"Good! We're awfully bored, lying around here all day."
— Jigsaw to Lionblaze, asking if it will be dangerous dismantling the dam in The Fourth Apprentice, page 255

Jigsaw is a plump black-and-brown tabby tom.[1]


In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

He and his friends, Snowdrop and Seville, come across the journeying Clan cats on their way to discover what has happened to the lake. They first see them ready to kill two rabbits enclosed in a cage, but Snowdrop stops them and tells them of one cat, whom hunted his housefolk's rabbits, then went to the Cutter, came back and was never the same again. He does not quite appear as much. He is not hostile to the Clan cats often either.
He is briefly mentioned by Dovepaw when the ThunderClan apprentice uses her powers to hear him scrape his claws on wood. Dovepaw finally understands that he is balancing on a fence above Seville, and she and Lionblaze manage to catch up with the kittypets.
Later, when Dovepaw and Lionblaze seek his friends and his help dismantling the beaver dam, he happily agrees to help. He says that even though it is dangerous, he doesn't mind, since it's boring for him to just sit around all day doing nothing. When they reach the stream, the Clan cats offer him and his friends some fresh-kill, and while his friends decline, Jigsaw is the only one to try it. He says that it's not really that bad, although a bit fluffy. He bravely helps dismantle the dam, and with the help of him and his friends, the warriors are able to break the dam and free the water. Lionblaze spots the kittypets and Woody the loner gaping at him from halfway up the slope as he's swept away by a wall of water.



Jigsaw: "I'm the only one who lives there, Snowdrop's housefolk live on the other side of that birch tree. How did you find us?"
Lionblaze: "Oh, it was easy. We're Clan cats, remember."
Jigsaw: "Wow! I'll go get Snowdrop for you. She'll kill us if she misses a change to help real wild cats."
—Jigsaw responding to a Clan cat The Fourth Apprentice, page 254

Jigsaw: "Will it be dangerous?"
Lionblaze: "Yes."
Jigsaw: "Good! We're awfully bored, lying around here all day."
—Jigsaw asking about the battle The Fourth Apprentice, page 255

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