“Can’t you see that it is? Fighting is the way things are done around here, Tree. It’s not just ShadowClan—none of the lake Clans think like us. They train their warriors to fight, not to talk. If we want to keep our territory, we have to be like them. If we don’t fight for what we believe in, the other Clans won’t ever respect us, and it won’t just be ShadowClan pushing us around, don’t you see?”
— Leafstar to Tree about the ShadowClan-SkyClan conflict in The Raging Storm, Chapter 9

Leafstar is a mottled[11] pale cream-and-brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes,[12] cream patches,[13] and a long, brown tail.[14] She has a scar on her chest between her forelegs.[15]

Leaf is first seen as a rogue near the gorge. At first, she appears hostile when Firestar leaps at her, but he and Sandstorm formally introduce themselves to her. She appears interested in joining the newly revived SkyClan as a warrior and she accepts the invitation. Firestar gives her an apprentice, a young tom named Sparrowpaw who was formerly a kittypet. He also proceeds to give her a warrior name, Leafdapple. After defeating the rats, she becomes SkyClan’s new leader with some reluctance. She appoints Cherrypaw and Sparrowpaw as warriors, and Clovertail’s kits as apprentices. Together with Sharpclaw as her deputy and Echosong as her medicine cat, Firestar and Sandstorm leave knowing SkyClan has a bright and sustainable future ahead with Leafstar.

Moons later, she leads the attack on the Twoleg who traps cats. Leafstar loses her first life helping Stick, Cora, Coal, and Shorty defeat Dodge. She becomes mates with a daylight-warrior named Billystorm and has three kits: Firekit, Stormkit, and Harrykit. While she is captured by a Twoleg, she befriends a kittypet named Harry and allows him to join SkyClan. However, after Harry turns out to be a loner named Sol and his true intentions become clear, she exiles him from SkyClan.

When Darktail arrives, she doesn’t suspect anything of him, resulting in her Clan losing their home to Darktail's group. SkyClan is forced into exile, and Leafstar leads her Clan on the journey on the many moon journey to find the other Clans at the lake. However, the Clan gets lost many times, and many cats die. Eventually, Leafstar leads her Clan to settle in a barn, where they stay until Twigpaw finds them and brings them to the lake. She is happy being given part of ShadowClan’s territory by Tigerheart. She welcomes Tree, a loner, into SkyClan, and allows Twigpaw to leave SkyClan for ThunderClan when the apprentice reveals she is unhappy in SkyClan.

When Tigerstar returns, she and him begin a conflict over their territory, resulting in a few battles and SkyClan’s departure of the lake. Leafstar supports leaving, insisting the other Clans only care about fighting and not unity. However, when the flood begins and the Clan cats send a patrol to find SkyClan, she agrees to return to the lake, and all Clans give up a piece of territory to make room for SkyClan.


In the Super Editions

Moth Flight's Vision

Moth Flight has a vision of Leafstar's nine lives ceremony. Firestar and Echosong are also present as Leafstar waits for StarClan cats to arrive. First to arrive is Cloudstar, an ancient SkyClan leader, giving Leafstar her first life, causing her to jerk with the pain of it. Skywatcher, the last cat to hold the memory of SkyClan, gives Leafstar her second life and afterward, her mother steps forward. After she gives Leafstar her third life, she fiercely starts lapping her cheek, and Moth Flight knows they must be kin. As her mother leaves, Leafstar calls out to her in despair. Moth Flight realizes that that they are mother and daughter and grief swells her heart so much she wakes up and the vision ends.

Firestar's Quest

Leaf is first seen as a rogue living alone near SkyClan's old territory, the gorge.
Firestar, the leader of ThunderClan, first encounters Leaf while finding his way around of what used to be SkyClan's old territory. He is on a mission to rebuild the former Clan, along with his mate, Sandstorm. Although, they are not formally introduced until later, their first encounter comes when Firestar, while familiarizing himself with the gorge, accidentally jumps on the Leaf. Retaliating, she snaps at him and proceeds to run off.
Scratch, another rogue, gives the formal introductions between the two, upon their meeting again. Recalling their previous encounter, the rogue, who calls herself Leaf, apologizes for her actions, and Firestar accepts the apology. After their brief meeting, Firestar asks Leaf if she wishes to join SkyClan, and she accepts the invitation. She is given a new warrior name, Leafdapple, to mark her acceptance into SkyClan. She is also given an apprentice, Sparrowpaw, a former kittypet. It is said that out of the new warriors in SkyClan, Leafdapple shows the most understanding, respect, and compassion for the warrior code and the traditions that come along with being a member of a Clan.
After a patrol is attacked by rats, Firestar leaves Leafdapple in charge of camp while he took a patrol to investigate. Patchfoot, another former rogue, is injured during the rat attack, and SkyClan's need for a medicine cat becomes more pronounced. At one point, Firestar and Sandstorm debate whether to or not to nominate Leafdapple as medicine cat, because she was so gentle and caring, but the idea is turned down upon the arrival of Echo, a kittypet who was having dreams about SkyClan. At a Gathering among SkyClan, the only thing she has to report is that her apprentice, Sparrowpaw, is doing very well in his training.
When the rats attack SkyClan's camp, Firestar glimpses Leafdapple wrestling with two rats. Before he can come to her aid, she kills one rat and sends the other one fleeing. Before the next battle with the rats, Leafdapple tells Firestar that this was SkyClan's battle, and he and Sandstorm didn't have to participate if they didn't want to. After the SkyClan cats are thinking about retreating, Leafdapple is the one who convinces the other cats to keep on fighting.
When Firestar kills the rat leader, Sharpclaw begins to attack the remaining rats, but Leafdapple says to let them go, because they are now defenseless and harmless without their leader. She thanks Firestar for saving SkyClan and scores her claws through the claw marks left by the rats on the cave walls, signifying the final defeat of the rats.
Echosong receives a vision of leaves dappling the ground from StarClan, showing that Leafdapple is meant to be SkyClan's new leader. Leafdapple is extremely surprised and, at first, objects, saying that Sharpclaw should be made leader instead, but Firestar points out she is more sensitive to the important aspects of Clan life. When she finally agrees, she asks Firestar if she has nine lives and a leader name now, but he tells her that she needs to go through the leadership ceremony first. He tells her to trust her warrior ancestors, to which she replies that she would rather trust Firestar, but accepts her position, receiving her nine lives and her leader name not long afterwards.
Leafstar decides to make Sharpclaw her deputy. She holds warrior ceremonies for Cherrypaw and her own apprentice, Sparrowpaw, naming them Cherrytail and Sparrowpelt. She makes Bouncekit, Rockkit, and Tinykit apprentices and names Cherrytail, Sparrowpelt, and Patchfoot as their mentors. She thanks Firestar and Sandstorm and promises them that their names will be remembered in SkyClan forever. She also confirms Echosong as the official Clan medicine cat.
As Firestar and Sandstorm start to embark on their return journey, they see the newly named Leafstar leading a patrol.
Firestar and Sandstorm name one of their kits, Leafkit, in honor of Leafstar and possibly in honor of Spottedleaf, the former ThunderClan medicine cat and a former love interest of Firestar's, too.

