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Leafpool is shown to be loyal, spiritual, thoughtful, and peaceful.[1] She has a gift for healing, and shares a special connection with StarClan.[2]


Firestar and Sandstorm

Leafpool’s parents are proud of her, and Leafpool loves them.[2]


Leafpool and Squirrelflight are very close as sisters. They once shared a special connection where they could sense each other’s feelings, though that seems to have faded over time.[2] They support each other, and Squirrelflight even agrees to take Leafpool’s kits and raise them as her own. When their secret is revealed, Leafpool supports Squirrelflight in her decision.[3] Leafpool helps Squirrelflight with supporting the Sisters, and while the two sisters are trying to help the fleeing group of she-cats, they are buried under a rockslide. Leafpool is happy in StarClan, and when Squirrelflight’s body is saved and she goes back to ThunderClan, Leafpool misses her, but is happy to be with Firestar, Sandstorm, and Hollyleaf.[4]


Leafpool and Crowfeather started meeting after the lake was found. They develop feelings for each other, which are revealed when Crowfeather saves Leafpool from falling from the cliffs above ThunderClan camp during the battle with Muclaw’s rebellion. Crowfeather admits that he loves Leafpool, and Leafpool feels the same way.[5] Leafpool is confused by her feelings for the WindClan tom, and tries to focus on her medicine cat duties. Crowfeather wants to leave the Clans with Leafpool so that they can be together as loners, but Leafpool is hesitant. However, after a message from Spottedleaf, Leafpool agrees to run away with Crowfeather. They do not stay together for long, though, as Leafpool is loyal to ThunderClan and has to go back and help them with the badgers.[6] After this, the tension between the two Clan cats is obvious, and Leafpool is very unhappy about Crowfeather’s relationship with Nightcloud. When the truth about Leafpool’s kits is revealed, Crowfeather denies being their father, and says that Leafpool means nothing to him.[7] However, Crowfeather soon realizes his mistakes, and he and Leafpool make amends. Although they are both loyal to their Clans and lead separate live, Leafpool and Crowfeather are eternally connected by their past love.[8]

Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather

Leafpool loves her kits, but knew she had to give them up.[9] She knows that Squirrelflight is a good mother to them, and is proud as she watches them grow in ThunderClan. She is a kind mentor to Jayfeather, and Jayfeather can tell the Leafpool is very fond of him.[10] When the secret of their parentage is revealed, Hollyleaf’s beliefs in the warrior code are completely shattered, and she becomes desperate. She reveals the truth during a Gathering, and Leafpool steps down as medicine cat. Hollyleaf then tries to get Leafpool to eat deathberries, but Leafpool tells her that it won’t change anything.[7] Leafpool is dismayed at the coldness she receives from her kits after this. When Hollyleaf returns to help ThunderClan fight WindClan, Leafpool welcomes her back, and is glad she is alive.[11] Leafpool grieves for Hollyleaf when the latter dies, and is happy to reunite with her in StarClan when she goes there with Squirrelflight.[4] Leafpool still loves all her kits, and they all have grown some form of respect for her.


Sorreltail was good friends with Leafpool, and they often talked and snuck out of camp together.[2]


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Fernsong, Sorrelstripe, and Hollytuft

While their interactions are limited, Leafpool is shown to love her grandchildren and was overjoyed when the trio of siblings were apprenticed.[12]

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