"Us live in a cave? With no warm blanket? No creamed chicken?"
— Lily questioning Clan life in Firestar's Quest, page 299

Lily is a slender, cream[3] Siamese[2] she-cat with brown legs, tail, ears, and muzzle,[3] and slanting,[2] vivid blue eyes.[3]


In the Super Editions

Firestar's Quest

Lily and her sister, Rose, are two spoiled kittypets who live near the gorge. When first seen, Firestar mentions that he had never seen cats with their coat color before. He tries to convince them to join SkyClan, but the two cats appear to be very pampered. Lily says the story is amazing, but expresses shock that Cherry would think that she and her sister could sleep in a cave without blankets, and no creamed chicken to eat. Firestar tells them about hunting in the forest and they respond by saying that they wouldn't want to chase animals and kill them, stating that it would be vulgar to have blood and feathers everywhere.
Both she and her sister then fall back asleep as the Clan cats leave. Firestar doesn't consider it much of a loss, as they are not Clan type cats, but says nothing in case they are still listening.

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Rose:[2] Living (As of SkyClan's Destiny)



Rose: "What do you think of that?"
Lily: "Amazing!"
Cherry: "You will come to the next meeting won't you? It's going to be really great!"
Rose: "What, us? You're joking, of course."
Lily: "Us live in a cave? With no warm blanket? No creamed chicken?"
Rose: "To chase mice and kill them? How vulgar!"
—Cherry asking Rose and Lily to join SkyClan Firestar's Quest, page 299

"The two cats listened to him in silence, their vivid eyes fixed disconcertingly on him. When he had finished, they turned the same intense stare on each other."
—Rose and Lily listening to Firestar Firestar's Quest, pages 298-299

"He couldn't imagine these two cats ever adjusting to the life of a Clan, but in case they were still listening he kept his thoughts to himself."
—Firestar's thoughts on Rose and Lily Firestar's Quest, page 299

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