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"Don't let them! It's a ThunderClan trick!"
— Leaftail about letting Alderheart and Mothwing pass through in Shattered Sky, page 113

Leaftail is a lithe[5] dark tabby tom with amber eyes.[1]

Leaftail is a WindClan warrior that has served under Onestar's and Harestar's leaderships in the lake territories. He mentored Thistleheart and Oatclaw, and grew distrustful of Breezepelt and the other Dark Forest trainees after the Great Battle. Leaftail became one of the the WindClan cats who was the most vocal about his distrust for Breezepelt, and often baited him into arguments, but after Nightcloud was rescued and shown to be alive, the two cats were civil towards one another. After Onestar closed WindClan's borders, Leaftail and Crowfeather grew amused at ShadowClan's attempts to ask WindClan for lungwort. Following Smokehaze's death in battle, Leaftail successfully finished training his apprentice, Woodsong.


In the Power of Three arc


In WindClan, Leaftail begins training Thistlepaw as his apprentice.

In the Omen of the Stars arc

Fading Echoes

Breezepelt mentions him while the young WindClan warrior is training in the Dark Forest. As Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Breezepelt, and Brokenstar are discussing training, Breezepelt boldly announces that he can beat two of his Clanmates, Leaftail and Harespring, in battle training. Tigerstar, upon hearing this, replies to Breezepelt that training isn't the same as fighting, and when faced with death, warriors fight harder to defend their lives.
When Dovepaw and Ivypaw are caught by Sedgewhisker in WindClan territory, Leaftail is one of the cats who comes to see what all the commotion is about. Joining his Clanmates, Leaftail, Harespring, and Owlwhisker go and check the perimeter of WindClan's camp, as per the orders of their leader, Onestar.

In the A Vision of Shadows arc

The Apprentice's Quest

Leaftail's former apprentice, Oatpaw, has earned his warrior name of Oatclaw.

Thunder and Shadow

Crowfeather: "Wait, Breezepelt."
Leaftail: "Wait for what? We should chase them off our land."
Crowfeather: "Not yet, Leaftail."
—Crowfeather and Leaftail Thunder and Shadow, page 229
When a group of ShadowClan cats has to go to the moor to get lungwort, they encounter a WindClan patrol consisting of three warriors. Breezepelt shows his teeth to the ShadowClan members, but Crowfeather cautions the black tom to wait, yet Leaftail demands what they should wait for. His fur is plastered to his frame by the rain, and he hisses that they should chase the group of off their land, but Crowfeather tells Leaftail that the won't do that yet. The gray tom tells the ShadowClan cats that they will take them to Onestar, and Tigerheart agrees that he would be happy to explain to the Clan leader. Crowfeather and Leaftail exchange glances, and Violetpaw wonders if it is amusement in their eyes. The WindClan cats lead the ShadowClan patrol along the slopes, and eventually into their camp, but Onestar is angered with his cats for letting ShadowClan be on their land.

Shattered Sky

When Alderheart and Mothwing try to cross WindClan territory to get to RiverClan's old camp, they are stopped by a patrol consisting of Sedgewhisker, Oatclaw, and Leaftail. Upon seeing the cats, Leaftail hisses that it has to be a ThunderClan trick. He is soon reprimanded by Sedgewhisker, who calls Leaftail a mouse-brain, saying that Alderheart and Mothwing are medicine cats. Sedgewhisker and the patrol let the medicine cats pass, although they watch them with a close eye as they continue on their way.

In The Broken Code arc

Darkness Within

Following a devastating battle that resulted in Smokehaze's death, Leaftail is now training her former apprentice, Woodpaw.

The Place of No Stars

His apprentice is now a warrior named Woodsong.