SkyClan's Destiny

Leafstar has a nightmare of the gorge flooding; as she is drowning, she awakes from her dream and is relieved to know that it didn't actually happen. She walks out of her den and watches her Clan for a few moments, remembering how some of them came to be in SkyClan.
She talks to Echosong and Sharpclaw about Bouncepaw, Rockpaw, and Tinypaw's warrior ceremonies. Leafstar wants to wait for the daylight warriors, Ebonyclaw, Billystorm, and Snookpaw, to arrive, but Sharpclaw convinces her to start anyway. Leafstar gives Bouncepaw, Rockpaw, and Tinypaw their warrior names. They gain the names Bouncefire, Rockshade, and Tinycloud. When Shrewtooth yowls that there is an invasion, Leafstar readies herself to fight, but relaxes when she sees that it's only the daylight warriors arriving; Leafstar reassures Shrewtooth that it's okay, and he apologizes.
When Leafstar spots Harveymoon and Macgyver, two other daylight warriors, playing together when they are supposed to be cleaning out the newer dens, and both are being rude to Sharpclaw, Leafstar banishes Harveymoon and Macgyver from SkyClan territory for one moon.
Later, Leafstar spots Sagepaw dangling off a cliff, and she rushes to help him. Sharpclaw reaches the cliff first and catches Sagepaw just in time. Echosong says Sagepaw's leg is dislocated, and Leafstar watches, she is impressed at her medicine cat's skill as Echosong, who is assisted by Rockshade, puts Sagepaw's leg back into place.
Patchfoot spots four trespassers on SkyClan territory; the four cats introduce themselves as Stick, Cora, Coal, and Shorty. After a training session and some help from the newcomers, Leafstar decides to finally attack the rats. Leafstar and Sharpclaw listens to what Stick has to say; however, Sharpclaw cuts in for Leafstar and agrees to the plan, in which this infuriates Leafstar, though she also agrees. During the battle with the rats, Leafstar spots blood splashed on all the warriors in which she hopes it is the rat's blood and not theirs; SkyClan later beats the rats.
Later, Leafstar spots Ebonyclaw and Frecklepaw arguing, and she goes over to confront them. Frecklepaw confesses that she wants to become a medicine cat apprentice and wants Echosong to be her mentor instead.
Sharpclaw talks to Leafstar, saying he thinks that Stick, Shorty, Coal and Cora should become warriors. Leafstar agrees and makes them warriors, though many are angry about this.
Leafstar agrees to go see Snookpaw with Billystorm and stops by Hutch, a kittypet and a former SkyClan warrior named Shortwhisker, along the way. On a Twoleg front lawn, a dog chases Billystorm and Leafstar around. Billystorm quickly tells Leafstar to go in a hole at the bottom of the fenced house, and they squeeze in, seeing Snookpaw's yard and see Snookpaw and then they confront him. Twolegs then arrive, and Leafstar and Billystorm manage to make it outside before they spot them. Ebonyclaw talks to Leafstar about Shrewtooth, saying that he was lacking confidence and how she thinks Shrewtooth was feeling left out. She decides to take Shrewtooth out hunting. After catching a squirrel, Leafstar wanders around the forest and accidentally brings Shrewtooth to the Twoleg nest where he was trapped and starved. This frightens Shrewtooth, thinking that it is a trap and that Leafstar doesn't want him to be in SkyClan. SkyClan decides to attack the Twoleg nest and frightens the Twoleg who traps the cats.
Leafstar goes on a hunt with Billystorm, Cherrytail, and Snookpaw. Billystorm reveals his feelings for her, and she returns the favor. They are interrupted by Egg, a loner who has decided to join SkyClan. Echosong tells Leafstar that she can't have a mate or kits and that leads to a quarrel between Billystorm and Leafstar. They spot a lost Twoleg kit and decide to help the Twoleg mother and father. They take all the Twoleg's items with the guide of Snookpaw, leading to the lost Twoleg kit.
During the battle with Dodge, a rogue leader, Leafstar loses a life. She is trying to help a tortoiseshell queen with her kits when a cat named Misha jumps on her. The cream-coloured rogue manages to take one of her lives, and Billystorm rushes over, yelling in agony and pain, not knowing that leaders have nine lives. When Leafstar awakens, Billystorm is embarrassed. Leafstar decides to tell Billystorm how she feels, deciding that if she could choose the Clan's path, she can also choose her own.
Leafstar decides to fight the dogs that have been terrorizing the cats. She takes a patrol, and they head out towards the Twolegplace at night. A cat stops them and lies to them about where the dogs are. Rabbitpaw and Leafstar end up in an alley where they hear barking from a distance, and they hide and get trapped in some trashcans; Leafstar then injures her leg because of it. Dogs suddenly leap out and jump towards the trashcans. The rest of the patrol arrives, and they fight off the dogs. After winning the fight, Leafstar announces four new warriors: Nettlesplash, Creekfeather, Plumwillow, and Rabbitleap.

