"I'm just not ready. I'm so glad to step back for a cat who's truly worthy."
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“No matter what, there is one thing SkyClan will always do. We will protect one another.”
— Leafstar reassuring her Clanmates in Veil of Shadows, page 47

Leafstar is a mottled[13] pale cream-and-brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes,[14] cream patches,[15] and a long, brown tail.[16] She has a scar on her chest between her forelegs.[17]

Leafstar is the current leader of SkyClan. She was originally a rogue named Leaf who joined the newly revived Clan in the gorge. She was given her warrior name, Leafdapple, and an apprentice, Sparrowpaw. After defeating the rats, she became SkyClan's new leader with some reluctance, receiving the new name Leafstar, and made Sharpclaw her deputy.

She became mates with a daylight warrior named Billystorm, and had three kits named Firefern, Stormheart, and Harrybrook. However, she and her kits were captured by a Twoleg and Leafstar was dubbed Miss Mama Cat. Leafstar also met the Twoleg's kittypet named Harry, who joined SkyClan after they were rescued, but Leafstar later exiled him after his true intentions were discovered. Darktail and his group drove SkyClan out of their home, and Leafstar led them to the lake territories, where, after some conflict with ShadowClan, SkyClan settled and now resides with the other four Clans. Leafstar was doubtful at first about Bramblestar's impostor, but eventually aligned herself with Tigerstar to defeat him.


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A Vision of Shadows

"Can't you see that it is? Fighting is the way things are done around here, Tree. It's not just ShadowClan—none of the lake Clans think like us. They train their warriors to fight, not to talk. If we want to keep our territory, we have to be like them. If we don't fight for what we believe in, the other Clans won't ever respect us, and it won't just be ShadowClan pushing us around, don't you see?"
—Leafstar to Tree about the ShadowClan-SkyClan conflict The Raging Storm, page 115
Twigpaw finds SkyClan, and brings them back to the lake. Leafstar meets the other Clan leaders for the first time, and her Clan participates in the final battle against Darktail. Leafstar is nervous during her first Gathering with the other Clans, and Rowanstar of ShadowClan agrees to give up part of his territory for SkyClan. They settle in their camp, and sends Hawkwing on a patrol back to their old home to find missing Clanmates. Hawkwing and Violetpaw find several of their former Clanmates and a rogue named Tree who Leafstar allows to join after discovering he has six toes.
Rowanclaw disbands ShadowClan, and his remaining cats join SkyClan, causing several heated arguments between the two alliances. Leafstar refuses to let Sleekwhisker and Yarrowleaf, who is expecting kits, to join SkyClan due to their heinous crimes with Darktail, causing several ShadowClan cats to passionately disagree. She grows frustrated with managing two Clans when some of them continuously disobey her orders. After several failed attempts to make Tree do anything productive, she names him the first mediator designed to settle arguments. With the return of Tigerstar, ShadowClan is reformed and reclaims their territory. They launch an attack on SkyClan, hoping to seize their old territory, and Juniperclaw poisons Sparrowpelt. Frustrated by the other Clans not helping her, Leafstar leads her Clan away from the lake until Twigbranch and other warriors bring them back. The other Clans agree to give up a portion of their territory to make room for SkyClan.

The Broken Code

"I've tried to stay out of this conflict, but I won't hesitate anymore. We may have had our own troubles with Tigerstar in the past, but he was right about this false ThunderClan leader and the Clans' current problems. Now I have to pick a side, and it's time to stop Bramblestar!"
—Leafstar to SkyClan Veil of Shadows, page 257
When the Moonpool freezes over and prevents the medicine cats from communicating with StarClan, Leafstar insists they shouldn't worry and agrees they should try to break the ice. However, the Clan leaders' plan fails to restore communication. She grows wary of Bramblestar's aggression towards punishing the codebreakers. When the truth is revealed about Bramblestar, Leafstar is hesitant to confront the impostor without evidence. Eventually decides she's had enough of him ordering her Clan around and leads her Clan into battle against him, WindClan and RiverClan.

