"We shall miss Leopardstar. I remember her from all the way back when I was an apprentice in ThunderClan. I always respected her, and, though her loyalty to RiverClan never wavered, she was a leader who understood the importance of keeping every Clan strong. She had the heart, courage, and strength of the mighty cat she was named for."
Firestar about Leopardstar after her death in Fading Echoes, page 113

Leopardstar is a dappled[15] golden tabby she-cat[2] with amber eyes.[16]

Leopardkit is born to Mudfur and Brightsky of RiverClan along with three other kits. However, her mother and all three siblings die during the kitting. Mudfur gives her the name of the mighty spotted cats from LeopardClan to give her the strength to survive. She is spoiled by the rest of the Clan and her father. She becomes apprenticed to Whitefang and takes the name of Leopardpaw. After a successful apprenticeship, she earns her warrior name Leopardfur. Leopardfur is shown to be fiercely loyal to RiverClan as a warrior and eventually becomes the deputy of RiverClan under Crookedstar.

When Crookedstar dies, she receives her leader name of Leopardstar, and combines her Clan with ShadowClan to co-lead TigerClan with Tigerstar. However, after the death of her deputy, Stonefur, she begins to have second thoughts. After Tigerstar's death, she joins her Clan with LionClan, and appoints Mistyfoot as deputy. She leads her Clan during the Great Journey and settles near the river.

After leading RiverClan for several more seasons, Leopardstar loses her last life due to a sickness. Her sickness was a secret to the other Clans for moons, as RiverClan was too proud to admit their leader was dying. Mistystar becomes leader in her place and tries to model her leadership to be as strong as Leopardstar's. Leopardstar joins StarClan and continues to watch over the Clans. She is known as one of RiverClan's most significant leaders because she was strong, proud, and fierce.


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The Prophecies Begin

"These are difficult times. As we fight for survival we must be able to count on every one of our Clan mates. There is no room for divided loyalties. Do as Tigerstar tells you."
—Leopardstar ordering Stonefur to kill Stormpaw and Featherpaw The Darkest Hour, page 169
Leopardfur is the deputy of RiverClan under the leadership of Crookedstar. As deputy, Leopardfur defends her Clan with tooth and claw and is a strict follower of the warrior code. When she and her patrol attack Fireheart and Graystripe on RiverClan territory as they head home from bringing back WindClan, she witnesses the death of her former apprentice Whiteclaw after Graystripe accidentally causes him to fall into the gorge. She becomes intensely bitter against the two cats. Leopardfur is sent to retrieve Silverstream's kits, Stormkit and Featherkit, and refuses to trust Graystripe after he later joins RiverClan with his kits. Despite her distrust of other Clans, she helps ThunderClan flee to RiverClan after their camp is destroyed by a forest fire.
After Crookedstar dies from greencough, Leopardfur receives her leader name and nine lives. She appoints Stonefur as her first deputy. Now that she is leader, she is able to banish Graystripe from RiverClan after he refuses to fight his friend Fireheart in a battle for Sunningrocks. After Tigerstar becomes leader of ShadowClan, he convinces Leopardstar to join their Clans together to become TigerClan so that they can rule the forest. Tigerstar's first decree is to rid TigerClan of half-Clan cats, which includes Leoparstar's deputy Stonefur, his sister Mistyfoot, and Graystripe's kits Featherpaw and Stormpaw. Blackfoot, Tigerstar's deputy, kills Stonefur after the RiverClan deputy fights for the honor of the half-Clan cats. Leopardstar is horrified at her deputy's death and immediately regrets her decision to join TigerClan. Leopardstar witnesses Tigerstar's gruesome death and believes that the Clans will be slaughtered at the claws of BloodClan. However, Firestar urges her to fight for the Clans, and she asks him to lead LionClan as she no longer has the strength to lead. She appoints Mistyfoot as her next deputy before the battle with BloodClan in honor of her brother's sacrifice.

The New Prophecy

"RiverClan has no need to travel to some distant place on the word of a few dreaming warriors. The river is still full of fish. It would be stupid for us to leave. The other Clans’ troubles are not ours to worry about."
—Leopardstar to other Clans about leaving the forest Dawn, page 86
Under Leopardstar's strong leadership, there are many moons of peace. When Mistyfoot is captured by Twolegs, she appoints Hawkfrost as her temporary deputy. However, to the delight of Leopardstar and the Clan, Mistyfoot returns and Leopardstar appoints her as deputy once more. Hawkfrost is privately angered by this decision, but openly accepts Mistyfoot's return. When the forest is destroyed by Twolegs, Leopardstar is the last leader to agree to leave the forest with the other Clans. She insists that RiverClan can survive off of the river and its fish, but eventually she is convinced that the Twolegs will destroy the river, and she leads RiverClan on the Great Journey.
Upon arriving to their new home, Leopardstar is determined to find the best camp for RiverClan and claim as much territory as possible. She is unaware of Hawkfrost's plots with Mudclaw, but her deputy Mistyfoot witnesses the situation and receives help from ThunderClan to stop Mudclaw's rebellion. When Hawkfrost makes up a sign about Stormfur and Brook being obstacles to RiverClan's success, she is initially skeptical, but banishes the mountain cats after Stormfur attacks Hawkfrost in a fit of rage.