Bramblestar's Storm

When Firestar is telling Bramblestar about SkyClan and what happened to them, he mentions Leafstar as the cat who became SkyClan's new leader. He continues to say that each of the four leaders who drove out SkyClan gave Leafstar a life, not just as an apology, but as an acknowledgement that one Clan cannot survive without the others.

Hawkwing's Journey

She appears with Billystorm, to see what has happened to Duskpaw. She talks quietly with Sharpclaw, Ebonyclaw and Billystorm. Shortly after, she calls a Clan meeting. When Hawkpaw arrives, she is seen standing on the pile of rocks with Sharpclaw at her side. She raises her voice and gives Cloudpaw, Hawkpaw and Blossompaw their warrior names: Cloudmist, Hawkwing, and Blossomheart.
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Tigerheart's Shadow

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In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

When Alderpaw visits the Moonpool, Firestar shows him a vision of SkyClan. He sees Leafstar calling a Clan meeting in the gorge. She beckons her tail and, Sharpclaw and a small black-and-white she-cat come forward. Leafstar speaks with the two cats for a moment, and Alderpaw realizes he is watching a warrior ceremony. The young she-cat is made into a warrior, and the clan erupts into joyful yowls. After the ceremony, Echosong walks up to Leafstar, and they exchange a few words. When Alderpaw catches a glance of Echosong's green eyes, the vision fades.
Alderpaw tells Sandstorm about his dream, and she identifies the cats in his dream as Leafstar, Sharpclaw, and Echosong; however, black-and-white cat is unnamed still.
On the way to the gorge, Alderpaw has another vision of SkyClan after he falls asleep. He wakes up on a moorland hillside and hears yowls in the distance. He walks closer and sees a circle of SkyClan cats crying out for help. Alderpaw recognizes Leafstar, Sharpclaw, Echosong, and the black-and-white she-cat from his previous vision. Alderpaw calls out to them, but they do not noticed; soon Alderpaw wakes up and the dream is over.

Shattered Sky

Leafstar is with the rest of SkyClan when Twigpaw finds them. She is shocked to hear that Darktail and the other rogues are now on Clan territory. When they reach ThunderClan's camp, she meets with the other four Clan leaders for the first time.
In the final battle against the rogues, Leafstar directs her Clan to the trees, so they can dive bomb as a way of attack.
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Darkest Night

