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In The New Prophecy arc


Leafpaw is a medicine cat apprentice, training under the current medicine cat of ThunderClan, Cinderpelt. She is described to be the opposite of her sister, being quiet, reserved, and attentive, while Squirrelpaw is chatty, energetic, and doesn't listen or pay a whole lot of attention. It is noted that Leafpaw is quite perceptive and thinks before she acts, unlike other apprentices her age, setting her and her sister apart. Despite the split personalities, they have the ability to sense what the other is feeling. Leafpaw worries about Squirrelpaw when her sister receives a punishment for leaving the camp without telling anyone and is distraught that she will be attending the Gathering without her.
At the Gathering, Leafpaw meets the deputy of RiverClan, Mistyfoot, and two young RiverClan warriors, Feathertail and Stormfur. She finds Feathertail to be an amiable cat, sitting with her throughout the Gathering. Feathertail then takes her to meet Mothwing, a new, former warrior, who is waiting for a sign from StarClan to become a medicine cat apprentice.
With her mentor, Leafpaw witnesses StarClan sending the fire and tiger prophecy, which Cinderpelt interprets as the fire meaning Firestar, and the tiger meaning Tigerstar, both of whom will make the prophecy come true. Cinderpelt tells Firestar that she thinks that Squirrelpaw, who has the same flame-colored pelt as her father, Firestar, is the fire and Brambleclaw, who looks exactly like his father, Tigerstar, is the tiger. Leafpaw at first worries that the prophecy is referring to her, but Cinderpelt assures her that it is most likely not, considering the difference in her and her sisters’ appearances.
As Brambleclaw and Squirrelpaw sneak out to begin the journey with the other chosen cats, Leafpaw intercepts the two in order to give them traveling herbs, as she sensed Squirrelpaw was going away. Brambleclaw is at first angry with Squirrelpaw because he thinks that she told Leafpaw about his dreams when she promised not to. When Leafpaw becomes confused, Squirrelpaw pours out the entire story of the dreams and meetings with the other four cats to her sister. Although shocked, Leafpaw agrees to not inform the Clan.
Although Leafpaw struggles under the secret of the prophecy and the secret of where the questing cats have gone, she keeps her promise to Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw by not informing Cinderpelt and Firestar after they leave. In the time that follows, she continues to think about Squirrelpaw, hoping her sister is safe.
When Tawnypelt gets an infected rat bite on her shoulder, Leafpaw senses that her sister needs burdock root, and tries to send her thoughts to Squirrelpaw by chewing some as she goes to sleep.


Cinderpelt and Leafpaw go herb-collecting at Sunningrocks. Spiderpaw runs over to Cinderpelt, wailing that Dappletail has a bellyache. Cinderpelt rushes off, telling Leafpaw to find anything that is helpful there. While her mentor is gone, Leafpaw notices Reedpaw, a RiverClan apprentice, who is struggling to hold on to a nearby branch. He almost drowns from swallowing too much water, and she races toward him on the stepping stones to where Mistyfoot was with Reedpaw by the bank. Leafpaw loses her footing on a stepping stone and almost falls into the water, but Spottedleaf comes and pushes her back up, and she makes it to the bank. Leafpaw saves Reedpaw because Spottedleaf whispers in her mind what to do.
Mothwing is distraught that she couldn't heal the apprentice because her mind became blurred in panic, forgetting what herbs to use to save him, and that a medicine cat apprentice from a rival Clan did instead. Leafpaw tries to comfort her friend but is unsuccessful. Leafpaw also continues to be close friends with Sorreltail. She copes with the weight of the prophecy the four cats received and feels guilty for keeping it a secret when other cats ask why StarClan is silent about the destruction of the forest.
She figures out that WindClan's rabbits are poisoned on the way to Moonstone with the other fellow medicine cats. When Mothwing spots a rabbit and runs to share it with them, Barkface, the WindClan medicine cat, warns her not to touch or eat it and explains that the Twolegs and their monsters who are destroying the forest are doing something to the rabbits, causing the cats who eat them to die. Leafpaw explains to Firestar what she heard, and he instructs her to take any rabbits in the fresh-kill pile away and bury them. Dappletail, driven mad from starvation, wrestles Leafpaw away from a rabbit to eat a few ravenous bites until Firestar thrusts her away gently. She then later dies from sickness, leaving Leafpaw weighted with the death of her Clanmate. She has nightmares of Feathertail being plunged into darkness, then swathed in starlight after she is killed, and picks up the grief and longing of the journeying cats.
At the end of the book, Leafpaw asks Sorreltail to go with her and try to find Cloudtail and Brightheart, who have gone missing. They see a Twoleg trap with kittypet food in it, and are instantly wary, skirting it. Leafpaw scents Mistyfoot's scent inside, though she isn't there. Leafpaw carefully pads into the trap to try to get some of the kittypet food for Frostfur, but the entrance slams shut and Leafpaw becomes trapped.


Leafpaw is shown to be imprisoned by the Twolegs. She mopes around in her cage until a captured kittypet named Cody encourages her to get up, wash herself, and eat. Leafpaw later finds out that Sasha, the rogue mother of Hawkfrost and Mothwing, was also captured by the Twolegs, along with Cloudtail, Brightheart, Mistyfoot, Gorsetail of WindClan, and several rogues. When one of the rogues, Coal, lashes out at one of the Twolegs, the Twoleg shove him further back into the cage against something sharp, cutting him. Leafpaw gets some cobwebs from a den below her and passes it to Cody, who gives it to Coal.
When Squirrelpaw returns from the journey, she has a dream where Spottedleaf shows her where Leafpaw is trapped, and she, Sorreltail, Graystripe, Thornclaw, Brambleclaw, and Rainwhisker rescue her and the other cats. After Leafpaw has been rescued, she watches helplessly with the other cats as Graystripe is taken by Twolegs.
Cody returns with Leafpaw, Cloudtail, and Brightheart to Sunningrocks because it is unsafe to return to her home without a warrior to escort her. Cody feeds Birchkit when his mother, Ferncloud, can't produce enough milk. She chews up a bit of prey before feeding it to Birchkit. When Cody decides to leave, Leafpaw wishes that she didn't have to go, and thinks that she'll miss her.
The Clans are forced to accept that they must leave the forest, and Leafpaw travels with them to their new home. She is scared that the Clans may not be able to find one. They travel through the mountains after the sign of the dying warrior leads them there. Leafpaw attempts to warm some of Tallpoppy's kits, who are freezing on the mountain. After the Clan cats find the Tribe of Rushing Water, they are offered shelter and choose to stay. Though Leafpaw pleads with her father to give one of the nests the Tribe offers to another cat, Firestar insists that she and Cinderpelt share it, as the Clan needs its medicine cats just as much as everyone else.
Stoneteller shows her some new herbs while the Clans settle with the Tribe for a couple days. Later, Leafpaw thinks that she saw the spirits of Silverstream and Feathertail when Crowpaw is named Crowfeather in honor of his lost love, Feathertail.
Towards the end of the book, Leafpaw has a dream of a new home for the Clans but isn't sure if it means anything. Later on, the Clans finally find their new home when they encounter starlight shimmering on a lake, with moorland, woodland, and a pine forest. Leafpaw knows that it is where the Clans are meant to be.


Leafpaw goes with the medicine cats to look for herbs when they reach the lake. Her sister, Squirrelpaw, is made a warrior, Squirrelflight, making her the first warrior to be named in the new territory. Leafpaw observes Crowfeather leaving on the patrol sent to go explore the new territory and wishes she knew him better, as he seems hard to understand. When Cinderpelt sees Leafpaw staring after the patrol, she asks her if she wishes she was going with them. Leafpaw replies that it is enough for her to do already.
Leafpaw joins Mothwing to help collect water for the elders but discovers that the water Mothwing already gave to them smells strange, and goes to investigate it. When they reach the pool that Mothwing got the water out of, she sees a dead rabbit lying at the bottom of it. She is afraid that the water will give the elders bellyache, but doesn't tell Mothwing because she knows her friend meant to be kind and she doesn't want her to feel bad. When the Clans separate, Leafpaw asks Crowfeather if he needs help when he is trying to convince an elder to leave with WindClan. He replies coldly that he doesn't need help, and Squirrelflight tells him to watch it when he talks to her sister. He mutters an apology, and Leafpaw feels sorry for him because she knows he is still suffering over Feathertail's death.
Some of their elders complain of having bellyaches, and Leafpaw realizes that they drank the tainted water. She convinces Cinderpelt to let her take some herbs to WindClan in case they are sick. She is escorted to the camp by a patrol and led to the sick elders. Barkface is herb-gathering, so Onewhisker lets her care for the elders. Crowfeather gets angry when he sees Leafpaw treating their elders and wants her to go away, but Onewhisker overrules him, telling him to stay with Leafpaw and help her. Soon Leafpaw cures Morningflower and Darkfoot and she goes back to the ThunderClan camp.
After the next Gathering, Leafpaw and the other medicine cats discuss what they are going to do about the new Moonstone. Privately, Mothwing tells Leafpaw that she doesn't believe in StarClan, horrifying her. She promises to keep it a secret, however, as the other medicine cats would think that she was unfit to be RiverClan's medicine cat if they knew.
Leafpaw receives a dream from Spottedleaf, who shows her where to find the new Moonstone. Leafpaw asks Sorreltail to go with her, and Sorreltail follows Leafpaw, who is following Spottedleaf, to the new Moonstone, which is a beautiful pool. Leafpaw sees the cats of StarClan are all waiting around the pool and searches for Graystripe, but does not find him. Leafpaw sees Larchkit, Hollykit, and Shrewpaw in StarClan and decides to tell Ferncloud that her kits are safe in StarClan. Leafpaw speaks to Bluestar, who tells her that Clan leaders must come to this new place to receive their nine lives and medicine cats must meet there. She also speaks to Feathertail, who tells her that even though she is still in the Tribe of Endless Hunting, she will never forget the Clans and especially not Crowfeather. Feathertail asks Leafpaw to tell Crowfeather not to grieve or be blinded to the living, and Leafpaw promises that she will tell him.
Leafpaw tells ThunderClan that she found the perfect place to share tongues with StarClan, and later takes the message to WindClan as well. While there, she passes on Feathertail's message to Crowfeather, who becomes angry and insists there will never be another cat like Feathertail. The next night, the medicine cats meet at the place Leafpaw found. Leafpaw receives her medicine cat name there, Leafpool, in honor of finding the Moonpool.
In the fight caused by Hawkfrost and Mudclaw trying to overthrow Onewhisker's leadership, Leafpool is chased by two unnamed ShadowClan warriors. She hangs over the edge of the cliffs surrounding the ThunderClan camp until Crowfeather comes to save her. Crowfeather is frozen for a while, remembering how Feathertail died, but he saves her just when she is about to fall. When Leafpool comments to Crowfeather that she must have been the last cat that he wanted to save, Crowfeather is shocked, telling her that he loves her much more than he should so soon after Feathertail's death. Leafpool is shocked at the same time, though happy because she feels the same way about him.


