"If I hadn't held Jet back, he might have ripped Sol to pieces."
Hussar about Jet in Sunrise, page 133

Jet is a long-haired black tom.[3]


In the Power of Three arc


Jet is one of the cats in Jingo's group of loners. When Jingo talks about Sol to the Clan cats, Jet enters the nest and becomes angry that they are talking about Sol, calling him a piece of fox-dung. Enraged, he tells them furiously that he never wants to even think about Sol again. He then leaves the nest quickly. It is later explained that his brother, Pepper, was used as bait for the dogs led by Sol and killed. Hussar says that he had to hold Jet back from Sol when he told him to go fetch him some fresh-kill, or Jet would have tore him apart due to Sol's attitude towards his lost brother.
When Jet snaps at Jingo about telling the ThunderClan cats about Sol, at first, Lionblaze thinks that he is yelling at them; but relaxes afterwards when he realizes the truth.

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Pepper:[2] Deceased, residence unknown



Jet: "Why are you talking about that piece of foxdung?"
Jingo: "It's okay, Jet. These cats asked about—"
Jet: "It's not okay. It'll never be okay. I don't want to think about that cat ever again!"
—Jingo and Jet about Sol Sunrise, page 131

Hazeltail: "I'm sorry if we've upset him..."
Jingo: "It's not your fault. Pepper was his littermate, and now he can't bear for any cat to mention Sol."
—Hazeltail and Jingo about Jet Sunrise, page 131

Jingo: "Then [Sol] sat down and started washing himself, and asked Jet to bring him some food."
Hussar: "If I hadn't held Jet back, he might have ripped Sol to pieces."
Birchfall: "I wish he had!"
—Jingo, Hussar and Birchfall about Jet Sunrise, page 133

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