Super Editions

This section summarizes Leafstar's significant Super Editions appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

"Leafstar flicked her tail in frustration. Why did it always feel as if she was leading her Clan in the dark? All the stars in the sky didn't seem to give enough light to see where the future lay."
—Leafstar doubting her decisions SkyClan's Destiny, page 274
In Firestar's Quest, Leaf is a rogue living near SkyClan's old territory near the gorge. She meets Firestar and Sandstorm from ThunderClan who are on a quest to restore SkyClan. Leaf accepts the invitation and is given a warrior name, Leafdapple, and an apprentice, Sparrowpaw, a former kittypet. She proves herself as a calm and understanding warrior. She participates in the battle against the rats.
Echosong, SkyClan's new medicine cat, receives a vision signifying Leafdapple the rightful leader of SkyClan. Leafdapple originally insists Sharpclaw, an ambitious and courageous warrior, should be leader instead, but ultimately accepts. She receives her nine lives and becomes Leafstar. She appoints Sharpclaw her deputy, holds warrior ceremonies for Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt, and names Bouncepaw, Rockpaw and Tinypaw apprentices. Confident that SkyClan is in safe paws with Leafstar, Firestar, and Sandstorm return home.
In SkyClan's Destiny, many moons later, Leafstar has a dream of coming dangers for SkyClan. In order to increase their members, Leafstar allows kittypets from the Twolegplace to join as daylight-warriors, providing for the Clan during the day and returning to their Twolegs at night. However, the system is still new and causes many arguments between the Clan. Among many of Leafstar's problems is infighting between the warriors, Frecklepaw wanting to become a medicine cat, Sharpclaw undermining his leader, and Leafstar's feelings for the daylight-warrior Billystorm.
Rogues who met Firestar on his initial journey arrive in the gorge, and introduce themselves as Stick, Cora, Shorty, andCoal. They participate in training and providing for the Clan until Stick reveals they came for SkyClan's help with Dodge's group back in their Twolegplace. Leafstar agrees to help them, and she loses a life fighting Dodge. After helping Stick, the SkyClan cats return home. Leafstar realizes her Clan is different from the others, and only she could decide her Clan's future and her own.
In Hawkwing's Journey, Leafstar shares with the Clan Echosong's vision about finding the spark that remains, which they conclude they must find the other Clans. When a new rogue named Darktail arrives with knowledge about the other Clans, Leafstar invites him to stay. She uses this information to send a patrol to look for the Clans. However, her mate, Billystorm, is killed by badgers. Leafstar is heartbroken, and when Hawkwing accuses Darktail of tricking them, Leafstar punishes Hawkwing for suggesting that.
Darktail and his rogues attack SkyClan at night, forcing the Clan to flee the camp. Several cats are killed and others go missing. Stormheart, her daughter, is killed in the ensuing battle, while Sharpclaw is killed by Darktail, and Leafstar appoints Waspwhisker as his replacement. She insists their only option is to leave their territory and find ThunderClan. On their journey, several of their Clanmates go missing or choose to stay behind. Leafstar continues to lead her fractured Clan, and they settle camp for Plumwillow to give birth. She appoints Hawkwing deputy after Waspwhisker is abducted by Twolegs. Echosong leaves to find the spark that remains, leaving the Clan without a medicine cat when sickness claims the life of Firefern, Leafstar's daughter. Leafstar is delighted when Echosong and Leafstar's only surviving kit, Harrybrook returns. The Clan continues on their journey to find ThunderClan, now following the blood trail.
In Squirrelflight's Hope, while Leafstar objects to her Clan moving camps yet again, she agrees to travel with Squirrelflight to scout potential territory beyond Clan borders. They meet the Sisters who agree to leave the ideal land once Moonlight's kits were born. However, they keep the two hostages until their Clanmates retrieve them. The subject of the Sisters' land becomes a heated topic between the Clans, but Leafstar refuses to move until the Sisters leave willingly and unharmed. When the others decide to send a patrol to intimidate the Sisters, Leafstar refuses to be a part of it and later lets the Sisters stay in their camp while Violetshine nurses Moonlight's kits.


This section summarizes Leafstar's significant Novellas appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

In Ravenpaw's Farewell, Leafstar meets Ravenpaw and Barley, old friends of Firestar. Leafstar is hesitant to allow Bella and Riley to join the Clan, since SkyClan is now well off with plenty of warriors. Leafstar also learns how the other Clans left their home in the forest. SkyClan is having trouble with vicious kittypets attacking them, and Ravenpaw offers some solutions. They defeat the kittypets with Ravenpaw's help, and Leafstar allows Bella and Riley to train as apprentices. As Ravenpaw dies, Leafstar gives him a warrior's farewell.

