees. Bramblestar thinks she learns fast and compliments her. Suddenly, Rowanstar appears and Bramblestar explains about Jessy's role. Rowanstar notices she is a kittypet, and mocks ThunderClan. The ThunderClan patrol is escorted back to the border.
Jessy states she can't believe they were so angry, and apologizes to Bramblestar for getting him in trouble. Bramblestar states it isn't her fault; he made the decision to keep ShadowClan patrols out of ThunderClan territory. When they reach camp, Frankie and Minty bound to Jessy and ask questions about the battle. Jessy describes the battle, relishing the battle and is pleased they defeated Victor and his friends. She states she knows they got hurt but it was worth teaching the kittypets a lesson. Brackenfur asks if they were settling kittypets scores, and Bramblestar tells him Jessy was only trying to help. Bramblestar tells Jessy to get her wounds treated, and thanks for her courage, knowing the battle is harder for her than anyone else. Jessy states she just copied what he did, she had a good teacher. Squirrelflight comes and Jessy dips her head to Bramblestar and heads to Jayfeather.
A Quarter moon later, and Jessy is watching Minty creep on a mouse. Bramblestar is surprised there is a hunting patrol of kittypets, and notes their tracking skills are improving. Minty catches the mouse, but lets go when it squeals, so Frankie gets it instead. Jessy tells Minty it doesn’t freak her out anymore when she eats them. A young fox appears, and Bramblestar drives it off. Jessy states she never thought a cat could take on a fox like that, and it was the bravest thing she's ever seen. Bramblestar offers to train techniques for driving away foxes and badgers, and Jessy pricks her ears in interest. Bramblestar tells to spring on their backs is good, and Jessy urges to show her the spring. He tells her to get into the hunter's crouch, and he starts to say something about her hind legs when Squirrelflight interrupts. She looks at Jessy, asking what they are doing and Bramblestar tells her. When she goes, Bramblestar thinks Squirrelflight is jealous because he is training with Jessy. Jessy wiggles out of the hunting crouch and give her chest fur a few licks, looking embarrassed. They head back to ThunderClan's temporary camp.
When Millie asks where Frankie is, Poppyfrost asks if he is with Minty and Jessy, but they are curled up in their nests, drowsily sharing tongues with no sign of Frankie. Millie asks them if they have seen Frankie, and Jessy says not since they got back from patrol. It turns out that Frankie went on a solo hunt without telling anyone. Squirrelflight tells Bramblestar he shouldn't let the kittypets take too much of his attention, they are just visitors and when the flood water goes down they'll be returning to their Twolegs. Bramblestar glances at the kittypets and Jessy is teaching Minty how to pounce directly from a crouch. He feels a pain of loss at the thought of saying goodbye. He tells Squirrelflight he's gotten used to them around, and Squirrelflight points out they have enough to eat. Bramblestar protests that they're learning to hunt, and Squirrelflight states to let them decide where they want to be.
The next day while Bramblestar is on border patrol, WindClan cats taunt about the kittypets in ThunderClan, almost starting a fight. When he returns, both Minty and Frankie are missing and due for patrol. Jessy offers to go in place for them, stating Daisy asked her to hang some Twoleg pelts out in the sun, but she finished the last one. Brackenfur agrees and says she can show them the hunting skills Bramblestar talks about. When Bramblestar and Frankie return from finding Benny and ask what happened, Jessy says he doesn't have to worry anymore, he can grieve properly now. When some Clan cats get Frankie settled, Jessy thanks Bramblestar for doing it, stating he didn't have to do that. Bramblestar states his cats never have to suffer alone, and Jessy asks if the kittypets are their cats. Bramblestar says for now, and Jessy touches noses with him.
Bramblestar wakes the next day and staggers onto Jessy's tail. She had dragged her nest to his overnight. Bramblestar says sorry and Jessy says it's okay, and asks how he feels. Bramblestar says he'll be fine and leads Jessy into the clearing. Bramblestar states he wants to lead a patrol out beyond the top border and Jessy immediately offers to come. Bramblestar is conscious of his Clanmates exchanging glances, and says she can come. On the way, Jessy tells Spiderleg to stop teasing his apprentice, and tells Amberpaw Bramblestar taught her moves against badgers, and she'll show her if she wants. Spiderleg tells her that Amberpaw is his apprentice with a frosty tone. Bramblestar is surprised at this, and thinks Jessy learns fast, she'll be a great mentor one day. Jessy is amazed that Bramblestar can tell how old badger droppings are and which way they are going. Bramblestar says it's part of their training, and that they need to check for a set.