Leafpool begins to become confused by her feelings for Crowfeather and tries to focus on her medicine cat duties. When Mosspelt, a RiverClan warrior, arrives, she begs Leafpool to come to RiverClan for help, saying that Mothwing had asked for her to come. Leafpool goes with Mosspelt, and they run into Crowfeather, who is with a WindClan patrol. He stares at Leafpool, but Webfoot notices and growls at Crowfeather, saying that he has enough cats in WindClan to be padding after. Tornear reminds Webfoot that this is Leafpool, Squirrelflight's sister, who Crowfeather went on the journey with. Crowfeather tells Leafpool to say hello to Squirrelflight for him as a cover-up, and then later whispers to her to meet him by the island at twilight. Leafpool continues her journey to RiverClan with Mosspelt, and when she arrives, helps Mothwing to calm down. She sends Mistyfoot and Reedwhisker, the latter being the cat she saved from drowning in Moonrise, to fetch more yarrow. With the yarrow that Mothwing does have, they manage to have the sick kits swallow the yarrow leaves. They all vomit up a foul-smelling mucus. They help Beechpaw, another sick cat, next. Mistyfoot shows Leafpool what she thinks is the cause of the sickness: a puddle of silver-green liquid, presumably left by Twolegs. When Leafpool settles down to sleep in the RiverClan camp, she realizes that she forgot her meeting with Crowfeather at twilight.
The next day, Minnowkit confesses to Leafpool and Mothwing that she and her two littermates left camp and found the Twoleg thing spewing the green liquid. She says that they stepped in it, and she dared them to eat some of it, saying that it was yucky. Leafpool and Mothwing figure that maybe some of the other sick cats picked up the Twoleg poison from eating some prey that might have ingested it or stepped in it. Unfortunately, one of the kits dies from the sickness, but the other cats recover.
When Leafpool goes back to ThunderClan, she sees that Brightheart has been substituting for her, helping Cinderpelt with the medicine cat duties. Leafpool is annoyed with Brightheart and gets even more frustrated when Brightheart unknowingly speaks to her like an apprentice. When Cinderpelt asks Leafpool what's wrong, she says that there are too many medicine cats around lately. Cinderpelt tells Leafpool to be patient with Brightheart because everything has changed for her. Leafpool soon realizes that Brightheart is jealous of Cloudtail's relationship with Daisy, the loner from the Horseplace.
At the Gathering, Crowfeather asks Leafpool why she didn't meet him that night, appearing hurt. She pleads with him not to be angry with her, saying that she had to help Mothwing. Crowfeather becomes frustrated that he never gets to see her, and says that he wants to escape the Clans. Leafpool tells him that leaving the Clans isn't the answer, and as the Gathering starts to break up, Crowfeather quickly arranges another meeting for the next day.
She also travels to the Dark Forest in a dream and sees Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost with their father, Tigerstar. After seeing this, Leafpool's trust for the dark tabby is shaken. She worries that she has lost her connection with StarClan after she doesn't receive the same dreams as the other medicine cats (excluding Mothwing), because she is in love with Crowfeather. Leafpool is distracted by her love for Crowfeather, such as when she gives Firestar nettle seeds instead of poppy seeds and tries to get rid of Mousefur's ticks withyarrow. She feels frustrated and scared that she might get cats sick if she doesn't focus on her medicine cat duties.
When Leafpool and Crowfeather meet in secret at the WindClan border, Cinderpelt, who is secretly watching the two lovers, stops them. She confronts Leafpool, telling her that she has to stop meeting him. Leafpool gets angry and runs away to the Moonpool, where Spottedleaf tells her that she must follow her heart. While they were meeting, Crowfeather had explained to Leafpool that the only way to truly be together is to run away. Leafpool is uncertain at first and only promises to think about it, but seeing that Cinderpelt knows about her relationship and Brightheart will be able to help out with the medicine cat duties, she decides to go with Crowfeather, assuming that it's what Spottedleaf meant for her to do. The couple runs away together, though Leafpool despairs at leaving her sister and friends. While they are stopping for the night, they meet Midnight the badger, who warns Leafpool and Crowfeather that her kin is planning an attack on the Clans since they drove them out of their territory. Leafpool tells Crowfeather that they must go back and help the Clans, and though he at first protests, later on, he agrees and the two go back.
When they get back, they find that ThunderClan is already fighting the badgers. Crowfeather quickly jumps into the fight while Leafpool goes to help Cinderpelt. Cinderpelt is dying when Leafpool comes in, and tells Leafpool that she knew she was going to die. Leafpool is mad at herself because she feels that if Cinderpelt would have told her, she would have forced herself to stay and saved Cinderpelt's life. Cinderpelt stops her and says that she would never have forced her to do anything that made her unhappy. She dies a few moments later.
Crowfeather tells Leafpool that her heart is with her Clan and that it was never truly with him. Leafpool thinks that she loves Crowfeather more than he will ever know, but lets him go anyway.


Leafpool has become the new medicine cat of ThunderClan after Cinderpelt's death.
With Feathertail, Leafpool travels into Willowpaw's dreams to show her the location of catmint, which is what RiverClan needs when Heavystep is ill with deadly greencough.
Leafpool watches over Berrykit while Hazelkit and Mousekit are chasing a butterfly outside of Leafpool's den. The kits follow the butterfly into the medicine cat den, disturbing her herbs. The kits run off, and soon Leafpool spots them at the thornbushes near the rock wall. Inside the thicket, Leafpool sees the two kits looking down at the dead butterfly with one of its wings torn off. When Mousekit tells Leafpool that a tortoiseshell she-cat had told them to chase the butterfly and Hazelkit notes that it wasn't Sorreltail, Leafpool realizes that Spottedleaf must be trying to tell her something. Leafpool looks at the butterfly wing, which has a hole in it the size of a cat's claw, and is reminded of the sign that allowed Mothwing to become a medicine cat apprentice. Leafpool imagines Hawkfrost putting the moth's wing outside of Mudfur's den and is suspicious of Hawkfrost's motives in doing this.
Later, Leafpool begins to worry that Cinderpelt is mad at her for leaving to be with Crowfeather and even more since she fell asleep during sitting for her vigil. However, when she is visited by Spottedleaf, the former ThunderClan medicine cat tells her that Cinderpelt still loves her and has no reason to hate her. Spottedleaf later shows her that Cinderkit is the reincarnation of Cinderpelt.
Bluestar, Lionheart, and Yellowfang reveal to her that Leafpool was to stumble on a path few medicine cats have walked on, but the cats of StarClan could not reveal her future. Leafpool also sees that Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight were destined to be together. In the same dream, Leafpool sees the water in the lake run red and is given the blood will spill blood prophecy.
When Brambleclaw and Stormfur advise Firestar to pick a new deputy, she has a dream about a barrier of cat claws growing on bramble bushes, protecting ThunderClan camp, and interprets the dream to mean that Brambleclaw must be the deputy of ThunderClan. When she advises Firestar based on her dream, Brambleclaw is indeed made deputy, although Ashfur contests Leafpool's claims due to her connection to Brambleclaw through Squirrelflight. However, Leafpool denies any special interest in making Brambleclaw deputy and ThunderClan accepts his appointment.
Brambleclaw notices that Leafpool looks plump, which could hint towards her upcoming pregnancy, yet he assumes it is because ThunderClan has lately had a large fresh-kill pile.
When Leafpool and Squirrelflight arrive after hearing that there had been a fight involving Firestar and Brambleclaw, Leafpool is initially horrified to find her father apparently dead with blood gushing from his throat. However, Firestar stirs and tells them that Brambleclaw had saved him from Hawkfrost, and Leafpool sees Hawkfrost's body laying on the shore with blood spilling into the water, realizing that this is what the blood will spill blood prophecy had meant.

In the Power of Three arc

The Sight

Leafpool takes on Hollypaw as a medicine cat apprentice, though she wanted Jaypaw as her apprentice. Jaypaw is chosen to be mentored by Brightheart instead. Soon, Hollypaw finds that she would rather be serving her Clan as a warrior than a medicine cat. Leafpool and Spottedleaf both agree that Jaypaw is destined to become a medicine cat apprentice because of his abilities to communicate with StarClan, plus his other gifts. Jaypaw refuses at first, claiming that they only want him as a medicine cat because he is blind. He starts to believe that they think he shouldn't become a warrior. It is said that when Leafpool and Hollypaw touch noses during the apprentice ceremony, there is a look of sadness and pain in Leafpool's eyes, and also, in Squirrelflight's eyes, much to Hollypaw's confusion. 
There is still a strong tension between Leafpool and Crowfeather, which Jaypaw soon realizes. Leafpool seems very unhappy with the relationship Crowfeather is in with Nightcloud. In the end, Hollypaw gets her wish and becomes a warrior apprentice, trained by Brackenfur. Jaypaw reluctantly decides that he will become Leafpool's apprentice instead.
When Breezepaw and Lionpaw are almost trapped underground during the Clans' contest, Crowfeather thanks Leafpool for saving his son, Breezepaw. She responds that she would give her last drop of blood for Crowfeather's kit, embarrassing Jaypaw in the process.

Dark River

Leafpool takes careful care of Cinderpaw when she falls out of the Sky Oak and breaks her leg, and has no patience with Jaypaw during this time. She wants to make sure Cinderpaw can become a warrior in this life, as she is Cinderpelt reincarnated. When Hollypaw disappears, Jaypaw notices that she is more concerned than his mother, Squirrelflight. Leafpool demands that Jaypaw must dream to find where Hollypaw is. Jaypaw later dreams that Hollypaw went to RiverClan to satisfy Leafpool.
She and Jaypaw go on a mission from Firestar to WindClan to ask if RiverClan had stolen any of their territory. While they are there, Jaypaw notices the tension between her, Crowfeather, and Nightcloud, but he doesn't know why. Leafpool surprises Jaypaw and Onestar with her intensity while talking to Onestar. Tornear comments on how she seems to repeat herself, but with different words each time. Onestar becomes angry and sends them back to ThunderClan territory. Jaypaw finds out that Cinderpelt was reincarnated into Cinderpaw and wants to tell Cinderpaw, but Leafpool wouldn't allow it, saying that it would ruin the new life that was set for her.


Leafpool is first seen collecting mallow with Jaypaw. She scolds her apprentice for looking at the stick he had found. When they walk back to camp, Jaypaw scares a thrush being hunted by Berrypaw, after which she comments that he had been 'scattier than a rabbit all morning.' Later she is seen by Hollypaw, talking to Jaypaw.
At the half-moon, she goes with her apprentice to the Moonpool to communicate with StarClan. She then greets Jaypaw in her own dream. The StarClan warriors were intent on their prey and she didn't get an answer to her greetings, yet she did point out Feathertail to Jaypaw and denies for him to talk to her. Yet when she takes prey to the Tribe of Endless Hunting, they share few words before she goes away again. When Talon and Night came to ThunderClan territory, she says that they are not intruders, as they came from the Tribe.
Leafpool seems very distracted when it is time for the journeying cats to leave for the mountains. When Jaypaw comes in to say good-bye, Leafpool tries to hide some herbs she was fiddling with, and Jaypaw says she seems far-off. He asks her if she was going to say good-bye to everyone else, but she says that she did already, possibly trying to avoid Crowfeather.


When Cinderpaw buckles her leg during her assessment, Leafpool frets about it all the time. Jaypaw believes she is not helping by spoiling Cinderpaw, when she should be moving her leg. When Jaypaw takes Cinderpaw to learn how to swim, Leafpool approves, to Jaypaw's surprise. When Squirrelflight tells Jaypaw he needs to eat, Leafpool becomes oddly tense about it, saying she knows how to take care of her apprentice. After the battle with WindClan and during the eclipse, she is seen taking care of the wounded warriors.
When Hollypaw, Lionpaw, and Cinderpaw are going to get their warrior names, it is noted by Jaypaw that she is sitting next to Squirrelflight, purring.

Long Shadows

Leafpool has decided to confer upon her apprentice, Jaypaw, his medicine cat name, making him Jayfeather after his father, Crowfeather. Jaypaw notices how happy she seems, how much love for him she feels, but even then, how protective of him she is.
Much time is spent worrying over the fate of the Clan, for many are sick with greencough, but there isn't enough catmint available. When Spiderleg is brought in to Leafpool with greencough, Lionblaze notes how shocked she is, exclaiming out in protest to the lack of catmint and Spiderleg's sickness, then goes back to being a quiet, efficient medicine cat, giving him tansy. Leafpool also stands up for Daisy when she brings Spiderleg a vole, saying that every kit is precious, and he's missing out. Later, when Firestar falls ill, she is shown to be greatly concerned and affectionate for her father.
When Jayfeather and Lionblaze provide her with catmint, and she senses enough to not ask them where they got it. After the fire, where Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf discover Squirrelflight isn't their mother, she becomes even more distant, forgetting things. When Ashfur is found dead, she is saddened to see a brave warrior dead. Leafpool starts to groom Ashfur's dead body. Soon, due to Leafpool's loving care to the dead warrior, she discovers that he was killed by a cat because of a slash down his throat, not from drowning and reports her find to Firestar.