SkyClan and the Stranger

"It's not right that she-cat leaders should have all the responsibilities of leading a Clan...and all the responsibilities of raising kits! But...right or not...I'm going to do it. I'm going to to both jobs. I'm going to do them well. And I'd like to see a tom try to keep up with me."
—Leafstar's thoughts SkyClan and the Stranger, page 30
Leafstar is now expecting Billystorm's kits, and worries how it will affect her leadership duties. She insists to continue to perform her duties despite far long in her pregnancy, and gets annoyed with Sharpclaw and Echosong's fussing to rest. She gives birth to her kits, who she has not named yet. An elderly Twoleg arrives in the camp, and takes Leafstar and her kits back to her den. Leafstar befriends a kittypet named Harry, and SkyClan rescues them. She names her kits Firekit, Stormkit, and Harrykit.
Leafstar struggles to divide her time being a new mother and guiding her Clan, particularly when the drought causes Rockshade to prickle the daylight-warriors and Harrykit injures his nose. Harry, who is actually named Sol, participates in Clan life. Sharpclaw is suspicious of Sol and his "hunting abilities", and Leafstar discovers Sol stealing prey from foxes. Sol reveals he wanted to join SkyClan because of the stories his mother told him as a kit, and Leafstar offers to train him but is unimpressed by his lack of talent.
A flood sweeps through the gorge, destroying the camp and drowning Lichenfur. Leafstar's kits worry of another flood, and Leafstar learns that Billystorm was going to take them to his Twolegs. She banishes him, and later Leafstar's kits go missing. Shrewtooth finds Sol and accuses him of stealing the kits. Sol confesses he took the kits so he could claim he found them and become a warrior. Enraged, Leafstar exiles Sol from SkyClan, and Billystorm joins the Clan as a full warrior.

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Leafdapple's warrior ceremony
Firestar: I, Firestar, leader of ThunderClan and mentor to SkyClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon these cats. They have a true desire to learn the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn.
Leaf, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your life?
Sandstorm: Say, 'I do.'
Leaf: I do.
Firestar: Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name. Leaf, from this moment you will be known as Leafdapple. StarClan trusts you will give all your intelligence and loyalty to the new Clan.
Sandstorm: Lick his shoulder.
Now we welcome her to the Clan by calling out her name.
Leafdapple! Leafdapple!
Everyone: Leafdapple!
Reference: Firestar's Quest, page 334

Leafstar's leader ceremony
Cloudstar: Do you believe in what is about to happen?
Leafdapple: I...I think so. At least, Firestar says you're going to give me nine lives, and I believe him.
Cloudstar: That will have to be enough. Come, and I will give you your first life. I give you a life for endurance. Use it well to strengthen your Clan in times of trouble.
Skywatcher: I give you a life for hope, use it well to guide your Clan through the darkest days.
Leafdapple's mother: With this life I give you love. Use it well for all the cats who look to you for protection.
Spottedleaf: I give you a life for healing wounds caused by words and rivalry. Use it well for all cats troubled in spirit.
Redstar: With this life I give you wisdom. Use it well when you have the hardest decisions of all to make.
Birchstar: I give you a life for sympathy and understanding. Use it well for the weakest in your Clan, and for all the others who need your help and protection.
Swiftstar: I give you a life for selflessness. Use it well in the service of your Clan.
Dawnstar: I give you a life for determination. Use it well to set your paws on the path of what you know to be right.
Birdflight: With this life I give you faithfulness. Use it well to hold fast to Clan and kin.
Reference: Firestar's Quest, pages 487-497

Leader info

Leader info
Nine Lives
Life Given by Gift How it was lost
Her mother
Sympathy and understanding
Killed by Misha in SkyClan's Destiny
Killed by raccoons in Hawkwing's Journey
Name From To
Firestar's Quest
Hawkwing's Journey
Hawkwing's Journey
Hawkwing's Journey
Hawkwing's Journey
Medicine cats
Name From To
Firestar's Quest
Darkest Night
The Raging Storm
Darkest Night
Hawkwing's Journey

River of Fire

Personality and Relationships

Leafstar is adaptable and open-minded, and has always tried to do what's best for her Clan during its trying history. She maintained a strong foundation for her Clan with Sharpclaw and Echosong all while raising family with her mate, Billystorm. For more of Leafstar's personality and relationships, click here!




Billystorm:[18] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Unnamed she-cat:[6] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Firefern:[19] Deceased, residence unknown
Stormheart:[19] Deceased, residence unknown


Harrybrook:[20] Living (As of Graystripe's Vow)


    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown



Interesting facts

  • Leafpool is named after her.[21]
  • Leafstar's most fatal mistake was sending away Sol, who would terrorize the Clans by the lake.[22]

Author statements

  • Kate said she thinks Leafstar was her favorite character in the A Vision of Shadows arc.[blog 1]


  • There is slight confusion as to Leafstar's rank when she is first met by Firestar. Cats of the Clans states she was a kittypet,[23] while The Ultimate Guide and the official site says that she was a loner.[22][24] Firestar's Quest, however, says that Leafstar was a rogue.[2]
  • She has been mistakenly called a brown-and-white tabby.[25]


Billystorm: "I love my housefolk, and they're kind to me. I know they make my life so much easier than it would be if I lived in the Clan all the time. But I could never leave you."
Leafstar: "I would never want you to."
—Leafstar asking if Billystorm was going to stay in the gorge SkyClan's Destiny, page 305