Power of Three

"You should have left him where he was. Any cat with a flea's worth of sense would see that."
—Leopardstar siding with the other leaders about banishing Sol Sunset, page chapter 18
Her Clan moves into the island where Gatherings take place due to Twoleg kits terrorizing her Clan. When the ThunderClan apprentice, Hollypaw, sneaks into RiverClan territory to see what is wrong, Leopardstar decides to keep her hostage out of fear she would spill RiverClan's weakness to the rest of the Clans. She takes sides with Onestar that ThunderClan thinks every problem is their own, and forms an alliance with WindClan to attack ThunderClan and ShadowClan. She and the other Clan leaders demand ThunderClan to banish Sol from the lake because of all the damage he caused.

Omen of the Stars

"Fox dung! This is a trick! You're just trying to cheat RiverClan out of our fish. You want to get rid of some of our warriors so that we can't keep up with the patrols anymore."
—Leopardstar to Firestar at a Gathering The Fourth Apprentice, page 104
Leopardstar and her Clan are heavily affected by the drought causing the lake to dry up. She insists angrily that the remaining lake water belongs to RiverClan, and her Clanmates guard the remaining pond to prevent any other Clan stealing fish. The drought affects her severely, and Leopardstar loses her remaining lives. Mistyfoot succeeds her as leader.

Super Editions

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In Crookedstar's Promise, Leopardkit is born to Mudfur and Brightsky along with three other kits. However, her mother and littermates die, and Leopardkit is cherished among every cat in the Clan. Leopardkit knows she is the favorite in the Clan, and uses this knowledge to try to convince Crookedjaw to teach her some battle moves. She becomes an apprentice with Whitefang as her mentor. As a warrior, she participates in a battle against the rats, and Hailstar is killed.


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In Mistystar's Omen, Leopardstar, weakened and frail by the drought, is barely clinging to her last life. Mistyfoot stays at her side, and Leopardstar says she never deserved her deputy's forgiveness for everything that happened during Tigerstar's rule. Before Leopardstar passes, she reveals she always thought of Mistyfoot as her surrogate daughter. Mistyfoot wakes up to find Leopardstar dead.

Tigerstar and Sasha

In Return to the Clans, Sasha, a loner and former kittypet, takes her two kits, Hawk and Moth, to RiverClan where they are confronted by Leopardstar and a patrol. Leopardstar agrees for the three to join RiverClan, and names the kits Hawkpaw and Mothpaw. However, Sasha constantly refuses to accept a warrior name. When Hawkpaw and Mothpaw are playing with the remnants of the Bonehill, Leopardstar reprimands them and informs them of Tigerstar's rule. Leopardstar is is hesitant when Sasha reveals she is leaving, but Leopardstar accepts her friend's decision and thanks Sasha for providing RiverClan two apprentices.

Detailed description

Leopardstar is a sleek furred,[17] dappled[15] golden tabby she-cat.[2] She has unusual,[2] dark[18] golden spots[2] on her pelt, with a long, winding tail,[19] and amber eyes.[16]

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Nine Lives
Life Given by Gift How it was lost
Died from infection in The Fourth Apprentice
Died from illness in The Fourth Apprentice
Died from diabetes in Fading Echoes
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A Dangerous Path
The Darkest Hour
The Darkest Hour
Fading Echoes


"The whole Clan had spoiled the motherless kit, especially her father Mudfur, who doted on her, and she could wrap almost any Clanmate around her tail."
—Crookedjaw's observation Crookedstar's Promise, page 316

"Look there! If it weren't for that traitor, Sunningrocks would be ours again. He is no longer a member of RiverClan. If you catch him on our territory, kill him."
—Leopardstar banishing Graystripe from RiverClan A Dangerous Path, page 194

"I am leader here, Blackfoot. I make the decisions. And I'm not ready to give up yet-- not if there's a chance of driving out BloodClan."
—Leopardstar deciding to fight BloodClan The Darkest Hour, page 271
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"I am a great leader. I make tough decisions and stick to them. I discipline bad behavior with fair, strict punishment. My warriors would respect me and follow me to the end of the river if I told them to."
—Leopardstar Secrets of the Clans, page 52

Leopardstar: "Just like you, Firestar. Always coming up with a plan. Do you think I don't know what you really have in mind?"
Firestar: "I'm not hiding anything."
Leopardstar: "Fox dung! This is a trick! You're just trying to cheat RiverClan out of our fish. You want to get rid of some of our warriors so that we can't keep up with the patrols anymore."
Firestar: "That doesn't make sense. Leopardstar, I can see that you're not well-"
Leopardstar: "I'm not a fool, Firestar. I know you'd let RiverClan starve to save your precious Clan!"
—Leopardstar to Firestar, about the patrol up river at a Gathering The Fourth Apprentice, page 104

"Three elders lost in a single season? I've had to watch my Clanmates starve to death because there were no fish to catch, nothing left in the lake but mud. And what about Rippletail? He was as brave as any of the other cats who went to find out where the water had gone- why didn't he deserve to come back? Did he go too far beyond the sight of StarClan?"
—Leopardstar about the drought Mistystar's Omen, pages 2-3

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