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Thunder: "Night hunting?"
Lightning Tail: "They left Pink Eyes in charge of the kits and slipped out at dusk."
Thunder: "Together?"
Lightning Tail: "They haven’t been apart since you left."
A Forest Divided, page 318
Leaf initially despised Milkweed, believing her and her kits to be a burden on Clear Sky's camp due to her sickness and the family's inability to hunt,[1] especially with Clear Sky limiting hunting patrols at the onset of leaf-bare.[2] He was horrified to see his catch go to Milkweed's kits, claiming that cats that could not hunt should not be fed.[1] He later decried the thought of such useless cats joining Thunder's new camp, and after bitterly insulting the queen, Milkweed attacked Leaf, accusing him of not being fit to join a group, as he was only loyal to himself.[3]
As a member of Thunder's camp, Milkweed was allowed to hunt, bringing back as much prey as Leaf.[4] When Thunder and Lightning Tail witness Leaf bringing his squirrel directly to the queen and her kits, Lightning Tail suggests that Leaf's newfound respect for Milkweed stems from his guilt over claiming she couldn't hunt, when she had clearly proven her worth.[5] Eventually, the two make amends, hunting together while leaving the kits in Pink Eye's care.[6] As mates, they are noted to always be close and share a deep fondness for each other.[7] However, this fondness has caused conflict between Leaf and his Clanmates, as he is criticized by Pink Eyes for only catching prey for his mate and kits, when a Clan cat should take care of every cat, not just their kin.[8]


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