"Hush! Don't let every cat hear you! You know what the old ones are like- they never want us to have fun."
— Lightningpelt to Nettlepad in Code of the Clans, page 60

Lightningpelt is a light brown tabby she-cat with a distinctive white streak down her back.[1]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Lightningpelt is an ancient RiverClan warrior under Troutstar's leadership. Lightningpelt and her friends, Molewhisker, Snaketooth, and Nettlepad put their lives at risk by doing ridiculously dangerous things nearly every moon, which normally results in an injury to one of the cats. After their latest stunt, climbing one of the Great Oaks, Snaketooth breaks his leg. Lightningpelt and the others visit him in the medicine den, and she hushes Nettlepad when he speaks too loudly about their plan to jump the gorge the following moon.
Lightningpelt and her friends are made to sit a silent vigil guarding the camp, after their medicine cat, Meadowpelt, hears their plan and speaks with StarClan and Troutstar, who doubtingly agrees to try Meadowpelt's plan. After Nettlepad hears a fox during the night, she and Molewhisker chase it to the border of their territory. When she gets back, she offers to show the apprentices some fishing techniques, seemingly giving up her immature stunts. Her friends tell the apprentices about what an amazing hunter Lightningpelt is. Her night of listening has helped her realize the importance of being a warrior.



"Lightningpelt, a light brown tabby with a distinctive white streak down her back, had nearly poked out her own eye chasing through the thickest part of the reeds. Every day, the warriors seemed to come up with yet another competition to discover who was the strongest, fastest…"
—Narrator on the young warriors Code of the Clans, page 58

"You should have seen him! He practically climbed onto a cloud!"
—Lightningpelt about Snaketooth climbing one of the Great Oaks Code of the Clans, page 58

"We heard a fox! Creeping up on the nursery. Molewhisker and Lightningpelt have chased it away."
—Nettlepad about the fox Code of the Clans, page 64

Lightningpelt: "Hey there! I know some great fishing techniques! Would you like me to show you them today?"
Nettlepad: "She’s really good, honestly. I’ll do your hunting patrol for you, Lightningpelt."
Lightningpelt: "Thanks, that would be really helpful."
—Lightningpelt to some apprentices and Nettlepad Code of the Clans, page 65

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