"I can't believe we're doing this! All five of us, going to share tongues with StarClan at the same time."
— Kinktail in Code of the Clans, page 137

Kinktail is a she-cat with a crushed tail.[1]

In Code of the Clans, she is RiverClan's medicine cat. she travels to the Moonstone with the other medicine cats: Mossheart, Quailfeather, Prickleface, and Swiftfoot, to share tongues with StarClan and ask them how they can stop the battles raging with their Clans.

After they all dream the same message, it is decided a cat does not need to kill to win their battles. Kinktail asks if warriors should follow this rule when they are fighting for their life, or against a fox. Swiftfoot tells her that there will be exceptions, but killing is not necessary when two Clans fight each other. This leads to a part of the fourteenth code; that warriors don't need to kill to win their battles, except against cats outside the warrior code or in self-defense. These events also lead to the tradition of medicine cats meeting at the Moonstone every half-moon to share dreams with StarClan.


Interesting facts

  • Her tail was crushed by a Twoleg monster when she was a kit.[1]



Prickleface: "Victory without death. Do you think the Clans would accept it?"
Swiftfoot: "They have to. StarClan has told us all the same thing: that a warrior does not have to kill to be victorious."
Kinktail: "What if he is fighting for his life? Against a fox or a rogue?"
Swiftfoot: "There will be exceptions because some battles can only end in death. But for Clans fighting Clans, killing is not the answer."
—Medicine cats discussing unnecessary deaths Code of the Clans, pages 140-141

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