Leafstar sees Twigpaw scanning the clearing looking for her kin. She tells Twigpaw that Alderheart is checking on Hawkwing and that Violetpaw was with him.
Leafstar leads SkyClan to their first Gathering at the the lake and sits with her Clanmates beneath the tree. After Mistystar closes RiverClan’s borders and leaves the Gathering, Leafstar joins Bramblestar, Rowanstar, and Harestar in the branches of the tree. As she gets to her paws, cats from the other Clans call out in disapproval, making her hesitate, but the other leaders defend her. Looking out at the hissing cats below, Leafstar’s eyes are anxious as she says they only want to live peacefully with their fellow Clans, and goes on to explain how Darktail joined, betrayed, and drove them out of the gorge. Tigerheart, with Rowanstar’s permission, supports SkyClan, and suggests giving up territory for them, since they have so few mouths to feed now. Leafstar promises to be an ally, saying it would be an honor to stand beside them and they’ll always be grateful for the territory ShadowClan gave up for them.
Rowanstar agrees, giving SkyClan a stretch of land beside ThunderClan; Leafstar joyfully thanks him. The next day, Leafstar leads SkyClan to their new camp. She has recently returned from a hunting patrol, when Hawkwing, Rabbitleap, and Twigpaw arrive, bearing the news of Finpaw’s accident. Leafstar gives Twigpaw a worried look, asking if she’s all right. After Hawkwing takes Twigpaw to her nest, he tells Leafstar she’ll be fine. He then proposes the idea of leading a patrol to the gorge in search of their missing Clanmates, and Leafstar agrees, thinking it’s about time they have.
After Tinycloud has her kits, she asks if the queen is all right, then shares words with the patrol before they head off to the gorge.
Jayfeather, Puddleshine, Alderheart, and Kestrelflight come to SkyClan to talk with Leafstar about the prophecy, but the leader says she has little time to think about it, as the Clan is very busy at the moment. They tell her Rowanstar believes “the dark sky” means SkyClan and he is only patrolling their shared border. Leafstar answers they can’t change what the other Clans think of them, for now they must worry about taking care of themselves. Jayfeather thanks Leafstar for her time, then they go on there way.
Leafstar is eating a mouse when, once again, the medicine cats visit after receiving a new prophecy; to fend off a storm, you will need an extra claw. They ask Leafstar if she knows anyone in SkyClan who has six toes. She shakes her head, saying there are no six-toed cats. Looking relieved, she says that at least they know there is a way to fend off the storm. She goes back to her prey, saying she’s sure they’ll figure it out.
Finpaw is mentioned to have begged Sandynose for Twigpaw to stay in camp, and Leafstar agreed to let her keep him company. After Fallowfern accidentally crosses into ShadowClan territory, Juniperclaw comes to SkyClan’s camp and goes off on Leafstar. The leader defends Fallowfern, saying she probably didn’t smell the border, since ShadowClan hasn’t been marking them regularly. She goes on to apologize that they’re still getting used to their home. Leafpool believes it’s her fault Fallowfern crossed the border, but Leafstar reassures her. After Juniperclaw leaves, she crossly tells Twigpaw and Finpaw to clean the warriors den.
A ThunderClan patrol arrives and reports that Dovewing is missing, asking if anyone has reported signs of her. Leafstar questions Sandynose, who says no one has said anything to him. Ivypool gives Twigpaw a pointed look, and Leafstar asks the apprentice, who reports seeing Dovewing meeting with Tigerheart on their territory. Leafstar gives the patrol permission to search SkyClan’s territory for any signs of the missing warrior. After they leave, Leafstar and Sandynose speak together in hushed mews.
Yet again, another ThunderClan patrol comes to SkyClan, asking for herbs, after a mudslide in their came destroys their supplies. Leafstar offers to gather herbs for them. Twigpaw requests to help and Leafstar allows it.
Leafstar is present at the next Gathering, where Bramblestar thanks her for the herbs, then Leafstar reports SkyClan’s news. Rowanstar announces Tigerheart has gone missing, and he cannot lead anymore. He disbands ShadowClan and offers Leafstar their former territory in exchange for a home. Leafstar welcomes any ShadowClan warriors who wish to join them, but those who do not must leave the land Rowanstar has given SkyClan.
Hawkwing’s patrol to the gorge returns, and Leafstar greets the Clanmates she hasn’t seen in so long. She then tells the patrol about the events of the Gathering the night prior. The patrol finds a cat named Tree, and Violetpaw says Needletail led her to him. Leafstar nearly sends Tree away, but Puddleshine stops her, pointing out he has six toes. Leafstar decides that if StarClan has prophesied it, for now, they must accept him into the Clan. Afterwords, she announces Violetpaw and Twigpaw are ready to be made warriors. Leafstar’s eyes glisten with pride as she gives Violetpaw her new name, Violetshine. Before she performs Twigpaw’s ceremony, the apprentice rasps she’s ThunderClan and must go back to them. Leafstar’s eyes widen in shock. Twigpaw explains, and Leafstar’s eyes flash with anger, saying should have said something earlier. She dismisses the watching cats and ends the ceremony, then tells Twigpaw she should return to ThunderClan.

River of Fire

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The Raging Storm

Mintfur and Sandynose tell Leafstar about ShadowClan scent on SkyClan territory. Leafstar asks if they were sure and says she doesn't want to jump to any conclusions. When cats get into an argument about it she silences them and says she still doesn't want to accuse ShadowClan of trespassing when there isn't much evidence.
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In the SkyClan and the Stranger arc

The Rescue

Leafstar is shown to be expecting Billystorm's kits. She worries that having kits will divide her loyalties between her kits and her Clan, but then she realizes that the daylight warriors also have divided loyalties as well. Leafstar is often seen wanting to go on patrols and seems to dislike having limited warrior duties and lying around. Leafstar even asks Sharpclaw if she can take part in a patrol, but he denies it, saying that she's too close to kitting to do that. She becomes annoyed, saying that she's the leader of SkyClan, and he has no right to do this to her; however, Sharpclaw calmly points out that if she was any normal queen, she would be confined to the nursery by now and that she should be grateful; Leafstar reluctantly agrees. This is also seen with her annoyance of Echosong when she fusses over her condition.
She suspects that something is not right when she catches some apprentices straying over the border and eating while on patrol. Soon she finds out that the apprentices have been taking food and medical help from an elderly female Twoleg. Leafstar becomes outraged with this, saying that this is against the The Warrior Code and they will be punished for this when they go back to the Clan. However, the female Twoleg arrives and attempts to catch her, but Leafstar and her Clanmates run away. Soon after, she starts to feel intense pain in her belly which means that she's having her kits. Because of her extreme pain, Leafstar painfully asks Clovertail how she could have gone through with this twice. After the ordeal is over, she shows Billystorm their kits, though she doesn't name them yet.
The Twoleg soon comes back to find Leafstar, and when one of the kits falls out of the nursery, her motherly instinct tells her to get the kit, but tells her Clan to stay hidden, and the Twoleg takes the kit and her, and almost leaves but then sees Leafstar's other two kits and takes them too.
When she is trapped in the house, she meets a kittypet named Harry. He asks about life in a Clan. First, Billystorm and a patrol come to rescue her, but they fail. Soon, her Clanmates come again to rescue her, and Harry helps to carry one of the kits. Leafstar names her kits Firekit, Stormkit, and Harrykit, after Firestar, Sandstorm and Harry, respectively. Afterwards, Harry reveals himself to actually be Sol, and he requests to join SkyClan.

