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"Haven't I always been a loyal warrior, living my life by the code and leading my Clan accordingly?"
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"The point is that we take care of one another. We're loyal. We protect one another. We defend our own, and we make sure they are safe and well fed whether they are weak or strong. Do you really believe that if StarClan stops caring about us, we should stop caring about one another?"
— Lilyheart to Flipclaw in Darkness Within, pages 67-68

Lilyheart is a small[6] dark[7] gray[8] tabby she-cat with white patches,[7] and blue eyes.[9]

Lilyheart is a ThunderClan warrior who has served under Bramblestar's, the impostor's, Squirrelflight's, Lionblaze's, and Graystripe's leaderships in the lake territories. She was born as Lilykit to Sorreltail and Brackenfur alongside her sister, Seedkit. After Sorreltail died in the Great Battle, Brightheart briefly helped take care of them. She was apprenticed to Poppyfrost as Lilypaw, and after Seedpaw drowned, she blamed herself for the death of her sister. After becoming a warrior, Lilyheart became mates with Snowbush and had three kits, Larkkit, Leafkit, and Honeykit. When Alderpaw brought Twigkit and Violetkit to ThunderClan after finding them on his quest, she fostered Violetkit until she was taken to ShadowClan and adopted Twigkit as her own. She mourned when Snowbush and Larksong both died, and afterwards, she mentored her grandson, Nightheart, and told him stories of his father who had died when he was a newborn. After the impostor is revealed to be Ashfur, Lilyheart sided against killing his body and to not rush Squirrelflight's difficult decision. Lilyheart briefly had a strained relationship with Flamepaw when he failed his assessment twice, but he passed on his third attempt.


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Omen of the Stars

"[Mousefur] was teaching Lilykit and Seedkit how to reach under the wall of the warriors' den and catch stray tails yesterday."
―Purdy to Jayfeather about Mousefur The Last Hope, page chapter 15
She and her sister arrive early, and Sorreltail gives birth to Lilykit and Seedkit near the lake. The two sisters are Brackenfur and Sorreltail's second litter, the first comprised of Cinderheart, Poppyfrost, Honeyfern, and Molepaw. They remain in the nursery during the Great Battle with Ferncloud and Daisy protecting them. Ferncloud dies fighting off a Dark Forest cat, and later Sorreltail returns from the fight and reunites with her kits.

A Vision of Shadows

"The Clan will trust you again. Maybe you need to prove to yourself that you belong here, instead of proving it to other cats."
―Lilyheart comforting Twigpaw River of Fire, page 75
She is now nursing Snowbush's kits, Larkkit, Honeykit and Leafkit. When Alderpaw returns from his quest to find SkyClan, Lilyheart nurses Violetkit and Twigkit, and adopts the latter when Violetkit is taken to ShadowClan. She speaks against sending more cats to search for SkyClan, much to Twigpaw's displeasure, and later misses Twigpaw when she leaves to join SkyClan. Her kits become warriors, with the names Larksong, Honeyfur, and Leafshade. Snowbush's hind leg is crushed by a rockfall, and Lilyheart remains by his side. However, he dies from an infection, and Lilyheart scorns StarClan for failing to save him. She and Twigpaw are reunited when the latter returns to ThunderClan, and the two bond. She cleans Twigpaw's pelt before her warrior ceremony and cheers for her new name, Twigbranch.

The Broken Code

Lilyheart: "Why do you need to rush this? We have no proof that Bramblestar is gone."
Bumblestripe: "We have no proof that he isn't!"
—Lilyheart about killing Bramblestar Darkness Within, page 283
Lilyheart is now mentoring her grandson, Flamepaw. Following the impostor's reveal as Ashfur and his imprisonment in ShadowClan's camp, Lilyheart supports Squirrelflight's status as acting leader. She argues against Lionblaze and Bumblestripe for pressuring Squirrelflight about potentially killing Ashfur and thus leaving Bramblestar without a body, especially since Bramblestar's ghost has been missing.

A Starless Clan

"Clearly you don't, or you would be a full warrior by now. Look, we're going to have to work together if you're going to pass your assessment this time. And you have to remember, whatever you feel about how fair or unfair all this is, you're still my apprentice. That means what I say goes."
―Lilyheart to Flamepaw River (book), page 77
After Flamepaw fails to catch decent prey, his mentor Lilyheart fails him, and the other apprentices become warriors. Flamepaw grows frustrated training by himself and his own failures, and he snaps at Lilyheart. Sorrelstripe encourages Flamepaw that he needs to prove himself to Lilyheart. During his next attempt, Flamepaw catches a thrush before a hawk can, but Squirrelflight, who was also watching his assessment, encourages Lilyheart to fail him since it was a reckless stunt. Flamepaw finally manages to impress Lilyheart when he catches a rabbit in its own burrow, and Lilyheart happily passes him.

Super Editions

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"I give you this name in recognition of your courage, and because Seedpaw and Sorreltail will live forever in your heart."
―Bramblestar granting Lilyheart her warrior name Bramblestar's Storm, page 451
In Bramblestar's Storm, Lilypaw is now an apprentice with her older sister, Poppyfrost, as her mentor. She and the other apprentices memorize the members on the Stick of the Fallen, including their mother. During the Great Storm, she spots the Stick of the Fallen in the water and is forbidden from retrieving it. When she and Seedpaw sneak off and attempt to retrieve it, Seedpaw drowns. She struggles through her grief and participates in the battle against the badgers. Afterwards, she earns her warrior name, Lilyheart, named after the memory of her mother and sister.