In the prologue, Leafpool examines Ashfur's body and notices a tuft of fur in between his claws. She recognizes the scent and tries to convince herself that she is wrong, but she knows who the killer is. She removes it and stores it in the back of her den so the identity of his killer would never be known, wondering if it is all her fault that he was killed. When Sandstorm and Jayfeather went for a walk, Sandstorm describes Leafpool's attitude as touchy, and says she is worried about her.
When Honeyfern was bitten by a snake while saving Briarkit, she only says it's too late to help. She just stares at Cinderheart with pleading eyes. It could be suspected that Leafpool does not know how to cure a snake bite and that she hoped that Cinderpelt, her old mentor, reincarnated as Cinderheart, could cure Honeyfern somehow. Honeyfern's death convinces her to use her skills to try to kill the snake by filling a mouse with thorns and deathberries, and putting it outside of the snake's den, although she is reluctant to use her skills to kill. Leafpool is shown telling the kits that if they eat even one berry, they'll die instantly, even though it's not true. Jayfeather thinks that she wanted the kits 'good and scared, and wasn't taking any chances.'
Hollyleaf realizes that Leafpool might know who their mother is because she had been with them at the time of their birth. When she asks Leafpool about it, Leafpool steers the conversation in a different direction, asking why Hollyleaf killed Ashfur and promising that she'd never tell any cat. Hollyleaf tells her that he had to die because he knew Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw weren't her real parents. Leafpool reveals to Hollyleaf that she was her real mother and that Squirrelflight was trying to protect her.
When Jayfeather comes in, Leafpool tells him that she told Hollyleaf something she shouldn't have, and Jayfeather reveals that he knows that Leafpool is his mother, and when Leafpool asks him how he knows it, Jayfeather tells her that he put everything together, the memories of the journey he made when he was very little, the way Leafpool acts towards him and his siblings, and how Mousefur's herbs were mixed with parsley, a herb used to stop milk in mothers. Leafpool tells him he must live with this, for the sake of the Clan.
At the Gathering, when Hollyleaf announces that Leafpool and Crowfeather of WindClan are her and her siblings' real parents, Crowfeather tells Leafpool that she means nothing to him, and he has only one mate, Nightcloud, and only one son, Breezepelt. Leafpool steps down from being a medicine cat.
Later in her den, Hollyleaf blocks the way out of the medicine den and tells Leafpool to eat some deathberries she laid out for her. Leafpool is bewildered, but replies with sense, so Hollyleaf steps aside to let her out.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

The Fourth Apprentice

Leafpool is seen as a warrior, having resigned from her medicine cat position after the events in Sunrise. Jayfeather notes that she is not a very good hunter or fighter, and believes that she should remain as a medicine cat. Briarpaw tells Jayfeather that Firestar was attacked by a fox. He tells her to go get Leafpool, but Leafpool wasn't there in time to save Firestar because she was hunting near the WindClan border. When Leafpool does get there, Jayfeather blames her for not coming in time, and himself for forgetting his training and not helping more. When Firestar gets injured, she doesn't help, but only assures Jayfeather and visits her father several times. Jayfeather is shown to be displeased about this.
After Lionblaze and Dovepaw left on the patrol to search for water, Leafpool intentionally gave Jayfeather the memory of when she was an apprentice and she saw Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight off to their own journey to the sun-drown-place, to show that she can relate to the feeling of being left out from an adventure.
She seems to be in an odd post-depression stage since the events of Sunrise, due to Jayfeather sensing her emotions, but she never shows it.

Fading Echoes

In the prologue, the Dark Forest cats tell Breezepelt that Leafpool had betrayed StarClan by taking Crowfeather as a mate.
Leafpool continues to serve ThunderClan as a warrior and seems to be adapting to this position. When the tree falls into ThunderClan's camp, Jayfeather hisses in frustration at Leafpool to help him heal Briarpaw, and Leafpool agrees. She tells him that if she were in his position, she would go speak with Littlecloud, who has had experience dealing with an injury much like Briarpaw's.
Leafpool is at a battle practice with several other warriors and Ivypaw. She sees Ivypaw using some very advanced battle moves and asks the apprentice where she learned them. Ivypaw replies that she just did them accidentally. Leafpool tells her she must have been lucky.

Night Whispers

Leafpool is still a warrior and is doing well. Once the battle with ShadowClan is over, she is seen with Squirrelflight glancing around. Squirrelflight tells her that Lionblaze is fine, revealing she was worried about her son. After Dovepaw comes back from her hunt with Brackenfur, Toadstep, and Hazeltail, Leafpool leaves her work on the warrior den to see Jayfeather and Millie fighting.
She soon supports Jayfeather, who snaps at her, and ends up arguing with Millie. Later she, Cinderheart, and Dovepaw are seen arriving where Lionblaze and Breezepelt were fighting. Leafpool then sees Crowfeather across the border just standing there, watching the two fight. She screeches at him, asking him how he could watch his sons fight. She then tries to break up Lionblaze and Breezepelt's fight, only to be attacked by Breezepelt. Crowfeather then rushes in and drags his son off of Leafpool. Crowfeather tells the former medicine cat that she chose her Clan, but Leafpool replies saying that it doesn't mean that she didn't love him. Crowfeather then is seen clearly pained, but agrees that she loved him, but it wasn't enough. Nightcloud then drags Crowfeather away from his former mate, only to be hissed at by the tom.
Lionblaze blames Leafpool for all of this but soon realizes that she suffered more than any of them. It is noted by Lionblaze that as Crowfeather went back to the border, her eyes were full of grief and unhappiness as he left. When she returned, she soon became worried about her mother, Sandstorm, when she begins coughing. She wants to get tansy or catmint for Sandstorm, but Jayfeather refuses, asking for guards to be placed at his herb patch so Leafpool wouldn't try and take them. Later, Leafpool is seen hurrying to Jayfeather's den after he tries to help Flametail.

Sign of the Moon

Leafpool is seen on a patrol with Lionblaze and he asks her if she misses being a medicine cat. She replies by saying she misses it with every breath she takes. When Lionblaze is wondering why Cinderheart doesn't want to be his mate, she tells him that Cinderheart does still love him. Lionblaze asks his mother if she was meant to be a medicine cat then why did StarClan allow her to be with Crowfeather, and Leafpool bows her head in sadness and replies that destiny is not a path followed blindly. She listened to her heart and returned to the Clans. Lionblaze is shown to still have a little bit of a grudge towards her still, like her other son, Jayfeather. At the end of the chapter, she advises Lionblaze to listen to his heart as well.
She also steps in as medicine cat with Brightheart when Jayfeather leaves temporarily to help the Tribe.

The Forgotten Warrior

When Jayfeather is searching for Cinderheart, Leafpool pulls him aside to discuss Cinderheart. They go into the forest to speak in private. She reveals that Spottedleaf had come to her in a dream to tell her about Yellowfang's wish to tell Cinderheart about her past life. It is shown that Leafpool disagrees with Jayfeather to tell Cinderheart that she is a reincarnation of Cinderpelt.
When Hollyleaf returns Leafpool welcomes her warmly, overjoyed at seeing her daughter alive, but Hollyleaf ducks away, either from disgust or awkwardness. Later, when Hollyleaf attempts to tell the Clan that she murdered Ashfur, Leafpool supports Hollyleaf by agreeing with Brambleclaw's tale of Ashfur attacking her and falling in the stream, though she herself knows the truth of Ashfur's murder.
When Cherrypaw and Mousewhisker are in severe pain after ingesting Water Hemlock, Leafpool is quick to act. She helps heal her Clanmates with Cinderheart's help. When Cinderheart instructs her, Leafpool doesn't argue.
Leafpool becomes angry when Cinderheart reveals that she knows about how to use herbs. She hisses at Jayfeather and apologizes to Cinderheart. Cinderheart becomes agitated with the knowledge of her past life; Leafpool tries to console her but fails to.

The Last Hope

Jayfeather is deciding whether to go to the Moonpool or not, and Leafpool urges him to go. She tells him that he must share dreams with StarClan, and that he had to find Flametail to make him tell Littlecloud the truth about his death.
She is one of the few cats that know that Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf are the prophecy. She says that she could have helped him get through the times. Lionblaze snaps at her that they wouldn't have to deal with this if she hadn't broken the code. Leafpool appears to flinch away from him, hurt and Squirrelflight quickly defends her, stating they were needed to be born to save the Clans. Brambleclaw is again seen angry about the lies and that Leafpool lost everything despite Squirrelflight's efforts. She then speaks up, pointedly telling him that she hasn't lost everything as she watched her kits grow into warriors and still serves her Clan. Her son Lionblaze was then seen guilty for his harsh words, finally fully acknowledging that she sacrificed everything and that she never once stopped loving any of her kits. Leafpool then says that Squirrelflight isn't to blame and only she is responsible, telling Brambleclaw that all the matters was that these kits were accepted by their Clan and that their destiny has always shaped theirs as well.
Leafpool wanted to help Jayfeather preparing for battle with herbs, though she appears uncertain and hesitant. Jayfeather agrees much to her surprise, as she expected him to reject her help. Jayfeather tells her that her skills will be useful, causing Leafpool to quietly ask him if he has forgiven her. Jayfeather tells her there is nothing to forgive and that she was doing what she thought was best at the time, confirming he has forgiven her. Jayfeather, due to sensing her emotions, feels waves of relief and joy coming off Leafpool; she appears more cheerful afterward while helping him.
She is seen at the very end, grieving over her daughter Hollyleaf's dead body, after Hawkfrost murdered her. Hollyleaf tells Leafpool that she is glad that she got to meet her mother moments before she dies.
When Breezepelt pins down Lionblaze, about to kill him, Crowfeather comes and tells Breezepelt this needs to stop. Leafpool tells him she never meant for this to happen, and she says it might have been different if they stayed together, but he tells her it was never meant to be, making her flinch. He strokes her flank with his tail, telling her he doesn't regret any of it.
When Squirrelflight is appointed Bramblestar's deputy, she seems very proud of her sister and remarks that she deserved the position.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

In the prologue, she is on her way to the Moonpool with Jayfeather. Leafpool worries about the end of greenleaf, and how they needed to stock up on herbs, especially catmint. Jayfeather responds that if she had her way, they would have their stocks filled with catmint and nothing else. Leafpool points out that whitecough can easily turn into greencough, and that the elders were most at risk. Jayfeather says that Sandstorm, Graystripe, Millie, and Purdy are all healthy and that they had plenty of catmint growing by the old Twoleg nest. She thanks Mothwing when Mothwing allows them to gather catmint from RiverClan whenever needed. Once she is dreaming, she shares the same dream with the other medicine cats. She is seen speaking with Willowshine, in anxious murmurs. When StarClan cats show up, she bounds over to her father, Firestar, and touches noses with him.
She is spotted by Alderpaw as he is searching the elders for ticks, and he describes her gaze as a searching one. When exploring the territory, Molewhisker mentions that Leafpool kept her herbs by the Twoleg den. Later when Alderpaw is about to go to the gathering, he thinks that he has only seen cats from another Clan once, when he was still a kit and the RiverClan medicine cats had come to talk to Leafpool. After the Gathering, Leafpool is staring at Alderpaw, seated at the foot of the Great Oak.
When Bramblestar explains to Alderpaw that he is to be a medicine cat apprentice, he is shocked. Leafpool steps forward and says that this isn't a punishment and that she and Jayfeather asked Bramblestar for this. The next day, Alderpaw comes in, and Jayfeather snaps that he's late. Leafpool meows that the sun isn't even up yet and that Jayfeather should give Alderpaw a break. Jayfeather retorts that he isn't her apprentice anymore, and asks Alderpaw if he slept well last night. Jayfeather then introduces Alderpaw to herbs, including goldenrod, and tansy. When he gets to tansy, Leafpool interrupts by saying it was useful and helped with back pain. She suggests that Jayfeather let Alderpaw have a sniff. Sparkpaw comes in and says that Purdy has a bellyache, and they needed herbs. Jayfeather quizzes Alderpaw, and soon Leafpool leaves with the watermint.
She is mentioned when Alderpaw asks if she is back yet, with Jayfeather responding no. He grumbles that ShadowClan was packed with apprentices and that there could be at least one apprentice Littlecloud could take, but they had to take Leafpool. Squirrelflight says that a medicine cat has to be the right cat, glancing at Alderpaw.
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Thunder and Shadow

Leafpool is first seen beside Alderpaw reaching into a crevasse at the back of the cave and pulls out a paw full of leaves. She then pushes a pile of thyme to one side while talking about Lilyheart's kits. Leafpool says that Twigkit is agile and that she is not doing any harm being in the medicine den, whereas Jayfeather says she should play outside with the other kits or Briarlight, not in the medicine den.
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Shattered Sky