Beyond the Code

Leafstar is first seen watching Harrykit, Firekit, and Stormkit play-fighting. She thinks that having them had been even better than becoming SkyClan's leader, and wonders if they're more important to her than the Clan.
Clovertail approaches Leafstar, surprising her. Clovertail voices Leafstar's own thoughts, saying it was difficult to watch their kits play, knowing they would become warriors, but that it was an honor for them to become warriors. Leafstar thanks Clovertail, saying she had been very helpful since the kits' birth.
Soon, the stress of the drought causes Rockshade to pick on the daylight-warriors because they could eat kittypet food when they went to their Twolegs, but the full warriors had to suffer through the intense heat. Soon, the argument becomes more severe; Leafstar prepares to go intervene, but while trying to tackle Firekit, Harrykit pricks his nose on some thistles. She is torn between her Clan and helping Harrykit, but Billystorm breaks away from the crowd and tends to them for her. Leafstar thanks him, and hurries over to break up the fight. She suggests that, so the Clan could sleep through the hottest part of the day, that they started to hunt at night instead. Shrewtooth worries that their enemies would figure out their new sleeping patterns and attack them, but Sharpclaw tells him they wouldn't all sleep at the same time. Cats continue to question the idea, and Leafstar begins to notice Billystorm is having trouble soothing the kits. Sharpclaw takes over addressing the rest of the Clan, and Leafstar goes to protect her kits. She wonders again if Clan leaders should really have kits. Soon, Sol comes over to her, carrying something he hoped would soothe Harrykit's nose. Leafstar thanks him for it, and promises Harrykit he would feel better soon. Sol asks Leafstar how she managed to care for her family and her Clan, saying it must be hard to tell the difference between the warriors and the kits sometimes.
Later, while watching Sol leave for a night patrol, Leafstar notices how well he fit in with the rest of the Clan, and remarks she was glad they had recruited him. When Echosong doubtfully points out they knew very little about Sol's past, Leafstar says she didn't know anything about Echosong's early life either. The medicine cat states there wasn't much to her past, and Leafstar says maybe Sol was the same way. She finishes the conversation by saying they had to trust Sol and give him a chance to prove himself.
Leafstar is beginning to fall asleep when Sharpclaw's patrol returns after being attacked. Leafstar calls for Echosong. Sharpclaw explains the patrol was attacked by a badger because it had felt threatened by them. They decide hunting at night wasn't solving anything, and Leafstar needed more time to think.
When they decide to send out patrols of eight cats, Leafstar asks Billystorm to be careful, saying both she and their kits needed him. While they're gone, Leafstar teaches her kits hunting moves, and entertains them until the first patrol returns with very little prey. Only half of the second patrol returns after Sol convinces Patchfoot to split it up, defeating the purpose of the idea to make larger patrols. Leafstar demands to know where they went, to which Patchfoot replies that he didn't know. Sol soon returns, though, with enough prey to feed the Clan for days, and Leafstar invites every cat to come eat and celebrate the most prey they had seen in moons.
Leafstar isn't enthusiastic to hear Sharpclaw's accusations and suspicions against Sol, and resolves to take him out at night to try to find out more about him. She arranges for Clovertail and Honeypaw to care for her kits, and tags along with a patrol led by Sol. The first thing she notices is that no cat stopped to check for prey-scent, which she thinks is very strange. Soon, they approach a fox's den in a mostly overlooked part of their territory, and wait near it. Leafstar wants to leave, but she is assured they'd be safe. Still doubtful, Leafstar watches as a group of foxes returns to their den and leaves their prey outside it. Sol steals the fresh-kill with the other cats, and they urge Leafstar to hurry back with them.
Leafstar is furious with Sol's hunting strategy, saying SkyClan used skills to hunt. Sol protests that was a skill, but she continues to mark it off as stealing, and orders them to no longer do it. Sharpclaw is equally appalled, and Leafstar has to calm him down, barely avoiding a full-out argument between him and Sol.
She later watches Sol perform poorly during a training session, and tells Sharpclaw she was prepared to take him on herself, saying he was so willing to be a warrior, he deserved good training.
Leafstar is horrified when foxes invade the gorge in revenge. She cries out orders as the Clan attacks them, thinking of how easily the foxes could kill any of them with a single bite to their necks. She hears Stormkit, Firekit, and Harrykit come out of the nursery to help fight, and begs Sol to take her place while she pushed them back into the den. Sol is frozen in place, though, and can't help her. Instead, Lichenfur catches the kits as they prepare to join in the battle.
They successfully drive the foxes out, and as soon as the attack is over, Leafstar thanks Lichenfur for protecting her kits. She tells her kits that they were too small to have been any good against the foxes, and makes them promise to never do something like that again when she hears Sol outside. He asks her if she was going to tell the Clan the fox attack was his fault. Leafstar hesitantly says she wouldn't, because it wouldn't do them any good. She also tells Sol it wasn't his fault if he wasn't born with the correct instincts to be a warrior. Sol insists he had to become a warrior, because it was all he had ever wanted. Surprised, Leafstar realizes he had known about Clan life before he had met her. Sol explains how his mother, Cinders, had told him exaggerated stories about what she called, sky warriors. Since she had been a poor hunter herself, she hadn't passed on any skills to her kits. When Sol's father abandoned them, Cinders gave her kits up to Twolegs, and after she left Sol with the elderly Twoleg woman who named him Harry, he never saw her again. Leafstar is heartbroken to hear this, and apologizes for his losses. Sol asks her to understand why being a warrior meant so much to him. Leafstar comforts him, and says even though he still had a lot to learn, she was glad he found them.
Leafstar turns to Billystorm for advice about Sol. When asked, Billystorm remarks that Sol wasn't a good fighter or very brave, and he tended to be lazy. He quickly says he was only trying to be honest, but Leafstar assures him she knew he was fair. As she leaves for a training session with Sol, Billystorm wishes her luck, and reminds her he was always there for her.
Later, Leafstar takes Sol out for training, and tries to show him battle and hunting moves. Despite her best efforts, it takes him a long time to grasp the techniques, but he does show some improvement by the end of the session.
Before Leafstar addresses the Gathering, she decides to focus her report on how they were moving forward and improving. She also observes rain was on the way, bringing an end to the horrible drought. She says she is proud of them, and now they are safe and strong. Sol interrupts her, emerging from the crowd, saying he is ready to become a full warrior. Unimpressed, Leafstar tells him he still has more training to do, and he will have to be assessed before he could get his name. Sol is humiliated and snaps at her, and as he runs away, a storm breaks out. Leafstar orders the Clan back into the gorge, and hurries to comfort her kits, who mistake the storm for another fox attack for a moment.
The storm gets worse, and Billystorm decides to stay with her and the kits. Leafstar is grateful for his company, and they are settling down for the night when Sharpclaw interrupts them, reporting they needed to evacuate the lower dens. They are leaving when Leafstar sees huge waves filling the gorge, forcing them to run for their lives onto solid ground.
They wait out the storm and the flood, leaving them with a devastated camp and the death of Lichenfur. As they sit vigil for their lost Clanmate, Billystorm assures Leafstar that they would survive, but she continues to express her doubts, worrying this might be too great a challenge.

