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A badger takes a step forward, ready to charge at Squirrelflight and Leafpool. Suddenly, a roar sounds behind the cats and a fox leaps over them to attack the black-and-white creature. Squirrelflight bundles her sister into the nearest burrow, and the ground shakes because of the fight outside. The she-cats crawl further in their tunnel, too scared to speak. At last, the fox barks in triumph, and the badger lumbers away. The queen begins to stand, but Squirrelflight urges her to stay here for the night. Leafpool thinks she's crazy, but concedes when she sees how tired her sister is. She meows that they should get some sleep, and hopes the fox is injured enough to not attack them.
Squirrelflight falls asleep almost at once, snoring gently. The rain patters overhead, and Leafpool's kits are wide awake in her belly. She thinks that sleep is a long way off, and rises to her paws. A cold wind blows from outside, so Leafpool chooses to pad deeper into the tunnel. The she-cat carefully uses her whiskers to see where the walls are, and soon comes to a beam of moonlight streaming from the ceiling. Leafpool walks forward, and enters a much larger burrow. She almost flees due to the fox scent, but decides to peer warily into the half-light. The big fox lies with it's three cubs around it, sleeping peacefully. Leafpool feels joy swell inside her, and the she-cat thinks that soon, she'll have her own kits to care for. With one more look at the fox, the brown tabby turns and tiptoes back to her sister.
The next morning, Squirrelflight wakes Leafpool, saying that they need to leave before the fox scents them. The brown tabby lurches to her paws, gasping that the kits will come today. Leafpool expects her sister to panic, but Squirrelflight seems calm and determined. The ginger warrior helps the queen out of the tunnel, into the cold air. Leafpool hears her sister's belly rumbling, but is relieved when they don't stop to hunt. The two cats look at several places for the brown tabby to have her kits. Leafpool complains about each one, saying that they might get wet, or be too prickly. Squirrelflight continues to pad onward, finally suggesting a fallen tree as a safe nesting place. Leafpool once again states that it smells bad, and the brown tabby can sense her sister is ready to explode. The queen stumbles to a halt, and a spasm of pain grips her belly. She gasps that her kits are coming, and Squirrelflight replies that they need to find a safer place. The brown tabby looks up to see a gnarled, lightning struck tree, and knows it's where she'll give birth.




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