She appears when Alderheart is treating injuries from the battle with the rogues. She declines Alderheart's offer to give Birchfall a poppy seed and tells him to save them. She tucks fresh moss into Twigpaw's nest, and Alderheart admits he's worried for Twigpaw, but Leafpool assures him she didn't have any broken bones. Bramblestar peers in and tells them to get ready for the Gathering, and Leafpool immediately offers for Alderheart and Jayfeather to go. After Jayfeather asks if she can cope, she tartly reminds him that she has been able to since before he was born, and she mentions that she wants to look after Blossomfall, who will soon have kits.
Outside the medicine den, as the cats who are going to go the Gathering come together, Purdy asks Alderheart for herbs for a bellyache. Alderheart tells him that he should see Leafpool, who is staying behind to keep an eye on Blossomfall and the injured warriors. Purdy notes that he won't bother the medicine cat if she is busy. On the way to the island, Jayfeather thinks about the wounds that the Clans have from the battle, and he remembers how after Leafpool heard that many RiverClan warriors were injured, she offered to go to their Clan and help; however, Bramblestar had forbidden it, telling his medicine cat that she must take care of her own Clanmates. While Leafpool had obeyed, Alderheart had realized that she was still worried about the RiverClan cats.
Later, as Alderheart checks Twigpaw's leg, Leafpool, who is helping Briarlight with her exercises, asks how the apprentice is doing. The ginger tom responds that she is much better. Briarlight asks to hear more about her sister's kits and Leafpool mews that she will be a good mother. The light tabby stifles a yawn, and it is noted that she and Alderheart were up for a long time helping Blossomfall deliver her litter. She adds that seeing new life gives her hope, even among the troubles in the Clans. Alderheart notes how nervous Thornclaw had been last night, and Leafpool's eyes gleam with amusement as she recalls this, mentioning that it is his first litter of kits. Alderheart then tells Twigpaw that he will be fine now, and Leafpool suggests that if he is done checking on the apprentice, he should get some sleep. She notes that she got some rest that morning, but Alderheart has been up since moonhigh. The ginger tabby agrees, and Leafpool requests that on the way, he finds Jayfeather and tells the gray tom to come back. On his way to the apprentice's den, Alderheart passes by Jayfeather and lets his denmate know that Leafpool wants him in the medicine cats' den.
Later, Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting and stands on the highledge with Squirrelflight on one side and the three medicine cats on the other. Alderheart explains his vision of SkyClan, but ThunderClan decides not to send a patrol to look for them. Bramblestar ends the Clan meeting, and the medicine cats make their way down the tumbled rocks. The next day, Alderheart notices that Twigpaw is not in her nest, and Jayfeather suggests that he could ask Leafpool, who is at the nursery and checking on Blossomfall. On his way to the nursery, Purdy breaks up a fight in camp then suddenly collapses and promptly after dies. Jayfeather and Leafpool soon are at Alderheart's side, and the tabby she-cat asks what is happening. Alderheart answers that he doesn't know.
Several days later, Darktail takes over RiverClan and the RiverClan cats come to the ThunderClan camp. Leafpool is mentioned to be helping Mothwing and Willowshine check on the RiverClan cats, but even with five medicine cats in the camp, they are running out of resources. When the RiverClan cats had first come, Squirrelflight had suggested that the most injured cats, along with Leafpool and Willowshine, could live in the abandoned Twoleg nest; however, her idea was refused. Later that day, when Lionblaze's patrol is attacked by some of Darktail's cats, Bramblestar calls a Clan meeting. Daisy and Leafpool emerge from the nursery, where they were caring for some of the injured RiverClan warriors. Bramblestar announces that they need a plan, and Lionblaze mentions that yesterday, he and Cinderheart found out that they are expecting their second litter of kits. Alderheart remembers how excited Leafpool had been when she had given the mates the good news, but now the brown tabby looks somber.
On the way to the medicine cat's half-moon meeting that night, Leafpool is in the lead with Jayfeather and Willowshine. When neither Puddleshine nor Kestrelflight are waiting at the slope above the Moonpool, Leafpool leads the way down the spiral path towards the pool and decides that they will give them a little longer. She notes that they might be coming, but Jayfeather responds that they all know the two medicine cats won't come. After a while without any sign of the ShadowClan and WindClan cats, Leafpool rises to her paws and declares that they have waited long enough. Jayfeather suggests that they go already, and Leafpool nods, but first announces that she knows they are going through challenging times, and every cat wants to help to save the Clans. She notes that despite this, she hopes that they all have the sense to look after themselves and not put themselves in danger to find information; she directs this towards Alderheart. She rests her sharp gaze on the young tom, who ducks his head and agrees. He realizes that she must have worked out that he and Mothwing had sneaked into the RiverClan camp the previous night. He thinks that Leafpool doesn't approve, but hasn't actually told them not to do it again. Meanwhile, Jayfeather complains about how they still haven't shared with StarClan, and Leafool responds that they will dream now, and wishes that StarClan lights their path.
After Violetpaw and a ThunderClan patrol rescue Ratscar and Oakfur from ShadowClan, the two elders are brought to the camp and are led to where Leafpool and Jayfeather are in the medicine cat's den. A few days later, Bramblestar calls for a meeting for the ShadowClan, RiverClan, and ThunderClan cats to discuss their current situation, and Leafpool appears at the entrance to the nursery along with Daisy, Snowbird, and her kits.
At another Moonpool meeting, before the half-moon, Leafpool is seen with Jayfeather scrambling from rock to rock on the way to the Moonpool. Mothwing, Willowshine, Alderheart, and Puddleshine follow. The medicine cats soon reach the pool and crouch at the water's edge, then touch the water's surface to share with StarClan. When Alderheart opens his eyes, he finds that he is back in the hollow, but surrounded by spirit cats, and he is relieved that StarClan is finally sharing with the medicine cats. Leafpool is the first to speak, and she eagerly announces that they have found SkyClan. The ThunderClan she-cat questions if they were what StarClan meant by 'what you find in the shadows', and Firestar confirms this but adds that there is more to be done. Alderheart glances at the other medicine cats, who all look eager as they gaze at the former leader, and he thinks that it is strange for all of them to be there together. Leafpool asks what else they should do, and how to clear the sky now that the found what lies in the shadows – SkyClan. Firestar answers that not every Clan is present – referring to WindClan. As the starry cats begin to fade, the medicine cats exchange uneasy glances.
The following morning, Violetpaw arrives in the ThunderClan camp having escaped from The Kin. Upon noticing the apprentice, Alderheart, Leafpool, Jayfeather, and the other medicine cats dash up to her.
Before the battle against Darktail and his Kin, albeit earlier than the half-moon, the medicine cats gather at the Moonpool to discuss with StarClan. They once again have a joint vision, where they are in a forest with all the cats of StarClan assembled around them. There are many cats there that Alderheart had never seen before, and Leafpool mews in delight that they are StarClan ancestors. She notes that with SkyClan returned to the other Clans, the spirits of their warriors' ancestors can walk the skies with the lake Clans' StarClan. Firestar appears and beckons for the medicine cats to join him in the center of the clearing, and then Yellowfang tells them that ShadowClan's land must be reclaimed. She asks if they understand, and a murmur of agreement comes from the medicine cats. Firestar shares the message that the Clans must remember their names, but all of the medicine cats are confused about what he means. Once the vision fades, the medicine cats are standing in a dark void, then they wake up beside the Moonpool.
The next day, the day that the Clans plan to attack and defeat Darktail, Bramblestar calls a meeting for the Clans. Leafpool emerges from the medicine cats' den with Jayfeather and Briarlight. The ThunderClan leader announces that today, they will fight against Darktail, and after the meeting, as Alderheart listens to Hawkwing describe how SkyClan got its name, he calls to Leafpool and the other medicine cats, saying that he figured out what StarClan meant.

Darkest Night

Leafpool is looking over Tinycloud's kits with Alderheart, remarking that it's good they waited until they were by the lake. Tinycloud hopes they'll be born in their new camp, and Alderheart tells her they'll be the first SkyClan kits born beside the lake. She looks at him before saying Jayfeather wanted them to help clear out the herb stores and walking away. He asks whether they should help with Tinycloud's kitting, since SkyClan does not have a medicine cat, but she ignores him and instead says he shouldn't have said her kits will be born beside the lake. She points out that they're not sure if SkyClan is going to stay, and although she wants them to, not everyone has the same opinion.
Alderheart thinks they're annoyed because they're cramped in one camp and they have to share nests, but will agree to SkyClan staying. Leafpool replies that cats who can't stand sharing nests are probably not agreeable to the idea of sharing territory. She adds that some cats refuse to believe StarClan wants them to give up land for a Clan they have never heard of. Flabbergasted, he insists that no cat values land over the will of StarClan, but Leafpool's gaze drifts towards Sparkpelt as an example. Alderheart tells her his sister went with him to find SkyClan; however, Leafpool tells him finding and keeping are two different things, and suggests asking her for her opinion. Jayfeather yells at them to hurry up, and she remarks that she's been a medicine cat since before he was born.
Before the Gathering, Alderheart tells Leafpool that she was right: Sparkpelt doesn't want SkyClan at the lake. She tells him that his sister does not speak for every cat, but if they want to turn SkyClan away they must comply with that. He doesn't know if he can accept it, but she says they don't have a choice. Afterwards, when the Clans decide that SkyClan can stay, she states that they can trust StarClan.
Leafpool is helping Briarlight do laps around the camp, and remarks to Alderheart that she's getting faster. Briarlight retorts that the medicine cat is getting slower, instead of her getting faster. The tabby meows in amusement, before suggesting that Alderheart wait for the hunting patrol to get back. As Briarlight continues her laps, Leafpool walks after her, encouraging her to do one lap without stop. The brown she-cat replies that Leafpool's the one stopping, not her.
At the half moon meeting of the medicine cats, she asks if Mothwing and Willowshine are coming, to which Jayfeather responds that they most likely aren't. Kestrelflight adds that they could've been ordered to stay at camp. Before they share, Puddleshine steps forward and tells them that SkyClan has no medicine cat, and he had to be the one to cut Finpaw free when his tail got stuck. She praises Puddleshine for his treatment of the SkyClan apprentice, and he responds that he did his best, but SkyClan needs a medicine cat. Leafpool remarks that SkyClan is planning to find their lost Clanmates, and might find someone with some training in herbs. The ShadowClan cat insists that they need one now, as Tinycloud's kits are long overdue.
Jayfeather volunteers Leafpool to go over to SkyClan, since she did the same with ShadowClan. She accepts, before they all share with StarClan. They are in a shared vision, and Leafpool is about to go to the StarClan cats, before her father approaches them first. As the StarClan cats follow, Crookedstar asks where Mothwing and Willowshine are, and Leafpool responds that they would be here if they could. Firestar tells them that they must bring RiverClan back, but Kestrelflight argues that it's hard for a medicine cat to change their leader's mind. He thinks they'll come back in their own time. Before Firestar can explain, Hollyleaf appears, and Leafpool gasps out her name. They touch cheeks, before the medicine cat asks her daughter if she is happy. The black she-cat responds that she is at peace, and everyone talks with their passed on Clanmates. Firestar interrupts their conversations, and lets Echosong deliever the message. Once it's done and they awaken, Leafpool suggests thinking it over, before dicussing it when Alderheart insists they try to understand it at the moment.
When Twigpaw looks for Leafpool, she can't seem to find her, and assumes she's out hunting or looking for herbs. As Twigpaw and Finpaw talk she walks in and is surprised to see Twigpaw there. She tells the apprentice that she should leave, since she's dressing Finpaw's wounds, but he objects, wanting Twigpaw to stay to distract him. Leafpool agrees, before leaving to soak leaves. She comes back and changes the dressing, while Twigpaw and Finpaw chat. The medicine cat allows Finpaw to exercise, but wants him to stay in camp until his wound has healed. She wrinkles her nose in disgust after Twigpaw mentions catching fish.
There is a meeting of all the medicine cats, and when they arrive in the SkyClan camp, she runs out to greet Jayfeather, and tells everyone that she forgot about the meeting, because she's been busy. He waves it aside and asks how Tinycloud's kits are, and she replies that they were born before the patrol left. Alderheart asks her about the prophecy, and she says she's tried to think about it, but she has been busy. Jayfeather asks Leafpool if she wants to come with them to RiverClan to tell Mistystar about the prophecy. She asks if they'll even be allowed to cross, before declining, as there aren't enough cats to do things.
Twigpaw falls from a tree, and she is taken to Leafpool to be looked over. Sandynose asks if she'll be okay, and Leafpool responds that she is lucky, before looking over Twigpaw. She tells her to rest, so she can see how she's doing, before leaving to collect herbs.
She sends Fallowfern to collect herbs, but the elder accidentally crosses the border. As Leafpool pads into camp, she asks what's going on, and why Juniperclaw is in the SkyClan camp. After he explains the situation, she tells him that it's her fault, and she probably sent Fallowfern to the wrong herb patch. Juniperclaw tells them to pay attention to their borders, before storming off. Leafpool apologizes profoundly to Leafstar, but the leader tells her that it's not her fault.
Finpaw and Twigpaw sneak out of camp, and are about to hunt, until Leafpool catches them. She whispers for them to go back to camp, before they're caught outside of camp.
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River of Fire