After the Flood

She is first seen working on her ruined den, when her kits interrupt, fearing there will be another flood, she reassures them, say that there won't, though she fears she's lying to her kits. She then watches her Clanmates work on the ruined camp, thinking that her mate, Billystorm, says they can rebuild the camp, but she wonders if it was really that easy. She sees Harveymoon helping Sharpclaw, she expresses her shock at this, saying for the longest time, she thought he was the laziest cat she'd ever met. Later, Sharpclaw questions if she thought that the flood was a sign from StarClan. She then meets Sol, who is carrying ivy leaves, and proudly says that the leaves would be great to line the new nest, when she tells him that they could be poisonous, Sol stalks off. Leafstar catches up with him, convincing him to work on clearing the river.
After this, she has a dream of Spottedleaf telling her to beware one of Clanmates, who Leafstar guesses to be Sol. When Leafstar sees her kits playing with a piece of moss, she asks them if they were pretending it was a mouse, but they say their housefolk gave it to them. Furious, she learns that Billystorm doesn't want their kits living in the gorge as it was too dangerous. She sends Billystorm away from the Clan.
When the kits go missing, Leafstar thinks that Billystorm took them and confronts him, but he says he didn't take them. The next day, she finds Sol attacking Shrewtooth, who accuses him of stealing the kits and rolling himself in ivy to hide their scent. Leafstar fights and easily overpowers Sol, demanding to know what he has done. Sol confesses he took the kits so he could find them, claiming it was the only way to make the Clan take him seriously. Enraged by this, Leafstar exiles Sol from SkyClan, telling him that he has betrayed her trust and can never be a warrior because he has no understanding of the Warrior Code and is incapable of thinking about anyone except himself. After this, Billystorm decides to stay with SkyClan permanently, much to Leafstar's joy. When Billystorm asks Leafstar what she would do if Sol came back, she says he can try, and they watch their kits chasing a bumblebee.

In the Field Guides

Cats of the Clans

Rock says that Leafdapple is a loner with the SkyClan trait of having strong back legs for jumping into trees, which is why Firestar chooses her to be one of the cats in the new SkyClan. He also says that she is a kittypet. She is also wise enough to know that cats without her bloodline would need to be welcomed into the Clan to swell their ranks, and that she has to be strong enough to win their respect. This is incorrect, however, because in Firestar's Quest, Firestar mentions she doesn't have SkyClan blood and that she is a rogue. However, her mother has been accepted into the ranks of the SkyClan ancestors.

The Ultimate Guide

Leafstar has her own page. Firestar discovers Leafstar when she is a loner named Leaf, although she is initially happy as she is. She occasionally meets up with Scratch, another lone cat, and they share tongues. Although she was content with staying and hunting by herself, the tales of StarClan, and of the modern Clans, is what brings Leaf to SkyClan, where she and multiple others join Firestar and Sandstorm, and Leaf is given a new name; Leafdapple. She was even given an apprentice of her own, a young cat named Sparrowpaw. Leafdapple helps SkyClan by setting border markers and helps protect her Clan's territory. She is as brave as any cat when she helps to defeat the rats, which had been tormenting SkyClan for many moons, and the reason the original SkyClan was disbanded many moons ago.
Soon, Firestar had a sign that brought him to Echosong, who would become SkyClan's new medicine cat, and the ThunderClan leader and mentor to SkyClan decided that this would be the time to also appoint a true leader for SkyClan. His vision lead him to SkyClan's loyal warrior Leafdapple, who is originally hesitant on taking on such responsibility. Her newfound faith in StarClan, however, gave her the strength and courage needed to take on such a role, and she became Leafstar, leader of SkyClan.
Moons later, with the support of her mate, Billystorm, and deputy, Sharpclaw, she is a strong leader, who takes care of her Clan even through the harshest seasons- this includes fighting off foxes and other hostile cats. She has even established a new kind of warrior, called a daylight-warrior. These warriors are kittypets by night, and Clan warriors by day. Although this was initially met with distrust and even though some of the daylight-warriors proved to be more in touch with their kittypet roots, Leafstar knew she made the right choice, as SkyClan is not like the other four Clans of which she knows of. SkyClan grew stronger, and soon bloomed into a Clan that made Leafstar proud.
Leafstar soon had kits with Billystorm, named Firekit, Stormkit, and Harrykit. Not long after their birth, though, they were captured by an elderly Twoleg, although she meant well. After this scare, Billystorm, who had initially been a daylight-warrior, decided to stay permanently in the gorge, with his family and SkyClan.
Although she meant well, it is mentioned that Leafstar's only real mistake was her choice to send away Sol, who wanted nothing more than to become a warrior of SkyClan. She wouldn't know the results of her actions, and the dangers it posed for Firestar and the other leaders.
It is mentioned on Echosong's page, that Echosong received the prophecy which led to the Leafstar's leader ceremony, in which Echosong was present for. Firestar knew that with these two cats, SkyClan was in safe paws. Also, on Sharpclaw's page, its mentioned that Leafstar didn't hesitate to ask him to be her deputy. Sharpclaw's impatience spilled over with the daylight warriors, but Leafstar convinced Sharpclaw to give them a chance.
She is briefly mentioned on Sol’s page. Sol joined SkyClan in the gorge, and tried really hard to fit in. He was too selfish and impulsive though, trying to help only caused more trouble. In a last desperate attempt to impress Leafstar, Sol took her kits and hid them far from the gorge so that he could play the triumphant role of finding them. This plot was discovered way too soon and Leafstar banished him, warning he will never be a true warrior.

