"All I see is a leader who's too scared to go into battle!"
— Leafstorm in Battles of the Clans, page 140

Leafstorm is a ginger she-cat with green eyes.[3]


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Battles of the Clans

Leafstorm is an ancient ThunderClan deputy. During a Gathering, Morningstar, the leader of ThunderClan, accuses WindClan of stealing prey. However, he admits that he does not want to battle them because ThunderClan was weak. Leafstorm then shouts out that Morningstar is weakening ThunderClan, but Morningstar continues and suggests that all the Clans should share their prey until leaf-bare is over. All the other Clans disagree, refusing to share their prey. As they leave the Gathering, Leafstorm tells Morningstar that he is out of his mind and that he just invited every Clan to help themselves to ThunderClan's territory.
Leafstorm leads an attack patrol to WindClan the following day with Pineclaw, to ambush them. When she returns, she is badly hurt. While Pearnose is patching her up, Leafstorm is very angry, and says that WindClan had outnumbered them greatly and were fat from feasting on ThunderClan prey. Leafstorm then goes into a coughing fit.
Pearnose tells Morningstar that Leafstorm has greencough, and shouldn't have gone to the Gathering or the battle. It is said that she had been sick for at least a moon and still hunted two or three times a day, but had not taken anything for herself.
A quarter-moon passes since the battle, and Morningstar takes the role of feeding Leafstorm, who is now unable to feed herself, as her cough is now worse. Then, Pearnose bursts into the clearing, announcing that Leafstorm is dead. Morningstar feels very guilty for not feeding her enough prey. She had been too thin and weak to fight the infection. Songbird appears, and tells Morningstar that Leafstorm had wanted to die in battle. Her death is what convinces Morningstar to lead a battle patrol to attack WindClan for stealing prey.



Leafstorm: "Are you out of your mind? You've just invited every other Clan to help themselves to our territory and our prey!"
Morningstar: "We will not fight WindClan over this. Tomorrow I want you to take a patrol of warriors to Rabbitstar and speak to him again. We are too quick to use violence to solve everything. If we fight now, we'll lose half our Clan with the first strike. Can't you see I'm trying to protect us?"
—Leafstorm and Morningstar discuss Morningstar's announcement at the Gathering Battles of the Clans, page 141

Morningstar: "I'm sorry. Clearly WindClan is without honor."
Leafstorm: "They have no honor because they are thieves!"
—Leafstorm and Morningstar about the recent battle with WindClan Battles of the Clans, page 142

"His brave, quarrelsome, sharp-minded deputy couldn't be dead. Not from a cough."
—Morningstar's thoughts after Leafstorm's death Battles of the Clans, page 145

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