Leafpool becomes a grandmother to Lionblaze's and Cinderheart's newest litter of kits; Flykit, Snapkit, and Spotkit.
Leafpool is spotted with Jayfeather by Twigpaw as she returns to ThunderClan, discussing something by the medicine cat den.
A sickness ravages through ThunderClan, infecting Plumkit. Leafpool takes it upon herself to heal the young kit and is seen by Alderheart licking the kit's head as Plumkit whimpers from her bellyache. Upon noticing her nephew in the den, Leafpool tells Alderheart that they should move Briarlight to the nursery. Briarlight, roused by the she-cat's words, tells them not to worry about her. Alderheart tells the brown she-cat that Leafpool was right, and goes to find cats to help move Briarlight. After moving her with Bumblestripe and Lionblaze, Briarlight asks Blossomfall's kits if they want to play moss ball with her, to which Stemkit, Shellkit, and Eaglekit eagerly agree. Alderheart thinks to himself that Leafpool's idea to move her into the nursery was the best one she's had in moons.
Upon getting back to the medicine cat den, Leafpool informs Alderheart that they could really use watermint, and Alderheart agrees, but it would mean going into RiverClan territory. Leafpool says that she knows, but watermint is their best chance of defeating the sickness.
At the half-moon meeting, Leafpool walks ahead of Alderheart with Jayfeather, while Leafpool's former apprentice Puddleshine walks behind them with SkyClan's medicine cats, Frecklewish and Fidgetpaw. The RiverClan medicine cats, Mothwing and Willowshine, and WindClan's medicine cat Kestrelflight are nowhere to be seen. Leafpool drops her pace so she is beside Alderheart, and asks the dark ginger tom how Twigpaw is adjusting back to ThunderClan. Alderheart informs his aunt that she's having trouble fitting in again. Leafpool twitches her ears in response and hopes Twigpaw is not considering leaving again. Alderheart agrees, and tells Leafpool that she wants to be with her kin, but feels she belongs in ThunderClan. Alderheart admits that he hasn't spent much time with her as he would have liked, since he has been concerned with RiverClan shutting themselves out of Clan life and the disbandment of ShadowClan. Jayfeather lets out a snort, and asks aren't they all worried about the recent events. Leafpool tells her son that maybe they will get some guidance from StarClan at the Moonpool. Jayfeather snaps that they better. After waiting, the medicine cats notice Kestrelflight bounding across the moor towards them, to which Alderheart exclaims the tom's name. Leafpool breathes out relief and says she is glad that he came since she can't bear the thought of only ThunderClan and SkyClan existing.
The medicine cats wait for Mothwing and Willowshine, until Leafpool mews that they most certainly were not coming, and they should get to the Moonpool. Leafpool later announces to them that there was an outbreak of sickness in ThunderClan, and while cats were recovering, many cats were infected. Kestrelflight informs Leafpool that they have the same sickness ravaging WindClan, and six cats were infected and that ThunderClan and WindClan have used all their watermint on their shared border. Alderheart asks Frecklewish if SkyClan has the sickness, to which she denies. Leafpool murmurs that they should hope that it stays that way. Leafpool tells Kestrelflight to keep in touch with her about the sickness but tells the medicine cats they need to focus on the Prophecy. Alderheart mutters that they've darkened the sky by going from five Clans to three. Leafpool asks the medicine cats if they have received any visions, to which all them shake their heads. Alderheart inquires that Tree told them to find the missing ShadowClan cats, and Puddleshine replies that he'd like nothing better, but they don't even know where they are. Leafpool blinks thoughtfully and says that the loss of ShadowClan troubles her deeply, but she has faith RiverClan will come back, but is unsure of ShadowClan. She asks Puddleshine if he believes his former Clan will have any chance of returning, to which Puddleshine grimly replies that he doesn't believe it can.
Kestrelflight murmurs that maybe StarClan has wisdom for them tonight, to which Leafpool says she hopes they do. Afterward, Alderheart, Puddleshine, and Kestrelflight are visited by Needletail, Dawnpelt, and Lioneye, telling the three medicine cats that the shadows must not be dispelled. Leafpool announces that they need to take the message back to their Clanmates. As she, Alderheart, and Jayfeather leave, Alderheart asks Leafpool why she seems so troubled, and Leafpool responds that she isn't sure. She says that while it was good that ShadowClan was returning, not all of them were good, mentioning that a few of them were loyal to Darktail. Alderheart reminds her that not all of them were evil. Leafpool sighs, and says that SkyClan is bothering her as well, adding that Leafstar has been very patient with ShadowClan, but the recent merge is asking a lot of her. Alderheart replies that they still don't know what StarClan's message means. Leafpool admits her nephew is right, and gazes up to the stars, admitted she's still worried. Alderheart cannot find any words to reassure her. He then hears movement in the bushes and asks Leafpool if she heard it. Leafpool, confused, asks what exactly he heard. Alderheart replies that it was nothing. However, unknown to them, Twigpaw was hiding in the bushes.
She is spotted by Twigpaw curled up in her nest with Whitewing. It is revealed that Leafpool has caught the sickness, and while she was recovering, she was too shaky to fully return to her duties.
During a windstorm, Leafpool, awakened by the loud winds, sits up in her nest, her amber eyes wide with alarm. Alderheart asks her if they should start moving cats into the tunnels, and Leafpool hesitates, but affirms that Bramblestar will give that order if he thinks it is bad enough. Jayfeather, Leafpool, and Alderheart decide to move the herbs in case they get damaged, while Leafpool initially begins to do so, Jayfeather tells Leafpool to not let Alderheart bully her into getting the rest of the herbs since she needs to rest. Leafpool amusingly agrees, affectionately calling her son the great one.
Alderheart introduces Velvet and Fuzzball to Leafpool and Jayfeather but adds that they were both sick, and also medicine cats like him. Leafpool, recovering significantly, attends the gathering, padding beside Alderheart. At the gathering, Leafpool offers to go to RiverClan after Mistystar informs the Clans that most of them are injured, to which Mothwing and Mistystar gratefully accept.
Unknown to her, Ivypool gives birth to Leafpool's great-grandkits. Jayfeather, being the only available medicine cat, assists Ivypool in her kitting. Leafpool eventually becomes the great-grandmother to Bristlekit, Flipkit, and Thriftkit.
Upon learning that Briarlight is dying from the sickness, Bramblestar asks Larksong to fetch Leafpool. The black tom nods, and dashes off to collect Finpaw and find Leafpool.
As Briarlight lays dying, Leafpool emerges into the medicine den, and wraps her tail around Jayfeather's shoulders, knowing that her son is distraught over the situation. She witness the brown she-cat's last breath, and consoles Jayfeather afterward. Later on, Alderheart knows that Jayfeather deeply blames himself for Briarlight's death, and Alderheart informs his cousin that he is not, and he and Leafpool are equally to blame, as they should not have left him as the only medicine cat in camp. Jayfeather stares at Alderheart and asks what good the three of them were if they couldn't cure her. Leafpool is then spotted by Alderheart, leading Graystripe and Millie out of the medicine den, while the elders carry their daughter's body out. Graystripe and Millie place Briarlight down in the center of the camp, and Alderheart joins Leafpool at Briarlight's head. After a moment of silence, Leafpool tells StarClan to light Briarlight's path, and that may she find good hunting, shelter, and swift running in StarClan. After she speaks, Graystripe and Millie get up to carry their daughter out for burial. After the burial, Leafpool returns to RiverClan to assist Mothwing and Willowshine.
Jayfeather becomes aware of Alderheart's growing relationship with Velvet, and asks if Alderheart was aware that Leafpool was his mother. Alderheart nods, and Jayfeather says that she fell in love with a WindClan warrior and had kits, then she convinced Squirrelflight to raise the kits like they were hers and Bramblestar's. He goes on, saying that Squirrelflight did it because she loved Leafpool, and when the secret was revealed, it ruined his life, along with Lionblaze's and his sister Hollyleaf.
When Dovewing returns to ThunderClan, Alderheart spots her emerging from the medicine den with Jayfeather, and the dark ginger tom realizes that Leafpool was back from RiverClan. After Dovewing leaves again, Alderheart goes into the medicine den and mutters his greetings to Leafpool and Jayfeather before passing out.
Alderheart goes to Twolegplace to return a toy for Velvet, and when he returns, the half-moon meeting has begun. Leafpool greets her nephew, and says that she and Jayfeather were worried about him. Alderheart apologizes and says that he wanted to see how Fuzzball and Velvet were doing.

The Raging Storm

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In The Broken Code arc

Lost Stars

It is revealed Leafpool died in a rockslide. Her sister Squirrelflight also suffered injuries and both sisters were in StarClan. Squirrelflight eventually recovers and returns to the living world. She is mentioned several times throughout the book, and Jayfeather is seen mourning for his mother and medicine cat in the Bonus Scene.

The Silent Thaw

Leafpool is mentioned, both indirectly though not by name, when Lionblaze and Jayfeather become angry that they are listed codebreakers because they are half-Clan.
After Squirrelflight returns from her self-imposed atonement, Bramblestar's impostor begins to interrogate her about her whereabouts, and then asks why she broke the warrior code for Leafpool. This visibly touches a nerve with Squirrelflight, who insists that Leafpool was brave. The impostor rebukes that Leafpool was weak, and so was Squirrelflight before publicly demoting and exiling her.

Veil of Shadows

Leafpool is mentioned when Squirrelflight tells the rebels that when she and Leafpool spent time in StarClan, they were told the Dark Forest was nearly empty.

In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

Leafkit and her sister, Squirrelkit, are born to Sandstorm and Firestar, the ThunderClan leader.
Anxious to see the kits, Firestar says he still can't believe how beautiful they are. Upon entering, Sandstorm and Firestar name the two sisters, Leafkit is named in honor of Leafstar, the current SkyClan leader, and perhaps Spottedleaf, while her sister is named Squirrelkit because of her bushy, squirrel-like tail and dark ginger pelt. Remembering the prophecy Skywatcher gave him, Firestar wonders if it applies to his two newborn daughters. It is said that Brightheart's kit, Whitekit, is watching over the new arrivals when Firestar enters.