A rook attacks Amberpaw and Jessy leaps into the air and grabs it. She falls back down and rolls over, the rook flapping to escape. She gives the killing bite and rises to her paws and stands over her prey. Bramblestar compliments Jessy, and Jessy's eyes shine. Bramblestar climbs a tree to reach the rook's nest and Jessy follows. Bramblestar goes to kill her but Jessy protests, stating she is about to be a mother, and they’ll be killing the chicks too. She pauses and licks her chest fur, admitting she's talking like a kittypet. Bramblestar agrees they'll leave her, and come back when the chicks hatch. Jessy swipes at him before leaping to the ground. When they reach camp, Minty and Frankie rush forward to admire Jessy's rook. After Bramblestar talks to Dovewing, Jessy asks if everything is okay, and comments the tunnels look scary. Bramblestar says they're not bad, and they fought battles in them. Jessy questions him, sounding impressed. He sees Squirrelflight and says he’ll tell her about it later and goes to talk to Squirrelflight.
After hearing of more badgers, Bramblestar beckons for a patrol, and Jessy offers to come, but Bramblestar tells her that they are due for battle training, and asks Brightheart to take them instead. He tells they'll walk up to the ridge at sunset. Graystripe starts talking of kittypets and mates, hinting the relationship between Jessy and Bramblestar but Bramblestar's mind is on badgers. That night, Jessy jolts Bramblestar awake and asks if it was a bad dream. Bramblestar mutters he needs to speak to the medicine cats, and Jessy says he can talk to her, but Bramblestar insists it's medicine cat stuff. Bramblestar mentions to the medicine cats that the kittypets are settling well, especially Jessy, and points out the fresh-kill she brought in from her last patrol. Jayfeather gives a sidelong glance and states he's spending a lot of time with Jessy, he shouldn't let any cats think he can care more for kittypets than his own Clanmates. Bramblestar states all the kittypets need his time if they're going to fit into the Clan, aware he wasn't entirely truthful. Jayfeather hesitates for a moment, but shrugs and moves on.
Bramblestar wakes up to see he has slept in, and Jessy states she told the others not to disturb him as she knows he had a bad night. Bramblestar half annoyed, states a Clan leader can expect to have broken nights. Jessy points out he's not just a Clan leader, but a cat too, and he needs to look after his own needs as well as everyone else's. Bramblestar admits maybe she is right, and leads her into the clearing and calls to Squirrelflight. She looks faintly surprised to see her but tells Bramblestar to go on. Bramblestar holds a meeting with the senior warriors and medicine cats with Jessy nearby, interested but unsure if she was allowed to join. Bramblestar tells her to find Minty and Frankie and practice their hunting moves. Later, Bramblestar calls for a Clan meeting, and Jessy springs down from a tree branch where she has been practicing climbing techniques with Minty and Frankie. He announces if ShadowClan doesn’t drive out the badgers in the next quarter moon, ThunderClan will intervene. The only supporters he has is Squirrelflight and Jessy.
Jessy tells Daisy she is a Clan cat through and through, and she had the courage to survive in the past, she’ll survive again. Daisy is unsure if she should be offended by a kittypet telling her how to behave, and Jessy tells her sooner or later, trouble will come to them, she's learned so much living in the Clan, Bramblestar is right to deal with the badgers now before they try to take ThunderClan territory. Daisy is convinced, and Bramblestar thanks Jessy. He confesses he wishes he felt as certain as his Clanmates thought he was, and confesses his thoughts and feelings on the situation. Jessy says he can't change his mind now. Later, Bramblestar asks Squirrelflight how the training session with the kittypets went, and she says Jessy did well. She reports their keen to join, she can't stop them. Later, Bramblestar spots Jessy choosing prey from the fresh-kill pile and joins her, noticing one of her ears is scratched and had lost a tuft of fur near the best of her tail.
Bramblestar says she doesn't have to fight, and Jessy asks if she chooses to fight, will he try to stop her, and Bramblestar says no, admiring her courage and readiness to fight for cats she had barely known for a moon. Bramblestar leans forward but she jerks away, stating she has a massive bruise there. Bramblestar states he hopes her opponent has one too, and she states that Birchfall will take kittypets more seriously from now on. Later, when Bramblestar is about to take a patrol to attack the badgers, Jessy is seen looking just as enthusiastic as the Clan cats. During the battle, Jessy takes on one of the younger badgers with Frankie. She stands in front of it, teasing it by jumping in to tap its nose while Frankie attacks from behind. The badger turns around and around in an effort to get Frankie while Jessy keeps distracting him. Bramblestar notes that a new move and he'll have to remember that.