In the Novellas

Ravenpaw's Farewell

When Ravenpaw and Barley arrive at the edge of SkyClan territory, they ask if Leafstar is still leader. They request to see her, and Ravenpaw tell her to say that Firestar's friend Ravenpaw is here. Firefern nods, and sends Cloudpaw back to camp to fetch the leader. A little while later, Cloudpaw races back up the side of the stream with Leafstar following. Ravenpaw notes that although she wasn't young, she moved gracefully and her eyes were bright. Leafstar stands beside her daughter, and introduces herself formally as the leader of SkyClan. Her gaze meets Ravenpaw's, and she comments she remembers that Firestar talked about him leaving ThunderClan. She asks if he still lives near the Clans, and he replies yes but starts to explain they had moved away. Leafstar cuts him off, and says that he must have come this long way for a very important reason.
Ravenpaw asks if Riley and Bella can join SkyClan to become warriors. He adds that they've already started their training, and are quite good. Leafstar's eyes widen, and Firefern and Plumwillow bristle. Leafstar tells him that they are honored by he request, and appreciate the distance they have traveled. She states that it's not that easy, as SkyClan is thriving and doesn't need to take in warriors from outside as they have in the past. Leafstar finishes that they have enough loyal warriors, and Ravenpaw feels disappointed because he'd though he'd be able to sway Leafstar. Bella pipes up that she knows some of SkyClan's warriors are only here in the day, and notes they they could be there all the time. Leafstar blinks, and admits SkyClan had daylight warriors but they have trained for many seasons and she trusts their loyalty. Leafstar cannot fault their enthusiasm, but queries why they couldn't have joined ThunderClan instead of traveling such a distance. Ravenpaw explains that ThunderClan has gone away. Leafstar exclaims that must be horrible for Firestar and Sandstorm, having to leave their home. She hopes they are safe wherever they are and that she has tried to keep the memory of Firestar alive in her Clan, but it has been a long time. Leafstar says they owe everything to them, but many moons have passed and not all her warriors were there in the beginning. She then says that any friend of Firestar's is welcome to visit, but only as a guest. Leafstar apologizes, and says they will always be grateful for what Firestar and Sandstorm did, but cannot accept unknown cats to train as warriors. She turns and leaves, making it clear that her welcome to Firestar's friends began and ended at the border to her Clan.
That night, Pasha and some other cats attack SkyClan's camp. Leafstar calls her warriors to her, and a line of warriors line up and attack the intruders. The invaders are quickly fought off. Barley watches from the edge of a cliff above, and comments to Ravenpaw it's thankfully SkyClan's trouble. He says Leafstar had made it clear there was nothing to keep them there, then they should leave. Ravenpaw shoos Riley and Bella into their nest, and silently thinks the same. Ravenpaw and Barley awaken in a dream with the former SkyClan leader, Cloudstar. He tells them that he's grateful they traveled to bring warriors to his Clan, but Ravenpaw bursts out that they didn't want them and that Leafstar didn't let them even cross the border. Cloudstar counters him by saying that they only need to give the young cats a chance to prove themselves to the Clan. Ravenpaw exclaims that SkyClan already has it's strong warriors, and Leafstar was quick to make that clear.
The next day, Ravenpaw and Barley run into a SkyClan patrol consisting of Bouncefire, Plumwillow, and Echosong. They are told to go away by the warriors, but Echosong, their medicine cat says that these cats mean no harm. She notes that Leafstar had told her about them, and Ravenpaw says he needs to speak to the SkyClan leader about something important. Echosong leads them to SkyClan's camp. Ravenpaw sees two cats in the den sitting on opposite sides of Leafstar, and she says that she wasn't expecting to see him again. Leafstar introduces them as Billystorm and Sharpclaw, her deputy, while noting that anything he says to her can be heard by them also. Ravenpaw tells Leafstar that he saw what happened with the kittypets last night, and thinks he knows how to stop it. Sharpclaw bristles and accuses him of trespassing, but Leafstar tells him to sit down. Leafstar asks if he knows a way to keep them out of their camp. Her tone is light, and Ravenpaw thinks she was prepared to listen to him only out of politeness.
Ravenpaw explains his idea about moving the border, and Leafstar sees the sense in it. She says that it would be harder to patrol, but would certainly protect the gorge. Leafstar queries how he would teach the kittypets to stay away, and he replies that could be done with more patrols at night along with one all-night patrol to teach the intruders where the border lies. Leafstar notes thoughtfully that once again ThunderClan has come to help them. He points out that he's not ThunderClan anymore, but she doesn't seem to notice and goes to call the Clan together for a meeting. Leafstar explains the plan to her Clanmates, who are initially suspicious. Leafstar then beckons Ravenpaw to join her near the rock. Ravenpaw states that SkyClan has their warrior ancestors on their side, and they will win honorably as warriors.
A few nights later, SkyClan defeats the kittypets once more with Ravenpaw's help. Leafstar thanks him for his help, and calls Bella and Riley to her, beckoning with her tail. Leafstar tells the young cats that they fought well, and notes that she was wrong to think she couldn't trust them. Leafstar asks them to join SkyClan, and they accept. She appoints Tinycloud and Nettlesplash as their mentors and calls out their apprentice names, Rileypaw and Bellapaw.
Later that night, as Ravenpaw fights for one last breath, Leafstar says that they will give him a warriors' farewell when he dies. She tells him that while he may be far away from home, SkyClan will be honored to have a vigil for him.