Crowfeather's Trial

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Bramblestar's Storm

Leafpool is first seen sitting under an elderly beech tree, nipping off stems of coltsfoot. She waves her tail to Bramblestar's patrol. Bramblestar says she looks busy, and she tells him she is. A moment later, Millie comes to tell her how Briarlight's exercises are clearing her chest. Leafpool tells her that she needs to thank Jayfeather. She says he never stops figuring out ways to help Briarlight. When she mentions catmint, Millie is surprised they have any left, and Leafpool explains that Jayfeather's patch he planted was growing. Bramblestar watches as the medicine cat picks up her herbs and bounds off through the trees. 
Leafpool is later seen when Bramblestar takes a patrol to speak with Blackstar. She is tending to Jayfeather's catmint patch, nose deep in a clump of the herbs. Squirrelflight says she is glad that her sister has found her place within the Clan again.
Bramblestar says they are lucky to have her, recalling Firestar's decision to send her to the warriors' den when it was revealed that she was the mother of Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf. It is said the fact she had broken the medicine cats' code couldn't be ignored, and was relieved it hadn't been his place to make the judgment.
She is briefly mentioned by Littlecloud when he asks Squirrelflight how she and Jayfeather are doing.
When Briarlight says she is ready to go back to her nest, Leafpool says it is not good for her to be shut up by herself.
When it is being discussed who will go to the gathering, Jayfeather says Leafpool had volunteered to stay behind.
When Bramblestar takes a hunting patrol near the abandoned Twoleg nest, they find that Leafpool and Jayfeather's catmint has been crushed by a fallen branch. Cherryfall gasps, saying Leafpool worked so hard over them, Mousewhisker reassures her that they will fix it as soon as the wind drops.
She is seen helping Jayfeather tidy up the herb stocks. When Jayfeather complains about the wind, she says they need to do it fast and then shove everything done to the bottom of the cleft.
Bramblestar tells her that Cherryfall tore her claw and is waiting in the warriors' den. Jayfeather tells her to take some marigold to Cherryfall if it hadn't all blown away. She is seen slipping out of the den, and Jayfeather says Bramblestar wanted to send her out deliberately. 
It is later said the Leafpool had put the poultice of marigold leaves on Cherryfall's injured paw, and is seen stroking the warrior's fur as she went to sleep.
When the warriors leave their den, Leafpool tells Bramblestar they have spare dry bedding and asks where she needs to take it. Bramblestar tells her to take some to the Highledge and the apprentices' den. He thanks her as she speeds off. Moments later, she is seen scurrying across the clearing with a load of bedding.
When the camp floods, Leafpool helps her Clanmates escape through the steep, twisting path beside the medicine cats' den. Bramblestar runs to join her. Most of the Clan was clustered by the medicine cats' den, while Leafpool and Squirrelflight push through the bushes, revealing the path. Snowpaw is surprised that Leafpool knew about the path, and Brightheart tells him that medicine cats know lots of things.
When Bramblestar tells Millie to climb the cliff with Leafpool, she refuses, saying she wouldn't leave Briarlight. To Bramblestar's relief, Leafpool urges her to come with her. Briarlight tells her to go with Leafpool, saying she will see them at the top of the cliff. Moments later, Leafpool and Millie vanish up the path.
When Leafpool returns from the top of the hollow, Bramblestar asks sharply where she had been. She explains that she was hoping to find some bundles of herbs floating on the water and asks if she could fetch them. Bramblestar refuses, saying it was too dangerous, but Leafpool insists that she would be fine. Her and Jayfeather manage to convince him to let her ago. He makes her take a warrior with her, and she beckons Cherryfall over to help her. 
Bramblestar sees the two she-cats swimming in the flood, grasping at floating greenery. When Cherryfall catches some and asks Leafpool if it's useful she says no, but she may have found tansy. Cherryfall exclaims that it's just slimy tree bark. Leafpool and Cherryfall return soon with the few herbs they managed to salvage, and Leafpool finds a hole in the wall of the tunnel they can use as a store. 
When Minty is brought to camp, Bramblestar is distracted by Leafpool and Squirrelflight coming up to him. When Squirrelflight says that cats are getting aches from sleeping on the stone floor and Bramblestar says they can't sleep outside, she and Squirrelflight exchange a glance. Leafpool says that's true, but they need to find decent bedding or everyone will catch whitecough. 
She's briefly mentioned when Jayfeather comes to talk to Bramblestar, leaving Dustpelt and Leafpool where he had been sharing prey with them. When he shows Bramblestar a scratch on his paw, Bramblestar says he'll get Leafpool, but Jayfeather says it was only a scratch.
She and Jayfeather are seen checking cats for injuries with Poppyfrost, Dovewing, and Bumblestripe after the mudslide. 
Bramblestar notices her limping and asks if she wrenched her paw when the earth fell. She says it was the piece of wood that caught Jayfeather earlier. She goes on to say she was sure he had moved it, but if must have rolled back. After she assures Bramblestar that she is not badly hurt, just annoyed, he remembers the apprentices seeing the Stick of the Fallen. Bramblestar tells Leafpool to carry the branch a long way away before going to find the apprentices. When Seedpaw dies, Bramblestar wishes he had paid more attention to Leafpool and Jayfeather's warning, thinking it should have been obvious.
When Lilypaw is seen shivering after Seedpaw's vigil, Bramblestar asks Leafpool if the apprentice is ill. She says that she is not sure, and worries that she has whitecough. She also says it may just be grief. She adds that it is hard when they can't get properly dry and warm. 
When Bramblestar's patrol brings back the sodden Twoleg pelt, she is seen sniffing it with Daisy. Bramblestar overhears Leafpool trying to coax Amberpaw to drink from some wet moss to help her cough. She is briefly mentioned by Dustpelt when they decide to move the sick cats and Purdy deeper into the tunnel. He says that she and Jayfeather should move too, to be closer to their patients. 
When Bramblestar is visited by a dream, he tells Squirrelflight he needs to speak with her, Leafpool, and Jayfeather. At the mention of her father, Leafpool's gaze lights up, and she exclaims that Firestar is watching over them. When Jayfeather says that Firestar could've made the prophecy he sent clearer, Leafpool says that he knows as well as any cat that omens and prophecies are often difficult to understand at first. She continues to say that prophecies are often only clear after they've come true. She tells Bramblestar to keep the prophecy in mind as he listens to his instincts, then the meaning should appear. She then leaves with Jayfeather to sort herbs.
When Jessy and Frankie want to go on patrol. Bramblestar insists they help Leafpool and Jayfeather sort herbs instead. Leafpool agrees. Saying they have managed to build up a store again, but lost everything so they had to start over. 
When Bramblestar takes another patrol to ShadowClan, he asks Leafpool to come with him now that Jayfeather has helped. Watching Lionblaze saying goodbye to Cinderheart, Leafpool tells Bramblestar she wouldn't be new kits in the Clan soon. When they get to ShadowClan's camp, Leafpool asks to speak to Littlecloud and Dawnpelt goes to fetch him. Bramblestar's shock at the old medicine cat's frame is reflected in Leafpool's eyes as she touches noses with Littlecloud. She and the old medicine cat discuss the shortage of herbs, and she says she may have some spare herbs that he is missing. Rowanstar is unhappy when Leafpool follows Littlecloud into a thicket, but he doesn't complain. As the ThunderClan cats leave, Scorchfur goes to fetch Leafpool. Leafpool asks Bramblestar if she can stay with Littlecloud until Dawnpelt has kitted. Rowanstar begins to refuse her offer to stay, but she asks if he wants a healthy litter of kits or not. She said that Clan rivalry means nothing to medicine cats, and asks if he would deny her the chance to do the role StarClan has chosen for her. Bramblestar and Rowanstar agree to let her stay. Cinderheart asks if Bramblestar thinks Leafpool will stay with ShadowClan forever, mentioning the Littlecloud hadn't had an apprentice since Flametail died. Bramblestar snaps that she is a ThunderClan cat and that she will come back.
When the patrol returns to camp, Jayfeather asks where Leafpool is and is furious that Bramblestar let her stay with ShadowClan. Bramblestar says that he has Brightheart to help him, but he hisses, saying it's not the same. 
After the attack on the kittypets, Jayfeather has the plan was a horrible idea, especially when Leafpool is still in the ShadowClan camp. Bramblestar hopes that Rowanstar isn't taking his anger out on his medicine cat. 
Leafpool returns to the tunnel shortly, fur ruffled and agitated. Bramblestar asks if she's okay, and she explains how Rowanstar asked her to leave, saying he'd had enough ThunderClan interference. She asks what he did, and Bramblestar explains how they attacked the kittypet that had been threatening ShadowClan. Leafpool says he was mouse-brained and says the medicine cat code extended to help other Clans, not the warrior code. She tells Bramblestar to stop trying to imagine what Firestar would've done and stay true to himself. When Cinderheart tells her that her son, Lionblaze, is badly hurt, she pauses, eyes wide with shock. She then races to the tunnel and vanishes inside.
Bramblestar spots Leafpool brushing through the undergrowth with sodden herbs gripped in her mouth. She pads up to him, and he says it looks like a good haul. She explains that she nearly went to the top of the border to find them. She continues to explain they were daisy leaves to help ease the pains in the older cats. She includes Graystripe, Sandstorm, and Dustpelt, but says they would never admit they're old. Bramblestar says it's not up to him to make them join the elders. Leafpool sighs, saying she knows but living in the tunnel isn't helping. She picks her herbs to pack up and slides past the mudfall, back into the tunnel.
After Frankie finds out that his brother, Benny is dead, Leafpool tells him she will take a look at him and give him thyme for the shock. 
After Yellowfang visits Bramblestar in a  dream, he goes to talk to Leafpool. When he starts to wake her, Jayfeather says that she needs to sleep and they can wake her later. Jayfeather mentioned that they missed a medicine-cat meeting at the Moonpool but he doubts the others were there. When Jayfeather hauls himself out of his nest, it is mentioned that Leafpool was still asleep. When Bramblestar calls a meeting, she is seen leaving the tunnel with Sandstorm and Purdy
She is seen again later with a mouthful of chervil. She comes over to Bramblestar and waits for a chance to speak. She tells him that Cinderheart needs to stay in camp. When Bramblestar asks why, Leafpool says she didn't think Bramblestar could expect her to face badgers. When Bramblestar says she can stay behind if she wants to, Leafpool starts to say she wants him to tell her something, but stops. When Bramblestar said he couldn't stop Cinderheart from going, Leafpool sighs, shaking her head, picks up her chervil, and begins to go back to the tunnel. Bramblestar follows her, asking if she's okay and if she had had a bad omen about the battle. She faces him, her eyes clouded with distress. Bramblestar then remembers the last battle against badgers. Leafpool had returned to find the whole camp in torment and her mentor, Cinderpelt, dying in the nursery. He promises her it wouldn't be like then, and that he'd make sure no badgers come near where they live. Leafpool thanks him quietly, but Bramblestar senses she is not reassured. 
After Cinderheart reveals she is expecting kits but still wants to help fight the badgers, Leafpool says she could use some help preparing for injuries. Cinderheart agrees to stay in camp and asks Sandstorm what it was like carrying Leafpool and Squirrelflight. 
Before the battle with the badgers, Leafpool is briefly seen with Jayfeather, Purdy, and Sandstorm outside the tunnel. 
When Minty asks to stay with the Clan for one last night, she mentions she promised to help Leafpool sort some herbs.
When Bramblestar is choosing cats to go to the Gathering, he says he will let Jayfeather decide whether he or Leafpool will go.
In the manga, Leafpool has become the grandmother to Lionblaze's and Cinderheart's kits; Fernpaw, Sorrelpaw, and Hollypaw. She is staring in awe as her grandkits become apprentices. Squirrelflight decides to go see Leafpool after she finally admits that she may be ill. She tells her sister that any other she-cat would be headed for the nursery but they both knew better than that. Leafpool rests her tail on her sister's shoulder as she speaks. When Yellowfang comes to speak with Squirrelflight, she mentions that Squirrelflight took in Leafpool's kits because Yellowfang had lied to her. 

Tigerheart's Shadow

She is briefly mentioned by Tigerheart, when he recalls how Leafpool had trained ShadowClan's medicine cat, Puddleshine, from when he was a kit. Tigerheart remembers the moon she was in ShadowClan, and how she had managed to train Puddleshine to become a full medicine cat in such a short amount of time.

Squirrelflight's Hope

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In the Novellas

Mothwing's Secret

After her ceremony at the Moonstone, Mothwing instantly befriends Leafpaw. When Mudfur collapses, Mothwing rushes to get help from Leafpaw and Cinderpelt. However, Mudfur dies and Leafpaw comforts Mothwing. They help gather Mothwing's herbs for the Great Journey. When Sasha asks for Mothwing and Hawkfrost to stay with her, Leafpaw angrily challenges them to stay for their Clan.
At their new territories, Leafpool offers to help Mothwing's apprentice, Willowpaw, with the StarClan aspects of apprenticeship. Mothwing reflects how she told Leafpool the truth about Hawkfrost's sinister intentions and worries if she made the right choice trusting Leafpool. Willowpaw explains her dream to Mothwing, saying that Leafpool was there too and wonders if trouble is coming to both ThunderClan and RiverClan. Later, Leafpool, Firestar, Brambleclaw, and Squirrelflight bring Hawkfrost's dead body into camp. Mothwing presses Leafpool for the truth about her brother's death, and Leafpool explains how Hawkfrost attempted to murder Firestar. She comforts Mothwing.

