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Lightning Tail is a loyal, energetic, and skilled tom.[1]
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Hawk Swoop and Jackdaw's Cry

Lightning Tail mourns for his mother, Hawk Swoop, when she is killed in the Great Battle.[2]
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Acorn Fur

Lightning Tail is good friends with his sister, and they often played together as kits on the moor.[3] After the Great Battle, when all the cats are choosing which camp to join, Acorn Fur chooses Clear Sky’s camp.[4] Lightning Tail and Thunder later join her, but Thunder soon gets fed up with his father’s attitude and creates his own camp in the forest. Lightning Tail follows him, leaving his sister once again.[5]


Lightning Tail is Thunder’s foster brother, and his closest and most loyal friend. He is named after how he follows Thunder around, and he looks up to the powerful ginger tom.[3] When Thunder creates his own group in the forest, Lightning Tail joins him,[5] and eventually becomes deputy of ThunderClan. He is deeply loyal to his leader and his Clan, and supports his friend and is there for him. Thunderstar relies on Lightning Tail as his deputy, and is lost when Lightning Tail is killed by dogs. Lightning Tail is sad to leave his friend, but knows that he’ll eventually be okay without him. Thunderstar does eventually get over his grief, and appoints Owl Eyes as his new deputy.[6]

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