"You have to stop thinking about Billystorm in that way, right now! You have a different destiny, one that involves the future of the whole Clan. And it is a path that you must walk alone."
—Echosong to Leafstar SkyClan's Destiny, page 323

Skywatcher: "You must feel as though these visitors have been using SkyClan for their own ends."
Leafstar: "Yes! That's exactly how it feels."
Skywatcher: "But they have been loyal to their adopted Clan. They have hunted and fought for you. Remember the rats, and the cruel Twoleg, and the wounded Twoleg kit? Other Clans would help one another in times of great need."
Leafstar: "You mean the forest Clans? They didn't exactly help SkyClan in the end, did they?"
Skywatcher: "Maybe this is your chance to show forgiveness, to prove that SkyClan has recovered and grown stronger from that time, and can show mercy of its own."
—Leafstar confiding in Skywatcher SkyClan's Destiny, pages 401-402

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"This is how Clan cats fight. We do not try to kill, and we do not make enemies of the weak or the young."
—Leafstar's thoughts on Clan cats fighting SkyClan's Destiny, page 450

"Silence! I will not hear such talk. Have you forgotten our history? SkyClan has endured so much. When Twolegs invaded our old territory and drove us out, when the other Clans refused to share with us—not even that could end SkyClan. And this new attack won't, either!"
—Leafstar Hawkwing's Journey, page 163

"We are and always will be a Clan. I will never lose faith that eventually we will find the other Clans and the home where we are meant to live."
—Leafstar to her Clanmates Hawkwing's Journey, page 400

Tree: "[Echosong] says you must stay."
Leafstar: "Echosong's vision may have led us here, but it will not keep us here. I must do what's right for SkyClan now, not what was right for us when Echosong was alive."
Tree: "She says SkyClan must stay."
Leafstar: "I've heard from every cat now, both living and dead. Thank you for your concern, but I can't risk my Clan on the visions of loners. You don't truly understand what is means to be a Clan cat. No one voice can be louder than another. Only the good of the Clan counts."
—Tree and Leafstar about SkyClan leaving the lake The Raging Storm, pages 199-200

"That doesn't mean you should die there! There was nothing for us at the lake. No land! No prey! No respect! we would have had to fight for every morsel. Is that really how you want to live? Treated like rogues? Have you forgotten who you are? You're SkyClan. The lake was never home. StarClan only wanted us there for some prophecy that was never to do with us. Why should we sacrifice ourselves for Clans who don't even respect us?"
—Leafstar to her Clanmates about leaving the lake The Raging Storm, page 234

Leafstar: "And what about ShadowClan?"
Tigerstar: "ShadowClan only ever wanted fairness. If I hadn't stood up for what belonged to ShadowClan, nothing would have changed. You would have kept half our land, and my Clanmates would have faced countless moons of hunger."
Leafstar: "That's one way of looking at it."
—Leafstar and Tigerstar at a Gathering The Raging Storm, page 319

"The Clans are on edge. Who knows what will happen next? We've had no word from StarClan. Bramblestar is spreading panic and fear, throwing around accusations about codebreakers. If he's trying to use StarClan’s silence to make ThunderClan more powerful, we need to be on the alert. SkyClan needs strong, reliable warriors. There's no time for your antics. You need to try harder. You owe it to your Clan, to your mentor, and to yourself."
—Leafstar to Rootpaw The Silent Thaw, page 131

"This will be a difficult time for the other Clans. Our home is beside the lake now, even if StarClan's message doesn't include us, we must support every Clan in whatever they decide."
—Leafstar to SkyClan The Silent Thaw, page 175

Bramblestar: "You've been very quiet. Are you going to object to upholding the warrior code too?"
Mistystar: "I didn't obj—"
Bramblestar: ""Leafstar", do you agree the codebreakers should be punished?"
Leafstar: "SkyClan has not been accused of codebreaking. What the other Clans do about their codebreakers is up to them."
—Leafstar at a Gathering The Silent Thaw, page 183

"I don't know what to make of any of this. I trust my medicine cats, and I know that Tree and Rootpaw are loyal Clan members. I want to believe them, but I don't want to believe that some mysterious spirit cat is driving ThunderClan to exile its warriors. The stakes of being wrong are so high. SkyClan is still the new Clan around the lake; if we accuse Bramblestar of being an impostor, we could start a war. [...] SkyClan lived alone for a very long time. We haven't faced as many battles as the cats who have been living by the lake for all these moons—and in their old forest for seasons before that. In battle many cats die—not just the bad ones. I believe that Tree and Rootpaw are trying to help, but I haven't seen enough yet to risk cats' lives."
—Leafstar about the impostor Veil of Shadows, pages 46-47

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