Interesting facts

  • Leafpool is named after her.[16]
  • Leafstar's most fatal mistake was sending away Sol, who would terrorize the Clans by the lake.[17]

Author statements

  • Kate said she thinks Leafstar was her favorite character in the A Vision of Shadows arc.[18]


  • There is slight confusion as to Leafstar's rank when she is first met by Firestar. Cats of the Clans states she was a kittypet,[19] while The Ultimate Guide says that she was a loner.[17] Firestar's Quest, however, says that Leafstar was a rogue.[4]
  • She has been mistakenly called a brown-and-white tabby.[20]

Character pixels

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Official art

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Billystorm:[21] Deceased, residence unknown


Unnamed she-cat:[5] Deceased, verified StarClan member


Firefern:[22] Deceased, residence unknown
Stormheart:[22] Deceased, residence unknown


Harrybrook:[23] Living (As of The Raging Storm)



    = Male

    = Female

    = Gender Unknown


"Leafstar flicked her tail in frustration. Why did it always feel as if she was leading her Clan in the dark? All the stars in the sky didn't seem to give enough light to see where the future lay."
—Leafstar doubting her decisions SkyClan's Destiny, page 274

Billystorm: "I love my housefolk, and they're kind to me. I know they make my life so much easier than it would be if I lived in the Clan all the time. But I could never leave you."
Leafstar: "I would never want you to."
—Leafstar asking if Billystorm was going to stay in the gorge SkyClan's Destiny, page 305

"You have to stop thinking about Billystorm in that way, right now! You have a different destiny, one that involves the future of the whole Clan. And it is a path that you must walk alone."
—Echosong to Leafstar SkyClan's Destiny, page 323

Skywatcher: "You must feel as though these visitors have been using SkyClan for their own ends."
Leafstar: "Yes! That's exactly how it feels."
Skywatcher: "But they have been loyal to their adopted Clan. They have hunted and fought for you. Remember the rats, and the cruel Twoleg, and the wounded Twoleg kit? Other Clans would help one another in times of great need."
Leafstar: "You mean the forest Clans? They didn't exactly help SkyClan in the end, did they?"
Skywatcher: "Maybe this is your chance to show forgiveness, to prove that SkyClan has recovered and grown stronger from that time, and can show mercy of its own."
—Leafstar confiding in Skywatcher SkyClan's Destiny, pages 401-402

"This is how Clan cats fight. We do not try to kill, and we do not make enemies of the weak or the young."
—Leafstar's thoughts on Clan cats fighting SkyClan's Destiny, page 450


Leafdapple's Warrior Ceremony
Firestar: I, Firestar, leader of ThunderClan and mentor to SkyClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down upon these cats. They have a true desire to learn the ways of your noble code, and I commend them to you as warriors in their turn.
Leaf, do you promise to uphold the warrior code and to protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your life?
Sandstorm: Say, 'I do.'
Leaf: I do.
Firestar: Then by the powers of StarClan I give you your warrior name. Leaf, from this moment you will be known as Leafdapple. StarClan trusts you will give all your intelligence and loyalty to the new Clan.
Sandstorm: Lick his shoulder.
Now we welcome her to the Clan by calling out her name.
Leafdapple! Leafdapple!
Everyone: Leafdapple!
Reference: Firestar's Quest, page 334

Leafstar's Leader Ceremony
Cloudstar: Do you believe in what is about to happen?
Leafdapple: I...I think so. At least, Firestar says you're going to give me nine lives, and I believe him.
Cloudstar: That will have to be enough. Come, and I will give you your first life. I give you a life for endurance. Use it well to strengthen your Clan in times of trouble.
Skywatcher: I give you a life for hope, use it well to guide your Clan through the darkest days.
Leafdapple's mother: With this life I give you love. Use it well for all the cats who look to you for protection.
Spottedleaf: I give you a life for healing wounds caused by words and rivalry. Use it well for all cats troubled in spirit.
Redstar: With this life I give you wisdom. Use it well when you have the hardest decisions of all to make.
Birchstar: I give you a life for sympathy and understanding. Use it well for the weakest in your Clan, and for all the others who need your help and protection.
Swiftstar: I give you a life for selflessness. Use it well in the service of your Clan.
Dawnstar: I give you a life for determination. Use it well to set your paws on the path of what you know to be right.
Birdflight: With this life I give you faithfulness. Use it well to hold fast to Clan and kin.
Reference: Firestar's Quest, pages 487-497

Leader info

Leader info
Nine Lives
Life Given by Gift How it was lost
Her mother
Sympathy and understanding
Killed by Misha in SkyClan's Destiny
Killed by raccoons in Hawkwing's Journey

Name From To
Firestar's Quest
Hawkwing's Journey
Hawkwing's Journey
Hawkwing's Journey
Hawkwing's Journey

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