In the Super Editions

Crowfeather's Trial

Leaftail: "That proves it, then. If Breezepelt were truly loyal to WindClan, he would respect his medicine cat. Every cat knows how important Kestrelflight's vision was! How can we prevent the flood if we don't work together?"
Crowfeather: "Don't be such a sanctimonious cleanpaw. Of course Breezepelt cares about the vision, but he just learned that Nightcloud is dead—that's why he's angry. How would any of you flea-brains feel if those animals had killed your mother? You think you're so much better than him? Please! Give him time to deal with his grief."
—Leaftail and Crowfeather on Breezepelt Crowfeather's Trial, page 114
During the aftermath of the Great Battle, Onestar tries to unify his Clan in the wake of discovering traitors. Leaftail, along with multiple WindClan cats, is untrusting of Breezepelt, with Leaftail saying that he would not ever trust Breezepelt again. He believes that WindClan would be better off without Breezepelt or the other traitors, and his thoughts are echoed by his Clanmates. Later on, Leaftail laments that if he had a chance to talk to his loved ones again, he would let them know that he loved them. He is questionable about the existence of ghost cats, and wonders if Hootpaw had actually seen anything. When Breezepelt, Crowfeather, Heathertail, Furzepelt, and Harespring return after confronting the strange creatures on WindClan land, Leaftail notices that Nightcloud is missing. He breaks the silence that comes when Breezepelt tells his story, and asks why Breezepelt was not certain Nightcloud was with him while he was fleeing. Breezepelt does not meet Leaftail's eyes, but insists that he thought that Nightcloud was with him. Twitching his whiskers, he lets the matter drop and does not talk to Breezepelt afterwards.
Leaftail, upon hearing that Breezepelt does not care about Kestrelflight's visions, Leaftail antagonizes Breezepelt, demanding him to prove his loyalty to WindClan by going with his vow to attack the stoats in the tunnels. Crowfeather stands up for Breezepelt, and tells Leaftail to stop acting like he is perfect. Crowfeather mews that Breezepelt has just learned that Nightcloud has possibly died, and that he needs to give Breezepelt time to grieve. Leaftail challenges Crowfeather, wanting to know how he found this out, and the dark gray tom explains how he found evidence that Nightcloud was gravely injured. Leaftail says that no one should bother with Breezepelt, and while they are sorry that Nightcloud is gone, they know Breezepelt can't be trusted. Leaftail remains one of Breezepelt's most vocal doubters, and often criticizes Breezepelt for his actions in the Dark Forest battle and his actions with the stoats. Onestar eventually grows tired of hearing Leaftail's comments, and silences him and rebukes him and the other doubters in front of the Clan. Although he is temporarily silenced, he continues his comments about Breezepelt, making his disdain clearly known in WindClan, and he is most often seen gossiping with Gorsetail or Weaselfur.
After another conflict with the stoats, Leaftail calls out Crowfeather for having his apprentice, Featherpaw, in the fray. Crowfeather says that he did not willingly pick Featherpaw, and that she was adamant about standing her ground and joining Crowfeather's patrol. Leaftail is shocked, saying that Crowfeather encouraging Featherpaw to be assertive was just the same as telling them to join the battle patrol. Leaftail takes this chance to throw another insult at Breezepelt, and Heathertail jumps to his defense, saying that Breezepelt was the first cat to slay one of the stoats, and Leaftail flicks his tail in disdain. Leaftail and Gorsetail eye Heathertail and Breezepelt suspiciously, and even though the pair are still distrusting of Breezepelt, they do not voice their opinions, and later work with Breezepelt to help rebuild WindClan's camp.

Bramblestar's Storm

Bramblestar: "And how is Onestar? And Sedgewhisker? I haven't seen her at a Gathering for a couple of moons."
Leaftail: "Onestar is fine. And Sedgewhisker is expecting Emberfoot's kits. She'll be in the nursery for a while yet."
—Bramblestar and Leaftail about Onestar and Sedgewhisker Bramblestar's Storm, page 15
Leaftail is part of a patrol who encounter Bramblestar, and accuse him and his cats of trespassing. After a bold move by Rosepetal, who confronts Weaselfur, Leaftail and another WindClan cat, Nightcloud, block Rosepetal's path, not allowing her to go back to her Clanmates. This gives Nightcloud the chance to attack Rosepetal, scratching her ear. After their disagreements, Bramblestar tries to make talk, and asks how Onestar and Sedgewhisker are doing. Leaftail replies that Onestar is well, and that Sedgewhisker is expecting Emberfoot's kits, so she will be away from Gatherings for a few moons.
After the flood, Bramblestar takes his cats to find safe water to drink, and they come across a stream, which appears to be on ThunderClan territory. Upon seeing this, Leaftail, Weaselfur, and Furzepelt appear, and tell Bramblestar that the stream is now WindClan land, due to it being the only safe haven for drinking water. Outraged at this claim, Poppyfrost yowls to WindClan, asking if they want to fight for it. Leaftail accepts the challenge, and leaps at the ThunderClan she-cat. Although the fight soon ends, due to Bramblestar's interference, Leaftail and Poppyfrost both gain minor injuries, showing that it had been a fair fight between them.

In the Novellas

Dovewing's Silence

Leaftail is now mentoring another apprentice, Oatpaw.



Interesting facts

  • He and Gorsetail have not forgiven Breezepelt for his actions during the Great Battle.[6]

Author statements

  • Kate believes Leaftail to be a very dark ginger tabby with glossy fur.[blog 1]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Su Susann's "Missing Kits" on Vicky's Facebook, Leaftail and Antpelt were the sons of Flylight and Willowclaw. They were born in Dawn and were apprentices in Twilight. Leaftail was also described as a very dark ginger tabby tom with amber eyes.[7]


Gorsetail: "I can't believe it! Onestar tells us all to remember the fallen warriors, but he's fine with the traitors who killed them staying in the Clan."
Crouchfoot: "Hey, that's not fair. WindClan cats didn't kill their Clanmates. Most of the cats who trained with the Dark Forest turned against them when they found out what was really going on."
Leaftail: "Most, not all."
Gorsetail: "I know what you mean. It doesn't seem right that Breezepelt is still here. I know Onestar thinks he isn't a traitor because he didn't try to kill a WindClan cat but isn't fighting on the side of the Dark Forest just as bad? How can we ever trust him again?"
Leaftail: "I never will."
Gorsetail: "The Clan would almost be better off if something happened to Breezepelt. Like a badger to care of him or something."
—Gorsetail, Crouchfoot, and Leaftail Crowfeather's Trial, page chapter 1

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