"Even Leaf, despite his temper, hunted for his campmates before himself."
Thunder on his cats' loyalty in A Forest Divided, page 243

Leaf is a black-and-white tom[2] with amber eyes.[8]

Leaf is a member of ancient ThunderClan, among the first cats to split from Clear Sky's group to form what would become ThunderClan. He was a former rogue, initially joining Clear Sky due to his strong leadership, but became dissatisfied with his controlling nature. Though an impressive hunter, Leaf's aggressive nature caused him many quarrels, including with Milkweed. However, the two reconcile, becoming mates and having two litters of kits.


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Dawn of the Clans

"Your only loyalty is to yourself."
―Milkweed to Leaf A Forest Divided, page 188
Leaf is former rogue, recruited to join Clear Sky's camp after the mountain cats' separation into two groups. Upon Thunder's decision to join them, Leaf distrusts him. After Thunder returns to Tall Shadow's group when Frost is exiled, Leaf and Falling Feather fight off the fox that attacks them. Though Leaf respects Thunder's decision, he remains loyal to Clear Sky, fond of his leader's aggressive rule and expansion of borders, and eager to participate in battle training. Leaf later uses his skills against Thunder in The First Battle, but is gravely injured; however, Thunder calls for Dappled Pelt to treat Leaf's injuries.
When One Eye drives Clear Sky from his camp, Leaf does nothing to stop him, but comes to appreciate his return when One Eye proves a cruel leader. However, he believes Clear Sky has become soft, and is enraged when he limits hunting during leaf-bare, especially when other cats eat his catches. He eagerly joins Thunder to leave Clear Sky, but accosts the queen, Milkweed, when she attempts to follow them, believing she and her kits, Thistle and Clover, will drag the new group down. Even so, he comes to respect Milkweed as a capable hunter, and admires her kits' enthusiasm and ambition, offering to train them.
After Star Flower is kidnapped by Slash's group, and Clear Sky begs for Thunder's help, Leaf insists that it isn't their problem. He later assists in fighting the rogues, but is frustrated when they cannot overpower them. He further distrusts Slash's former campmates when they are accepted among their cats.

Super Editions

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In Moth Flight's Vision, he and Milkweed have had their first litter of kits: Shivering Rose, Hazel Burrow, and Morning Fire. Leaf works hard to make sure his mate and kits are well cared for.


In Thunderstar's Echo, Milkweed has given birth to her and Leaf's second litter: Patch Pelt and Beech Tail. Pink Eyes accuses him of only hunting for his mate and kits, and while Leaf agrees to hunt more, prey is scarce.

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Thunder: "Night hunting?"
Lightning Tail: "They left Pink Eyes in charge of the kits and slipped out at dusk."
Thunder: "Together?"
Lightning Tail: "They haven’t been apart since you left."
A Forest Divided, page 318
Leaf initially despised Milkweed, believing her and her kits to be a burden on Clear Sky's camp due to her sickness and the family's inability to hunt,[9] especially with Clear Sky limiting hunting patrols at the onset of leaf-bare.[10] He was horrified to see his catch go to Milkweed's kits, claiming that cats that could not hunt should not be fed.[9] He later decried the thought of such useless cats joining Thunder's new camp, and after bitterly insulting the queen, Milkweed attacked Leaf, accusing him of not being fit to join a group, as he was only loyal to himself.[11]
As a member of Thunder's camp, Milkweed was allowed to hunt, bringing back as much prey as Leaf.[12] When Thunder and Lightning Tail witness Leaf bringing his squirrel directly to the queen and her kits, Lightning Tail suggests that Leaf's newfound respect for Milkweed stems from his guilt over claiming she couldn't hunt, when she had clearly proven her worth.[13] Eventually, the two make amends, hunting together while leaving the kits in Pink Eye's care.[14] As mates, they are noted to always be close and share a deep fondness for each other.[15] However, this fondness has caused conflict between Leaf and his Clanmates, as he is criticized by Pink Eyes for only catching prey for his mate and kits, when a Clan cat should take care of every cat, not just their kin.[16]


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Milkweed:[17] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)


Hazel Burrow:[18] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)
Patch Pelt:[19] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)


Shivering Rose:[18] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)
Morning Fire:[18] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)
Beech Tail:[19] Living (As of Shadowstar's Life)


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • Leaf is the cat who discovered the ravine where ThunderClan lived.[20]



Leaf: "There won't be much prey stirring after your little performance."
Thunder: "We should probably wait it out patiently. The prey will come back eventually."
Leaf: "That is what I'm doing, in case if you hadn't noticed. There's no need to talk to me as if I'm mouse-brained. I know the forest better than you!"
Thunder: "I'm sorry-"
Leaf: "You should pay attention. That is, if you want to learn the skills that a leader will need."
Thunder: "You've got it all wrong. I don't want to be leader. I'm sure that's not what Clear Sky-"
Leaf: "Be quiet! Your name might be Thunder, but that doesn't mean you have to make so much noise all the time."
—Leaf and Thunder on patrol Thunder Rising, pages 185-186

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"Spirit cats don't get hungry. Why don't they look after the sick and weak? Here in the real world, strength is the only thing that counts. What's the point in hunting for cats who can't hunt for themselves? They just sap the strength of the whole group."
―Leaf to Thunder while hunting A Forest Divided, pages 172-172

Clear Sky: "What’s going on?"
Leaf: "I’m starving while they eat my catch! What has she brought to the group apart from two hungry kits and a cough that keeps everyone awake?"
Blossom: "They need food more than you! Can’t you see that? They’re halfstarved!"
Leaf: "Then they should have gone hunting today, like I did!"
—Leaf after Milkweed's kits take his catch A Forest Divided, page 179

Thunder: "Milkweed and her kits can come with us if they want to."
Leaf: "They’ll make us weak."
Milkweed: "I want to come with you so I can help! Clear Sky kept promising I could hunt, but he never sent me out with a patrol."
Thunder: "Are you strong enough to hunt?"
Milkweed: "Of course I am! I’ve got kits to feed. Their hunger will drive me even harder than my own. [Leaf] only wants to fill his own belly. He doesn’t belong in a group!"
Leaf: "That’s not true!"
Milkweed: "Your only loyalty is to yourself."
—Milkweed attempting to join Thunder's group A Forest Divided, page 188

"Without him, would Leaf hunt for anyone but Milkweed and her kits?"
―Thunder contemplating his authority as leader Path of Stars, page 21

Cloud Spots: "How could we fight them off? We were outnumbered!"
Leaf: "It would have been better than creeping away like mice!"
—Leaf and Cloud Spots after the fight with Slash's rogues Path of Stars, page 88

"Do you think foxes would stop being foxes if we trusted them?"
―Leaf about taking in Slash's former rogues Path of Stars, page 204

"Moth Flight tipped her head, curious. She'd seen Leaf and Milkweed at gatherings. They'd always stayed close, watching each other with a fondness she'd only seen between her mother and Gorse Fur."
―Moth Flight thinking about Leaf and Milkweed Moth Flight's Vision, page 219

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