"No, we'll go easy on you, promise. Come on! It'll be fun."
— Lightleap convincing Shadowpaw to play with her and Pouncestep in Lost Stars, page 52

Lightleap is a dark[8] brown tabby she-cat[9] with amber eyes.[10]

Lightleap is a ShadowClan warrior under her father's leadership in the lake territories. She was born as Lightkit to Tigerheart and Dovewing during their stay with the guardian cats along with her siblings, Pouncekit and Shadowkit. She joined ShadowClan when her mother chose to follow Tigerheart back to the Clans. As an apprentice, Lightpaw was mentored by Stonewing, and she later earned her warrior name, Lightleap.


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A Vision of Shadows

"They're kind of small. Not like us!"
—Lightkit about Ivypool's kits River of Fire, page 265
Lightkit is the daughter of Dovewing and Tigerheart, brought to the Clans from the Twolegplace where they were born. Lightkit witnesses Tigerheart's resurrection as leader of ShadowClan. Dovewing decides to live in ShadowClan with the kits, but briefly takes them to visit their family in ThunderClan.

The Broken Code

"[...] we made a good job of those scent markers. SkyClan won’t dare set paw over our borders."
—Lightleap after getting back from a border patrol Lost Stars, page 38
Lightleap and her sister, Pouncestep, are now full warriors of ShadowClan. She and her sister maintain a close bond with their brother, Shadowpaw.

Super Editions

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In Tigerheart's Shadow, Lightkit and her littermates, Pouncekit and Shadowkit, are born to Dovewing and Tigerheart among the guardian cats in a distant Twolegplace. Lightkit and her siblings journey back to the lake when they are old enough, and Lightkit witnesses Tigerheart's death and resurrection.
In Squirrelflight's Hope, Lightpaw is now an apprentice with Stonewing as her mentor.


Interesting facts

Author statements

  • Kate has said Lightleap was named to celebrate the differences between her parents, Tigerstar and Dovewing.[blog 1]


  • She was mistakenly called Shadowkit.[13]

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"I bet no kits as young as us have ever walked along a Thundersnake before."
—Lightkit Tigerheart's Shadow, page 311

Shadowsight: "Go and finish your hunting. We'll take care of Snowbird."
Lightleap: "But I want to see that she's okay."
Puddleshine: "If you want to help go find four smooth, straight sticks we can use as a splint."
Lightleap: "Can't we wait here to see if her paw will be okay?"
Shadowsight: "I'll come and find you when we've finished treating her. I'll let you know how she's doing then."
—Lightleap showing concern for Snowbird's injury The Silent Thaw, page 74

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