Jessy is seen later on top of a badger with Ivypool and Snowpaw, clawing vigorously at its back. Soon, a badger is charging at two ShadowClan apprentices, so Jessy hurls herself at the badgers, calling to Bramblestar to go with her. She shot straight in front of the badger, distracting it from the two ShadowClan apprentices. She jumps up and down in front of the badger but backing away so that she was always out of reach, luring it towards the trees. Bramblestar calls for her to come back, but Jessy calls she knows what’s she doing. They run to the edge of a stream, but too wide to jump still. Jessy looks for something in the water and starts running downstream. She tells Bramblestar to follow her and they both jump into the stream, to find it was only belly deep. They rush to get to the other side, Bramblestar almost falling but Jessy grabs his scruff. The badger tries going after them but it doesn't know where the tree trunk the cats are balancing on is, so it's washed down to the lake.
Both cats jump to the bank and shake the water from their pelts. Bramblestar says not bad for a kittypet, and Jessy counters not bad for a wild cat. They race back to the clearing to find the badgers gone. Back at camp, Frankie compliments Jessy’s fighting skills, and that she wasn’t scared at all. Jessy appears with Millie, revealing that the waters is gone from the hollow. Jessy tells Bramblestar that she can finally see his home, and asks if he's worried about how much damage has been done, and notices he doesn’t seem as excited. Bramblestar says he is fine. They follow the Clan to the hollow. Jessy and Frankie are later seen shifting branches aside from the medicine den to improve the entrance. The next day, Jessy reminds Bramblestar that they are supposed to go hunting together but Bramblestar says he has to do something important, and they'll go later. Jessy gives him a light flick with her tail than bounds off to join Frankie.
Days later, Jessy bounds to Bramblestar and says he has to see the nursery. She says Daisy has enough help and asks Bramblestar is there anything else she can do. Bramblestar points out some apprentices dragging a tangle of bramble tendrils and states they could use some extra paws. Jessy responds she's on it and bounds across the camp towards the apprentices. Bramblestar talks to Squirrelflight about Jessy. Squirrelflight points out how well Bramblestar is getting on with Jessy, and Bramblestar says she's a nice cat for a kittypet, feeling embarrassed. Squirrelflight meows she doesn't seem like a kittypet now, and asks if he thinks she'll stay, chattering on that it's not up to her, if he wants to her to stay, that’s fine with her, not that it's up to her. She sounds awkward, and Bramblestar wonders if she wants Jessy to stay as a warrior and his mate. Later, Jessy sits beside Bramblestar and tucks into a mouse. Bramblestar is weary, unsure what their future might be. Jessy says Squirrelflight wants to talk to Bramblestar, and says she'll talk to him later.
Bramblestar holds some ceremonies, and after Frankie's apprentice ceremony, becoming Stormpaw and Minty stating she wants to return to her housefolk, Bramblestar looks to Jessy, but she says nothing and does not meet his gaze. After Bramblestar takes Minty back to her housefolk, she asks to walk together while it's still light. Bramblestar knows they can't put off the question about their future anymore, and they sit side by side on a flat-topped rock. Jessy remembers about fighting Victor and his friends, and the badgers with protecting ShadowClan and their hunting grounds. She tells Bramblestar she'll never forget a moment of the time she spent with the Clan. Bramblestar states it sounds like she is leaving, and Jessy says she thinks he knows she has to. If she stays, he might not follow where his heart truly lies. Bramblestar is surprised that this brave, bold sparkling kittypet knows him so well. He tells her he is sorry, and they rest their heads together.
Jessy murmurs she knows, and says that she knows he already loves Squirrelflight, she is the mother of his kits. She says she already knows Lionblaze and Jayfeather weren't born to him, but he is their father just as Squirrelflight is their mother. That's not a bond easily broken, not even a storm can wash it away. Bramblestar is disappointed, but knows she is right; he asks if she will go home to her housefolk, and Jessy admits she doesn't know, they might come back, but the den will be badly damaged. She'll go there first then see where her paws will lead her. Living with ThunderClan has given her a taste of adventure, the life of a kittypet might be too tame for her. Bramblestar states she would of made a great warrior. Jessy states she knows she would. They tell each other they'll never forget each other, and Bramblestar presses close to Jessy's side, breathing her scent for the last time. He wishes things would be different, and can't believe he'll never see her again. He knows Jessy is right, that whatever he feels for her, he and Squirrelflight share a bond that cannot be broken.
Bramblestar notes that the past two days since Jessy and Minty have left, the tunnels have seemed oddly empty. Bramblestar also notes that Squirrelflight hasn't mentioned Jessy at all except that she'll be missed on the morning after Jessy left.