This section summarizes Lilyheart's significant Novellas appearances. If you're looking for a full list, find one here!

"We can't wake her! We tried and tried but she's still asleep!"
―Lilykit about Sorreltail Dovewing's Silence, page chapter 1
In Dovewing's Silence, after the Great Battle, Lilykit and Seedkit attempt with no avail to wake up their mother, as Sorreltail had died from her injuries during the battle. Dovewing and Brightheart whisk them away for Brackenfur to mourn. The two kits are briefly taken care of by Brightheart.

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Lilyheart is a kind, loving, and caring she-cat.[10] She is also shown to be brave and a hard worker.[11]



Lilyheart loved her mother and believed her to be sleeping as a kit.[9] She is later shown reciting the cats who died in The Great Battle.[12] When Lilypaw is receiving her warrior name, Bramblestar gives her the warrior name Lilyheart, in honor of Sorreltail and her sister Seedpaw.[3]

Brackenfur and Seedpaw

Lilyheart loves her father as he is the only parent she has alive.[9] He is seen comforting Lilypaw after Seedpaw's death.[13]
Seedpaw is Lilyheart's littermate.[14] They are shown to be very close as apprentices and they want to help their Clan in any way possible.[15] After they are turned away, they go off into the forest anyways. Bramblestar runs after them only to hear Lilypaw yelling for help and finds her in the water and Seedpaw at the bank. Seedpaw jumps in and dives underwater, much to Bramblestar's dismay. She bites through the ivy that was stopping Lilypaw from swimming, but drowns in the process.[16] Lilypaw is distraught and blames herself for Seedpaw's death, saying that she and Seedpaw only wanted to help.[16] Lilypaw is seen to be shocked and shivering at her sister's vigil, and is also seen calling her sister's name out in her sleep. During the battle against the badgers, Lilypaw fights bravely, telling Bramblestar that she is not only fighting for her but also for Seedpaw.[17] Bramblestar makes her a warrior, giving her the name Lilyheart in honor of her mother and Seedpaw.[3]

Honeyfur, Leafshade, and Larksong

Lilyheart loves her kits. She is shown to be saddened by Larksong's death and sits vigil for him.[18]


Lilyheart is shown to love Violetshine.[19] She is shown to miss Violetshine after the latter is taken to ShadowClan.[20]


Twigbranch is Lilyheart's adopted mother.[21] Lilyheart is shown to dearly love and care for Twigbranch.[19] She is distraught when Twigbranch leaves.[22] She is happy when Twigbranch comes back and helps her fit back in to ThunderClan.[10]


Lilyheart's parents are Brackenfur and Sorreltail, and her littermate is Seedpaw. She and Snowbush became mates, and Larksong, Honeyfur, and Leafshade are their children. She adopts Twigbranch as her own. For more of Lilyheart's family, click here!



Author statements

  • Kate believes Lilyheart to be a small dark gray tabby with white patches.[blog 1]


  • Lilyheart was mistakenly described as tortoiseshell-and-white.[blog 2][2][4]
  • Although being older than Snowbush, Dewnose, and Ambermoon,[23][24][1] Lilyheart and Seedpaw are stated to have been apprenticed after the trio of siblings.[25]
    • However, in Crowfeather's Trial, Lilyheart and Seedpaw are apprentices, while Ambermoon, Dewnose, and Snowbush are still in the nursery. [26]


Squirrelflight: "I want you all to look after Purdy. He's had a tough time and he must be feeling sore and tired. But for StarClan's sake, don’t let him know that you're helping him."
Lilypaw: "I know! We'll ask him to help us. […] We're scared about going into the tunnels. Will you stay with us?"
Purdy: "Sure, young 'un. Nothin' to be scared of when you're with me."
—Lilypaw with an idea to help look after Purdy Bramblestar's Storm, page 130

"Oh, no, no! It's all my fault! I just wanted to be helpful!"
―Lilypaw blaming herself for Seedpaw's death Bramblestar's Storm, page 216

"She may be small, but she's brave and she works hard. I must remember to take Brackenfur aside and tell him how well his daughter is doing."
―Bramblestar's thoughts about Lilypaw Bramblestar's Storm, page chapter 24

"Did [Violetkit] have a foster mother as kind as Lilyheart?"
―Alderpaw thinking about Lilyheart Thunder and Shadow, page chapter 1

Lilyheart: "I still can't believe Twigpaw left."
Alderheart: "You must miss her."
Lilyheart: "Don't you?"
Alderheart: "Very much."
Lilyheart: "It's hard to raise a kit only to watch her leave. And she was such a bright young cat."
—Lilyheart and Alderheart about Twigpaw Darkest Night, page 70

Twigpaw: "I feel a little restless here in ThunderClan. I don't want to leave - far from it - but I'm not sure yet what my place is. I know I'm being stupid, but […] I guess I expected my Clanmates to be more excited to have me back."
Lilyheart: "You're not being stupid at all. But, you know, it's because we all loved you so much that we were so upset when you left. Now I'm happy, because I feel like I have all my kits back with me."
Twigpaw: "It's Violetshine too. Things are so strained between us now, and I hate it."
Lilyheart: "She'll always be your sister."
Twigpaw: "Yes, but I wish I had kin here in ThunderClan, too. They would understand me , or at least make things less difficult."
Lilyheart: "The Clan will trust you again. Maybe you need to prove to yourself that you belong here, instead of proving it to other cats."
—Lilyheart comforting Twigpaw River of Fire, page 75

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