"I will lead ShadowClan, if my Clanmates wish it."
— Jumpfoot declaring that he should lead his Clan in Code of the Clans, page 88

Jumpfoot is a black tom with green eyes.[1]


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Code of the Clans

Jumpfoot is an ancient ShadowClan warrior. When ShadowClan is left without a leader after their new leader, Brightwhisker, dies, Jumpfoot is the first warrior to volunteer to take on the leadership. A few cats want him to lead, but most of the queens say he is too quick to jump into battle, and that they want peace for their kits. They approve of Mossfire instead, who is more peaceful than Jumpfoot. After Mossfire's challenge for the leadership, Jumpfoot becomes aggressive and mocks Mossfire, calling her a coward. She retaliates by saying that she could fight just as well as him, and that she is simply more sensible than to rush into a fight. They begin to fight to decide who will be leader, and that StarClan would favor the true leader by letting that cat win the battle.
They start fighting, and Mossfire rips his fur, to which he retaliates with a blow that makes Mossfire gasp in pain. Soon after it starts, the fight gets out of hand, and both he and Mossfire die from the other's strong and bold blows and injuries. Jumpfoot is the first cat to fall, followed quickly by Mossfire.
He is later mentioned when Snowstar, the previous ShadowClan leader before Brightwhisker, is telling Redscar that both he and Mossfire let ambition cloud their senses and sharpen their claws. It becomes decided that the two warriors will be buried near an oak tree that grows on ground that is less marshy than the rest of the territory. There are snowdrops growing near the foot of the tree where they will be buried. Redscar later uses them to help his Clan decide that Flowerstem should be the rightful new leader, as she still served her Clan, even after the death of her sister. She agrees to become leader, in memory of Jumpfoot and Mossfire.



Jumpfoot: "I will lead ShadowClan, if my Clanmates wish it."
Unnamed queen: "[...] Jumpfoot is too quick to go into battle. We want peace for our kits."
—Jumpfoot and an unnamed queen Code of the Clans, page 88

Jumpfoot: "Not all of them want you. Who'd want a Clan full of cowards, too frightened to defend their borders?"
Mossfire: "Not rushing into every battle doesn't make me a coward. I can fight as well as you any day."
Jumpfoot: "Prove it."
Flowerstem: "This is no way to choose a leader!"
Jumpfoot: "We’ll fight, and whichever cat StarClan favors will be victorious."
—Jumpfoot and Mossfire challenging each other Code of the Clans, page 88

"You'll have to do better than that!"
—Jumpfoot taunting Mossfire Code of the Clans, page 88

"For Jumpfoot and Mossfire who let their ambition cloud their senses and sharpen their claws."
—Snowstar about the deceased warriors Cats of the Clans, page 90

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