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Unnamed she-cat:[4] Status unknown




  • Despite appearing in Bramblestar's Storm, Jessy is not listed in the allegiances.[8]


"You stole this tub and blanket from the Twolegs? I have to say, wild cat, I like your style!"
―Jessy to Bramblestar Bramblestar's Storm, page 299

Dovewing: "Wow, that was great!"
Frankie: "Oh, Jessy's a brilliant hunter, and she loves to climb. Hey, Jessy, did you tell them about that time your housefolk thought you were stuck on the roof?"
Jessy: "I can’t believe they thought I couldn't get down!"
—Frankie and Jessy about her skills Bramblestar's Storm, page 276

Bramblestar: "I shouldn't have dismissed your skills. That's a rare skill, being able to jump between trees. Firestar wanted ThunderClan cats to learn, but it doesn’t come easy to us."
Dovewing: "I've never felt comfortable off the ground. I don't have wings, in spite of my name."
Jessy: "Maybe I should give you some lessons."
Bramblestar: "Maybe you should."
—Bramblestar, Dovewing, and Jessy about Jessy's skills Bramblestar's Storm, pages 276-277
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Jessy: "Bramblestar, I'll never regret a moment I spent with your Clan."
Bramblestar: "That sounds as if you're leaving."
Jessy: "I think you know I have to. If I stay, you- you might not follow where your heart truly lies."
Bramblestar: "I'm sorry. I really am. I could have loved you."
Jessy: "I know. But you already love Squirrelflight. As you should. She is the mother of your kits. I know they weren't born to you. But you are their father, just as Squirrelflight is their mother. That is not a bond that's easily broken. Not even washed away in a storm!"
—Jessy and Bramblestar Bramblestar's Storm, page 462

"Well, we were talking about the prophecy, and Cherryfall wondered if ‘what you find in the shadows’ could mean the kittypets who stayed with ThunderClan during the Great Storm. We were going to go try and find the ones who left after, and see if they wanted to come back."
―Sparkpaw about Jessy and Minty The Apprentice's Quest, page 71

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