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  • She and Mothwing are very similar in coloring.[5]
  • Leopardstar was in love with Tigerstar, which is why she agreed to join TigerClan.[6]
  • Leopardstar once wanted to have kits, but she never had any.[5]
  • Leopardstar was born as what her Clanmates called a "drypaw", meaning she originally didn't like to get her paws wet.[7]


  • Leopardstar has been mistakenly described with emerald[8] and blue eyes.[5] She has also mistakenly been described as mottled brown[9] and mottled tawny.[10]
  • She has been mistakenly called Leopardfur after she received her leader name.[11]
  • Despite making Stonefur[12] her deputy before Mistyfoot,[13] The Ultimate Guide states the opposite happened.[14]
  • The Ultimate Guide claims that Leopardstar had a pure hatred for half-Clan cats,[14] despite making Mistyfoot and Hawkfrost her deputies, knowing they were not fully Clanborn.[13][15]


The following information is from sources considered non-canon or retconned.

  • In Secrets of the Clans, a 2007 field guide, Leopardstar is described as proud, hostile, and fierce. She is single-minded about what is best for RiverClan, and she showed bad judgement when Tigerstar took control over RiverClan. She also was a mentor to Whiteclaw.[16] Leopardstar tells of how TigerClan seemed like a great idea to her due to the fact that there would always be prey and the cats would not have to spend time fighting each other when there were badgers and foxes to consider. Later on, when Bonehill is being constructed, Leopardstar mentions that the hill gives her nightmares.[17]

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