"It's going to be bad, isn't it? I mean, worse than before."
— Lilyfur in Code of the Clans, page 134

Lilyfur is a white she-cat.[2]


In the Field Guides

Code of the Clans

Lilyfur is an ancient ShadowClan queen. Lilyfur stands with a crowd of her Clanmates at the edge of the clearing with her ears pricked as she stares off into the trees. She turns to look at the medicine cat, Mossheart, who is coming out of her den, and tells her that ShadowClan and WindClan are fighting again. As Mossheart stands there, she has a vision of being covered with blood. Lilyfur asks if she's all right, and if she had a furball stuck in her throat. Mossheart rushes off to stop the battle, and Lilyfur follows, despite Mossheart's warnings that she might damage her kits, saying that her kits would be fine. Lilyfur says that she had watched Mossheart handle injuries enough times to be of use. She nervously asks if this battle was going to be worse than before, and Mossheart nods. They burst into the trees, and into a clearing not far from the Thunderpath. After Mossheart and the WindClan medicine cat, Swiftfoot, stop the battle, Lilyfur asks if she can help with anything.



"They're fighting again. Listen."
—Lilyfur about the fighting Clans Code of the Clans, page 133

Lilyfur: "Mossheart? Are you all right? Have you got a furball stuck in your throat?"
Mossheart: "No. I..."
Lilyfur: "Wait! Where are you going?"
Mossheart: "We have to stop the battle! [...] Go back! Your kits..."
Lilyfur: "My kits will be fine. I've watched you enough times to be useful."
—Lilyfur and Mossheart about the battle Code of the Clans, page 134

"Is there anything I can do to help?"
—Lilyfur to Mossheart Code of the Clans, page 136

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