"I believe my leader was wrong, but he won't condemn helpless kits to die. They will have a future in ThunderClan, and so will you, Birdflight."
— Kestrelwing to Birdflight when SkyClan is banished in Firestar's Quest, page 6

Kestrelwing is a dark brown tabby tom.[2]

Kestrelwing is an ancient ThunderClan medicine cat under the leadership of Redstar in the forest territories. When SkyClan was banished from the forest, Kestrelwing did not approve of his leader’s choice and offered Cloudstar's mate, Birdflight, a place in ThunderClan with her kits, Spottedkit and Gorsekit, who were too young to travel.


In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

When SkyClan is banished from the forest by the other Clans, he offers Birdflight and her kits a place to stay in ThunderClan; they are unable to leave with the rest of SkyClan because the kits are too young. Cloudstar, Birdflight's mate, challenges Kestrelwing's motives, asking if he was sure that his kits would be welcome in ThunderClan after the way Redstar told SkyClan they must leave the forest. Kestrelwing tells him that he believes that Redstar is wrong, but that he would never condemn helpless kits to death. He then promises Cloudstar that Birdflight and her kits will have a future in ThunderClan.
As SkyClan is leaving, Kestrelwing promises Cloudstar that he will take good care of his mate and his kits for him. Birdflight also promises that they will be together again.

In the Novellas

Cloudstar's Journey

Kestrelwing is mentioned, but not by name when at a Gathering, Fawnstep pulls Cloudstar aside and tells him all the medicine cats have had dreams about SkyClan being destroyed by the Twoleg monsters and what they do to the forest. When SkyClan is about to be driven out, Birdflight says that she couldn't go because her kits are too small and young. Kestrelwing steps forward, telling her that she is welcome in ThunderClan, which she agrees to join. He tells Cloudstar that he will look after her and the kits.

In the Field Guides

Battles of the Clans

Kestrelwing treats the cats who went with the battle patrol after ThunderClan battles with SkyClan over territory. Once he reaches Redstar, he tries to put a cobweb on his wound, but Redstar refuses treatment until all his warriors are seen to. Kestrelwing steps away, muttering about how Clan leaders evidently had blood to spare. After the wounds are dealt with, the tired medicine cat shows Redstar the stars and points out how they're especially bright that night. He tells his leader they won the battle with the blessing of their ancestors, and also says Redstar is already a hero in the stars.



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Kestrelwing: "Excuse me, Redstar, but are you going to stand there bleeding or would you like some cobweb on that wound?"
Redstar: "Enough! See to the others first."
Kestrelwing: "Oh, yes, because Clan leaders have blood to spare, don’t they?"
—Kestrelwing and Redstar Battles of the Clans, pages 151-152

Kestrelwing: "Have you seen the sky?"
Redstar: "StarClan approves, doesn’t it?"
Kestrelwing: "You won this battle with the blessing of our ancestors. You are a hero in the stars already."
—Kestrelwing and Redstar Battles of the Clans, page 152

Birdflight: "Cloudstar. Our kits are too small to make a long journey. I'll stay here with them, if any Clan will have us."
Kestrelwing: "You will all be welcome in ThunderClan."
Cloudstar: "Are you sure? After what your leader said to us today?"
Kestrelwing: "I believe my leader was wrong, but he won't condemn helpless kits to die. They will have a future in ThunderClan, and so will you, Birdflight."
—Kestrelwing inviting Birdflight and her kits into ThunderClan Firestar's Quest, page 6

Cloudstar: "Take care of them."
Kestrelwing: "Of course."
—Kestrelwing promising to take care of Birdflight and her kits Cloudstar's Journey, page chapter 10

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