Leafpool's Wish

Leafpool is tending to Birchpaw's wounds from the badger attack. When Birchpaw won't hold still, Leafpool remarks that she'll have to get Dustpelt to sit on the apprentice. Birchpaw complains about the stinging, and Leafpool replies that it's better than a badger's claws. She remembers the sight of the badger attack, with Crowfeather standing beside her in bewilderment and her Clanmates fighting for their lives against the black-and-white creatures. Leafpool is reminded of Sootfur and Cinderpelt's death. Leafpool feels a pang of grief for her mentor and remembers how she had died protecting Sorreltail's kits. She vows to stay in ThunderClan and to not abandon her duties and act irresponsibly. Brackenfur hears this while sitting near the entrance to the den and remarks about Leafpool's chat with herself. Leafpool shakes her head and says that she had remembered something important. Birchpaw joins the conversation, juice from the herbs dripping from his eye. The tabby apprentice asks if he can leave, and Leafpool obliges. Brackenfur grunts that the remaining cats need to be grateful for their survival and Leafpool agrees by stating that they shouldn't forget the ones that died. He tells the medicine cat that Cinderkit has fleas and was wondering if Leafpool could help. Leafpool pictures Cinderkit struggling with the fleas, and agrees that she could help, and says to tell Sorreltail she would bring something before sunhigh. Brackenfur questions this, saying that the medicine cat looked tired and asks if he can help. Leafpool dismisses this, blaming it on the trouble from the battle and the kits in the nursery. She quickly adds that she still rejoices at the new kits. Brackenfur agrees, saying that kits are precious. Leafpool follows Brackenfur to the entrance of the den, and observes her Clanmates around her, and upon spotting Squirrelflight, thinks about the drama between her and Ashfur, and concludes that her sister has chosen Brambleclaw over him. Leafpool worries about Squirrelflight being with Brambleclaw, recalling a dream about Tigerstar training Brambleclaw in the Place of No Stars, but dismisses these thoughts by telling herself Brambleclaw is loyal to ThunderClan. Along with this, she remembers visions of Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight she has had before.
Later, Leafpool is treating Cinderkit's flea bites while Sorreltail watches gratefully, seeming to be worn out from keeping her family in order and caring for her kits. Leafpool embraces the milky, calm aroma of the nursery. Later that night, she keeps the memory of the comforting scent with her as she prepares to fall asleep. Leafpool's goal is to walk in the Place of No Stars again to spy on Tigerstar, and see if Brambleclaw was truly loyal. She has a dream when she falls asleep. Leafpool is in a dimly lit clearing. Thinking she is in the Place of No Stars, she shudders at the thought of the warriors, unwanted by StarClan, watching her with a hateful gaze. She forces herself to continue walking and stops abruptly once she spots three cats, their backs facing her. The medicine cat immediately recognizes two of them and realizes they are StarClan warriors. Bluestar, one of the warriors, turns to face her and Leafpool feels a sudden rush of joy. Bluestar tells Leafpool to come over to them, stating that they have been waiting for her. Leafpool pads towards them until the former ThunderClan leader's scent is strong. Yellowfang remarks about how Leafpool took too long. Leafpool studies the third StarClan cat, not recognizing the golden tabby. He introduces himself as Lionheart, the former deputy of ThunderClan. Leafpool says that she is honored to meet him, and asks where she is and why they have brought her here. Bluestar orders for her to follow, and leads her to a moonlit clearing. Three stars shine unusually bright in the sky, and Leafpool notices, asking what they are. Bluestar says nothing, but gestures for Leafpool to sit down. Leafpool asks if they are sending her a sign. Bluestar dismisses this and said her life will twist in sudden and unfamiliar ways. Leafpool, confused and alarmed, asks what this means. Yellowfang adds to this, looking concerned, saying that she will travel a path that almost no other medicine cat has traveled before. Bluestar says that there are cats she hasn't met that will change her future. Lionheart says that they have come to give her strength in an attempt to reassure her. Bluestar says that no matter what happens, StarClan is watching over her. Leafpool is strongly reassured by the StarClan cat's words and silently promises that her loyalty to ThunderClan will never waver.
A moon has passed, and Leafpool enters Firestar's den, reminding herself to ask Whitepaw to bring more moss for her father and remembering that Firestar lost a life. Leafpool recalls the horrifying scene of the trap wrapped around Firestar's neck, and Hawkfrost's dead body in the lake, Brambleclaw standing over his fallen brother. She remembers the warning she had received: Before there is peace, blood will spill blood and the lake will run red. She connects this to Hawkfrost's death, how he had been killed by his own half-brother, and that Brambleclaw was the blood that spilled blood. Lost in thought, Leafpool also recalls Firestar's decision to make Brambleclaw deputy in place of Graystripe after the former deputy was captured by Twolegs. Her deep thinking is interrupted by Firestar's hoarse mew, asking if it was Leafpool standing in his den. Leafpool tells Firestar to not talk and checks her father's wound for signs of infection. Leafpool proceeds to offer Firestar honey, to help his throat. Firestar insists that he is fine, and doesn't need anyone to fuss over him. Leafpool retorts and says that he had lost a life yesterday. Firestar coolly replies that he had a Clan to lead, and couldn't ignore his responsibilities. Leafpool says that Brambleclaw is taking care of things and tells him to rest or she'll send Mousefur to tell him bedtime stories. Firestar thanks Leafpool and relaxes in his nest, saying that the poppy seed she gave him with the honey would do the job. He adds that he needs to remember that Leafpool is his medicine cat too, not just his daughter. Leafpool, relieved, leaves the den and asks Whitepaw to fetch moss for Firestar. Whitepaw says that she could after her training, and races out of camp. Brackenfur nonchalantly asks Leafpool if she's stealing his apprentice, and Leafpool replies that she needed new moss for Firestar's bedding. Brackenfur asks how Firestar is doing, and Leafpool says he's okay. She adds that Firestar is staying in his nest for the day to recover from losing a life. Leafpool asks for Brackenfur's opinion on Firestar's decision on making Graystripe deputy, and Brackenfur replies that ThunderClan would be vulnerable without one. He adds that he is glad Leafpool returned and that they would be done for without a medicine cat. They are interrupted by a storm of tiny paw steps, and Berrykit shows off a new move he had learned from Thornclaw to Brackenfur. Berrykit boasts that he is able to defend his Clan now, and doesn't need to wait longer to become an apprentice. Berrykit leaps onto an ant scuttling nearby, but crashes. Brackenfur encourages him, helping Berrykit up. Daisy later scolds the kit for bothering the golden-brown warrior and ushers him back to the nursery. 
Poppykit, Cinderkit, Molekit, and Honeykit are play-fighting near the entrance to the nursery. As they play, Cinderkit notices Leafpool and alerts her littermates of the medicine cat's presence. Cinderkit asks how Firestar is, saying that she had heard of an accident. Leafpool says that there had been, and Firestar is doing alright. Cinderkit states that it's good he's doing okay and that the Clan needs a leader to survive. Leafpool wonders why Cinderkit seemed so familiar, and how sometimes she sounded much older than she actually was. Leafpool almost bends down to sniff Cinderkit's familiar scent before Sorreltail calls from the nursery, and reminds the kits not to bother the warriors. Honeykit calls back that they're not, and barrels right into Whitepaw. Sorreltail rolls her eyes to Leafpool and says that she doesn't know why StarClan thought she could handle four kits, but her voice was full of love. Leafpool's belly convulses, and she realizes what the three stars had meant when Bluestar, Yellowfang, and Lionheart had visited her in a dream. Leafpool concludes that the stars had symbolized her unborn kits, and realizes what Yellowfang had meant when she said Leafpool would follow a path that few medicine cats have followed before. Sorreltail stares at Leafpool and asks if she is alright. Leafpool dismisses this to hide her pregnancy and says that she just has a bellyache. Leafpool hastily pads away, saying that she needs to check Brambleclaw's wounds from Hawkfrost. As she studies Brambleclaw, she recalls his training in the Place of No Stars with Hawkfrost and Tigerstar, thinking that he had brought this upon himself. Leafpool check's Brambleclaw's paw pads, and his scratches. She comments that they would heal faster if he rested and that she would send Whitepaw to bring herbs. Brambleclaw says he doesn't need help, and as Leafpool leaves, he says that she can trust her. Leafpool replies that it's not her job to judge, and Brambleclaw remarks that he knows what Leafpool had seen in the Place of No Stars. Leafpool retorts quietly that she can pretend it never happened, but Brambleclaw says there's no point in denying it. He continues that his loyalty lies in ThunderClan and that his Clan is the only thing that matters. Leafpool's kits suddenly struggle inside of her, and Leafpool staggers. Brambleclaw questions this, and in another lie to hide her secret, Leafpool says she accidentally swallowed mouse bile while treating ticks. Brambleclaw dismisses Leafpool, saying that she looks like she needs some fresh air. Leafpool stumbles out into the clearing and watches Daisy's kits attempt to play with their father, Spiderleg. Spiderleg snaps at his kits and Daisy watches, telling them to stop disturbing their father. Leafpool remembers Crowfeather, thinking that he would always be willing to play with their kits. Leafpool wonders about her kits' future, and even if they didn't live in a Clan, it didn't matter as long as they were happy. Leafpool silently shames herself for thinking like that, telling herself that she couldn't have kits as she was a medicine cat. Her kits stir inside of her, and she almost presses her head against her side before she realizes that Daisy is watching her. Leafpool forces herself to stand up and visits Firestar on the Highledge. Leafpool tells her father that she needs to visit Moonpool, saying that the reason is very important. Firestar doesn't question this and says that Brightheart could take care of Brambleclaw while she was gone. Firestar wishes Leafpool luck, and she thanks him before leaving the den. Leafpool trots away from the Highledge and confirms with Brightheart about Brambleclaw. Squirrelflight questions her reasons for leaving, asking if there has been an omen of some sort. Leafpool says she'll be okay, despite her sister's warnings of a storm on the way.
Leafpool begins her long journey to Moonpool, the storm hits as soon as she left the camp. Leafpool, exhausted, collapses on the ground next to the sparkling pool and falls asleep. In her dream, she expects to see StarClan warriors but instead spots a smoky gray tom. As she observes the cat, she realizes that it is Crowfeather, her former mate. Crowfeather nudges a ball of moss, saying it's Leafpool's turn and to remember what he had taught her about pouncing. When Leafpool hesitates, Crowfeather says that there's nothing to be afraid of. As Leafpool leaps for the moss, Crowfeather pushes it away at the last moment and jokes that it had escaped. Leafpool retaliates and rips the moss to shreds, joyfully saying she hadn't played the game since she was a kit. Leafpool pounces on Crowfeather playfully, saying that she could catch him any time. Crowfeather replies that he could never run away from her. Crowfeather suddenly squeaks in pain, and Leafpool jumps back, asking if she had hurt him. The gray warrior says no, but that he had laid on a thistle. Leafpool offers to help and pulls the thorn with ease. Crowfeather thanks her, saying that he was lucky to have a medicine cat around to save him. Leafpool suggests they climb a tree, and begins to scale a moss-covered oak. Crowfeather disagrees, saying he can't see why they can't just stay on the ground. Leafpool urges Crowfeather to join her, telling him that it's easier than it looks. She continues up the tree, and Crowfeather follows, being much more careful than she is. When they reach the top, the branch beneath the two cats sways, and Leafpool promises she won't let him fall. Crowfeather retorts that none of them have wings, uncomfortable with being up so high. Leafpool remarks that they could see the whole territory. Crowfeather says there is a place where they could be together as long as they live. Leafpool wonders out loud if they'll ever find it. The tree suddenly sways, and Crowfeather is flung off the tree. Leafpool screeches, but she is stuck grasping the branch for dear life. She wails for help as raindrops pelt her, the storm violently shaking the tree. The terrain around her disappears, and she is suddenly lying on the ground next to Moonpool. Leafpool scents something familiar, and Spottedleaf emerges from the shadows. Leafpool is relieved for her company and asks Spottedleaf if her kits are okay, but is stunned when Spottedleaf scolds her, calling her foolish for getting herself into the mess. Yellowfang tells Spottedleaf to be quiet, and leave them alone. Spottedleaf, slightly confused, does as she is told. Leafpool expects Yellowfang to scold her like Spottedleaf did, but instead, Yellowfang comforts her, saying that it had happened to her before. Leafpool is shocked by this, asking if any cat knew. Yellowfang says no, and continues on about her son, Brokenstar.
Back in camp, Leafpool confesses to Squirrelflight and begs her to help raise her kits and still be loyal to her Clan. Her sister suggests she step down from being a medicine cat, but Leafpool knows it's not that simple. She tries to apprentice Brightheart, but Brightheart has Cloudtail and is happy just being a warrior.
When Leafpool is collecting yarrow by the WindClan border, Crowfeather spots her. He tells her he misses her and wishes things could be different. Leafpool agrees but comes to her senses. She berates the tom, reminding him they must both remain loyal and coldly sends him away. Hurt, Crowfeather relents just as his patrol arrives. Leafpool, hidden, notices the WindClan she-cat Nightcloud's closeness with Crowfeather and wonders if he had already moved on without her.
Leafpool soon travels to the Moonpool again, this time with Squirrelflight. She asks Yellowfang for help again. Yellowfang tells Squirreflight, who is sharing the dream, to raise Leafpool's kits. Squirrelflight refuses, not wanting to lie to her whole Clan. Yellowfang finally convinces Squirrelflight to raise Leafpool's kits after she tells her that she will never have kits of her own. Leafpool is conflicted at giving over her kits to her sister but knows it would be the only way she could see them grow and still be a medicine cat.
As Leafpool's kitting draws closer, she asks permission from Firestar to leave camp under the guise of medicine cat business. Squirreflight goes with and they travel past Clan territory to find a place for her. Eventually, Leafpool shelters in a hollow tree. Her kitting is immensely painful even with Squirrelflight's and the spirit of Yellowfang's assistance but gives birth to her three healthy kits.
Feathertail's spirit visits and congratulates Leafpool. Like Yellowfang, Feathertail believes Squirreliflight should raise the kits. Reluctantly Squirrelflight agrees, swearing to raise them with Brambleclaw even if meant lying. Together the two sisters start to the name them, the golden tabby Leafpool names Lionkit while Squirrelflight names the black she-kit Hollykit. Leafpool, overcome with motherly instinct, starts to violently reject giving up her kits and giving up the right as their mother but knows it's the only way to give them the best future.
Leafpool stays in the hollow tree nursing her kits for five days until they were well enough for travel. Her smallest kit, the gray tabby, is the last to open his eyes. She notices they're blue like a jay's wing and both sisters agree on Jaykit. Leafpool silently adds one day he will be named Jayfeather, after his father.
After testing Jaykit him to the biggest leaf and he does with his whiskers instead of eyes, Leafpool realizes he's blind. Squirrelflight wonders what place he can have in the Clan, but Leafpool hisses he'll have just as much as a place as his siblings. Leafpool is particularly protective of Jaykit and promises her blind son she will always be there for him.
Leafpool, Squirrelflight and the kits make the long trek back to ThunderClan territory. As she starts to distance herself from them, Jaykit notices and asks why she isn't with them anymore. Leafpool is anguished but identifies herself dutifully as the medicine cat and their mother's sister. Jaykit asks why he can't see. She sadly murmurs she can't make him see, but her son shrugs it off and scampers back to his littermates.
Leafpool hangs back as Squirrelflight introduces the kits to ThunderClan, silently wishing them a good life and that she will always love them.

