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Leafpool is described as calm as a pool of water. She is kind and thinks of others before herself. She can't stand to see other cats in pain.


After the Great Journey, Leafpool was saved by Crowfeather from falling off a cliff. They confess their feeling for each other, and later on, begin seeing each other in secret. Leafpool meets with Spottedleaf in a dream from Starclan and asks her what she should do Spottedleaf tells her to follow her heart. Eventually, Crowfeather and Leafpool decide to run away together. Cinderpelt finds them before they take off and her and Leafpool get into a fight. In the end, Cinderpelt rakes her claws down Leafpools sides as she tries to run away, but to no avail, Leafpool escapes and leaves with Crowfeather. On their first night as rogues, they are visited by the badger, Midnight. Midnight tells them that they have to get back to Thunderclan, as it is being attacked by badgers. Leafpool is devastated at the thought that her friends and family could be in great peril and her and Crowfeather journey back to her clan. They're too late to save Cinderpelt, who assures Leafpool that her death was meant to happen. Afterward, Crowfeather and Leafpool realize that their clans need them, so they say goodbye, and break off their relationship. However, Leafpool finds that she is pregnant with his kits, and knows that if the truth gets out, Thunderclan will have no medicine cat, so she gives her three children, Hollykit, Lionkit, and Jaykit to her sister, Squirrelflight to raise as her own. 

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