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Chapter Number: 4 (of 11)
Page Numbers: 41-44

Chapter description

Leafpool approaches her sister, Squirrelflight to speak to her privately. Squirrelflight tells her that she is gathering soaked moss for the nursery. Leafpool offers to join her sister as she does her duties, to which she accepts. As they walk toward the entrance, Mousefur points out that Leafpool is looking plump. Leafpool tries to shrug it off, saying that StarClan has been generous with prey. Squirrelflight remarks that it was rude of Mousefur to point that out, but has to agree that Leafpool is not her normal size. She asks if she has been eating more than her fair share. Leafpool ensures her that she would never do that, and continues into the forest.
In the forest, Leafpool is silent at the mention of Crowfeather being close to her. Squirrelflight gathers some moss and Leafpool begins to ask Squirrelflight the question that was lingering in her mind. Squirrelflight asks if it's a message to Crowfeather. Leafpool thinks to herself that Crowfeather must never find out about their kits. Squirrelflight urges Leafpool to tell her, insisting that they're sisters. Leafpool admits that she's expecting Crowfeather's kits, and Squirrelflight isn't surprised. Leafpool tells her that she will remain medicine cat, but Squirrelflight thinks otherwise. She states that she will help as much as she can, despite it being difficult to retain a secret so huge. Leafpool stares off into the lake, thinking that nothing will be okay again.





Important events

  • Leafpool reveals that she is expecting Crowfeather's kits to Squirrelflight.[3]

Notes and references

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