Hollyleaf's Story

When Hollyleaf runs into the tunnels and gets trapped, she briefly thinks about Leafpool; knowing that Leafpool knows that she killed Ashfur.
During a conversation with Fallen Leaves, Hollyleaf mentioned how Leafpool was her birth mother and had kits with Crowfeather, but gave them to Squirrelflight and kept it a secret. While Hollyleaf still appeared bitter as well as guilty over their last encounter, Fallen Leaves tells her that it seemed like both Leafpool and Squirrelflight loved her and her siblings very much and that they only did what they thought was right. Hollyleaf agreed and acknowledged that they had both loved her.

Mistystar's Omen

Leafpool is briefly mentioned by Willowshine when explaining to Mistystar how she was taught the StarClan aspect of being a medicine cat, telling her how Leafpool had mentored her in her dreams.

Dovewing's Silence

The Battle Against the Dark Forest is over, but there are many deceased and injured. Leafpool is quick to treat the injured, seen tending to Cinderheart. She sends Lionblaze to get marigold and tansy for Cinderheart. Dustpelt is prompted to see the she-cat, but then Spiderleg says she can come to him. Leafpool treats Foxleap and his serious injury and pads the bite wound with crushed leaves. She notices Dovewing entering and asks if it can wait. Dovewing tells her the news that Sorreltail is dead. Leafpool is just as shocked almost tripping over Foxleap. She exclaims she didn't tell her she was hurt, but Dovewing says she didn't tell anyone, she just wanted to be with her kits. Leafpool but knows there is nothing more she can do. She finishes treating Foxleap before going to treat everyone else. After the vigil for the fallen, Leafpool leads the way and stands over each of the fallen to send them to StarClan, wishing them a safe and swift journey and promising to see them again. She touches each of their heads and stops the longest at Hollyleaf's body, giving a final goodbye to her only daughter. Dovewing hoped Hollyleaf was listening. Squirrelflight joins her in their final goodbye together. Leafpool and Jayfeather work hard together to save Foxleap as she is seen changing Foxleap's dressing the next day.
Three days later, Leafpool is mentioned to be out collecting herbs since Brightheart cannot. Days later, Leafpool and Jayfeather's attempts to save Foxleap are in vain as he dies in his sleep. She wails when she realizes this, but presses against Jayfeather, murmuring comforting words to comfort his distressed son. After a Gathering, Millie stresses about Briarlight's safety over sharing a den with sick cats. Leafpool says she can move since they don't need to watch her at night anymore. Two nights later, Toadstep is sick too, and Leafpool and Jayfeather decide to keep him in the apprentices' den away from other cats. She stands over the fresh-kill pile, making sure every cat is getting a good share. Dovewing tries to get a scrawny mouse, but Leafpool stops her, saying she'll have that. She gives Dovewing a large squirrel. Dovewing complains that it'll take her and Bumblestripe a whole moon to eat. Leafpool urges her to share it with Purdy then. Blossomfall mentions that she's been looking for catmint since the medicine cats need it. She was searching where Jayfeather and Leafpool grow some.
About a quarter moon later, Littlecloud asks Leafpool and Jayfeather for catmint, making it clear the sickness has spread to ShadowClan. Two sunrises later, she brings to camp a bundle of wrapped leaves with Berrynose and Poppyfrost. They don't find catmint, but they find fennel and Leafpool says she has seen it help with cats that have trouble breathing. Jayfeather agrees and says hawkweed would work too. Leafpool decides to check for that tomorrow as she can guess some places where some might grow. Dovewing feels proud of the medicine cats and is confident they can win the battle against greencough with their skills.

Tawnypelt's Clan

When Shadowkit experiences a terrible seizure, Puddleshine doesn't understand what's wrong and Dovewing asks if Leafpool could help. Tawnypelt is furious by Dovewing's reliance on her former Clanmates, but Tigerstar agrees and sends a patrol to fetch Leafpool. However, Leafpool is also unsure why his visions are also accompanied by seizures. When Tawnypelt asks what Leafpool thought of his vision, she agrees that the place he described sounded like the Tribe of Rushing Water.

In the Ravenpaw's Path arc

A Clan in Need

Leafkit is only seen when Ravenpaw visits ThunderClan. She and her sister, Squirrelkit are playing outside the nursery, and Ravenpaw teases them with his tail. Later, when food grows scarce due to BloodClan's raids on patrols, she is seen whining with the other kits about being hungry.

The Heart of a Warrior

Leafkit is briefly seen chasing after her sister, Squirrelkit, as Ravenpaw and Barley are getting ready to leave. Her mother, Sandstorm chases after them to quiet them, but they accidentally wake up the entire camp.

In the Short stories and plays

After Sunset: The Right Choice?

Leafpool first appears coming from the trees towards the lake. It is noted that Brightheart was taking care of Firestar, who had not lost a life to the fox trap, yet could not eat or talk yet. Leafpool reminisces about what had happened; she remembers seeing Hawkfrost's dead body in the lake, making it scarlet, fulfilling her prophecy. She also states that she thought Brambleclaw harmed her father, and kept shuddering at the thought. She then goes on to explain the prophecy, which became true.
As she walks up to the lake, she spots Brambleclaw looking out at the lake. She greets him, and he turns around, his amber eyes clouded with grief and his voice flat. He asks Leafpool why she came, she lies that she often comes to enjoy the view. Brambleclaw gets up to leave, but Leafpool tells him to stay. Brambleclaw listens and obeys. He closes his eyes, and Leafpool asks what's wrong. When he doesn't respond, Leafpool prompts him again, asking if he was thinking of Hawkfrost. Brambleclaw replies that it's him. Leafpool sits down, noting her growing, pregnant belly. She wonders what will happen to her kits, but pushes the thought aside.
Leafpool pushes Brambleclaw to tell her what's wrong, and he does. He states that the rest of ThunderClan hates him, that he should have never became deputy. Leafpool reassures him, saying that StarClan chose him. He says that he bets that Leafpool never wished she'd closed her eyes. Leafpool says that she doesn't have to trust him. She continues to say that StarClan approved of him, and Squirrelflight loves him. He then says that Firestar's accident was his fault. Leafpool shakes her head and tells him he's a hero. Brambleclaw states that it's bad luck that he doesn't have an apprentice, and Leafpool agrees. Brambleclaw explains that whatever he does, he feels like it's going to destroy ThunderClan from the inside. Leafpool shivers and fears his words might be a prophecy.

After Sunset: We Need to Talk

Leafpool and Crowfeather greet each other uneasily, Leafpool saying that she hasn't seen him in moons and has been wanting to speak with him. Crowfeather, without hesitation, explains that they are not a part of each other's lives anymore and if anyone sees them, the result would be horrendous. He also adds that it especially would be for him, since his Clanmates have only begun to trust him, which was mostly thanks to a WindClan she-cat, Nightcloud. Confused, Leafpool asks him why that certain warrior would be helping him so much, and he explains rather uncomfortably that Nightcloud is his mate, and she gave birth to his kits last moon. He tries to explain, but Leafpool, who is hurt in learning this information, silences him.
She turns to leave, but Cloudtail, Brambleclaw, and Berrypaw appear on a border patrol. Suddenly, three more WindClan cats come by, Onestar, Tornear, and his apprentice Harepaw. Brambleclaw calls all the ThunderClan cats, including Leafpool, but she replies coldly that she can make her own way back. Leafpool mutters quietly to herself saying that she hoped they wouldn't regret speaking today and leaves.

Ultimate Leader Election: Firestar

Firestar brings her the two injured RiverClan warriors, Pouncetail and Otterheart, to be healed. She saves them from near-fatal wounds.

In the Field Guides

Secrets of the Clans

Leafpool is listed as a significant medicine cat of ThunderClan. It notes that she was the cat that found the Moonpool and faced a destiny, unlike any other medicine cat. Leafpool is also mentioned as an apprentice in Sandstorm's tour of the forest camp. She is then mentioned as a full medicine cat in Squirrelflight's tour of the lake camp. Leafpool also speaks about her reasons for being a medicine cat and the prophecy about Brambleclaw and Hawkfrost. Leafpool is, again, mentioned when Crowfeather talked about loving her and Feathertail.

Code of the Clans

Leafpool welcomes you, saying who she is, but soon takes back those words as she remembers how well-known the Clans are. Talking about how the reader would want to know about the ways of the warrior code, she explains the code and tells the reader to get comfortable. On each code she shares few words explaining or expressing the code. Near the end, she talks about rules that never made it into the warrior code. In the Epilogue, she thanks you for listening and takes you to the edge of the territory.

Cats of the Clans

Rock tells the kits that Leafpool was always destined to be a medicine cat. He explains her deep link with Squirrelflight, how both of them can tell where the other is at any time. He says that their link was fostered because Squirrelflight would travel far away, farther than any Clan cat. He also mentions her great intuition and understanding of what will happen; she knew that the lake was the right place for the Clans, that Brambleclaw would make a good deputy, and that blood would spill blood before there could be peace. However, she did not anticipate falling in love with Crowfeather, and although their love was wrong, she could not help herself. Their love leads to misery and its effects still remain in the Clans in unseen ways.

The Ultimate Guide

It is mentioned on Firestar's page that soon after he took the name Firestar, Sandstorm gave birth to his kits, Squirrelkit and Leafkit. It is mentioned on Sandstorm's page that Sandstorm was an excellent mother to Squirrelflight and Leafpool and stood by her daughters when the truth of her grandchildren came out. It is mentioned that on Cinderpelt's page that she would die and then be let to live even though Leafpool was on the brink of leaving ThunderClan with Crowfeather. Cinderpelt resisted the temptation to beg Leafpool to stay, proving her worth for a second life.
Leafpool has her own page. She is described as sensitive and destined to be a medicine cat. Leafpaw can sense where Squirrelpaw is and what is happening around her. She foresaw many things, for instance, Brambleclaw would keep the Clan safe and she even knew about the horrible prophecy, before there is peace, blood will spill blood and the lake will run red and watched as Brambleclaw achieved the prophecy by killing his half-brother. Leafpool did not foresee was falling in love with Crowfeather and she bore his kits. She gave the kits up to her sister who convinced everyone they were hers. Leafpool suffered the pain of watching them grow without them knowing she was their mother. When the secret came out, Leafpool was forced to stop being a medicine cat and go to a warrior's status. It hurt that her kits hated her, but she never blamed them. She served with quiet loyalty until Jayfeather realized her skills were too precious to lose.
She is mentioned a few times on Hollyleaf's page. Hollyleaf started training as a medicine cat with Leafpool, but Leafpool realized that Hollyleaf's life lay on becoming a warrior. When Hollyleaf and her brothers discovered their real mother is Leafpool, Hollyleaf was overwhelmed by the size of the secret. So much that the only way she could master it is to reveal everything to everyone during a Gathering, disgracing Leafpool forever. It is mentioned on Jayfeather's page that Jaypaw realized that his destiny is to become a medicine cat and was apprenticed to Leafpool. It is mentioned on Ivypool's page that like Squirrelflight and Leafpool, Ivypool and Dovewing were closer than hairs on a vole's pelt.
Leafpool appears on Crowfeather's page. Leafpool showed sympathy for Crowfeather's heart-ache over Feathertail's death. When ShadowClan attacked and ThunderClan and WindClan fought side by side, Crowfeather found Leafpool clinging to the top of a cliff. Crowfeather's mind swirled to the moment Feathertail lost her life, but this time he knew he could save Leafpool. That moment, he realized he loved Leafpool just as he loved Feathertail. They tried to deny their feelings until Crowfeather convinced Leafpool they would be happy together, even if it meant leaving the Clans. They haven't been gone a day when they learned that ThunderClan camp is under attack. Crowfeather knew that Leafpool would never forgive herself so they headed there to find Cinderpelt being killed. Crowfeather knew that Leafpool will stay now. Unknown to Crowfeather, Leafpool gave birth to his kits and when he learned of this, Crowfeather was horrified and refused to acknowledge them as his own. Later, during the Great Battle, Crowfeather finally admitted to Leafpool he regretted nothing.
It is mentioned on Sol's page that when he came to ThunderClan, he warned Leafpool and Jaypaw that terrible darkness is coming. Leafpool was disinclined to listen to him, so Firestar sent him away. She is lastly mentioned on Fallen Leaves' page. Hollyleaf escaped into a collapsing tunnel when the truth came out about her true parents.

In the Warriors App

Leafkit is mentioned on Squirrelflight's page in the app, which explains that Squirrelkit, in a fit of jealousy over her sister's accomplishments, put a fire ant in Leafkit's nest to make her squirm. However, Sandstorm discovers the plot and tells the kits to switch nests. When Squirrelkit refuses to reveal what she's done, Sandstorm reveals that she had found and killed the ant. Leafkit is none-the-wiser and doesn't know of the prank to this day.
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