Ken is an elderly Twoleg man.[1]


In the Tigerstar and Sasha arc

Into the Woods

Ken and Jean are Sasha's owners.
In the beginning of the book, Sasha is running after the monster Ken is in, trying to stop him. In the monster, a Twoleg asks him about a photo of him, his wife, and Sasha. Ken says that they didn't have any children, so Sasha is like their child, but they aren't allowed to have pets in the retirement home. Eventually, Sasha falls behind, and she goes into detail about Ken and Jean, her owners. She states that Jean died, and Ken got weaker and stopped grooming and eating, and that he left, locking the cat-flap. Sasha waits the next morning outside the Twoleg nest, but he doesn't come back. She tells her friend, Shnuky, about it. Shnuky is sorry for Sasha, and offers for her to come and live with her and her Twolegs, but Sasha declines, thinking that Ken could come back.
Sasha goes into the woods and makes a temporary den near a Twoleg path, as that is where she thinks Ken would be likely to find her. When Pine removes her collar for her, she doesn't want to get rid of it just yet, as Ken and Jean gave it to her. Later, after refusing to throw her collar away, Sasha has a dream that she was back home when Ken was still there and Jean was alive. Throughout the book, Sasha believes Ken will come back, but as it turns out, he sent a friend to feed and care for her as he was leaving to the retirement home.

Escape from the Forest

Sasha has a dream that Ken found her, but when she wakes up, she thinks it was perfectly cruel.
It is pointed out that Ken is dead, as his clothes are at a sale, and another Twoleg points out that the clothes from the nursing home don't have people around to wear them anymore. Sasha recognizes a hole she made in a jacket, and states that Jean was angry but Ken didn't seem to mind. She is then chased out by the sale owner. She doesn't know much about it, but only that he isn't coming back. On the boat, she thinks that the captain is like Ken, only he is clumsier and less gentle.

Return to the Clans

Ken is mentioned in a story by Sasha that she was telling to her kits, Moth, Hawk, and Tadpole. Tadpole suggests he and his siblings should go find Ken, and they end up venturing to Twolegplace. They don't find Ken, and are trapped in a flooding basement, leading to the death of Tadpole.



"Yes. We... we didn't have children, you see... but we can't keep pets at the home."
―Ken to the Twoleg Into the Woods, page 4

"Days and nights went by, and Ken started getting weak too. He stopped grooming, and he wouldn't eat."
―Sasha on the effect of Jean's death on Ken Into the Woods, page 7

"Then this morning, these housefolk I've never seen before came and talked to him... and he shut me inside the house, and he left with them. He even locked the cat door! He never does that!"
―Sasha on Ken's departure Into the Woods, pages 7 - 8

"And this housefolk is no Ken. He's much too clumsy."
―Sasha comparing Ken to the captain Escape from the Forest, page 49

Notes and references

  1. Revealed in Into the Woods, page 7
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